The New York Times Editorial Board has called for the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Benny Johnson shared the link to the Newsmax story:

From the article:

The New York Times called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict and prosecute former President Donald Trump for alleged crimes surrounding the 2020 election and the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021.

The liberal-leaning newspaper’s editorial board presented its case against Trump in a Friday opinion column, citing Trump’s “schemes to interfere in the certification of the [2020 Electoral College] vote” and saying he “inspired” the Jan. 6 demonstrators.

“Mr. Trump’s unprecedented assault on the integrity of American democracy requires a criminal investigation,” the editorial board wrote. “The disturbing details of his postelection misfeasance, meticulously assembled by the Jan. 6 committee, leaves little doubt that Mr. Trump sought to subvert the Constitution and overturn the will of the American people.

“The president, defeated at the polls in 2020, tried to enlist federal law enforcement authorities, state officials and administrators of the nation’s electoral system in a furious effort to remain in power. When all else failed, he roused an armed mob that stormed the Capitol and threatened lawmakers.”

First of all, none of this is true, but that’s to be expected from the so-called “paper of record”. Still, we can’t get past the “meticulously assembled by the Jan. 6 committee” line without laughing. The committee that presented absolutely no concrete evidence that Trump played a part in the events at the Capitol? The committee that failed to call any witnesses to present a perspective that countered the Democrat and MSM (but we repeat ourselves) narrative? Is that the committee they’re referring to?

It is a bit disturbing to see how committed this media organization is to the unjust persecution (and potential prosecution) of the former President.

Of course they’ll keep trying.

At this point, though, they’ve thrown so much stuff at the wall to see what will stick that all you can do is laugh at how seriously they take themselves.

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