Former President Donald Trump has announced his endorsement for “ERIC” in the Missouri Republican U.S. Senate primary. Exciting news for the candidate to be sure. There seems to be some confusion, though, as to which Eric the former President is referring to. Former Governor Eric Greitens and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt are both running for the job:

From Bryan Lowry, writing for the The Kansas City Star:

After a day of speculation among political operatives in Missouri and Washington, D.C., that Trump was poised to endorse either former Gov. Eric Greitens or Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Trump chose both in a statement shortly after 5 p.m.

The candidates were each quick to claim the endorsement, tweeting the following within less than an hour of each other:

There’s some disagreement about which Eric the former President is rooting for:

Donald Trump Jr. has retweeted several of Greitens posts on the subject, including this one:

Regardless of which Eric Missouri residents are going to vote for tomorrow, this “endorsement” is: