Holidays can be difficult for any number of reasons, and many people choose to downplay or opt out of them depending on their particular feelings around them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

That being said, are we really at this point?

It IS insulting to be thought this weak. If we can’t handle getting emails, how are we supposed to deal with more immediate and potentially more physically-harmful problems, like defending ourselves and our country?

It’s absurd to the point that it’s easy to wonder whether it’s real or not.

It doesn’t. Or it shouldn’t.

Apparently the Democrats aren’t the only ones who think this is a necessary option:

We certainly hope it’s not a trend because if it is, it doesn’t speak well for what the Democrats and various corporations think the American citizenry are capable of handling.

Some are suggesting there’s a little more to it than just obviously insincere empathy:

That type of manipulation sounds a lot more like the Dems we know. However, given the way they constantly try to legislate every aspect of our lives for “our own good”, we actually do believe they assume Americans are the most fragile people on earth.

Regardless of the motivation behind the message, it’s not a great tone.

It is indeed.