New York Times digital editor Heather Tal Murphy posted tweets tonight praising “superb” and “amazing” photos of the late Hugo Chavez and his supporters, receiving retweets from several of her Times colleagues. This seems a bit odd to us, seeing as Chavez waged such a spirited campaign against press freedom.

It’s a free country, and it’s their right to say such things. Still, that doesn’t make their adoration any less ironic, seeing how much Chavez hated independent journalism. We would love to see them say things like this in front of their Venezuelan colleagues, who were so ham-fistedly oppressed by the regime.

Did we say “adoration”? The relationship between Chavez and American reporters is not quite adoration. It’s … complicated.

It’s not as if we would expect any less from the gray lady — but even the liberal media used to despise censorship. Oh well, times change.