In the good old days of the 24-hour news cycle, it used to take an hour for tragedies to become politicized. That is apparently not the case in the Twitter age. The gun control crowd didn’t waste a second before insulting the victims of the Oregon mall shooting. We don’t even know the identities of the dead, but already they’re being used as pawns in the morbid games of the anti-gun left.

We would much prefer to respectfully report the details surrounding this atrocity, but no, we’re talking about gun control already. So, to all of you out there pontificating, we beg you to stop this necrophilic theatre of the macabre and let people mourn in peace.

Let’s be clear here: if you hear about people dying and your first thought is anything political, you need help. It’s sick, twisted, heartless and morally repulsive. It’s never going to be OK to talk like this so soon after a shooting — because maybe, just maybe, raw grief should outweigh political point-scoring for a few hours.