Anderson Cooper broke an interesting piece of information tonight, noting how quickly Hamas was able to move rocket launchers into a location that had just been bombed.

That should have been a story in an of itself, but instead the CNN host is getting more attention for how he responded to a tweeter who misread him.

She clearly read him wrong, but that’s not an excuse for what came next.

Ouch! We’re sure Anderson is under a lot of stress reporting from a war zone, but the dude is a seasoned foreign correspondent. He should know better than to take his stress out on random members of the public. That and he was petty enough to go digging through her Twitter account looking for things to mock.

Luckily Ms. Weiss is a good sport.

Some of Anderson’s followers, however, were not so nice.

No, that’s not a thing. “Anti-Semite,” however, is very much a thing.

Luckily, a few cooler heads reminded us what’s really important in these trying times: Regardless of politics, coconut flan is awesome.

Amid the wave of snarky responses to Ms. Weiss, it looks like only one person hit the nail on the head.

We’re pretty sure that Anderson Cooper is his real name, but other than that the point stands. There’s no excuse for a supposedly respected journalist to instigate a Twitter lynching of a random dissenter. We hope that Ms. Weiss receives an apology sometime soon, seeing as Cooper’s classless cheap shot now has more than 1,000 retweets.

Editor’s note: We have some dissent in the Twitchy ranks. After this post was published, some Twitchy editors noted that while they’re not Anderson Cooper fans, they felt Cooper was justified in responding to a false attack on his credibility.