You may not have heard this story in the U.S., but Australian politician Alison Anderson lit a political brush fire today by criticizing a “culture of entitlement and welfare dependency” among Aboriginal Australians. Anderson, who serves as Indigenous Advancement Minister in the conservative government of Australia’s remote Northern Territory, lambasted the effects of the welfare state in a speech to the territorial legislature. It was eerily similar to the cries of  U.S. welfare reform advocates. She also lashed out at the idea of teaching aboriginal children with different English language standards than other Australian children.  In her eyes, de-emphasizing English in favor of native languages handicaps aboriginal children in an English-speaking job market.  All we can say is that someone needs to introduce this lady to Star Parker  — and take her global!

Here’s a bit from an article in The Australian:

(Anderson) criticised those who expected the government to “do everything for them”, saying the world was looking on and “wondering if we are children”. Ms Anderson said that in her travels to remote communities she would be arguing “with adults who refuse to grow up”.

“In the rest of Australia, people pick up the rubbish in their yards. They fix their own blocked toilets,” Ms Anderson said.

Anderson, who is herself aboriginal, was viciously attacked by haters, some of whom used the same insults we see hurled at black Republicans in America.

However, plenty of supporters also came out of the woodwork.

We applaud Alison Anderson for being willing to take the welfare issue by the horns. While we’re sure that she is busy, we hope that we can hear her message on American shores soon!

Read the full text of Anderson’s speech here.