Looks like Big Bird’s job will be totally secure if President Romney stops funding PBS. He’ll have a high-paying new gig working for Mark Levin, who said on Facebook and Twitter that he would personally put together an investment group to buy Sesame Street if PBS goes down.

From Facebook:

Don’t worry Sesame Street fans. If PBS is cut, I am prepared to put together a private investment group to buy the rights to Sesame Street, and we would air it on for-profit cable or satellite TV. I could make a fortune, and it won’t cost you a thing. Big Bird lives forever!

Levin’s Muppet adventure even picked up its first investor in the person of Chuck Woolery.

We at Twitchy think this would be a fantastic idea. Not only would Mark Levin be rolling in cash, but Sesame Street itself would be vastly improved by the infusion of conservative ideas. Oscar could finally open up a business and move out of the trash can. There could be entire episodes where Count introduces kids to capitalism with special guests Art Laffer and Thomas Sowell. Ted Nugent could teach Elmo to hunt, and Sean Hannity could coach Bert and Ernie as they start their own talk show. The possibilities are endless!

So, here’s hoping that we can tune in next year for the premiere of the newly privatized Sesame Street. Big Bird may have trouble adjusting to life outside the government sector, but we’re sure he’ll adjust.