The Washington, DC, Board of Elections and Ethics seemingly made an ethical boo boo this morning by tweeting out a negative article about Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. The Board deleted it quickly, but lucky for us, the Internet is forever.

The Board followed up with a claim that the tweet “did not originate with the Board”, but that of course raises a question:

According to the Board, it was either a hack or some sort of accident.

“Somebody must have hacked into our account and posted that,” Raper added. “Anybody who had worked here previously who had access to the Twitter account could have posted it or either someone posted it by accident.”

So, the District of Columbia’s highest election authority gets hacked, and no charges? No investigation? Maybe it was innocent, but even then, you’re going to have to forgive the Twitterverse for finding this whole thing a bit Weiner-esque. Ace of Spades  pointed out the potential implications of such an egregious hack in an epic  Twitter rant.

While it’s worth reading just for entertainment value, Ace has a valid line of logic here. If this was a “hack” by a malicious ex-employee, why not call the cops? After all, if someone is attacking your Twitter account, who knows what else they’re after? The lack of anything resembling concern is itself reason to think that the tweet probably originated internally. Either it could have come from an employee tweeting intentionally, or from an employee who thought he was tweeting to his personal account. It’s not exactly a private surprise from a congressman, but it’s a problem.

Still, the citizens of DC can probably be sure that their electoral rights are in good hands. After all, it’s not like the city has  had any recent problems with massive electoral corruption. Oh, wait…