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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

There is so much bad news for Biden in this video, we hardly know where to begin:


This is from Top Story with Tom Llamas. Mr. Llamas is interviewing Dr. Thomas C. Pitts, who works for Wayne Healthcare, a medical center in Ohio. The Wayne Healthcare website states that his primary specialties are in Neurology Clinical Interpretation Neurology-Clinical Interpretation.

You can see a longer version of the same interview here, starting at about the 10:30 mark:

We will note that the End Wokeness clip starts off with Dr. Pitts saying ‘I see him 20 times a day in the clinic,’ apparently referring to his normal practice. That accidentally creates an ambiguity. In the longer version of the interview, they start off by saying that Dr. Pitts has never been in Biden’s presence, and later they also add that he hasn’t spoken to him on the phone, either. So, when he says he ‘I see him 20 times a day in the clinic’ he plainly means he sees people like Biden that often, but not literally that he sees Joe Biden.

The really interesting part is that often when doctors share their suspicions about a public figure’s medical status, they usually say they aren’t willing to diagnose the patient from afar. They almost always say they would have to personally examine the patient. But here, Dr. Pitts is saying that because of the way Biden moves, you can be sure it is Parkinson’s. At one point he states that it is a fact that Biden has Parkinson’s.  Hey, this author is not exactly a doctor, but Dr. Pitts comes off as extremely credible.


The one saving grace from Team Biden’s perspective is that Dr. Pitts also says that while he feels absolutely certain that Biden has Parkinson’s he isn’t sure about whether it is affecting functions like his memory yet. He admits he would actually have to examine him to make that assessment. So, in theory it might affect movement but not the stuff that really matters if you are president. We are of the opinion, for instance, that Franklin Roosevelt was physically qualified to be president, even if we think politically, he should not have been.

That being said, we wonder if Dr. Pitts would sing a different tune if he saw the kinds of evidence we have gathered. In other words, we wonder how much of the evidence he has looked at.

And he also absolutely excoriates the Democratic Party for the cover-up, being angry at them as a lifelong Democrat, and all we can do is get out the popcorn. We always appreciate a person willing to tell the truth even if it hurts their side.

We’re not sure we interpret it that way. We think Mr. Llamas is doing his best to ask the questions that a skeptical audience member might ask, such as whether this could be explained by a stutter. It’s a question we would ask because we think many in the audience would be asking that question at home.


Well, we think the comments about how a professional can diagnose Biden on sight purely based on his movements are interesting.

Perhaps the 'Concentration Camp to Defend Democracy' much like South Park's 'Death Camp of Tolerance'?

Seriously, we always say that we wish Joe Biden a long life in good health, for him to have a massive increase in wisdom, and, failing that second point, a quick retirement.

The cut off text reads:

And @GovPritzker will support him instead of doing the right thing to ask him to retire. 


Prayers sent for Ms. Korte and her family.


His argument is that he can tell by the way he moves. If that is true, he is right to say it.

We heard that in the comments to our #Bidementia post. The frustrating thing is so far no one has explained why they believe this—and if anyone could explain it, we would appreciate it if they did. But our Googling—which shouldn’t be mistaken for actual expertise—turns up this information about the condition:

Lewy bodies are clumps of abnormal protein particles that, for reasons that are not fully understood, accumulate in the brain. These deposits cause a form of dementia called Lewy body dementia, or LBD — which is what the late actor and comedian Robin Williams suffered from.

Incidentally, we also happen to know Williams also had Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which should be the least surprising instance of a famous person turning out to have ADHD you are likely to learn about.

Going back to the Lewy bodies dementia, the website, which is run by Johns Hopkins (which previously referred to women as ‘non-men’), also states that:

LBD has three features that distinguish it from other forms of dementia:

  • Fluctuating effects on mental functioning, particularly alertness and attention, which may resemble delirium
  • Recurrent visual hallucinations
  • Parkinson-like movement symptoms, such as rigidity and lack of spontaneous movement.

The last bullet point makes us wonder if Dr. Pitts could be close but wrong in his movement-based diagnosis, but we are not remotely qualified to know if our concerns are well-placed.

Also, that would be the second time someone mentioned the possibility of hallucinations in connection with Biden—Dr. Pitts brought that up, too—a particularly worrisome concern when we are talking about a guy with his proverbial finger on the nuclear button. Add this to our list of reasons why we need to seriously look at removing Biden under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, even if we really, really don’t like his DEI replacement.


Well, Dr. Pitts concedes that early on Parkinson's is hard to diagnose, but once it starts having a physical manifestation, it gets easy—at least, according to Dr. Pitts.

What a load of B.S. That being said, Dr. Pitt says in the longer version that he would want both Trump and Biden to take a four-hour cognitive test and we say they should.

Of course, Trump could probably force Biden to take such a neurological test, by saying ‘I’ll take the test if Biden will.’ But the problem is we don’t think Trump wants to force Biden to do so, at least not until Biden is locked down as the nominee. We think Trump very much wants to face Biden in November.

Finally, we saw a few people saying this:


Look, if this has been debunked, we’re all ears. Frankly, we hope and pray that the guy with his finger on the nuclear button is of sound mind and all our fears are mistaken, so we would greatly relieved to find out every concern we had about Biden's mental health was wrong. But the people who claim it is debunked offer no evidence for it.

And in any case, as we wrote in our #Bidementia post:

[Y]ou don’t have to be a doctor to recognize when something is wrong with someone, mentally, and any person with more than two brain cells to rub together could see that Joe Biden literally needed his head examined more than four years ago.

At the very least, Joe Biden needs to sit for an independent neurological examination. That is beyond any reasonable disagreement at this point.


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