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WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Roasts Antisemitic Heckler: ‘He Solved the Middle East!’


On Sunday night, Australian time, Jerry Seinfeld was doing a stand-up show in Sydney, at the Qudos Bank Arena, when some fool decided to step up to the master, apparently believing that if he shouted general pro-Hamass slogans, Israel would stop fighting against Hamass, or Hamass would stop fighting, or something.


Do we have to tell you Seinfeld go the better of that encounter?

The same Twitter/X account added:

More coverage can be found here:

From the article:

Jerry Seinfeld took to task a Palestinian supporter who heckled the comedian during a stand-up gig in Sydney on Sunday night.

During the show at the Qudos Bank Arena, the heckler shouted: ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’.

This prompted other audience members to demand the protester ‘get out’ and, in solidarity with Seinfeld, chanted ‘Jerry, Jerry.’

Security escorted the heckler out of the arena and the audience began to boo the protester.

Seinfeld, 70, retorted sarcastically: ‘We have a genius, ladies and gentlemen. He solved the Middle East.’

He continued: ‘The Jewish comedian, that's who we have to get, they're the ones doing everything.

‘They're going to start punching you in about three seconds, so I would try to get all of your genius out so we can all learn from you.’


Brutal, in more ways than one.

And Seinfeld did not stop there as he jokingly told the heckler that he had come to the right place to make his point.

‘You're really influencing everyone here; we're all on your side now, because you've made your point so well, and in the right venue. You've come to the right place for a political conversation,’ he said.

‘Tomorrow we will read in the paper, ‘Middle East 100 per cent solved thanks to man at the Qudos arena stopping Jew comedian’.

‘They stopped him and everyone in the Middle East was like, ‘Oh my god let's just get along, we can do that’.’ …

Seinfeld went on to address Australia’s own history with racism.

He said: ‘Because I know there are problems here, with Indigenous Aboriginal people and the whites.

‘They have problems here so maybe to solve that, I will screw up a Jim Jefferies in a show in New York. If that works, this will work. You have to go 20,000 miles from the problem and screw up a comedian, that is how you solve world issues.’

G-d bless him. Naturally, there were reactions:


Well, and you need security. And, as we say in America, the Second Amendment protects the First.

Of course, there always has to be that guy.

Except he didn’t lay blame, he just noted that there were problems between white people and the aboriginal Australians and then joked about how he could solve it by disrupting another show of some guy we never heard of.

Is entry by Jews illegal in Australia?

To be fair, mostly the comedy.


To be fair, Seinfeld has been at that level since at least some time in the mid-80’s.

Except the dude paid for his ticket, so Seinfeld will still get paid.

Nope, they have made it clear how antisemitic the Palestinian cause is to anyone with eyes and ears. That is an accomplishment, but maybe not what this heckler was going for.

We legitimately wonder how much thought he actually gave to it. We suspect it might be more like that this isn’t the first time and he is weird enough to have thought to himself ‘what are they hoping to accomplish?'


Honestly, we aren’t sure about that. But you definitely don’t step up to the master.

Embrace the power of ‘and.’

No, it is not. It is a prediction. Only a lunatic thinks that Seinfeld's speech is dangerous, somehow.

He’d probably hate using a Yiddish word, though.

Oof … but he’s not wrong. And we do tend to think Bushnell deserves nothing but mockery.

Finally, at the risk of bringing everyone down, we thought we would share an interview Seinfeld did with Bari Weiss of the Free Press:


If you go on long enough, Seinfeld touches on real pain coming from October 7. This disruption of his show was obviously antisemitic. And October 7, sadly, is where such bigotry leads.

Seinfeld comes from a proud tradition of finding joy and laughter in even the really awful moments of life.


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