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BOMBSHELL: Reuters Reports That Biden Told Iran Only to Attack Israel 'Within Certain Limits'

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Now, to be fair to our crummy president, this allegation comes from an anonymous source in the Turkish government, but, at the very least, this warrants a congressional investigation. And, if this is true, HOLY CRAP:


From the article, which is from Reuters:

Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on Sunday, adding that Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be ‘within certain limits.’ …

The Turkish source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had spoken to both his US and Iranian counterparts in the past week to discuss the planned Iranian operation, adding Ankara had been made aware of possible developments.

To break in for a moment, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Hey, we weren’t sure, either, until we looked it up.

‘Iran informed us in advance of what would happen. Possible developments also came up during the meeting with Blinken, and they (the US) conveyed to Iran through us that this reaction must be within certain limits,’ the source said.

It’s a bit like getting beaten senseless by a thug on the street and finding out a so-called friend of yours knew about it ahead of time and told the thug to beat you only a little. We’re pretty sure that would be the end of most friendships. The only question is if it happened—and Republicans in the House can get to the bottom of this. But we will say frankly that Reuters wouldn’t say something this negative about Biden unless they felt very confident that it was true.


Chaya Raichik was beside herself in anger:

As was pretty much every rational person:

Certainly, if this story is true.


Both parties have antisemites, but Biden has given us the first actively anti-Israel White House.

Even our local Chimp was livid:

We hear that he and a million of his brothers are typing at a million typewriters and hope to have the articles of impeachment drafted at any minute.

Joking aside, this author takes a very narrow view of what counts as impeachable—frankly, we don’t think a single presidential impeachment was legally justified—but this seems very close to a line. This author hasn't decided whether this is impeachable, but we are very open to the idea that Iran can be legally considered an enemy of the United States and, therefore, this constitutes giving comfort to such an enemy, within the meaning of the Treason Clause. And treason is specifically listed a grounds for presidential impeachment (as is bribery).


But, impeachment or not, any person who cares about Israel should consider the real possibility that four more years of Biden could be very dangerous to that country, and a real risk of a second holocaust.


It's funny how suddenly our enemies feel comfortable attacking our allies, now that Biden is president.

Or they think that the Democrats who support Israel (which is not limited to Jews) are still going to vote for the Democrats because they are convinced the Republicans are worse, somehow. This author has come to appreciate that there are some Democrats who just can’t bring themselves to vote for Republicans, under any circumstances. We don’t understand that mentality, but when those people are fed up, they won’t vote for the other side: They just won’t show up at all. We think frankly it was Democrats choosing not to show up that cost Hillary the presidency in 2016. We don’t know if history is going to be repeated, but its another example of an issue that can’t be left in Joe Biden’s hands for four more years.

And while we are at it, let us take a walk down memory lane. As we once documented, al Qaeda once had a plan to destroy America: Kill Obama and make Biden president:

And Biden opposed the raid that ended up killing bin Laden:


The cut off text reads:

Yeah, later he claimed to support the raid, but which sounds more likely to be true? The initial admission he made a mistake? Or a later, politically helpful claim he didn’t?

Joe Biden has always been, at best, a weak and cowardly man.

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