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Finally!!! The Biden administration is cutting off funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Via our former state attorney general:


And that about sums it up. It was ridiculous that we ever funded it at all. It was ridiculous that Trump didn’t cut off the funds. It was ridiculous that the Biden administration took this long to cut off the funds, but at least it finally did. Maybe one of Hunter’s checks bounced?

Seriously, even if you don’t believe that the Wuhan plague started in that lab—and it sure looks like it did—none of the things we were doing in that lab should have been done in China. China is, in our opinion, a far greater danger to America than Russia.

Not to mention the simple fact that if the lab was in America, it could give more jobs to Americans.

Not to mention that there is the ever-present suspicion that the reason why we do this kind of work outside of America is because what they were doing would be illegal inside America.

But we digress…


As imperfect as Twitter 2.0 is, it beats the ever-loving heck out of the prior version.

That’s what we said!

We will assume that is sarcasm.

Will he be banned from CMT for saying that?

That’s a fair point. Will this move to secret funding?


Sorry, we can’t help you with that.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. It is nothing less than a scandal that China wrecked the world and gave us a perennial plague and has paid no price for it. Even if you think it came from a wet market, China was told to shut down that wet market. And China can’t pretend that it has the kind of government that respects individual freedom too much to do a thing like that. Whether you believe it was a bioweapon, whether you believe it was an accidental leak or a deliberate one, whether you believe it was a wet market, the answer is the same: It was China’s fault. Even if it was our government’s fault, too, that doesn’t relieve China of blame. And they should pay a price for it.


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