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In 2020, the media really jumped the lying shark when it came to the news. We had nearly a year of rioting, cities burning, and so on, but the media would lie and tell us it wasn’t happening. And for some reason, CNN thought to highlight an example of that dishonesty when advertising its own network today on Twitter:


It is nothing less than amazing. Rather than just let the video play and let people make up their own minds, the reporter repeatedly claims that these are just peaceful protests, shortly before they have to flee from all that peace and love.

It’s pure gaslighting. And the amazing thing is that three years later when trying to promote their network, they chose this video.

Like is this the best they actually had? We admit, we don’t watch much CNN, but couldn’t they find any dramatic footage where they weren’t gaslighting? Or are they so deep into the gaslighting that they can’t even recognize what they are doing anymore?

Or maybe the person picking the video is being passive aggressive, somehow? Like someone who hates what they are doing was ordered to find dramatic video for the tweet, so he or she intentionally picked this gaslighting? We honestly don’t know why they think this video is a good choice.

But we have screencapped the tweet and captured the video, so there’s no deleting it now, CNN. This piece of the Internet is forever. Because surely, they have noticed by now how they are getting dragged:



Is he implying that somehow this is Trump’s fault? Of course, that wouldn’t be surprising. Very often liberals excuse their lawlessness by blaming the other side. It’s like that line from Forrest Gump, when Jenny’s boyfriend tries to apologize for hitting her: ‘Jenny? Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that, that lyin’ son-of-a-b—h Johnson. I would never hurt you. You know that.’

There’s always an excuse.

And this reply should be highlighted, to emphasize the mistake its author is making:

We heard several of the January 6, 2021 rioters say that they thought their behavior would be tolerated because we had endured nearly a year of leftward rioting—and we know how things turned out for them. So, here are some takeaways from that.


First, to liberals/Democrats: When you tolerate riots, you get more of them—and not just the riots you agree with.

Second, to conservatives/Republicans: Don’t riot. If the morality of the issue doesn’t convince you not to do so (and it really should), look at the blatantly unequal treatment heaped upon the January 6, 2021 rioters. Don’t throw your life away for an ineffectual temper tantrum.


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