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Convicted pedophile nominated to homelessness committee to serve with one of his alleged victims

In Washington (the state), there is a King County Regional Homelessness Authority. They are in charge of spending state and federal money to help with the homeless problem in the area. It includes a number of bodies within its organization, including a ‘Continuum of Care Board.’ And they had vacancies on the board and so they nominated several people to fill those vacancies.


One of the nominees was Thomas Whitaker, who claimed to be part Native American and went by the name Raven Crowfoot.

On May 3, 2023, they had a meeting by Zoom where Shanéé Colston was nominating Mr. Whitaker, whose qualifications includes being a ‘lived expert’ (in other words, he is homeless so that makes him an expert), and of course he is LGBTQIA2S+. Have you ever wondered what the ‘+’ meant in these kinds of alphabet formulations? Well, in his case, the ‘+’ apparently referred to being a convicted pedophile, at least according to the Daily Mail article linked to by this gentleman:

From the article:

Whitaker, 38, who also goes by the name Raven Crowfoot, has been convicted of raping minors on three occasions. His victims include a 13-year-old girl, a 15-year-old girl and 17-year-old girl, with whom he was found sleeping in a tent.

But it got much worse, dear reader:

After his name was introduced among the candidates, Marine veteran Kristina Sawyckyj, a sexual assault survivor who uses a wheelchair, voiced her strong concern.

‘Can I say something? We have a code of ethics on this board and Thomas Whitaker Raven Crowfoot is a sex offender, a repeat sex offender and I have had a bad experience with him.’

Later, she alleged that Whitaker had ‘touched’ her inappropriately.


Now, dear reader, how would you react upon finding out that you accidentally nominated such a person to a position of power? We think the ordinary reaction is to apologize and withdraw the nomination, but then you wouldn’t be Shanéé Colston. Via @Clownworld_, we have video of actually what went down:

Wow, that is some serious crazy right there.

And for our money we agree that pedophiles deserve homes, too. In a prison, for life. Or, alternatively:

And did you catch the detail that Ms. Sawyckyj says she did go to the police and apparently nothing happened? Ms. Sawyckyj also reportedly said she would not be able to work with Whitaker—and if Ms. Sawyckyj is telling the truth, that is a completely understandable position.

Now some are calling for Colston to resign:

Despite an appeal this week from KCRHA Chief Program Officer Peter Lynn for Colston to resign from the subcommittee, she has refused to resign, an agency spokesperson told KOMO-TV on Friday.


‘KCRHA shares the concerns of our community about the nomination of a registered sex offender for the Continuum of Care Board, and does not support that nomination,’ the agency said in a public statement.

Here’s that statement:

That’s nice and all, but will someone actually remove her? Time will tell. All of it, the failure to properly vet her appointment, her belief that somehow its good to have a convicted pedophile on the board, and her insensitivity to the concerns of her fellow board member is disqualifying.

Clown world, indeed.


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