Councilman Marion Barry made these comments after his big Democratic primary victory in D.C. Ward 8 Tuesday night.

Why indeed?

Update: Barry doubles down.

  • Roger Lawrence

    Because its Marion Barry.  How many times has he been arrested or jailed?  The people that vote for him are just as ignorant and bigoted as he is and dont give a damn.

    • Rich S

      Because we all know that liberals do not have a racist bone in their body.  Just ask one.

      • Lefty

        That’s because racism in Liberals go to their very core, not just to their bones…

    • Rulz

      Its because he’s a Black democrat. That’s why he gets voted in.

      It’s all part of the tribal loyalty to political parties.

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Because we are tribalizing at an exponential rate. Right and Wrong no longer matter.

    Up next: worshiping fire!

    • Eric H.

      “tribal”? Raaaaaacist!

  • elcampeador

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    Ahh, you see in our nation ANYTHING this type BLACK says or does, is fine. Nothing here, move along.

  • Silence Dogood

    Isn’t this the same fool that was busted smoking crack several times?  And they ACTUALLY voted  him back in?  WOW, what a bunch of fools.

    • mattphall

       He got elected because he represents his constituents. In this instance ‘represents’ may mean that voters identify with him because he acts and does like they do.

  • Mick Bodine

    There is no outrage because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative. The narrative that only conservatives are racist. Though, aren’t liberals always the ones who view everything through the prism of race and social standing? 

  • clearvoice

    Did I say its okay because his is black…
    I just posted on all the MSNBC Twitter accounts.
    “WOW! Black Democrats Want to Deport All Asians or Worse!”

    • ISeeaBadMoonRising

      I just read in another post instead of MSNBC; it is MSDNC and liked it.

  • NoMoreGrapeKoolAid

    but yet this nearly brain dead moron repeat criminal got elected again….don’t be surprised by this fool, be surprised the that the Teacher’s Union has dumbed down so many folks that they would vote for a fool like this!

  • Ben O’Keefe

    Marion Barry is a council member for Ward 8 in DC. Let me assure you, it’s a massive ghetto. Rather than take personal responsibility for their rampant drug use, alcoholism, and excessive violence, the people in that Ward do things like blame the Asians who open liquor stores to “take their money” and “fuel the problems facing the ‘hood’. You should hear how they treat the business owners when they go to buy their “General Tay-soh’s chicken.” Absolute animals. 

    • Lefty

      Frankly, I think Barry needs to be kept in a different kind of “ward” .. one with guards and such…

  • Doc

    unn because he is a left wing crack smoking fool?

  • StrikeSudden

    Very outrageous.  I am still looking for a dinner that serves Pork adobo and lumpia lumpia in my town. So open more I say.

    • Doc

      lumpia lumpia
      I have survived on them when I was in Olongapo City, PI. yum yum!

    • Rich S

      Oompaa Loompaa’s are an Asian delicacy??  Willy Wonka would be horrified!!

      (I thought it was just cats….)


  • $24414377

    …and the lamestream media laments…”if only he were a white Hispanic…”

  • JonInVa

    When asked for further clarification, Mr. Barry replied, “Some people will say I’m racist, but I’m not worried. That’s just the way the egg rolls”.

    • Joan Of Argghh!

      Heh. That dog won’t wok.

  • Marsh626

    This is something I experienced during my time as a left-wing “racial justice” activist and have been trying to expose since I left the cult of “liberalism”.

    Virtually all of these so-called “anti-racists” and “civil rights activists” are actually the most racist people you’ll ever meet.

    They’re absolutely obsessed with race. Their race. All they care about is advancing their own race even if it means systematically discriminating against other people.

    “Buy black!”

    “Vote black!”

    “Black power!”

    This is the norm in the “black community”, not the exception or some racist fringe.

    If White people were practicing anywhere near this form of White Nationalism, there’d be riots throughout the world.

    The ugly reality is that most black people in this country are racist.

    They’ve just used contrived, fuzzy logic such as “We’re not in a position of power. So how can we be racists?” to convince themselves that black nationalism is perfectly acceptable.

    And why shouldn’t they think that? Most White people are suffering from a suicidal mental disorder called “White Guilt” and so they almost climb over each other to be the first to congratulate black people for being brown power racists.

    The most obvious example of this was the 2008 American presidential election where a shocking 99% of black voters voted for Obama – and nobody said a word in protest at this brazen display of in-your-face racist black nationalism.

    Are we just going to allow black voters to do that again in the 2012 American presidential elections?

    • Ben O’Keefe

      Very well said and absolutely true. Thank you!

    • Rich S

      Well said.  I’ve often said the same thing when posting online.  I even got into a debate with someone regarding a Chris Hutchins quote on race on youtube.  Completely hypocritical, belligerant and in denial of the facts.

      It’s perfectly acceptable for a person with black skin can vote for another person with black skin because skin color OBVIOUSLY means the believe the same thing.  Herman Cain was “too white”…that’s not racist.

      ….BUT….it IS racist if a person with white skin votes for another person with white skin solely based on skin color.

    • ISeeaBadMoonRising

      …and you forgot “Black Colleges”; do anyone imagine the outrage if it were created a “White College”? It would be burned for the Al-Jesse mob in 2 seconds. But there’s not only Blacks, but many Mexicans too, who have organized in “La Raza” (The Race); and if another proof is needed check this American and Jewish haters:

    • sodacrackers2

      They assume that all blacks will vote for blacks whether they are good or bad. If they dare to think for themselves, they are mocked and villified. It is shameful to do this to your own people. When they finally get what they want, it will be anarchy.

  • stuckinIL4now

    What’s wrong with the dumbmass voters of DC Ward 8 voting for this clown moron? They must agree with him.

  • Beckett

    Dirty = making a profit. Can not have any one being self reliant – it sets a bad example to the dependent class.

  • ADrauglis

    Well, it’s bad, but its not as though he went and called a white woman a slut or something like that…

    • BO_stinks

       it’s worse.

  • BO_stinks

    he’s jealous that ‘his people’ cannot maintain or own a business given the same exact resources. 

  • BO_stinks

    I would argue that smoking crack makes a city much dirtier than one that makes money. 

  • Harold Thomas

    I don’t know why all you people are down on Marion Barry. Never in the history of democracy has an elected official better represented the views and mores of his constituents than Marion Barry…

  • mattphall

    See the update from Marion S. Barry Jr. (above) –

    I just re-reviewed his verbal comments and I don’t detect any contextual issues… he was very plain. He wants to remove asian shop owners and replace them with black shop owners. I think black shop owners should compete with rather than replace.

  • Goodbye_Kalifornia


  • Dean Adams

    Apparently you have to kill someone to engender racial outrage… Unless of course you’re a bitter clinger to guns and religion, in which case racism is assumed and outrage is perpetual.

  • Bernie Maq

    Look at the community he is servicing. That is why no one is calling it as racist. Not all asian businesses are dirty like that. I have never seen any asian establishments dirty like that in Houston. I have never anything dirty like that in a while where I am from.

    • Lisa4USA

      If it weren’t for all the Asian restaurants and delicious recipes I’ve learned, I would perish!

  • John Beam

    As far as I’m concerned, the only distressing racist speech that I’m hearing anywhere is coming from black “leaders,” who are unfortunately being well-received by a collectivist-minded mob of drones.  

  • Lisa4USA

    Spoken like true politicians–both Barry and the Asian woman who was interviewed at the end of the clip.


    Marion Barry is relevant? He is a few rocks short of an eight ball.

  • michael s

    i wish ms malkin would condemn all racism towards asians. not only left wing racism towards asians. while barry’s comments are horrible ,there is only white racism. she tolerated debbie spendit now limbaugh’s ching chong defended racism against jeremy lin. the same way she says misogyny against conservative females should be as condemned as misogyny against liberal females,she should be consistent.

  • BruceMajors4DC

    Off camera he also observed that they smell funny, breed like rabbits, and look like monkeys. But NBC edited the tape.

  • BruceMajors4DC

    I actually used to work at Georgetown University Medical Center and had to go to neonatal and pediatric intensive care units often to interview the staff about computer systems we were installing. The ICUs are full of African American babies, and it is certainly true that they are there because of the epidemic of dirty Chinese stir fry. Marion Barry can tell you that crack has nothing to do with it.

  • weRbroke

    WaPo had a pretty good graphic collection that spells out just what is happenin’ in DC.

    Note Ward 8 demographics over the decades.

    As the bag of D-onkeyschit flames in, everyone keeps backing up as the flames get higher