Marion Barry doubles down on ‘dirty’ Asian shop comments; update: tripling down?

As Twitchy noted this morning, Councilman Marion Barry stated during his Tuesday night victory speech, “we got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. They ought to go.” With the story receiving considerable attention today, Barry is now defending himself on Twitter. Barry believes that his comments were taken out of context and, he claims, he was only referring to certain Asian business owners. He even tweeted out pictures of the businesses he doesn’t like.

Example of 'dirty' Asian-owned business

Another 'dirty' Asian-owned business

He then urged the owners of the businesses he spotlighted to join the “Ward8 Renaissance” which was, of course, a complete reversal from his earlier demand that the Asian owners be forced out and replaced with “African-American business people.”

He then attacked those who found his statements hateful and vile.

Apparently Barry feels that he is the real victim in all of this. Somehow his comments that Asian business owners “ought to go” were not the least bit racist and are just being used by outsiders to try and smear the residents of Ward 8. It was all just another set up as the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein mockingly points out.

Finally, it is worth asking whether Asians have a monopoly on “dirty” Ward 8 businesses.

The mayor of Washington DC, Vincent Gray, tweets that he is “deeply disappointed” by Barry’s comments.

Barry now says he is “very sorry.” Not really, though:

Another “apology.” He acknowledges he could have said things differently, but he’s sticking to the story that his comments were “taken out of context.” He is now using race-neutral language — “W8 carryouts,” “food places in Ward8,” “some stores”  — rather than “‘dirty’ Asian-owned businesses.”

Here he seems to be tripling down:

And he’s still going…

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