As Twitchy reported, the Supreme Court voted 6 to 2 today (Justice Kagan did not participate) to uphold Michigan’s right to prohibit affirmative action in college admissions. SCOTUS was castigated by plenty of angry liberals, but Justice Clarence Thomas was singled out for particularly nasty treatment:



Justice Thomas dissents, Left hurls vile racial slurs ‘house nigga,’ ‘Uncle Tom’

New tone death wishes? On Justice Thomas’ birthday, Touré further exposes his moral bankruptcy

Minn. state Rep. Ryan Winkler calls Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, claims he didn’t know it was offensive

Nothing to see here! MSM silent after Alabama Dem calls Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Tom’

  • Informed&Concerned

    Thinking I’m slow on this, but liberals post such vile, hate-filled remarks.

    BTW – I never got memo . . Negro is acceptable term again?

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Only when left-wingers are saying it at black people who oppose their view.

      • John (magnum)

        A black conservative is considered open season for the leftist idiots !

        NOTHING is too vile for the party of (ahem, choke-choke) tolerance !

        • otay

          How about taking some affirmative action and get decent grades in high school, but I guess that is a racist idea. MLK would commend the ruling, this law has been a barrier to his dream of the content of character.

          • Dugway

            Well, MLK was a Republican, so…

            Besides, “gimme gimme” trumps work and character every time.

          • MaisieMartin

            Actually, he wasn’t affiliated with any party and he voted for JFK. I am on your side, just wanted to keep you from making this same mistake in a discussion with someone who might claw your face off.


          • Ryan Schneider.

            I understand that he supported politicians of either party that would help his cause, and I think he tried to discourage blacks from affiliating solely with just one party. If only he had known what Jackson would become..

          • rootvg

            We’re fixing it, slowly.

            If your state has concealed carry, GET ONE and learn how to use it. After this, you may need it. Look for home invasions and violent crime to go through the roof.

          • Farrago A’gitprop

            This despite the figures showing the exact opposite?

            How much money do you get to shill for the arms industry?

          • barthomew

            Unfortunately, if one does indeed judge the children of MLK, Jr., by the content of their character, a number of them do not come out too well by that standard.

          • Farrago A’gitprop

            Yeah, having your father assassinated for being black must do wonders for your feeling of being wanted and safe in our country.

          • barthomew

            Lack of good character is not excused by having one’s father assassinated. And the character problems of the children seem not to have any connection with fear, but with fighting over who gets the inheritance and fighting over property rights.

          • Uncooperative

            MLK would commend the ruling? Bull. He was a stealth commie.

          • SmartDoctor

            I don’t buy that. J. Edgar Hoover might have, and he did see commies under every rock, and more often than not, he was right. In this case, I think he was wrong. It’s really hard to find a Republican who wants to be a Communist. A Democrat, well, not so hard.

          • Sylvester_Web

            On the back bumper of a truck in town during the 80s:
            Better Dead than Red.
            Parked next to it, a car driven by a Vietnam Vet:
            Better Neither than Either.

          • EndtheFED ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            The Rockefeller’s are the American equivalent. They run the CFR and install their presidential choices.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            The Rockefeller’s want the world of Wal-E to become a reality.

          • Ken Martin

            A democrat is already a communist.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            He was friendly to many republicans, but he would support any sincere supporters from either party; he was an independent.

          • TheKnowerseeker

            The Reverend King simply wanted more economic opportunities for all Americans — not communism — just as any follower of Christ should want; he began to pursue that goal soon after the civil rights war appeared to had been won. Actually, that’s what got him killed — opposing laissez faire capitalism — not his opposition of white racism. I think that says a lot about who really rules the world….

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            Most of the people that Hoover found under rocks were cross-dressers,like himself.

          • JMWinPR

            He was surrounded by them, only because the communist movement was behind and fronted most all protest movements world wide. RFK spoke to him about this and he started to separate his movement from that group. I would like to know how much money flows from the same groups to the Rainbow and NAN organizations

          • EndtheFED ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            The records on his Soviet involvement are still sealed!

          • Ryan Schneider.

            As opposed to Stanley Dunham’s, which have vanished entirely? MLK’s are probably sealed because the FBI is embarrassed by Hoover’s racist obsession.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            He was naively open minded about commies, but he was a committed independent. Blacks might have become the biggest swing element in the electorate if he had lived

          • Bruce Carter

            Boom! :-)

          • dex

            how do you know so much about mlk

          • John D

            It’s called research.

          • EndtheFED ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Free loading via AA is easier.

          • RWR4TX

            MLK agitated openly for Affirmative Action, as well as slavery reparations.

          • SmartDoctor

            And 50 years ago, Affirmative Action was totally appropriate, given the environment. But 50 years later? A pathetic excuse to continue reverse racism. Thomas is right. The radical hate spewing left of today is not.

          • RWR4TX

            No, it was not, never was.

          • TheKnowerseeker

            I just read that “Affirmative Action” was synonymous with today’s “Equal Opportunity” until Nixon got a hold of it and turned it into quotas.

          • MooTieFighter

            Clarence Thomas does prove that some blacks are looking after the welfare of ALL Americans, equally. I hate to say it, but blacks generally do not.

          • TheKnowerseeker

            Most of them are raised to be selfish… and the vicious cycle continues….

          • coyotewise

            Also goes to why MLK was nearly murdered a couple of times by Black Americans (before JER murdered him). Anyone remember that sweet looking older Black woman who stuck a knife deep in MLK’s chest?

        • Tom Menino

          All these people speaking out in favor of laws and policies that treat people differently based on the color of their skin. Seems ironic. Try earning it on your own merit, fools.

          • libwithIQ

            Very ironic that those opposed to Clarence Thomas are showing they are in favor of racial discrimination. I guess it’s ok as long as it’s the right race.

          • luvitall21

            To Al Sharpton, “redress” and “repair” should go on indefinitely, as if all generations are simultaneously responsible for and victimized by slavery. My ancestors weren’t even here at that time, and my ancestors who did come here were non-English speaking, impoverished, injured, ill, hungry, freezing cold, and shoeless as they struggled to live here. I, myself, was bused out to farms as a 7 year old, getting up at 4:00AM and getting home at 5:00PM. Some of us dug our way out one job at a time, one degree at a time. I’m a white female and an electrical engineer, getting my degree in the 80s. I don’t owe anyone anything. Time for blacks to fix the culture of teen pregnancy, dropping out, gang violence, prison, fatherless homes, etc. Those are things that Whitey can’t fix and that Al Sharpton doesn’t want to fix.

          • Sylvester_Web

            Roger that.
            Possibly only the blacks can fix blacks. My black neighbors are truly pissed for voting for zero as president again. I had a bumper sticker on my car that got ripped off that said: “We’re all pink on the inside”
            Racism is an equal opportunity offense.

          • EndtheFED ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            If they could ‘fix’ anything, AA would never have been invented!

          • SmartDoctor

            Yes, we are all pink on the inside. It’s just that some of us are pink, and very red, on the outside too. I choose to distance myself from that kind.

          • Vennoye

            True! I’ve always had a lot of respect for Justice Thomas!! Still do!

          • EndtheFED ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            He is the most conservative member of the court and a SC native.

          • Vennoye

            Good for South Carolina!!

          • SmartDoctor

            We un-lobotomized folks call that “Racism”.

          • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

            @TomMenino Everytime we do “earn it on our own merit” white peoole come along and steal, oops, i mean patent, copyright, royalty-ize it! Or re-zone it, redline it, recatagotize it, or in the good ole days just burn it down and claim it was yours. Land, property, misic, books, inventions frim the ironing board to the technology to connect the printer to computer we “earned” but racism picketed the profits by its own vwrsion of affirmative action, cchanging the rules in the middle of game is aa cowards strategy, but gotta admit its been berry berry good for the domina nt culture in America

          • Conan the Republican


          • TheKnowerseeker

            S/he probably thinks Jesus was a black man too.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Olive, most likely.

          • Sylvester_Web

            Don’t believe George Washington Carver would sympathize with what you just mentioned.
            Talk about merit!
            Also, look up this guy:

          • deshawn

            Please list an example where that has happened to you in your life time.

          • Spinmamma

            That is not a racial thing. That is a power thing. Many inventions and writings created by poor whites or unsophisticated whites have also been stolen, or bought for a pittance. A modern example is the man who invented the intermittent wiper blade system had his idea ripped off by the big car companies and had a long and expensive court battle before he was vindicated. That is just one example in a sea. It does you no good to blame everything on racism. This is the divide and conquer strategy of the ruling elite. If you, and everyone, would just pause and take a look, we would find how much we have in common, good and bad, instead of standing across the room as enemies.

          • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

            For ppl like you, nothing ever is ‘ racial’ always a rationale, thst ignores fac.cts and truth. Blame is counter productive and immature in sny context, i dont indulge. Nor do i have enemies or waste my precious time and emotional energy with hate. Im a Black Republican whose never voted fo r Obama so im nit sure what side of the room you putt me on ( i can guess tho) Those ruling elite gonna have to be a lil swifter…

          • zman3564

            The “ruling elite” exists in all political affiliations and they are the enemy….be it Republican or Democrat. That is why I don’t affiliate myself with either one of them. Just 2 sides of the same coin and that coin is worthless. The ruling elite are out for no one but themselves to keep their “kingdoms” intact and expanding.

          • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

            I was Independent for years but as one you have no power. You cannot vote in primaries, so that didn’t last long. You can change s party you don’t like from the inside or join the opposite, those were my choices, the lesser of the two evils. I don’t vote party line either, of the opposite party has my position on the issues then that’s who gets my vote. I pay the twisted ideology off the ruling elite no mind, that was the point. To me they’re not on both sides the are one with one purposekeeping themselves in power. And theyve got a lot of panties in a twist over this both sides!on


          • John D

            If your comment is true, congratulations on seeing the light. But you still need to slow down and proof read before clicking “post”

          • Spinmamma

            “Nothing” is ever racial? How do you come to that conclusion?

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Hold on, then where do you stand regarding the Judge in general, and this ruling in particular? If your politics generaly lean in his direction, then your point here is not at all clear.

          • TheKnowerseeker

            Agreed. Classism is the real deal that’s killing us all, while racism is what keeps us from uniting against classism. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood this; that’s why he segued from racial civil rights to class rights — and was assassinated for daring to oppose laissez faire capitalism — not for opposing racism!

          • CIToldUSo

            You probably shouldn’t sell your claim to such properties for a set of rims.

          • John D

            You need to work on your grammar if you want anyone to read your gibberish. Work on your spelling also.

          • Markdpez

            What the heck are you babbling about?

          • SmartDoctor

            I guess Blacks lack those talents you speak of. Or are just above them… Clearly explains the success the Indian population/Southern Asians, Koreans, Chinese have all had here in the US. Or was that a racist observation on my part?

          • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

            Hilarious!!! You are one of the funniest trolls EVER!!!!

          • Ryan Schneider.

            There is such a thing as selective racism, but I think the doctor was just being sarcastic.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            As incoherent as that was, I think I get the gist of it. And I don’t buy it. The sort of thing you are talking about does happen, but it is more of a crapp shoot kind of thing these days. For example, a new species of corporate corruption has arisen out of genetically modified vegetables. If pollen from GM crops cross pollinates a neighbor’s crop and is detected the following year, he is legally forced to cead his land to them. Once, this sort of thing might have been more easily done to black farmers. Nowadays, it is done equally to everyone downwind of GM tyrants. Racism was originally invented during the colonial period to rationalize despicable greed, now all despicable greed needs is imminent domain. A few white trash ignoramuses maintain racism out of cultural habit, but the surest sign that it is on it’s way out is that it’s not profitable for anyone anymore. REVERSE-racism, however, is still very profitable for certain hypocrites; Judge Thomas realized all this a long time ago, and now he is being condemned for voting for common sense.

          • John D

            Most of those fools protesting this ruling are blatant racists.

    • OneThinDime

      It’s an acceptable term as is the N word if blacks use it but racist if anyone else does. Double standard.

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        It’s also okay for white liberals to use the n-word as long as they direct it at black Conservatives who dared to think for themselves.

        • OneThinDime

          Good point, thank you!

          • Ghee!

            This is why my career as a white rapper never took off, I never got the rules down right.

          • DG

            LOL We can’t all be Eminem.

          • CaptDMO

            Or Blondie.

          • PistolsForPandas

            [shudder] About the only thing good to come out of Blondie’s “Rapture” was that mashup they made with the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm”.

          • Face Paw

            True, but Rapture was still the first official rap song — in fact, it gave the genre its name.

          • misspicky

            Hummmm, when I was coming up, the rap sound and rhythm was represented by square dance callers. Check out that sound!! (OK, I am an octogenarian, but it’s true :-)

          • Midas68

            People forget how damn cool those square dance auctioneers were.

          • Noonespecial

            Johnny Cash may have been the 1st rapper, come to think of it – Boy Named Sue

          • Suzyqpie

            The title has been updated for the times, ‘Boy Named Sue Me.’

          • InterestedObserver12

            I think Lorne Green’s Ringo predates A Boy Named Sue as the first rap song. Or it could be Jimmy Dean’s Big John. Jimmy Dean’s move into sausages of course paved the way for future rappers like 50 Cents, P. Diddy, et al who use their brand to diversify into non-entertainment businesses.

          • Allan Hamilton

            Hey now, let’s not forget “Whispering” Bill Anderson! He probably did it before any of those others.

          • The Chigger

            Or Walter Brennan’s “Old Rivers”, and then there’s Red Sovine with his trucker’s raps.

          • Colleen Posadas

            The car song where he steals all the parts to a cadillac, that was rap!

          • Tom Watson

            The term “rap” comes from the words rhythm and poetry.

          • Ag8tor

            Why? It’s neither!

          • Tom Watson

            Well, I don’t know why, since I’m not the one who gave it that appellation. The original material that the term was used for didn’t sound like the present-day stuff. Quite a lot of it was political.

          • The Official Andy ®

            Wrong. Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” came out in 1979, “Rapture” came out in 1980. Way to fact check.

          • Face Paw

            Never heard of it. Most of the people I knew at the time knew about Rapture, and they still say now it was that song that popularized the genre.

          • Chris

            Come on now. I am 30, not born when either song came out and I knew that Rappers Delight was the first rap song. Method Man and Red Man did a remake of it on the 90s. OK, OK, thats how I knew…. It was to be redone to commemorate the original song that got it all started!!

          • Mel Content

            Google “Barefootin’ on the Wicket Picket” by Black Randy and the Metrosquad, a punk/funk outfit from LA, for an even earlier example of the genre:

          • seant426

            You poll only white people, don’t you?

          • Ken Steiger

            That’s right. And the word “rap” was used to mean “talk” for decades before that. Way way before Rapper’s delight.

          • Noonespecial

            Walk This Way came out in 1976

          • Jonathan Miller

            Rightly said, I agree with you. To say that blacks invented rap is as accurate as saying the French invented cheese…

          • DeeDee

            Sugar Hill and Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” both came out that year (5th grade, that is). And my parents let me stay up late to let me watch Blondie sing “Rapture” on SNL. Good times.

          • InterestedObserver12

            I think it comes from what neighbors do on their walls when they can’t take the noise anymore.

          • seant426

            “Rapture” – 1981. Fact check, yo’self!

          • The Official Andy ®

            Recorded in 1980… one year off (from memory). Still a little closer to reality than what Rhandy said. You like Wikipedia, don’tcha?

          • Orlando

            Not! By no means is this true. Do your homework on this one, Rap music was out way before this record ever came out. As a matter of fact when Rapture came out we were making fun of it for Blondies bad attempt at rapping. Rappers Delight was the first actual record to hit the airways however, even at that point the music had actually been out for some time on the streets of the Bronx where it was born.

          • Sp4 Jack L Walker US Army ret

            Yes but she rapped like a white girl.

          • VictorLandry

            Actually, I think “Surfing Bird” was the first rap song. You know the song that was in “Apocalypse Now.”

          • Noonespecial

            Bird Bird Bird, Bird is the Word….you may be on to something

          • Noonespecial

            Nope….it was Walk This Way, by Aerosmith.

          • Frosty

            Really? Walk This Way came out in 1975 and was not a rap song. It was not until 1985 with Run DMC and Aerosmith re-released the song as a rap song.

          • NonofyourbusinessObama

            There were other ‘rappers’ before Blondie. Try Rappers Delight from The Sugar Hill Gang in 1979. That song brought rapping to the forefront of music. Rapture was 1981.

          • The Chigger

            Try Kurtis Blow before those.

          • jimmyv65

            what a bout Rappers delight by sugar hill gang

          • Brad Harvey

            William Shatner rapped ‘Rocket Man’ years before Blondie did Rapture.

          • seant426

            God, you’re dumb. Try the Sugarhill Gang with “Rapper’s Delight” as discovered by soul singer Sylvia in 1979. Blondie’s shit didn’t hit until 1981. Any moron with a computer and Internet access would know this.

          • Ken Steiger

            I worked with Debbie. She’s a very sweet person.

          • PistolsForPandas

            Ken, don’t get me wrong: she’s done a lot of great stuff, and I’ve heard that she’s a very nice person from multiple sources (as in, if you aren’t able to get along with her, the problem is you).

            At the same point, we can’t all be 100% on our game 100% of the time.

          • PistolsForPandas

            Ken, don’t get me wrong: she’s done a lot of great stuff, and I’ve heard that she’s a very nice person from multiple sources (as in, if you weren’t able to get along with her, the problem was you).

            At the same point, we can’t all be 100% on our game 100% of the time.

          • Jeff

            Thank God! One is more than plenty.

          • OneThinDime

            Rap = crap. I think you’d be successful as a comedian!

          • riveter12

            I thought rap was what people did who can’t sing.

          • Bill Gryan

            You were denied the opportunity because of your skin color. Even if you were talentless, you should have ended up as a millionaire rapper. Affirmative action for white rappers! Equality of outcomes!

          • Mark

            Maybe you just don’t know how to rap very well. Talent is usually needed in the arts. Without it you don’t get very far.

          • Sp4 Jack L Walker US Army ret

            Some of the rap I have heard take very little talent. Some songs have a hook line repeated until the main rapper passes out. Sales 10 million copies.

          • Mark

            Well the kid wrote a song and sold 10 million copies. You put in 20 plus for $1500 a month. Might have paid to learn some rhythm and poetry.

          • DeathMerchant

            “rhythm and poetry” Seriously??? LMAO!!! I’d rather watch an old Tarzan movie, same thing except I think they jumped higher. As far as “rhythm and poetry” This crap follows along with “roses are red” or knock knock.

          • InterestedObserver12

            I am Shocked and Appalled (it’s the title of a collection of Letters to the Editor, for those who don’t get the cultural reference) that this thread is getting so long.

          • Sp4 Jack L Walker US Army ret

            Yes I agree, but a legless man , bald, fat and white. What are the chances of me bustin a rhyme and becoming a teen idol. I will leave all the glory to you Mark. Go get em and rap yoself into nirvana. Rap is an art form for sure, but I reserve the right to choose which art appeals to me and to talk trash about the ones that don’t.

        • Jedd McHead

          I don’t think Quentin Tarantino could write a script without that word.

        • Wulf

          Also ironic that on these comment boards one can type white trash or cracka, but type in the word you spoke of and it’s deleted or “moderated” out of existence

      • twotowner

        Unless and until the United Negro College Fund changes their name I don’t see how it is not acceptable. Same goes for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

        • OneThinDime

          I don’t disagree but there are two standards. It’s time that whites file for admission to black colleges and when denied admittance sue under affirmative action!

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            The whites they do let in are usually exchange students from Europe. In the name of “diversity,” y’unnerstand, and frankly, they’re better soccer players for the varsity team than the African exchange students, who, if they had been any good at it, would have been signed for about 10 euros by teams in Europe already.

        • CaptDMO

          I have no issues with either of those groups, it’s the Black Caucus of Congress that concerns me, and some of it’s official members have said some fairly stupid things behind the lectern.

          • freeinaz

            Actually they make stupid statements on a daily basis. They’re only concern is to keep their power and to keep the so-called victim status going.

          • riveter12

            True that!

      • SmartDoctor

        Linguistics and double standards at this point are the least of America’s problems! Personally, I would place intellects like rastaman44 at the top of the list. Not that he can see it, but true, nevertheless.

    • DG

      Negro is correct as is Caucasian. But, the Liberal Left demonized it’s use by the right, so now it’s unacceptable. Mostly. Unless you’re a Liberal. Or black. Or something.

      Does that clear it up?

      • Informed&Concerned

        lol – uh, sure?

        • DG

          Just keep a list of words the liberals find offensive next to your keyboard, and remember to update every 5 minutes.

          • RblDiver

            Five minutes is 4:59.99 too slow.

          • Face Paw

            A sh*t stirrer after my own heart. :-)

          • Gothguy

            Well, that’s true!

          • lukuj

            Easier to keep a list of words they DON’T consider racist.

          • DG

            It would be a shorter list, huh?

          • kanilammit

            “Don’t” is a discriminatory word, or as the left likes to confuse the two, it is a racist word. The only reason the first ‘O’ is included is because that ‘O’ is a sell out to its fellow vowels. In fact all contractions are now considered bigoted because they discriminate against vowels by only including some and not including them all.

            See. Someone out there can always find something wrong with something. The lesson learned from the left is to just not talk, but then if one doesn’t talk, they will consider that a sign of racism since the silent person apparently thinks they are to good to speak to someone else. I give up, you can’t win with these people.

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            I don’t have enough room next to my keyboard for a list that large.

          • DG

            I knocked out the wall to the adjoining spare bedroom.

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            That’d probably work.

          • William Richardson

            Just put a dictionary next to your computer. If it isn’t there your good to go.

          • Jay Stevens

            Set an unabridged dictionary there.

      • LegalizeShemp

        Don’t worry, it’ll change in a few years and African-American will be a racial slur. First it was Negro, then that was racist, then it was changed to colored, then that was racist, and it was changed to black, then that was racist and it was changed to African-American.

        • DG

          While I’m no fan of Whoopi Goldberg, she once delivered a stand up routine wherein she said something to the effect of (I’m paraphrasing……not an exact quote):

          “First we were negro, then colored, then black, now African American. What was wrong with Negro?”

          • Informed&Concerned

            I *think* that may have been from her broadway show in 80’s? I lived in NYC then . . I remember her white girl skit w/ “cas-ca-dading” hair – a sweatshirt pulled off, stopping at ears.
            Very funny, thought provoking work back then

          • DG

            Have no idea. Saw it on t.v. She did challenge a lot of racial stereotypes, from both the right and left.

          • Sp4 Jack L Walker US Army ret

            I remember when she was funny.

          • Douglas H Lang

            I want to know where African America is? Seems as though simply being American is not good enough for them!

          • DG

            The same place geographically as Caucasian-America:

            Fable-Land. Or Jesse Jackson’s brain. Same difference.

          • Informed&Concerned

            Look at the AWESOME profile of WarriorRN61
            Crazy amount of respect for that veteran

          • Dyler_Turden

            It’s in Detroit.

        • globalcrap

          Most don’t know where Africa is .

        • ColoMom

          Seriously is Black now considered racist???? What next!!!! I can’t keep up, I’d never intentionally call anyone a racist name.

      • jabbermule

        Clear as mud.

        • DG

          Cool. Would hate to bring clarity to this.

      • Gothguy

        Nope…still trying to learn the leftist libtard PC play book.

        • DG

          Wasn’t written to be understood.

          Was channeling the Leftists.

          • Gothguy

            Gotcha…it’s hard for me to think as a leftist!

          • DG

            It’s easy. Think ‘stupid.’

            Just don’t get stuck there.

      • Bill Gryan

        And remember that “colored people” is HIGHLY offensive. But “people of color” is beautiful and complimentary because it’s VERY different.

        • DG

          I’m a person of color.

          White is still a color, right?

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            Nope, white is the result of all colors being mixed together; black is the absence of color. Of course, most of the “White” people I know (myself included) are kind of pink. Most of the “Yellow” ones are whiter than the Whites. And … just about all of the “Blacks” are mostly kind of Brown. That would make ALL of us “People of Color”.

          • DG

            Do you work for Crayola?

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            Nope, but when I was a lot younger I used to munch on them from time to time. That’s probably what gave me such a “colorful” outlook on life, except, of course when I munched on those brown ones. Then the outlook became much more realistic. Or perhaps I should say “output”, rather than “outlook”. Either way, you probably get my drift.

            I’ve got the feeling that “Our Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama’s favorite “flavors” were red (for his politics) and yellow (for his courage when dealing with KGB Agents).

            Do you think that they, Crayola, might be hiring? Would that be one of those ♠, err .. shovel ready jobs?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            You’re confusing light with color. In color (pigment), white is absence, black is mixture of all.

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            You’ve got it backwards my friend.

          • mike_in_kosovo



            “Additive color synthesis is the creation of color by mixing colors of light.”

            “When all of the colors of the spectrum are combined, they add up to white light.”

            “Subtractive color synthesis is the creation of color by mixing colors of pigment, such as paint or ink in your computer’s printer.”

            “When all of the colors are combined, they create black pigment.”

            Feel free to test it yourself with red, blue and green crayons, however – you’ll find the the result is black, not white.

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            I wasn’t referring to pigment in the first part of my comment. In your statement “”When all of the colors of the spectrum are combined, they add up to white light.” confirms what I meant.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Except that the fact that people don’t emit light, you may have had a point. Unfortunately for your argument, people *don’t* emit light, so you’re still incorrect.

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            The “light” that we see in terms of skin coloration is reflected. The absence of reflection of all colors results in the object, or person, appearing to be “black”. The more the reflection, the closer to “white”. So then, I’m still correct. Shine a light through a prism; the result is bands of color, none of which is black.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            The “light” that we see in terms of skin coloration is reflected

            Color reflected from *pigment* in the skin. You’re *still* wrong.

            Again – feel free to get some crayons and prove yourself wrong.

          • D Scott Horton

            Focusing on the color of a persons skin instead of the content of their character is what is wrong. There are black people I trust and white people not worth the powder to blow them to hell, there is a certain Asian guy whose throat I will cut if I ever see him.

      • Brian Saxophone Ransom

        It’s okay to use ugly words as long as it sounds like self-deprecating humor. You know, like an old man says bad things about being old, Blacks say bad things about being black. I don’t know how whites get away with using such terms though.

      • TheFreeMarketeer

        Actually, Congoid is the correct term if you want to compare to Caucasian, Indochinese etc… So, J Thomas is a Congoid, I’m a Caucasian and Emperor Hirohito is Northern Mongoloid blah blah and other unscientific, irrelevant categories. Justice Thomas is a principled man who calls it down the line, as it is and the corrupt don’t like that. They like “inequality before the law” instead “equality before the law” because in under the latter the Government can’t give you stuff didn’t work for.

    • jim

      Because liberalism is not about thinking before you speak. It’s about “they hate you, so they should die!” and “they’re holding you down, so hate them!” Think mob mentality.

    • oxco

      They are hateful bc he is conservative and black

      • donnaccr

        you are exactly on point

    • desicon

      First of all you are informed and concerned, so you are always wrong. Then you are racist.

      • Informed&Concerned

        lol I stand ‘labeled”

    • LegalizeShemp

      Everything’s acceptable when a liberal does it, and unacceptable when a conservative does the exact same thing. That’s the essence of a self-appointed elite.

    • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

      That is their exclusive/inclusive speech.
      I can’t seem to think of any word that “people of color” are not allowed to use when referring to “white” people. It’s their plan to strive for equality. When they get to oppress us THEN they will have reached equality.

    • Republicanvet

      That’s what I was thinking. Nothing so vile as a leftist showing their racism.

    • Johnny Right

      After listening to Clarence Thomas in an interview, it makes sense that he’s against affirmative action. His belief was that affirmative action tainted his accomplishments in the eyes of employers. In his case, affirmative action allowed him entrance into college, but what good is a tainted degree that doesn’t bring about employment?

      • indianahomez

        It is constitutional or it isn’t (the referendum). CT’s personal story is irrelevant. That is the fact the haters are ignoring.

        • Johnny Right

          I agree. My previous comment was for those who assumed he made his decision based on personal experience instead of legal precedent. A lot of the haters were bashing him for “benefiting” from affirmative action and “voting against it,” without even knowing the crux of this case.

    • john brothers

      Notice all decorum goes out the window when it suits them? Hypocrites!

    • Gothguy

      Keep up on the PC/Libtard Speak/Dhimmicrat Memos! Do we have to do ALL the research for ya?


    • WJGBalderama

      You don’t meet the criteria. Only one who is one is allowed to say it.

    • LegalizeShemp

      How about NAACP (Colored People) – if you used that term you’d be knocked out by a liberal.

    • rennyangel2

      Haven’t you noticed? Dems. and lefties can do and say what they want–ONLY YOU ARE SUBJECT TO POLITICALLY CORRECT CENSORSHIP AND CONTROL.

    • skyfly757

      To my knowledge is has not been ‘unacceptable’. It was used in the 2010 U.S. Census & the question was phrased, “Black, African Am., or Negro”, not the ‘N’-word

    • john haggle

      I am an old white guy, but neither a conservative or a liberal, neither a Democrat or a Republican. Logic and reason should prevail.
      Affirmative Action might have worked … IF… the educational system had upgraded to provide job and life skills in a NON- BORING WAY instead of spending so many years learning long division by hand (use a calculator like in real world), instead of sentence diagramming (practice writing skills on job applications, real job type communications, etc.), and vastly reducing the expenditures on sports … and redirecting sports into ALL STUDENTS daily exercise routines that they can do without equipment or special training (Make it a life habit). There are so MANY things wrong with education (Oh yes, reduce the size of administration and government paperwork and mandates) that I could go on forever! So of course Affirmative Action is non-productive and generally non-beneficial. By the way. 13 years of 7+ hours per day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year, at what ?? $6,000+ per year per student?? …. and what do students have in the way to show for it??? They are told to go to college or a vocational school “So they can get a job!”

    • jcherry7

      “Vile” and “hate-filled” are terms that only apply to conservatives. Whassamattayou?

    • Don Carpenter

      No, it’s not acceptable for civilized people. For liberal savages, it must be.

    • rennyangel2

      The left is nothing but hate and what people can say is always determined by the left.

    • Gothamite

      Surely you must be misreading it because the preachers of tolerance wouldn’t be at all intolerant, right? Right? I missed the memo too maybe.

    • strait talker

      Only if people with the right skin color say it, everyone else is a racist!


      The only word I hear from black people when talking to other blacks is N—–. I don’t know what to say except I will not use ——!!

    • ImBackBishes

      Not the one I would use.

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      There was a memo? Darn!

    • oplease

      Try saying it to one and find out, IgMo.

    • Edward Boothe

      I can’t understand why a people would object to be called by their race. If someone wants to call me a Caucasian, that would make me proud.

    • hownow

      Only for Slave wannabes

    • yokalow

      Little hipocritical don’t you think?! Yet another example to add to the libtard’s list.

    • Farrago A’gitprop

      I think you will find equally vile and hate-filled remarks on both sides of the political spectrum. It isn’t the preserve of liberals.

      There are extreme views on nearly every subject, from every walk of life.

      You only need to look further down the replies to your own post to see a whole bunch of vile and hate-filled remarks. You just need to open your eyes.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    We the people of Michigan have finally and completely rejected the racism of racial preferences.

  • E L Frederick

    So admitting the having some people be more equal than other’s is a racist idea is now… racist…

  • Guest

    Bring the waterworks.

  • DG

    Show of hands…………

    Who DID NOT see this coming?

    Edit: Who DID SEE THIS coming?

    (Might be the better question to ask)

    • Republicanvet

      Given the original case, I could not see it NOT being struck down.

      • DG

        True. But referring to Clarence Thomas being the first SCOTUS member to be marginalized and demonized for this decision.

    • CaptDMO

      Gee, when somebody “important” says (para) “The best way to eliminate discrimination, is to stop practicing discrimination….”, you gotta’ KNOW that the clock has run out.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    “We want equality!! And by equality, we mean SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!!” – liberal logic

    • Antisocial_ism

      You hit that nail directly on the head!

    • carmenta

      applicable to all their ‘special’ people – the LGXQTVS community, ANYONE who isn’t a white, English-speaking conservative, the illegal immigrant, the Muslims, the freak show of humanity that votes Dim!

  • FreedomRecon

    So it was a 6-2 vote, and they single him out? Weird.

    • alanstorm

      Not weird at all – they single him out because he didn’t vote the was he was SUPPOSED to, which is according to his skin color/ancestry.

      The fact that expecting him to vote a certain way due to that is blatant racism somehow escapes the “intellectual” left.

      • Republicanvet

        There are tweets above to that effect…that if a black had any advantage of affirmative action, that person should then always consider how to use what they have gained to help the race.

        Imagine the expectation of being stuck on THAT plantation.

        • alanstorm

          So not only does he have to vote a certain way based on his ancestry, he’s also expected to vote a certain way because of his personal history.

          Actually, that kinda makes sense. Very few lefties can conceive of changing their minds (I use the term “minds” loosely), so they can’t very well tolerate it in others.

      • mary dunlap

        Yes, BLATANT racism….

    • Spiny Norman

      So it was a 6-2 vote, and they single him out? Weird.

      The “TeapartyCrasher” moron seems to believe it was a 5-4 vote (“it’s 5/9th racist”). Of course, leftist idiots on Twitter are like grains of sand on the beach.

  • Ghee!

    ruh roh, Michigan blacks… you might have to get that job based on the content of your character now and not because of the color of your skin.

    The horror.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      They might have to do that one racist 4-letter word. They might have to EARN their way and not use their skin color as a crutch? OH THE HUMANITY!!!

  • DG

    Funny how the one black man on SCOTUS is the first to be targeted.

    Liberals love them some Affirmative Action, and paying special attention to Clarence Thomas is proof positive. “Attack the Conservative Black Man First!” *Priorities.

    • OneThinDime

      Black and Conservative man that UPHOLDS the Constitution and is married to a white woman. The Progressives cannot handle it.

      • DG

        Not since his nomination hearings a long, long time ago.

        • OneThinDime

          Thomas consistently upholds the Constitution, has nothing to do with his confirmation hearings.

          • DG

            Wasn’t disagreeing.

          • OneThinDime

            Were you adding to the end of my comment “The Progressives cannot handle it”? If so, then I get it…..

          • DG

            lol Yes. I was. Sorry for the confusion.

          • OneThinDime

            Great addition!

    • Jake Bradford

      Proving what Michelle Malkin has always said: they will ignore the white conservatives and go straight for the minorities first. Because everybody is supposed to be as racist as they are

  • QueenB

    “Adam Feldman
    The irony of Clarence Thomas opposing affirmative action is almost tragic in its grandeur and scope.”

    I know! It’s almost as if he knows black people can be successful on their own based on their own talents and abilities and not some arbitrary quota based on their skin color. The nerve! /s

    • CaptDMO

      I guess “siding” with Affirmative Action, as originally cited by the SCOTUS, as opposed to how the phrase had become Mis-re-interpreted to mean it’s EXACT OPPOSITE, makes a SCOTUS Negro an apostate,

    • The Chigger

      Adam Feldman has a case of “Passover Syndrome”.

      Jim Goad describes it:

      Passover Syndrome’s most prominent behavioral feature consists of whites projecting historical blame onto other whites and hoping that nonwhites will see them as not-so-white for doing so. Just as the ancient Israelites smeared sacrificial lamb’s blood over their doorways in order to escape the Angel of God’s vengeance, these delusional Caucasians smear bright red anti-racist graffiti—or, in extreme cases, the literal blood of “rednecks” and any “right-wing white” who refuses to get with the program—over their doorways in the hope that when the Dark Angels finally come en masse seeking “justice,” they won’t accidentally notice that the people with the bright red anti-racist paint over their doorways also happen to be white.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    “You mean I have to earn my way into college through hard work and merit instead of getting to use my skin color as a crutch? RACIST!!!

    • Maryland_Malcontent

      “You mean I can’t get free or heavily subsidized ride through higher education simply because I’m a ‘minority’?”

      “You mean that I can’t get a high paying cushy job for which I am not qualified simply due to AA mandates?”

      ^Hopefully the next steps

  • Fire and Adjust!

    In short…….. “Clarence Thomas doesn’t belong there because he doesn’t agree with us”……………. Yep, liberals holding true to their mantra, completely expected……….

    • CHHR
      • JP

        I was surprised not to hear more about that. So shockingly offensive.

        This Gallup poll from a year ago cites attitudes about AA in admissions broken down by racial groups:

        75% of whites, 44% of blacks, 59% of Hispanics thought admission should be based solely on merit – and while Asian numbers aren’t broken down, I have a hard time believing they’d be below 44% of blacks. Broken down another way 53% of Democrats feel admissions should be merit-only, compared to 69% of Independents and 87% of Republicans.

        So 44% of blacks and 59% of Hispanics are what – racist against themselves in her view? I think it’s much more likely that these folks are the ones who are really committed to equality for everyone of any race. But if she allowed that, she’d probably have to allow that white people also have altruistic motives here, and that apparently is a bridge too far.

        Sad, really. Sotomayor, Holder, BAMN and their ilk are today’s Dixiecrats, angrily lamenting their inability to stop a world marching onward towards equality despite their best efforts.

  • jim

    It’s interesting that the people that claim we need affirmative action are the same people that will not let race as an issue die.

    • alanstorm

      We have a winner!

  • CHHR

    Don’t ya just love all that pontification around a 108 page decision they never read?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      They had to tweet about it to find out what’s in it.

      • CHHR

        why bother, if they like their racism they can keep it… PERIOD!

        • Republicanvet

          And you be assured that is one promise that will be kept.

      • John “Kahless” Taylor

        What difference, at this point, does it make?

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    It was a 6-2 vote, but the liberals decide to condemn the black guy. You might be tempted to call that irony, but it’s actually just racist.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Exactly. What else could it be called? They direct their anger at the black guy first.

    • Maxx

      It’s adorable when a collection of welfare-loving, food stamp approving liberals critique the value of an African American Supreme Court justice.

    • Their Grandma

      It’s only racist if it’s a white man talking about a black man, if it’s black on black it’s just whining.

  • lesterwink23


  • CO2 Producer

    I interpret this decision as a win for progressivism in that we have come to a point in our society where affirmative action laws are no longer needed, and minorities have truly become equals.

    But some just want to keep feeling as though they’re being oppressed as harshly as previous generations were. Stay rooted in the past mindset, progressives. The rest of us will keep looking forward.

    • Ghee!

      exactly my point as well!

    • DG

      “I dream of a day when my children will be judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Edit: I paraphrased, but same contextual and ideological meaning

    • Maryland_Malcontent

      Why did we ever need to mandate special treatment based upon race? People without bona fide qualifications for a position should never have been allowed (or, more aptly, forced) to get it.

      • CHHR

        No where in the doctrine of affirmative action is one group to be given special consideration and quotas are strictly prohibited. True affirmative action seeks only to ensure opportunity of assimilation of the population into the pool of candidates to be considered in the decision making process. In other words, an entity is required to measure their outreach programs to ensure they’ve effectively provided all groups knowledge of and an opportunity to apply for available opportunities they may be qualified for.

        When policy is conflated to give one an advantage over another strictly based on their protected status, then you have discrimination and many colleges have been doing just that, causing reverse discrimination. Unfortunately, too many in a position to make policy intentionally choose to establish practices that inherently discriminate calling it “just.”

        • Maryland_Malcontent

          Ah, so quotas exist but “don’t exist”, similar to the police ticket quotas that also exist but don’t exist.

        • Republicanvet

          It was typically liberal. Give them an inch (affirmative action) and they took a mile (establish quotas).

    • ledzepp8

      I wonder why they feel that way? They have an entire party telling them that they’re being oppressed daily, that the other half of the country hates them because they have a darker complexion, that they can’t make it anywhere on their own without big brother helping them out (aka keeping them down), etc.

      I honestly don’t get it. You would think that after 60 years of no real advancements in this war on poverty that these victims would wake up and realize that the party they vote for is the party that is keeping them poor.

    • nickdqwk

      For some reason I just thought of Sheila Jackson Lee, why?

      • FreedomRecon

        Do not put her in your thoughts…it will rot the brain.

        • nickdqwk

          Thanks for the rope toss I was about to go under! ;^)

  • Ghee!

    The blacks that are denouncing (uses term loosely) him for being a single vote among the majority, are proving themselves, through their own words, to be lazy, entitled, good for nothings whose mindnumblingly simple understanding of affirmative action is that they are specifically entitled to free stuff because they are black. Rather than embracing the seeming progress that is made by this decision, they take offense to it. This is why the blacks will never advance as long as they remain democrats. They are simply unable to understand the complete hypocrisy of their position.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      The worst part is that they follow the party who created the Jim Crow Laws and who fought AGAINST the Civil Rights Act. They stand behind Democrats but ignore the fact that if Dems had their way blacks wouldn’t be allowed to vote and would still be viewed as second class citizens.

      • Ghee!

        the whites that denounce it are simply too stupid and so full of guilt as to admit the absurdity of themselves.

  • David Johnson

    Same people who only voted for Obama because of color!

  • Ghee!

    They ignore the fact that Thomas came from an era when he probably benefited from affirmative action and he made it work for himself. Progress has led us to the point where its no longer needed, its just wanted.

    • Amedicinewoman

      No it has fast forwarded to expected selection based on race.

  • Ned Nederlander

    Besides Thomas being my favorite justice, what really grates me is that every one of these tweeters hating are really saying “Without special treatment, I can’t make it.” How sad that they really believe that. Mom’s on welfare, grandma’s on welfare, I’m on welfare, I sure hope some racist doesn’t take welfare from my babies. Or teach your babies to succeed? Nope, easier to cry racism.

    • OneThinDime

      If you look at Nancy Pelosi’s tweet on another thread, that is EXACTLY what Pelosi is saying. Don’t take the food stamps from the “people of color”.

  • ceemack

    Interesting…there are several justices on the Supreme Court with whom I disagree vehemently. Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, Roberts…

    But it never once occurred to me to criticize them based on their race. Their ideology, yes. Judicial philosophy, sure. But race? Who cares?

  • alanstorm

    Once again, “liberal” demonstrate their blatant, all-consuming racism, shallow thinking and “tolerance”.

    Anyone here surprised?

    Now, let’s not always see the same hands…

  • LegalizeShemp

    “My oh my Miss Scarlett, those open-minded, tolerant liberals sho’ is gettin’ uppity and nasty as a rented mule ain’t they? Sho’ enough !” Sincerely, Hattie McDaniel

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Margaret Mitchell.

      We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness(Mr. and Mrs.)

  • Steve__Jacobson

    America should be ashamed, not of Justice Thomas, but of each of the people who tweeted their hate for the world to see.

    • Bill Phillips

      America TODAY …has NOTHING to be ashamed of in this matter! ON the contrary, the willfully ignorant ‘folks’ in America who defend Obama and Liberalism have everything to be ashamed of!

  • LegalizeShemp

    “You mean that nasty Clarence Thomas is still alive? I told his wife to feed him plenty of eggs and butter so he has a heart attack!” Sincerely, Donna Brazile

  • Bill Phillips

    Did anyone notice …based on their Twitter icon …that most of the ‘racist’ hate filled comments directed at Clarence Thomas were from people of color?
    Now, does anyone still wonder which Americans constitute the majority of racists in America today!

    • grais

      Thomas has stronger belief in their abilities than they have.
      How sad is that?

    • Their Grandma

      The harsh realization that the free ride is gone is hard for them to stomach. Bless their hearts!

  • World B. Free

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before heads started exploding on the left. It is fun to watch.

    • Spinmamma

      It would be more fun if the vicious and ignorant lies were not directed at such a good and principled man.

  • cfc1905

    This is what happens when ignorant, lazy, and/or uneducated people decide to pop-off with their ass-pinions. The ruling the Supreme Court made today HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BEING GOOD OR BAD!! Dear, sweet baby Jesus…it’s a ruling confirming Michigan has the RIGHT to prohibit the practice. That’s why we have three branches of federal government. FFS – why don’t they read a book…

    • ledzepp8

      That’s because people have no idea why there’s three branches of government and why there’s checks and balances. It’s why you hear the same illogical argument about how Obama’s trying to do all this great stuff but Republicans won’t let him. Uh…yeah…congress’ job isn’t just to let the president do whatever the hell he wants to do. Otherwise we’d just have a damn King.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        What??? We don’t?

        We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
        OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
        (Mr. and Mrs.)

      • grais

        Hey, we’ve got people in Congress who don’t even know what the 3 branches ARE, fercrissake.

  • Amedicinewoman

    Good Lord who would expect such hatred and racist comments from the left. Must be terrifying to not be able to make it based on your merit.

  • Guest

    My brother was right it seems, uncle sam isn’t better than uncle tom theyre equal.

    • Nahalban

      Uncle tom was a hero. You should really read the book before you use the term.

  • Chip

    You’d think the 13th Amendment had been repealed…

  • Lori Blaney

    So sad that so many on the left are afraid to leave the plantation.

  • LegalizeShemp

    The most racist policy of all is the policy that says minorities can’t get an education without affirmative action or lowering of standards.

  • JohnFLob

    This Supreme Court Action is Affirmative.

  • Jack Deth

    I’m confused:

    In a 6-2 decision. With the majority taking into account “the content of one’s character” as opposed to “the color of their skin”

    We have a multi generational lambasting from African Americans who been bought, paid for and indoctrinated by the left. To know nothing but the color of their skin.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Well, at least the usual Leftie version of professional buck dancers didn’t resort to saying Thomas is a shuckin’-&-jivin’-shufflin’-ass-fool-mo-fo. That would mean they were SERIOUSLY against him.

  • ledzepp8

    So for sake of argument, if Clarence Thomas was appointed to SCOTUS based solely on his race and not on merit, how does pointing that out illustrate a need for more affirmative action? These liberal idiots make my head hurt. That’s basically the argument in those tweets. “Clarence Thomas only got his job because he’s black and now he doesn’t want other blacks to get a job only because they’re black. That’s not fair!”

    How are these people able to breathe?

  • Lindakl

    Read Thomas’ book, he has never been pro affirmative action.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    That darn Clarence Thomas. Now how am I going to get a position on the Boston Celtics?
    Ain’t no way a guy like me could get that job with all the discrimination. Their ratio of tall young black guys to old short white guys is despicable!

  • Booker

    So disgusting. The hatred they have for this man is unbelievable. This is decades-long hatred. Amazing.

    P.S: Why are these buffoons attacking Thomas and not Breyer?

    • mrspinky85

      Clarence is used to it. He won’t loose no sleep over Twitter users.

      • DG

        He’s a man of integrity. No doubt he sleeps well at night.

    • Republicanvet

      Decades long….which suggests the racist hatred the left has for him is taught.

  • mrspinky85

    Guess, this is acceptable but saying bossy isn’t.
    Glad Clarence Thomas is thick skinned. Affirmative Action is not a good thing. It tells people that a person needs additional help to get ahead than doing the work.
    Guess, I’m a traitor to my race because I pick the Constitution over my skin color. I’m glad Clarence Thomas does too.

    • CO2 Producer

      Far from a traitor are you with such an outlook. Just the opposite. You empower yourself, and hopefully others will see how well you do for yourself and follow suit.

  • MrNewCastrati

    Ah, the soft bigotry of low expectations. Clarence isn’t playing along, darn it!

  • mrspinky85

    Even if Thomas voted against this people would say he did because he’s black.

  • lgeubank

    So if you’re black, you’re supposed to support whatever advances blacks, for whatever reason. Fairness and equal treatment aren’t supposed to mean anything.

    There was already one jurist like that — Thurgood Marshall, moronic bigot. He DID get on the Court because of affirmative action. Clarence Thomas is not a stupid nonentity like Marshall.

    • Maryland_Malcontent

      I am glad that the airport BWI is referred to often as BWI, Baltimore Washington International, instead of “Thurgood Marshall Airport”. It’s subtle, and it might be unintentional, but it is a victory for merit and it is frankly easier to say.

  • Obama my Nigga

    I bet if students put in an effort in high school and work hard to get good grades then they’ll still be able to get into college. Seems like one of the least racist policies possible–merit.

    • LegalizeShemp

      That’s “old-fashioned” and “acting white”. Today’s method is to be a slacker who 420’s after school and listens to Ja Rule, then blames racism when rejection letters appear in your mailbox.

  • LegalizeShemp

    “Have you ever experienced such bitterness?” Sincerely, Lemons, Limes, Radishes, Rhubarb and Vinegar

    • keyboard jockey

      There is a lot of envy among the lower class. This is how they express it.

    • Nahalban

      called the crab bucket effect can’t have one succeeding then society might expect more of them to succeed

      • keyboard jockey

        Those days are over, they are just hanging onto what’s familiar to them (their insecurities).

  • CountMahdrof

    Don’t know who is the “worst negro in history”, but the worst one in my life has to be the abortionist Gosnell. To read about some of the things he did is like reading a James Patterson novel.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Once again liberals prove that they are the biggest racists of all.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    Negro? Really? I thought that he was a patriot who actually had read the Constitution and and ruled from the bench accordingly. Guess that I missed the memo. ///

  • Theresa Easley

    Ought oh! Clarence Thomas left the plantation and the Libs are in attack mode.

    • DG

      How dare he leave the fields of oppression!

  • DG

    Let’s face it. Predicting the Left would attack Clarence Thomas over this decision is like predicting a pot of water placed on an extremely hot burner/flame will eventually boil. It’s inevitable.

    • FreedomRecon

      I dream of a day when we are proven wrong on this.

      • DG

        We all do.

        • Maryland_Malcontent

          It’d take a pipe with some impossibly pure stuff to get me to dream about a time when the left wouldn’t attack a black person for shooting down Affirmative Action.

          Only in a world without leftists will that happen, but creating “utopias” is solely in the domain of the left.

          • DG

            Utopia to me is Heaven. The Left fantasize about Heaven on Earth, I place my Faith in Jesus and God and secure a spot in true Life Everlasting.

          • DG

            I understood your point, was attempting to be philosophical. There’s a reason no one confuses me with C.S. Lewis.

  • RanierWest

    Hello Feldman…

  • Norm McDonald

    Interesting…racist scum calling everyone else…racist scum. Wow…who would have known…

  • John Howard

    Where’s OJ on this rating scale? I forget.

  • Marty

    I commend Justice Thomas for taking the stand with the Constitution. The man has always gone by what the Constitution stood for and what it says for ALL People. The left thinks for some strange reason they are the only one’s who deserve anything.

  • Orson OLSON

    YEAH – who needs real freedom when you have racist, fascist eugenist Lefties doing it for you?

  • Ed McDowell

    I guess from all those nasty tweets Judge Thomas didn’t vote with the race baiters out there. Nasty people they are when you don’t appease them. Brrrrrrrrrr.

  • Barry Shitepoke

    “Worst Negro in History” ?? I thought Bill Clinton held that title.

  • Marty

    I grew up when the great Martin L. King was peacefully fighting for the rights of ALL people. Not just blacks like the left wants you to believe. I admit it was hard back then deciding as a youngster what was right or not. But one day when I was around 14 I got into a conversation with a black worker (his nick name was Big Man) and for some reason he said do you bleed red and I said yes. He smiled and said so do I. From that day on I always thought of him and other blacks as just people.

    FYI my dad owned a Party store and that is how I meet Big Man. To this day I always wished to know his real name. But even now when I hear about race I always think back to him and smile.

  • Nahalban

    Stupid liberals uncle tom was a hero.

  • Republicanvet

    Clarence Thomas has identified with the racists who said he wasn’t good enough?

    You gotta be efing kidding me. It was the Democrats led by that drunken woman killer Kennedy who viciously fought against Thomas in his nomination to SCOTUS.

  • Exodus2011


    The U.S. Constitution RULES!

    #BeClingers ——————–> AmericaRISING

    One Nation
    One Constitution
    One People

    All Americans (irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity, amount of melanin, economic status, or any other division) treated the SAME under the law

    • Half-Evil D

      Unless one is female, homosexual / lesbian, poor, or a minority, correct?

      • Exodus2011

        are these poor female homosexual minority individuals also American citiizens?

        NO PROBLEM – they get the FULL protection, rights and opportunities afforded ALL American citizens by the US Constitution!


        #BeClingers —————> #AmericaRISING!


        One Nation
        One People
        One Constitution

  • Jake Bradford

    Black and white liberal racists on the rampage!

  • Francisco Machado

    My understanding is that the court ruled that states are empowered to institute affirmative action if they recognize that some people are more equal than others, not that they created rules that made it illegal. – Just curious, are there any/several minorities to which these programs do not apply or are they equally distributed?

  • Republicanvet

    Who was the leftist in the other thread that wouldn’t admit racism by the left?

    It was one of two that have been commenting often the past couple days. O?

    Here’s your example.

    • Jake Bradford

      I’ve seen this over and over. It still shocks me how stupid and hateful they are.

  • anjullyn

    Love all the moaning and groaning from the “we were, are and want to remain victims.” Time to stand at the starting line with everyone else.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Now a clearer picture emerges of exactly why these people need affirmative action. It’s not because they don’t have the intelligence to succeed, it’s because they’ve been brainwashed by liberals into thinking they don’t have the intelligence to succeed, and that white people are racist. Nice convenient built-in ready to use excuses for poor performance and underachievement.

  • RSnyder

    The WORST? I would think that that honorarium would be reserved for Dr. Ben Carson, who dared to beard our mommy-jeans wearing pen and phone potus at the National Prayer Breakfast last year. Obama not looking too happy at all and fiddling with his cheerios and his sippy cup while the Dr. dinged him again and again. The worst!

  • LegalizeShemp

    If you think Democrats freed the slaves and Republicans started the KKK, you might be a liberal person of color, brainwashed in America’s public schools and universities.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    “Poor Clarence Thomas. Hates himself Everytime he remembers he got his job cuz court needed some color—”

    Whether that’s how he got his job or not,
    That IS the definition of affirmative action.
    Meeting color quotas.

  • Jake Bradford

    The irony? Clarence Thomas (& the others) have their (and everyone’s) best interests in mind with this ruling…especially longterm.
    But somehow I DOUBT Eric Holder has white people’s best interests in mind. After all, “he hate our white asses.”

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      If he believes that black people need the handicap of affirmative action, he doesn’t have their best interests in mind either.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    So how is it in any way acceptable to base college admissions on skin color?
    That is in essence saying that black people can’t make it into college on their own merits, or aren’t as smart as white people. That is a ridiculous attitude to take and demeans every person of color in the country.
    Black people look down on Clarence Thomas because he has “the black seat” on the supreme court. Really? There’s a “black seat”?
    Way to put down people based on their race!

  • BoSplosion

    I guess the irony that MLK would agree with Thomas and oppose race based preferences is lost on them.

  • Peter Boddie

    Hey Dems. Read this.

  • pp91303

    These idiots all accuse Thomas of benefitting from affirmative action out of sheer ignorance. Thomas, unlike Obama, grew up dirt poor under Jim Crow. He graduated 2nd in his class at Holy Cross. The former asst. Dean at Yale Law School testified at his confirmation hearing that Yale didn’t have an affirmative action policy when Thomas was admitted and he was not admitted pursuant to any race based set aside. Leftists are racists.

    • grais

      It sounds as if they didn’t already know that Thomas was against AA…which he talked about more than 20 years ago.
      ‘ They’re kids. Kids are stupid.’

  • Diana Morrison

    How dare he uphold the Constitution.

  • waltzingmtilda

    I once started a discussion in an online debate group about whether it’s acceptable to slur Justice Thomas as an “Uncle Tom” because of his decisions, and whether or not it was possible that he was making decision based on his own understanding of the Constitution. The rest of the group are as screamingly liberal as you can get, and to a person their arguments were that of course you shouldn’t slur an African-American but that Clarence Thomas should not vote against the interests of his own race. Thereby, of course, reducing him to the color of his skin with, I kid you not, a complete lack of how they sounded.

  • rogleecam

    The Constitution is what the SCOTUS interprets. Equality applies to everyone. Otherwise, it couldn’t be called equality.

  • Kabong30

    These people are so GD stupid it just makes me want to scream! Affirmative action helps no one! These idiots call him an “Uncle Tom” and I could probably count on one hand the number of people who read the book.

  • RI Law

    Ah yes. The vile bigotry once again displayed by the so-called “Party of Tolerance.”

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Well at least they don’t mince words, and give us plenty of written, autographed proof of their bigotry and rancid hatred.

  • Josh Duncan

    I think I’ll name one of my sons Clarence. I’ll give him Clarence’s book when he’s old enough to read so he can learn what it means to be a good man.

  • Dawn Nicholson Marse

    I’ll stand behind you Clarence!! So sad what things these so called inclusive liberals say it is so vicious and cruel…. If it was one of there own they’d be giving them cuddos

  • Jake Bradford

    So in dissent, what Sotomayor is basically saying is that unless you discriminate against white people, you are a racist.

    • DD

      I agree. For years to come, Sotomayer is going to be a painful reminder of the destructiveness and leftist racism of the Obama administration.

    • DG

      I always thought that was implied.

  • mattigr

    May GOD Bless our Dear Clarence Thomas … He is a Class Act!

  • Danny Wheeler

    Ah, liberal tolerance at its finest.

  • Bruce Creech

    You didn’t hear this crap when #SCOTUS passed Obamacare? No. None of the blacks cried out about the whites who voted?

  • Gordon Waite

    What a bunch of cry babies you all are! The only reason a person should get preference over another is if they are smarter, better, tougher, a harder worker….. to give preference to someone, in any area of life based on race, IS racist, period.

  • FreedomRecon

    I love the taste of liberal tears….so salty, yet sweet.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Today, it is very sad to see all the despising of a “Self Determined, Self Made American Man”, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Whom is the epitome of all the possibilities that America has to offer to all those whom desire to chart their own destiny.

    Lord help them!

    We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
    OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
    (Mr. and Mrs.)

  • Nebokenezzer

    So these folk want to be judged by the color of their skin, and not by their character. MLK would be so proud….. /sarcasm off

  • dareisay

    WHY don’t blacks support and build up other blacks? Seems they like to put a successful black person down , rather than follow their example.

    And when will they say, enough I can do this on my own?

    • FreedomRecon

      It’s the lib way…they do this with female, minority, and gay conservatives. They fear more will listen to the ones who have seen the light, so they attempt to degrade and humiliate them into submissiveness.

      • Wonder Pony

        Alinsky 101

    • junkbondtrader41

      Because this is not about a successful, honorable black ensuring a society of equal treatment under the law and meritocracy. It’s been about Clarence Thomas being unwilling to put his thumb on the damn scale, which is what 99% of his critics demand, not “equality.”

  • CrustyB

    Silly conservatives! Independent thought is for white people!

    God help the black man who thinks for himself in liberal America.

  • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

    I’d like to personally thank all of those people for proving just who the real racists are.

  • Chaplain Michael

    MLKjr would have understood and agreed. Affirmative Action served a purpose, but overstayed its use. All the Progressives that support it simply magnify the stereotype of Blacks not being equal.

  • docscience

    What a shame that MLK had it so very wrong.

    It IS the color of one’s skin and not the content of one’s character that counts.

    Real pity too. We could have add a nice, happy, and successful multi-racial nation if he had been correct.

    • Guest

      Well said.

  • liberalssuck

    So to be clear lefties , you are saying that a person of color is not able to be as successful with out help due to their color? That is what you racist dumb butts are saying and yet we righties are racist!! Oh the irony!! Also based on all the racist comments from the left we can see why you folks are considered dumb as a box of rocks.

  • [email protected]

    Dean at Yale Law School testified at his confirmation hearing that Yale
    didn’t have an affirmative action policy when Thomas was admitted and he
    was not admitted pursuant to any race based set aside. Liberals and welfare bums just making lies up again. Nice try but no cigar race haters and baiters….

  • Larry Miller

    Lets have a little affirmative action in basketball and other sports…………….is that ok with you?? Affirmative action must go both ways.

  • DG

    Why do so many black people hate other black people?

    It would be like me (a white dude) calling Bill Clinton ‘Cracker’ and ‘Honkey’ because of his policies. I have lots of reasons for not liking Bill Clinton, but his whiteness doesn’t even equate into the reasons.

    Yet, Liberals can’t seem to make a point or disagree with anyone, without bringing skin color and race into the equation. It makes no logical sense.

    • FreedomRecon

      You assume that logic and liberal belong in the same sentence.

      • DG

        Didn’t put those words in the same sentence. But, yea.

        • FreedomRecon

          True, but hopefully understood what I was saying.. :)

          • DG

            Of course.

          • FreedomRecon

            Whew, you speak blonde. That’s good.

          • DG

            LOL! I am multi-lingual. Or something.


    Clarence Thomas worked his way up the ladder, using the rules that were there. He did not write the rules for affirmative action. Nor did he write the rules for Michigan to eliminate the use of race in making decisions, the citizens of Michigan (like California) voted to bar the use of racism in making decisions by the government.

    For better or worse, to succeed a person has to operate under the rules which exist. Conservative students in college know how this works. A student pointing out the intolerant liberal racist professor is a blithering progressive idiot, is likely to get the student a poor grade at best and possibly flunked out. So the student learns the regurgitate the progressive bile the student is fed, to get the grades and get the degree. The progressive feels he is “educating” while the student moves on to get into the real world.

    • FreedomRecon

      And that has been going on in colleges for decades. My daughters deal with it every day…..both have only written one paper based on facts, the rest only on liberal appeasement, due to how they were graded after the first paper written.

  • surfcitysocal

    How dare Justice Thomas veer outside the groupthink/identity politics paradigm!

  • Melanie

    I have to add this to the discussion. I watched a movie, “Red Tails” about the Tuskegee Airmen, black fighter pilots who served in WWII.
    The pilots were finally invited to the Officers Club. One of them said, (and I paraphrase) You white people are funny. You get red when you are angry or embarrassed, green when you are sick or jealous, blue when you are sad, and yellow when you are afraid. And you have the nerve to call us colored!
    I thought it was hilarious. 😀

    • BO_stinks

      I’m “white” but in reality I’ve always been a somewhat light tan color. who cares?

  • Mike Johnson

    The amount of hate displayed by these people is truly amazing. They are everything that is wrong with this country.

  • Guest

    I try to believe that racism in America is dying, but the lefts reaction to this ruling and their comments about Justce Thomas, (or any other minority who is openly conservative), proves me wrong consistently.

  • Mike Gable

    Hahaha, this is rich with the affirmative action, totally unqualified token in the White House, who was elected specifically because he is blackish.

  • BO_stinks

    haters sure are ugly.

  • Gothguy

    These people…if you can call them that with a straight face, are the most vile, foul mouthed folks outside of a Amanda Marcotte blog posting!!!

  • jabbermule

    The hidden gem within all these tweets is the basic assumption that, because they think Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom for his decision, the other five justices who upheld the Michigan decision are, by default, a bunch of white supremacists.

  • akatom3565

    Racism is fine with the other side when it benefits them, but that is really not surprising. Seem to remember when Dr. King talked about equality that he would have thought artificially creating equality at the expense of others.

  • Akbull


  • Gladius Maximus

    You can’t blame blacks for wanting to keep a good scam going. Half a century of race-based “affirmative” discrimination is a gift they don’t wish to see die. Liberals want to keep them loyal voters through perpetual dependency, so this affirmative action scam has become a huge, self-perpetuating government enterprise. Reduced entitlements will cause greater racial animosity and upheaval – just as the Left planned. Can a civil war be far off from now?

  • OwlCreekObserver

    Nothing more hateful than a hateful lefty.

  • Bob509

    According to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man.

    Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted 50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.

    Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.

    When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.

    Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacks to own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.

    Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as slaves.

    By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.

    However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.

    By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.

    John Casor
    Anthony Johnson

  • sjmom

    Its amazing how hate filled the Left is when something doesn’t go their way.

  • lukuj

    So liberals believe blacks, even after all these years, are incapable of competing on a level field ? Now THAT is really racist and condescending!

  • Lisa 670

    What happened to wanting to be judged by your character and not the color of your skin. A bit hypocritical, don’t you think? Or do you switch back and forth to your best benefit?

  • MnVoiceofReason

    All these people seem to be saying the exact same thing: “without affirmative action, African Americans can never get anywhere and Clarence Thomas has put an end to it”. What a disgusting and vile mentality.

  • Tanker74

    You’d think Afriklansmen would be the perfect term for the hate-filled individuals attacking Clarence Thomas, but I guess not.

  • arrowman2

    more hate from the people that want that free ride.

  • globalcrap

    A man who earned his living ,condemned by the O Bogus clown in the White House, who can’t earn an honest living.

  • Bob509

    there…. just sent all these Parasites this link…. can’t wait to get a reply from the hypocrites…

  • GaylePutt

    What I understood was this doesn’t ban affirmative action. It only states that Michigan can decide for itself whether to ban it. It removes it from the province of the Federal government.

    • socialismisevil✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ



      • FreedomRecon


      • Bob509

        yes…. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. how dear you…. he he

    • DorothyGrissom

      You are partially correct. What you stated is from a previous SCOTUS ruling: That the States should be allowed to decide on affirmation action. Michigan voters already voted (3 yrs ago) to end affirmation action due to the fact that it is discriminatory. Today the Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s right to make that choice. Now people in Michigan cannot be discriminated against based on their race or gender.

      • GaylePutt

        Thank you for clarifying.

  • justlittlolme

    Irony is Progs thinking you can make everybody ‘equal’ by treating some people different than others.
    Wait, that’s not irony…’s STUPIDITY!

  • Captain America’s Wife

    Before affirmative action, there was Madame C J Walker…the first self-made, female, Black millionairess. She accomplished this during a time when Blacks were hated and still being lynched. Now…if she can be successful during such an awful time and without affirmative action, then there is no excuse.

  • Robert Parkhurst

    MLK’s dream will never be achieved while AA exists.

  • Brad Harvey

    You don’t like a decision and go right to race. Typical. Way to keep yourselves down…

  • Marc T Grove

    Wow stay classy people – it must truly suck to be liberal and this angry all the time.

  • Bob509

    now I will give them this…

  • iconoclast

    Ending race preferences is racist. Calling a black judge names because he opposes racial preferences is reasonable because he is racist.

    You cannot make this nonsense up.

  • Guest

    It must be tough to be African-American for some. Such self-loathing and hatred from some like themselves.

    • Bob509

      because they made it on there own…

  • Jeff Go

    CT has written and said more intelligent, thoughtful, and just plain normal things than a single one of these hateful racist liberals -black or white. Saying he is the opposite to MLK is the cherry on top. THEY are the opposite of MLK and haven’t the slightest clue of that fact!

  • Bob509


  • mjury

    It must be tough for some to be African American. Such self-loathing and hatred for one another. Sad.

  • misspicky

    I am certain that each of these mean spirited posts’ are based on fact (sarcasm) You do know that Mrs. Thomas is white and stood by her husband throughout the appointment hearings which were tainted by Anita Hill’s accusations. Accusations which were just that, there was no substance to Ms. Hill’s charges.
    No matter what the race, there are very few who could withstand the pressure brought to bear on this Judge and continue to act in a noble manner as has Clarence Thomas. Some of the folks who post such vile, repulsive remarks could a lesson in communication skills. Is that the kind of person we want representing the mindset of America?

  • jimmyrourke

    Can’t keep blaming Slavery for today.

  • Jack Williams

    The haters are race baiting RACISTS!!!!!!

  • DorothyGrissom

    The lawsuit that led to the SCOTUS ruling today was initially brought by a student who was refused admission to Michigan University because she was a white female. [Discrimination indeed goes both ways.] Michigan voters then voted to abolish affirmative action on the basis it is discriminatory. SCOTUS ruled today to uphold Michigan’s right to abolish affirmative action. Now people cannot be discriminated against based on their race or gender. Seems like the Liberals would want to end discrimination. No?

  • Bob509

    some may have read this… but I will post it again…

    If the Democrats would have done in the early 1800s what they
    have been doing the last 60 years there would have been no Civil War… It
    saddens me and breaks my heart to see the Black Americans who suffered so much
    to become truly free, self sufficient with Loving Families and a Faith in God
    that carried them through hell on earth…all caused by Democrats wanting to
    keep Blacks in their place..Martin Luther King was leading the black people out
    of Egypt to Freedom and Liberty, but something happened along the way… just
    when you (Black Americans) were walking out of Egypt… The Pharaoh (Democrats)
    opened his storehouse of stolen treasures (Tax payers money)…(trinkets and
    shinny things) saying Come back I will give you Castles (High Rise Low Rent
    Housing Unites) Beautiful Towns (Ghettos and Slums) and Fine Wine (Drugs,
    Alcohol, Cheap Beer, Abortion to keep your population under control) and
    Abundant Wealth (Food Stamps and Unemployment, Welfare Checks just enough to
    pacify you and keep you quiet). And Pharaoh (Democrats) said we will give you
    leaders after you own kind (Poverty Pimps living off of your suffering,
    promising…Promising and Promising better days and they never seem to come…
    it seems they get richer and richer while nothing changes for you…so called
    leaders who get richer and richer while you stay in your poverty are no
    leaders…they are TYRANTS…THEY SAY VOTE FOR ME and I will cause the heavens to
    open and rain treasures down upon you… But all that rains down on you is
    death, gun fire, more poverty, young lives crushed under despair…You see the
    Democrats weaved a master plan to put you back on the plantation…not growing their cotton or tobacco…they put you back
    on the plantation to grow your vote…to keep Pharaoh and the Leaders “THEY”
    set over you in power…power is control…control is Slavery…if only you
    would have said to Pharaoh 60 years ago…WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU PHARAOH…WE
    lure of things, bobbles and security were too much to resist…after all…
    they call you out every 2 years to vote to keep them in power and then they
    send you back to your places…when you depend on others for your security you
    are in effect in a prison…totally dependent on Government and Democrats to
    take care of you…is slavery…

    One more Question…..what is the difference between the
    Democrats owned Plantations of the South before the Civil War and the Democrat
    owned Ghettos, Slums. High Rise Low Rent Housing Projects of today???

  • Mike Mike

    Four legs good, two legs bad.
    Animal Farm.

    • Bob509

      oh I wish I had time to watch this… wow….

  • rickeyroma

    If you fail, its the fault of the white man’s racism. If you succeed, you are an uncle Tom. how sad….

  • Mike Mike
  • Scott Masewicz

    Even if it was Affirmative action that got him where he is (I have no idea if that’s actually the case) he did the right thing. It’s sad the left are a bunch of hate mongers.

  • Nick Nardi

    Those tweets are just another form of Black on black crime , you go brother’s and sister’s…………

  • mussidie

    I just almost can’t take this shit anymore.

  • Don Davis

    Clarence Thomas is guilty of believing the black man is equal to the white man, able to compete for more than the scraps that fall from the liberal masters table.

  • globalcrap

    The problem is, if you don’t want to learn, you won’t be able to earn.

    • Bob509

      truth.. the great thing about living in America is theres ALWAYS an opportunity to learn… when you stop… that means life is over… if you want to feel younger… learn something new…

  • Thinker

    Seems to me they are just afraid of having to actually get the grades to get into college like all the “white” people do.

  • Grace656

    Victims forever! What a motivational and inspiring motto…..not.

  • The_Questman

    Obama’s favorite meme these days is equality… So when the SCOTUS decides we need EQUALITY in college admissions and Obama supporters disagree, they are disagreeing with their Lord and Savior Obama… Make up your minds people… when you ask for equality you have to live with the unintended consequences.

  • keyboard jockey

    All those black people tweeting -think how Liz Warren feels she pretended be a minority to get hired to Harvard Law. The first woman of color of Harvard Law was a white woman, yeah that affirmative action it’s the ticket./

  • WhoDat

    I hope this ruling doesn’t come back to bite us all.

    • keyboard jockey

      The universities still can’t discriminate nothing has changed.

    • FreedomRecon

      Have you had a child get passed over for a scholarship to college by someone with lesser grades, community service, etc, based solely on the fact that he/she wasn’t the “right” skin color?

      • Arrimine

        No, and neither has anyone else in here. There are lots of people who imagine that’s the case but they aren’t part of the admissions process and don’t really know.

        • FreedomRecon

          Might be some. We experienced it. It’s deflating.

          • Arrimine

            Really? The admissions board brought you in to describe why you were not accepted and explained that someone else was allowed in because of their race? That’s an extraordinary story.

      • WhoDat

        I haven’t, but if that were happening, you don’t think they also do that to minority students learn?

        I wonder how many bright Black students have been denied entry because a university wanted to up its White enrollment.

    • cyndo123

      How could it bite us? The way I understand this(and please correct me if I am wrong) The state voters are allowed to say whether they want Affirmative action to be prevalent in there state. They said no. There are a few other states that have the same law. Do you think its okay if someone is turned down because the “quota” has been met?

    • Jake Bradford

      It’s only upholding what is already in place in Michigan since the voters spoke. But hopefully other states will now have the courage to dismantle the racist discriminatory schemes of the Left

  • Saito Sama

    Clarence Thomas is a fine man and American who took advantage of an opportunity presented to him and applied himself, he was a sitting federal judge before his appointment to the SCOTUS he was ok then but now he’s not. Did he just become black too.
    Jessie Jackson and company are what the best the Negro should try emulate
    Yeah right LoL they already do

  • StonedAngel

    What a courageous man.. that Clarence Thomas. To make a ruling that has been racist since it’s inception… and unfairly punishes the deserving person that beat fair and square for the seat.

    Down with affirmative action and up with minorities working amongst themselves… like the white people did… to get their kids educated…
    And if they can’t get them good enough to compete in a white school…
    then they should get off their azzes and put their own schools together to get their kids ahead.

    Tired of this damn whining by anyone to lazy to move their butt in any way it takes to get themselves ahead.

    One law for ALL.

  • Michael Rice

    The racists who said he wasn’t good enough? Like the libs who claim you need to be hired because you are black or you aren’t good enough to get the job?

  • Linda Tew

    Sad to see so much ignorance and again shows how blacks do not even know that being called an Uncle Tom is far from insult a man that stood by his convictions helped to free slaves etc. I would suggest they pick up a book and read it not use it as a stool.

  • Hoosierdaddy

    I think affirmative action had its place and worked. Special treatment, taken too far or for too long, becomes bias toward those on the outside. Time for folks to stop asking for favors. If you think you become a victim of discrimination, pursue that.

    • Arrimine

      It worked extremely well for women.

  • Min Max

    Maybe they should just spend more time studying instead of ranting.

  • Tom Winegar

    Blacks come out of the woodwork to stay on
    the Democrat Affirmative Action plantation. Still calling Clarence
    Thomas an uncle tom because he wants to end preferential treatment for
    Blacks through Affirmative Action. They love all the free stuff they get
    from people who work for a living and don’t want to give it up……….EVER!!! History will
    prove that Justice Thomas has been right all along that Affirmative
    Action was racist in it’s inception and designed to keep Blacks down and
    beholden to White and Uncle Tom Black Democrats…….FOREVER!!!

  • Bob509

    and now for something completely different: enjoy….

    the beginning was he Plan.

    And then came the assumptions.

    And the Assumptions were without form.

    And darkness was upon
    the face of the Workers.

    And they spoke among
    themselves, saying, “It is a crock of shit, and it stinketh.”

    And the workers went
    unto their Supervisors and said, “It is a pail of dung, and none may abide
    the odour thereof.”

    And the Supervisors
    went unto their Managers, saying, “It is a container of excrement, and it
    is very strong, such that none may abide by it.”

    And the Managers went
    unto their Directors, saying, “It is a vessel of fertiliser, and none may
    abide its strength.”

    And the Directors
    spoke amongst themselves, saying one to another, “It contains that which
    aids plant growth, and it is very strong.”

    And the Directors
    then went onto the Vice Presidents, saying unto them, “It promotes growth
    and is very powerful.”

    And the Vice
    Presidents went unto the President, saying unto him, “This new plan will
    actively promote the growth and vigour of the company; with powerful

    And the President
    looked upon the Plan, and saw that it was good.

    And the Plan became

    This is How Shit

    oh come on … this was just to make people laugh a little… WOW… besides this is government in action…

  • keyboard jockey

    First woman of color of Harvard Law. Hot diggity that affirmative action is great !! Nothing like a white person taking the place of a qualified minority for a preferential hire. If only SCOTUS could rule in favor of equality and level the playing field/

    • keyboard jockey

      ^^ I don’t know if this book is going to be printed in original Cherokee language/

      • neoface


      • mike_in_kosovo

        Yes…but only one word out of every 32.

  • Lucy Sue

    Wow, just wow! I have a child who has a 4.2 GPA from a very good high school. He has applied for every scholarship that he possibly can. Because he is not from a poor (but certainly not a rich) family, he has received no additional college monies. However, if his skin were anything other than white or if he were here illegally, he would probably get his whole education paid for. So much for sacrifice and hard work! Seems to me that the system has it backwards!

    • Arrimine

      I love hearing stories about how someone’s brilliant child would get all of these wonderful benefits if only they were a different skin color. There’s never any evidence to support it but why should that matter?

      If you’re worried about your kid not getting their fair share, make sure they are the best. Not “pretty good”… not “one of the best”… the best. When you’re the best, arguing over all of this other silliness melts away.

      • Tom Winegar

        So what, all the stories of reverse discrimination are bogus? It doesn’t matter if you have the highest marks if a quota on human meat is in place. The old “I don’t see any proof of it” just doesn’t fly anymore because the proof is there if you look for it. Lucy made a fair point and you don’t care to consider it might be true. You must be young because it has been going on since Affirmative Action became law and quotas became a reality.

        • Arrimine

          Yeah, they’re pretty much bogus and I’m not that young (sadly). I’ve worked in college admissions and I’ve heard parents wail about all manner of conspiracy against their kid. That’s just not the way it works.

          There is plenty of room for anyone who truly applies themselves in high school. But kids don’t because their parents don’t emphasize it. *shrug* The prize was there if they wanted to work for it but instead they took their chances doing just enough to be considered at the college of their choice.

          • Tom Winegar

            I’ll give you this, parents can be a real pain but the quota system is real and has led to preferential treatment in numerous cases, not just at school but in the work place. Usually where there is smoke there is at least a reasonable amount of fire. I will at least consider what you said and look into it.

      • MominMich

        Look at any college catalog that lists scholarships for each school – many are only for people of color.

      • Lucy Sue

        So let me get this straight, you’re saying that a child who is black or Hispanic with a, let’s say 3.2 GPA should get a scholarship over the white 4.2 GPA simply based on skin color? If that’s what you think, than you are part of the problem. And for the record, he is the best you smug a#$wipe!

        • Arrimine

          I’m saying that I don’t believe this is happening at all. If your kid earned a 4.2 GPA, worked hard and aced their SAT’s, got good letters of recommendation and extra-curriculars, then they’ll get in. If they didn’t then they rolled the dice with their future. *shrug*… sometimes that doesn’t work out the way we’d like.

          • neoface

            Yes, that has happen in public universities, since they reserved 4% of placements for minorities students, some of them may even have a 2.5 GPA being accepted before someone with higher GPA. You must live under a rock, there has been law suits for that reason.

          • Arrimine

            If 4% of places are held for someone else then you have 96% of the spots available to you. If you are the best, you will get one of those spots. If you don’t care enough to make yourself the best, then you’re volunteering to roll the dice.

          • neoface

            You really want these people in the medical school??? Besides the 96% has to compete globally while the 4% doesn’t.

          • Arrimine

            We’re talking about undergrad… medical and law schools have mandatory exams at the end that you won’t pass if you aren’t qualified.

            As to the rest… *shrug*… what I don’t understand is how hard people will fight to get into college with mediocre credentials… if they fought that hard to excel in high school it would’ve been a complete non-issue.

            Put another way: if 4% of spots are closed to you and you didn’t qualify for the last spot of the other 96% you would’ve been in the bottom 5% of that university. You were already a very marginal applicant and should probably be looking at a more appropriate school.

          • neoface

            WOW, you sound like another Einstein. LOL!!!

          • Lucy Sue

            I didn’t say he didn’t get in, you need to reread my original post. He got in to every school he applied to, and he did have a GPA of 4.2, great ACT score, many extra-curricular activities with awesome letters of recommendations. One thing I do know is this-if you asked the person facing brain surgery if he would like the 4.2 GPA surgeon or rather the 3.0 athlete/person of color/illegal, etc. Hands down it’s always going to be the 4.2 GPA. We reward people for the wrong reasons!

          • Arrimine

            That’s great for your kid. He put himself in a position where Affirmative Action was irrelevant to him. My advice: don’t worry about the other guy… he’ll have enough of his own challenges to worry about.

        • Tom Winegar

          Now what’s this about….”a#$wipe”, geez, are you an expert at ruining your own credibility. Just state your experience and defend it based on information. I believe these quotas are real and if you have experienced this you should be angry.

          • Lucy Sue

            I usually don’t go there Tom. Sorry, it’s a mom thing. I felt as though he was implying that my son was “pretty good” but not the best.

  • Tom

    Reading these rants excoriating Justice Thomas, and then looking at the screen pics (the ones that clearly aren’t avatars) brings to mind something my dad used to say: “Tom, you’ll find racists everywhere, and never forget we are doing good work, but there are virulent racists of every color.”

    My dad was a (white) civil rights activist in Detroit in the mid-60s.

  • Tom Winegar

    What was it that Lyndon Johnson said after he signed Affirmative Action into law …….. ……..‘I’ll Have Those N*****s Voting Democratic For The Next 200 Years’?

  • Jarrad Williams

    Amazing how so-called Liberals are always insisting people progress and catch up with the 21st century yet are afraid to test the waters to see if this country has really progressed at all. Calling Justice Thomas every name in the book because he believes success is earned and should not be portioned out according to demographics is a clear sign that those screaming to continue affirmative action have no real confidence in individual abilities and no faith in the public’s ability to assess ability without the race crutch.

  • Tom Winegar

    Another quote from the Grand Dragon of the Democratic Party:

    “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” – LBJ

    This is proof that the Dems instigated the biggest scam in American history!

  • alvinjh

    The left cannot conceive of a time when strong independent black people will judge for themselves what is the best path ..until then they must hold in contempt any who defy their patronizing condescension.. to do otherwise is to deny all they truly believe, their most sacred beliefs.. The left are as handicapped by these beliefs as they think blacks are by their race. When they speak like this they condemn themselves, not Justice Thomas. People know ‘racism’ when they see it.

  • Atilla_the_Hyundai

    The people who crow about racism the most notably ignore the racism inherent with race-based Affirmative Action. Make it class-based and this conservative will fully support it.

  • Arrimine

    If you want to get into the college of your choice, work like a maniac in high school… like it is the most important thing in your life at that point. Then it won’t matter if there is Affirmative Action or not.

  • Jake Bradford

    Please twitchy. Do a page on Sharpton’s hysterics from today.

  • wyebob

    Well, Bill Cosby said to quit blaming the white man.

    • QueenB

      And if you recall, that didnt go over so well.

      • wyebob

        Maybe, but at least that makes a few blacks that know blaming whites is bullshit in this day and age.

  • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

    Libs says they want fairness. Yeah, riiiiiiight.

  • rdlynn

    The racist pinheads are out in force.

    • freeinaz

      Weird how these boneheads put down an accomplished black American who made it on the merits, but have total devotion to a half black American whose only claim to fame is the ability is to give a good speech.

      • Edward Teach

        I’ve heard him speak and he ain’t all that.

  • descolada9

    From Hell, LBJ cackles.

  • CRITman

    It never ceases to amaze me how hateful and racist Liberals can be. If you are not marching to the beat of their drum you are 100% wrong in everything. A very sick group of people.

  • Bob509

    wow my twitter thingie really lite up…LOL… guess I just made some enemies with the truth….

  • ChazSmith

    Wow… unbelievable that so many tolerant liberals would just assume that Judge Thomas could only be in his position because of Affirmative Action. As if he, and by extension – all African Americans, can only compete and succeed if the standards are lowered for them.

  • [email protected]

    It is noteworthy that the haters of Judge Thomas are so invested in being racists.

  • Mark

    Oh, there’s those tolerant leftists once again. Hilarious how many don’t even understand the words of the great Dr. King when we said he hoped for a society one day that judges everyone by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Justice Thomas took a step in fulfilling that vision today & those leftist bigots can’t stand it.

    • neoface

      It seem dems use the skin of their color as victims for their cause(or their poster child). If we speak of character then people like Rangel and Waters should be fired long time ago.

  • Lisa J

    I couldn’t finish reading the posts, too much hate being spewed mostly by blacks. What is with that?? Clarence Thomas must be shaking his head in disgust if he’s read the posts. Unbelievable.

  • neoface

    I think that distinction goes to Oblamer. LOL!!!

  • Asclepia

    I’d rather see affirmative action on a basketball team than an operating room. Let’s talk about diversity after the NBA “looks like America.” Think of all the Asians and Latinos who are being denied lucrative contracts and endorsement deals.

  • interestedobserver2

    Funny how the vast majority of those people were black. I wonder if they’re afraid they’ll actually have to work now that they’re equal and all….

  • Arrimine

    I was the first one in my family to go to college. A neighbor who had gone to college gave my parents great and simple advice when I was young. “If you want Arrimine to go to college, get rid of the TV.” My parents were willing to do it but most aren’t.

  • K Welch

    Maybe Thomas believes minorities are actually smart enough to get into school based on intelligence and not skin color. Everyone complaining is just afraid they will have to work as hard as the white folk to get in, no favors for any race is true equality!

  • Guest

    Here… have some fun for a change…

  • Amy D. Bernard

    Such horribly hate filled people.
    May they face the same judgement from their own as they have thrown upon Justice Thomas.

  • WhoDat

    It’s sad imagining the young bright minds who will undoubtedly be denied their day because of this ruling.

    • Jake Bradford

      Just not bright enough to get in on their own merit, huh?

      • WhoDat

        Two identical histories. One White student. One minority student. Who do you think they’ll pick?

        • Arrimine

          If their histories are of outstanding academic achievement, hard work, dedication and seriousness about their intellectual development, they will pick both.

          Or are you asking, “Two identical mediocre student histories vying for the last spot at a college… who do you think they’ll pick?” And the answer, of course, is “Who cares?”

          • WhoDat

            And if there’s only one spot available with no exceptions?

          • Arrimine

            If there’s only one spot available it will be for the very LAST spot… so again, “Who cares?”. They aren’t going to throw away the top applicants. You’re fighting over being allowed to be the worst student at that school. Use that same energy to improve yourself and you won’t be the LAST guy admitted.

          • Jake Bradford

            Then have them compete for it on a test that is judged anonymously. Also, it’s not like there aren’t a plethora of colleges desperate to get students.

        • gjsmith_62

          Remove the question of race. Are you a racist?

        • Jeff Webb

          Which student do you think they should pick?

        • QueenB

          After yesterdays ruling, the color of their skin doesn’t matter.

          • WhoDat

            Please keep telling yourself that.

          • QueenB

            And you keep telling yourself minorities are too stupid to succeed in their own and need special treatment to go anywhere in life.

    • Stuck_in_Ca


    • QueenB

      You’re so right. Let’s get rid of charter schools and vouchers so poor black and Latino kids can’t get a decent education at the elementary through high school levels, but give them spots in colleges that may have gone to others more qualified, but who were denied because of the color of their skin. Yep, nothing wrong with that.

      • WhoDat

        Vouchers are fine if they’re a temporary fix.

    • gjsmith_62

      Yeah, being treated equally is rotten to the core.

    • Chevypowered

      So basically we are totally incapable of finding employment, being successful and enjoying a full life like everyone else “in the year of our lord 2014” due to affirmative action being shown the door?

      So Obama got to be president not because of any experience (sorry could not say that without laughing my ass off), but for the mere fact that he was half black. Which based on his actions since being elected actually make some sense.

      So every black doctor, engineer, celebrity, musician, etc…. got to where they are at based solely on a color quota?

      So what you are saying “whodat” is that we cannot make it based on our intelligence but only if we meet a certain number criteria?

      If you dig deep past the good intentions of a liberal, you find a condescending bigot.

      • QueenB

        Yes, that’s exactly what he’s saying though he will ever admit it. He’s just looking out for you, doncha know.

      • WhoDat

        You can make it on your intelligence if you’re even given a chance to show it.

        Minority enrollment in MI has eroded since this ban was put into place. A coincidence?

        Our nation is getting more diverse. If you honestly believe that minority students aren’t getting screwed, you’re blind.

        • Chevypowered

          …and if you think there is racism under every rock your ignorant.

  • Arrimine

    “Because of Affirmative Action, my child missed out on the opportunity to be the worst student accepted to the college of their choice.”

    This is a problem that parents (regardless of race) who truly emphasize education never have to deal with.

  • Midas68

    It’s funny,Sad and ironic that people support the only legal institutionalized racism as some sort of badge of honor to prove they are not racist.

    I remember my boss telling me that we needed more people and I could interview people to work for my team, as long as they passed a drug test and they wasn’t white, I could hire them.

    This wasn’t my first interaction with Race Based Hiring(and bigotry)
    When I was 18 I couldn’t get a damn job at Taco Bell because I wasn’t black enough. But this was the first time I seen that people would actually say “NO White People are Allowed”

    It’s also very sad and pathetic that those who are against racism will actually argue for this and pretend this is Justice.

    Not understanding the whole treating people on the Content of Their Character concept in the least.

  • Mike

    When white folks act like Clarence Thomas they are lauded for putting a sense of justice over partiality and self-interest. Thomas certainly deserves the same encomiums. He believes in one standard for all Americans. Was that not what the civil rights struggle was all about? Or was it really about finding out how stupid white folks were giving up advantages they sometimes held. Call me a sap, but I believed MLK and others like him. And Thomas has upheld that sense of decency and dedication to equality.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Captain America and Superman have nothing on Clarence Thomas when it comes to bravery.

    • Arrimine

      Wait… this is what passes for bravery these days? The guy is a justice and he applied the law to the facts of this case. That’s it. It’s not a portrait in courage, it’s his job.

      • TundraThunder

        According to the left, JusticeThomas is not supposed to go by law, only color. But the left doesn’t really care about the blacks and other minorities, only votes.

        • Arrimine

          Even if that ridiculous assertion were true, how is this a brave act by Justice Thomas?

          • QueenB

            Oh really? You explain their comments then.

          • Arrimine

            Rather than mind-reading, I’d rather let them explain their comments for themselves. It’s a good habit to get into.

          • QueenB

            I see, so they’re so stupid the first thing they write means nothing other than he’s a traitor to his race because of the decision? Nice.

          • Arrimine

            I’ve been called worse. When you know who you are, that kind of stuff rolls off your back. Justice Thomas knows who he is and he’ll be just fine.

        • Stuck_in_Ca

          Exactly. he knew he would be facing the wrath of “his” people by doing this but he did it anyway, because it was the right thing to do.

          • Arrimine

            lol… “his” people. His peers are the 8 other Justices on the bench. Tonight he probably went out for a dinner none of us could afford and enjoyed his evening with his family and friends.

          • Stuck_in_Ca

            Your point?

          • Arrimine

            That there’s not a whole lot for him to fear. No need for bravery. He’s just a guy doing his job.

          • Stuck_in_Ca

            Read the comments on Twitter and take note of who they’re from.

      • QueenB

        I’m sure he doesn’t pay much attention, but do have the first clue what people who disagree with his decision (the same decision as 5 other justices, by the way) have been saying about him, personally? 5 other justices came to the same decision and they’re going after the black guy.

        • Arrimine

          Oh I agree it’s silly to attack Thomas alone for this. But he can’t lose his job. He won’t lose his friends or family because of this. He won’t lose the respect of anyone who previously respected him. So where’s the bravery?

          • QueenB

            Death threats kinda suck, I’m sure he’ll get a few of those. Let me guess, that doesn’t count. They are calling him racist and vile names. It is absolutely disgusting and anyone that defends any of the comments or the premise of them, is disgusting as well.

          • Arrimine

            Correct… your certainty that he will receive death threats doesn’t count (unless you’re the one making them).

          • QueenB

            OMG, you’re such an idiot. Seriously.

          • Arrimine

            Thanks, man.

          • QueenB

            Probably the nicest thing anyone has said to you all day.

          • Stuck_in_Ca

            Have you read “Arguing with Idiots” by Glen Beck? I did and it’s starting to make more sense to me.

          • Tom Winegar

            You seem to be desperately trying to defend the racist institution called Affirmative Action…………why? You discount anything that paints a negative on it even though it has had devastating effect on our society and only increased racial hatred. Why be so defensive of something so unfair?

          • Arrimine

            First, I don’t think it’s racist. Second, I’m not trying to defend it… I’m trying to encourage people to lift themselves up so that it is a non-issue in their lives. But everyone these days seems to want to be mediocre and still have the world laid at their feet. Be great and Affirmative Action is a non-issue.

      • Tom Winegar

        Read all the nonsense he has had to endure since Anita Hill and his confirmation hearings. All the Democrats on that panel hated him because he had left their plantation and most Blacks call him all sorts of vile crap because he is fair.

        • Arrimine

          I’ve seen him speak at two HBCU’s and no one called him any names. He probably lives a pretty sweet life.

      • Stuck_in_Ca

        So what is Sotomayor’s excuse?

        • Arrimine

          She doesn’t need one. She did her job as well and came to a different conclusion.

          • Stuck_in_Ca


        • ibelieveinfreedom2

          Simple, she’s a racist. Let’s face it, she was chosen because she was a latina and would help with the socialist agenda. She can be quoted as saying:
          “the court of appeals is where policy is made”
          “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

          So it is obvious she views her roll as a justice on the Supreme Court is to push an agenda, not make decisions based on Constitutionality.

      • Tom Winegar

        OK, I get it, you are a die hard Liberal Progressive? They never own up when theirs make mistakes.

        • Arrimine

          Me? Nah… I’m a slightly Right of Center guy who believes that people shouldn’t strive to be the minimally acceptable candidate.

  • John Trapp

    Affirmative action did the exact opposite of what it intended: It promoted racism rather than hinder it, and seeing how many racist comments I’m reading here proves that.

  • TundraThunder

    I see the left’s tolerance is showing again . . . NOT!

  • JimmieMee

    once again all the hate and racism comes from the small minded left

  • Monty Simmons

    Black racists whining about being treated equal and not getting special treatment.

    I suppose if one receives special treatment long enough equal treatment does feel like discrimination.

  • Chris Brennan

    As long as Barak Obama is POTUS and Eric Holder is US Atty. Gen.,then none of these screeching babies can be correct in their assessment of Clarence Thomas as the worst or even second worst affirmative action placements in American government.

  • Conservative Pitbull

    Dumb angry dim libs. Look at them now.

  • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

    Wasnt gonnaget involved HOWEVER cant whites just balance thier right to say n— agsinst thier privilege to kill us penalty-free and call it a day? I mean since most say they dont use the word they just want the RIGHT to be ABLE to use it on the off chance a life or death situation arises where it could save them, vs just shoott to kill and go home, seems like a no brainer to me…

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      Your black privilege/race-card has been called in and you are afraid to compete on an equal playing field. The irony is you saying there’s ‘white privilege’ when you know the race-card is a privilege no white person can pull. You think it’s not racist if a white kid earned a spot because he worked hard and has the grades but is not accepted because a kid who has lower grades and happens to have black skin is required to fill a quota? That’s racist on so many levels. First you assume the black kid is too stupid to earn that spot which is the typical assumption of socialist democrats, then another kid is rejected because of his skin color and that’s the socialist democrat’s “fairness”. Who’s the racist?????

      • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

        These are YOUR own thoughts and feelings about affirm action, plz dont attribute them to me. I have a position re affirmtv action and its not posted online anywhere i know of. U should have put this on your page. Feel free to post a relevant response to my post! O wait I see youve been busy, perhaps you DID answer…hard to telll gimme a minute/hour/lifetime

    • Perry

      Wow, you’ve been totally brainwashed. Congrats!

    • gjsmith_62

      Do you realize that over 90% of murders are inter-racial?

      Need the FBI stats?

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Are you serious? People of any quality, regardless of color do not call anyone n—–. Tell me more about the right of whites to kill blacks without punishment. If anything it seems that blacks have the right to kill other blacks without punishment-law enforcement seems unconcerned about all the black on black crime. Does that concern you at all?

      • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

        As OJ Simpson. There is a comment here, someone bemoaning the fact that they cant say n-word while blacks use it themselves all the time, which prompted my comment. I find it REALLY hard to believe thst youve never heard that argument before, almost as hard to believeas you not wstching the news, which apparent you CANT have, nor read newspapers- maybe your living offthe land outside of civilaztion because 3 young black men actualky made the news recently, the rest will remain anonymous, but i can think of 5 highly publicized cases of Black men beingshot and killed and the mruders acquitted. It took 50 years to prosecute that guy that killed 3 civil rights workers and need we go back in histiry any further, reallt? And yes we have a poibt of agreement

        • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

          Racists do nott care if blacks kill blaks just makes thier job that much easier. They donbt care about about any one who DOES care about black kiling blacks either, cuz theyd like to kill them too! I do not know any blck ppl unconcerned with black on black crime, but we have a nation full of others that are pathetically so. I can think of one highly visible public black person thst doesnt seem to care and one group of majority black ppl.

    • QueenB

      Does it hurt when you talk out of your a$$?

  • Evilbunnyqueen

    Are people really so damn stupid that they think awarding someone based on race or gender isn’t racist or sexist…
    The only thing affirmative action accomplishes is to let minorities and women know, the only way you can get ahead is if “we” help you through the process. Because you’re not capable of doing it on your own… (Pat on the head) … Now be a good little, dependent and repeat the mantra…. Or be labeled a racist sexist…

  • Robinhood

    Clarence follows the great human beings of History

  • Tom Winegar

    Clarence Thomas will be vindicated, maybe not in his lifetime but some day. Frederick Douglass would certainly speak in his defense and have plenty to say to the nasty-mouthed Black snipers calling him names.

  • Dan Abbett

    The irony here is bittersweet. The left is in a froth because the Supreme Court upheld the rights of the people over the demands of the politically correct. You just don’t do that, it is a sin against the liberal orthodoxy and blasphemy of the highest order. What is most outrageous however, is the left turning its ire on a “man of color” as a way of protesting perceived bias against “those of color.” A liberal mind is wasted and that’s not terrible, it’s just a fact.

  • NotaLemming

    equal justice not special rights. CT got it right.

    Most of those that want affirmative action are scared they are not good enough to achieve greatness without uncle sam feeding them the tit. Pathetic.

    • Arrimine

      lol… and most of those opposed to affirmative action are scared they (or their children) are going to lose the very last admittance spot at a university. Work a little harder and it becomes a non-issue for everyone.

      • QueenB

        Of course if everyone worked for no one would need affirmative action in the first place. But really, keep dividing people by race and whatever other little categories you can come up with. Booker T. Washington had people Luke you oegged . But hey, what does he know about discrimination and oppression, its not like he was a freed slave or anything like Sheila Jackson Lee. Oh wait…..

  • nosocialism29

    The liberals don’t want people to have a mind of their own and “Leave the plantation’-: Wow who is REALLY the hateful bigots.

  • gjsmith_62

    Too funny, I tweeted

    “where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    And it was retweeted without them realizing its meaning.

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

    • DG

      That was so 1960 something.

      • ibelieveinfreedom2

        I hope that comment is oozing with sarcasm.

        • DG

          Like a sunny side up egg freshly broken with the yolk over-running everywhere.

        • DG

          You’ve got me curious. What would happen if it wasn’t dripping with sarcasm?

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      I hope you’re joking, but somehow knowing the negative intelligence level of the hate filled tweeters, I would seriously doubt they have a clue. MLK is spinning in his grave.

      • gjsmith_62

        No joke. One wised up, I continued quoting MLK and was then called a racist.

        With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.

        Sent him over the edge.

        • Stryder51

          So now if you quote Dr. King you’re a racist? SMH

          • gjsmith_62

            Apparently. Hate to see what they’d say if I quoted West.

  • JMattero

    Apparently, the people who wrote these vile comments don’t want a LEVEL playing field. They are not happy unless one race is discriminated against (whites). WHO ARE THE RACISTS??????? What happened to MLK’s quote “I long for the day when a man will be judged by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin”.

  • GT

    Liberals are vile, hateful and evil

  • David Hamm

    Thomas rules!

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Robert A. Stansbury

    @MarlboroStan Saddest thing: Clarence Thomas is the most blatant case of undeserved placement (based on race) on record… #reiders #msnbc”
    No, that would be Blue Falcon Colin Powell. A man whose existence insults every thing Gen. James and the Reverend King fought for.

  • AuAgFinder

    One of the best recommendations I have heard about Justice Thomas is that he has the friendship and respect of Thomas Sowell. I have followed Mr. Sowell’s writings for decades and he is the most clear thinking person I have ever encountered.

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thomas Sowell is one highly intelligent person who’s opinions I respect. I love his columns. I did not know the two were friends, I now have an even greater respect for Justice Thomas who obviously picks his friends well.

  • Squirrel!

    Justice Thomas did what was right & constitutional.

    Let’s talk about Elena Kagan (hate to give it the respect of the title of Justice). In her role as Solicitor General, Elena Kagan worked on the Obamacare law while it was being drafted but did not recuse herself from hearing the case & rendering a decision about its constitutionality. However, she recused herself from hearing this case because she worked on something in regard to affirmative action while in the role of Solicitor General. Isn’t it the same thing? Conflict of interest. Shame, shame, shame!

    • Zach Smith

      Obviously, she is only willing to recuse herself in cases where her vote wouldn’t matter. Ethics is not her strong point.

  • justwebbinaround

    Idiots!!! They actually want the University of Michigan to choose
    the admittance of an

    “Individual on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or
    national origin”. MLK must be rolling
    over, smh.

    • Despiser_of_Libs

      What is the opposite of Diversity?


  • rjstange

    God forbid a black American have his/her own opinion, or think differently than all the “other black folk”. Liberals….keepin the black people down on the farm.

  • nam_vet6869

    Liberals just can not accept the fact that, left alone rather than being educated that they are victims, blacks can compete with whites. Liberals want to keep them as victims so they will stat “in their place”.

    • Stryder51

      They hate seeing anyone escape from the progressive plantation and actually make something of themselves.

  • goldsage

    When are people going to stop observing skin color? Our souls are colorless. I think Justice Thomas is an admirable, honest man of integrity. He gets it!

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      Skin color will no longer be an issue when the socialist democrats stop dividing the country by race, gender, sexual preference, and religion. As long as they can divide the country and use ‘minorities’ to reach their goal of socialist utopia and the tools who vote for them remain ignorant of their agenda, there will always be racial tensions. To the left, skin color defines a person, and as long as they are willing to remain on the plantation of the democrat party as their slaves, everything is okay. As soon as they step off that plantation, like Clarence Thomas and think for themselves, they become the devil’s spawn.
      Too bad the liberal tools can’t see the forest for the trees, the irony is overwhelming.

  • killer62

    These people are so wrong. The worst negro in history was the one who first sold his own people into slavery. Yes, it was a negro who sold the first modern-day slaves. And Clarence Thomas did not get where he is by affirmative action; he got there by his rational intelligence.

  • religionandhistory

    God Bless the Honorable Clarence Thomas – He upholds exactly what Dr. Martin Luther King preached = colorblindness and equality of all U.S. citizens ! Not the twisted logic of Progressive liberals hating and then dividing all by race and foolish extreme sensitivity to their holy grail of ethnicity and skin tone variations ! Honorable men of all heritages have equal love like God has and Supreme Court Justice Thomas has , and millions of Americans as well ! On the right at least , equal respect , liberty and justice for all = red or yellow black or white !

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    Libprogs, their campaign to divide is conquer is alive and well. Never mind that Affirmative Action in and of itself is racist because it is built on the premise that minorities are unable to achieve anything on their own without the help of big daddy government. Libprogs have done a great job of convincing people they are victims despite their being a black president and a black man Supreme Court Justice. Apparently libprogs don’t see the irony.

  • John W. Kerr

    Its so enjoyable to “peruse” the mental deficientcies of the regressive marxist of the leftist! They invoke MLK and Thurgood Marshall ignorantly ignoring the real impetus and content of their works and contributions to Ameircan racial equality and at the same time denegrate that legacy of accomplishments as being “unfulfilled” and a wasted needing continual artificial induced reinforcements! That is exactly how they treat them and the legislature they inspired! The work is done, finished, and legislative, culturally, and to a great extent socially entrenched. So what’s wrong? Our “mentally morally regressive” friends would rather perpetrate a perpetual state of victimology, imagined abuses, and inflamed sensitivities to reinforce their desires for continual hatred, mistrust, and psychological punishment of supposed and imagined offenders whom only THEY can define! The sick perversions of the liberal leftist race baiting extortive hearts will NEVER allow acrimoney DIE if they have anything to do with it! They exhibit disgusting excuse for human souls!

  • ndmike12

    Is it just me, or is there no hypocrisy or inconsistency whatsoever in both favoring affirmative action as a matter of policy and conceding that the Constitution does not require it?

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      I suppose you can favor a policy that is not strictly called for in the constitution. Happens all the time. The thing is, why would we want to propagate any policy that rewards or punishes people based purely on their skin color? As has been demonstrated by the attitude toward Clarence Thomas, people of color can never be certain of whether they really earned something or if it was given to them based on their color.

      • ndmike12

        My point is that the criticisms of Justice Thomas fail even on their own terms.

  • ColoMom

    So as I understand it Clarence Thomas made his decision according to the merits of the case. Not by the color of his skin….. Now isn’t that what MLK preached???? Thank you Judge Thomas

    • Cantbelieveyouthinkthis

      But that isn’t what Jackson and Sharpton preach and THOSE are the idiots the people hear now. THAT is the biggest problem. MLK worked to make himself irrelevant, those other two work to make themselves the center of attention. There is no money in irrelevancy…. I am sure you know this just pointing it out to others.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    aren’t you smart enough to get into college on your achievements?

  • Norm

    My god the hate. Talk about being progressive.

  • JR48

    Whether you agree with the court’s decision or not, it turns my stomach to see the bigotry. Folks on the left, you don’t get a pass for it. Not by a long shot.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

  • ManaMoffa

    Nothing on Twitchy about the hollywood homosexual perverts?

    Michelle’s husband Allahpundit don’t have any of it on Hotair either

  • Dee Dunbar

    God forbid they have to give up a freebie! They can’t possibly earn it like Clarence did!

  • Rex

    These people are acting in the same manor as Senator Biden & The Late Sen.Ted Kennedy during Thomas’ confirmation hearing.

  • Guest

    They think Clarence Thomas is unqualified for the Supreme Court and used affirmative action to get there.

    So, presumably they’re against affirmative action then… seeing as it puts unqualified people into places of power… (ie Obama, Eric Holder)

    • gjsmith_62


  • Sp4 Jack L Walker US Army ret

    I think Thomas is ahead of the curve. Affirmative action may have been needed at one time in our history, but it has to end at some point. The pendulum swings past zero and it will be necessary to apply it in the opposite direction. You will never stop inequity with quotas and playing with numbers. It stops when the best person is selected regardless of race creed or disability.

  • TocksNedlog

    “We want equality! We just want a fair shake! . . . Hey! How DARE you take away my race-based preference status!!!11!!!!!”

  • Oscuma Sux

    Affirmative Action, like the ACLU has long outlived it’s usefulness. Thank You Justice Thomas and the other 5 Justices who have clearly upheld a states rights.

  • RandyS

    It is supose to be ok for Blacks to call themselves and each other whatever they want. Anyone that is not black, may not call them anything other than what they say. Just like gays call non-gays “breeders,” but address gays in any form other than exactly what they say and you are called every name under the sun! B O R I N G!

  • lugnut

    Let affirmative action go. Most who benefits from it are none blacks who didn’t fight for it anyway. Too many people have gotten the false impression that more blacks then anyone benefit. Nope, white women and Asians do. I don’t feel like fighting for it again, considering the people who benefited from it the most, never stood up with us for it and sometimes against us.

  • lugnut

    Clarence thom(as) is more like the character Samuael L jackson played in that Dejango movie starring Jamie Fox. Clarence would roll on the floor and suck his own testicles to entertain Scarlia his MARSTER.

  • SilentCalFan

    Affirmative action is a fraud and a disservice to blacks. It sets them up for failure when it puts them into an environment where they cannot compete with better qualified students. I saw it happen at my law school when all of the black students in one class quit before they had completed one semester.

    • lugnut

      All huh?? They all must have been intellectually inferior and were placed in classes way above their mental capabilities huh? WOW. Of course you were the smart one that finished, right?. “Disservice to blacks”, because the poor things were in way over their heads? I went to an ivy league university and somehow i missed the disservice to all of those poor incapable blacks there. The only problems i saw, were in other colleges where their high schools had failed them. But most of them caught on and succeeded.

      • SilentCalFan

        All of the black students in my university class graduated on time, as did the one black student in my law school class. My physics lab partner, a black, is now a famous orthopedic surgeon. None of them were admitted under affirmative action; that concept did not even exist during my university years in the 1950’s. But in the late 60’s admission standards for blacks were lowered, and it was a disaster for many of those students. Why did the black law students quit? I don’t know. I do not assume they were stupid. I suspect their education did not prepare them for the challenges of that curriculum.

  • Janet Wright

    Have you noticed how most blacks really turn on other blacks who don’t support their cause, no matter if justified or not? According to what I see here, they are not supposed to have their own opinions, only agree. The name calling is really terrible to anyone who is a conservative and black. Hate speech and name calling such as Uncle Tom seems to be the norm then. It must be very hard to be black and not go along with others of their race, no matter how stupid the action or how unjustified the stance is. Independent thinking for blacks is very rare indeed, and I appreciate those who stand up for what’s right when they know they are going to be attacked for doing so.

  • Todd South

    The most dangerous place for any black child is in their mother’s uterus. Till that stops being a statistic, maybe you should lay off the guy trying to give justice to all. Hypocrits.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    Those whiners lack character and common sense. Shocking. (Not really!)

  • Becky J Barrow

    Affirmative action always struck me as a racicst deal…isn’t it just as bad to allow something based on color as it is to deny something based on color? MLK preached the content of character, not gimme stuff ’cause I’m black. As usual, take away a freebie and people lose their minds in the land of double standards.

  • John

    Hypocrisy is seen and comes about in many ways especially to get attention of the I’ll informed of reality that are less likely to have common sense and decency I’ve read people’s opinions about this issue and for this man to be ridiculed for his stance is an issue of pure hypocrisy and say racial slurs to describe the man but let anyone who is not of the same ethnicity use the same terms to describe this gentleman they’d be considered a racist person so to make it an issue of race and say he should vote purely on the basis of his race is illogical and is the reason why this nation is the way it is because if anyone of any other ethnicity would vote purely on the basis of their ethnicity the same individuals on here would be screaming for change and the resignation of justice because they voted for their respective race that is hypocrisy of the liberal ignorance

  • Notorious M.E.G.

    Funny how these nasty libs are unknowingly making the case that affirmative action is given to those who don’t deserve it. They are assuming that Thomas would not have made it to college without A.A. and showing their own racism and bigotry.

  • Acethepug

    It’s amazing that all these people are willing to ascribe Thomas being on the Supreme Court to his skin color alone – and yet these same “people” would scream and cry like babies on changing tables if someone pointed out that skin color is EXACTLY what allowed Obama a career in politics and what handed him the Presidency.


    Leftism is a mental disease.

  • DallenH

    Leftist #racists

  • Ken Steiger

    Nice collection of racist liberals showing their true “colors”…

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    Here’s a novel idea. If you want to go to college, WORK FOR IT!

  • Capitalismczar

    Liberals are the scars on a free society. If everyone is equal and they are…why do we need affirmative action and why would Justice Thomas have to support it again? I bet they heard about the decision on Comedy Central.

  • Never Say You’re Sorry

    Communism is alive and well. You damn libs better enjoy your day in the sun now because once this country goes bankrupt (and it will) conservative reactionaries like myself and worse will take over. It’s easy to be a liberal if you have food in your stomach; not so much when you don’t.

  • Terry

    These liberals are such racist, because they believe that black students aren’t smart enough to get into college on their own merits?

  • Marsha Taylor-Trimmer

    What would you do without the race card to use?? If things don’t go you way it’s a “race” thing. Get over it and stop holding your own race hostage to the past. Move on and teach your children how to make a better life for themselves and to stop blaming the past for all of your failures. Damn. My life isn’t the greatest in the world, but I don’t blame a single soul for it. It’s my life, and I make my choices.


    Wow, so much hate for the party of rainbows and love.

    So, they are pissed that Thomas is on the court because of AA (their theory) but also pissed because of his vote in the Michigan AA case?

    Love lib logic.

  • Kulcuda

    You would think that we have reached that point as Martin Luther king said that one should be judged by their character and not their color…would like to add also by their initiative, dedication to study, knowledge and the fact that they can achieve a goal by themselves without assistance.
    So now those that are opposed to the decision will have to find another way to get handouts that may be undeserved.

  • Noonespecial

    Well….apparently black people don’t like this decision. What a surprise. Time for a level playing field, and that doesn’t sit so well with some folks. Nothing to see here.

  • Jake Bradford

    Like I always say, equality is the last thing leftists want. Racial harmony is the last thing leftists want.
    Without their spiderweb of victimhood, racial rewards & punishments, grievance generating myths….they would have nothing.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Yep, in order to champion victims, they need victims and plenty of them. In order to seize power, they need chaos.

  • Noonespecial

    We need more interracial coupling – because eventually, we’ll all be sort of a neutral color, and liberals will have to find a new subject to whine about.

    • Shaun Chapman

      no they will still call them black. even it the are only 25% black.

    • The Sheeple

      Are you kidding, they will have a color chart running from beige to dark brown and respect will be allocated according to color …. that is how it already is among the black people of America. You never see the really black ones on TV or in the movies ….. just the ones who look mostly white but with a lovely tan and full lips.


    Affirmative action is racism.

  • David

    There’s nothing worse to leftists than a black man or woman who does not stay in his/her place on the democrat plantation.


      Release the hounds.

  • Mike

    Affirmative Action is inherently racist, prejudice, and sexist. It was a necessary evil in the years following the end of segregation, but that time has passed.

    • Perry

      AA contributes a lot to the dysfunction known as government. This “diversity is better” meme is false. What’s better is better.

      • Mike

        Diversity is neither inherently good or bad. It just is.

  • Pat Faber

    I weigh in: Thomas is a white man in a Black man’s body,nuff said

  • David

    Absolutely Clarence Thomas is the worst Negro in history. Why would blacks look up to Mr. Thomas when they have Al Sharpton as a role model?

    • Shaun Chapman

      This has to be sarcasm?

  • Arcadian Duran

    boo hoo, Clarence knows about black on black crimes, so this is the lesson he teaching them, they have not shaped up since he was on the chair, and this is his stance on it, the black community has not change nor they ever will.

  • Robert Grim

    I though they wanted everything to be “equal?”

  • slidetbone91

    I am loving how all the pro affirmative action people are screaming foul when in reality the whole issue is you need to earn your way through your merits not the color of your skin. Just because you are black does not mean you have a harder time than white kids. If you put in just as much effort and get the same grades as they do, then you have just as much of a chance at success.

    Here is a novel idea though, remove the race identifier from all applications. Thus forcing all employers to look specifically at the merits of the individual rather than giving them a leg up on race in the first place.

  • Tbear

    Once again the libtard morons are out in full force!!!!

  • sumlikeit

    These people obviously don’t even understand the question before the court. It wasn’t “are you for or against affirmative action policies?” Nor was it “are affirmative action policies constitutional?”

    The question before the court was “can a state enact laws forbidding affirmative action policies?”

    It’s entirely possible for a judge (in his capacity as a citizen) to support affirmative action policies and also (in his capacity as a judge) rule that states are permitted to ban them. I’d say that’s the case with Justice Breyer.

    • wisething2do

      Excellent explanation!

      • The Sheeple

        Liberals do not understand explanations, they only understand their own warped beliefs …. they are like superstitious natives from a bygone era … everything has some mystical meaning, fear is the prime emotion, fear that the collective may have to become productive at some point. Self-reliance is going to be required when the big government stops the welfare …. that is a leftists nightmare.

    • useyourhead2

      Just to add to your excellent post, one of the salient points the majorty SCOTUS decision held was that the State of Michigan decision was based upon a referendum voted upon by We the People of Michigan and THEY voted in favor to eliminate subjective selections based on race.

      Perhaps by extension, decisions to deny gay marriage and to require Photo ID in order to vote, approved by the people of a State, will similarly be seen as constitutional.

  • Dan13

    Hahahahaha…! Progressives rabidly raging that when the Supreme Court riles against discrimination based on skin colour.
    Keep holding on to that notion that blacks are incapable of competing on a level playing field, Libs.
    You don’t have much rspect for your constituents, do you?

  • Jeff Johnson

    How dare he not stand up for people who want something they didn’t earn.

  • Dan13

    David Souter also was part of the six majority opinions.

    • sumlikeit

      Stephen Breyer, you mean. David Souter, mercifully, retired several years ago.

  • rennyangel2

    Biggest racist slime. Vote Rep.and defeat ALL DEMORATS.

  • retired early

    Thomas has been nothing but a failure , can’t wait to read his autobiography coloring book no words just pictures

  • Rufus Putnum

    Wow, I am glad only Republicans are racist.

  • [email protected]

    Look at all these racists condemning a man because he is Black!

  • Mr.Conservative

    Don’t all you nappy headed yard apes think it time you make it on your abilities, skills and knowledge instead of the color of you black ass?

    • HeyLobo

      The cleaners called. Your robe and hood are ready. The extra bleach worked.

      • Mr.Conservative

        Thanks for letting me know. That was nice of them have you tell me. Did they get the grass stains off your robe I told you would be able to see where your knees were.

    • PeteD

      In no way are you a real conservative with comments like that. Everyone – I think the Dems lost a Grand Wizard somewhere.

  • Perry

    Such tolerance, inclusion and diversity of thought!

  • The Sheeple

    Worst Negro in the world – Clarence Thomas … respected Supreme court judge.
    Second worst negro in the world … Edi Amin … dictator of Uganda who murdered between 100 thousand and 500 hundred thousand of his own people, many with a ball pean hammer, by his own hand.

    Anyone can see the liberal point of view here …. mess with a social program and you are satan … murder thousands of people and you are a progressive folk hero.

  • Mike

    Blacks will remain in their sorry state. Their racist hateful comments are evidence of a brainwashed upbringing. They have themselves to blame for their bad choices.

  • emily29388

    Somebody who knows how get in touch with Bill Crosby and see how he feels about it.

  • BTeboe

    So what the racists are saying is that blacks (or any race for that matter) are not capable of competing on merit and MUST be given a leg up on everyone else. If I was black I would be outraged by this. It’s like telling them, you’re too stupid to compete on your own. “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” – Thomas Sowell

  • nancyetanner52@

    How will we ever become a nation that doesn’t see color if the ones of color have some sense of entitlement if you don’t agree with them?

  • Baba Ghanoush

    God forbid someone gains college acceptance based on merit and not the color of their skin.

    • Mike

      MLK would be quite happy with that scenario. It is unusual but encouraging that finally the ruling was not 5-4 (yes I know not all participated).

      Given however the endless stream of 5-4 decisions the USSC should really be renamed to the USPC as it is a Political Court and certainly not a court using the Constitution as a master document to evaluate laws passed by congress.

      If the alleged brightest legal minds in the country cannot agree if a law is constitutional any better than the typical 5-4 then how are the citizens of this country ever expected to obey the laws? Damned lawyers!

  • David

    I’d like to see a poll among blacks as to who they admire most Clarence Thomas or Al Sharpton. My guess the results would reveal much about what is wrong in the so-called Black Community.

  • skyfly757

    Affirmative Action is nothing more than racial discrimination by another name, in other words “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

  • Mrdeisel

    GOD Bless Clarence Thomas!!! He has always been one of the few Justices who understand and uphold the US Constitution.

  • kjatexas

    Seems if your a Constitutionalist, instead of a Progressive/Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Statist/Redistributionist, the black community is agin you. That community has been given preference for a couple or three decades now. Now, you should be able to earn it, instead of being given it, in America. No one owes you or anyone else anything. This isn’t the America of the 50s and 60s, persons of all races have been integrated into society. Stop using racism and inequality as an excuse for failure to excel. Its up to you now, NOT society. There are tons of black professionals. The continuing solution is NOT to change the Constitution, or our economic system, but to ensure, that Constitutional rights apply to every American. The biggest abuser of that Constitution, is the federal government.

  • dwsmokin

    Apparently none of these critics bothered to read the dissent of Justice Sotomayor. If any judge was ever an AA pick-uninformed, ill prepared, and in over her head-she is it. The woman apparently only has a passing acquaintance with the Constitution, and sees everything through the confining lens of race. They also apparently cannot count. The decision was rendered 6-2, so Justice Thomas was not a deciding vote. Someone on their side of the fence apparently thought it was justified. Ouch.

    • World B. Free

      Well, she was appointed by Barack 0bama, so her incompetence is no surprise.

    • useyourhead2

      And please note that Obama nominee Justice Kagan sat this vote out on the side line. Maybe I missed it, but did she recuse herself for some reason, or just have a bad headache that day?

  • Sean Canova

    Those Twitter posters are idiots. The case wasn’t about Affirmative Action. It was about individual states having the right to vote on issues such as Affirmative Action.

    • useyourhead2

      Right on! States’ Rights reaffirmed. And hopefully by extension, States that have voted to deny same sex marriage and to require a photo ID before voting, will similarly be held to be Constitutional so the Federal Government stays out of the business of We the People of our State.

  • WellArmedLamb

    Why are liberals such hateful people?

    • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

      The mentally ill are often full of rage.

  • HeyLobo

    Clarence Thomas: It is called self-loathing. The only thing black about him is his robe.

    • oldspeak

      And so to you, black means less capable, less American, and progressive? Gee, it sounds like you’re being pretty RACIST there.

    • Random_Failures

      It’s so much easier to dismiss your opponent as non-existent instead of debating him on his ideas and intellect. I think you’d lose that exchange.

  • DeathMerchant

    I see a lot of disgruntled folks because now admission to higher education will depend upon ability and fair competition.

  • 1reallytaxed1

    Who do want operating on you, the doctor who worked hard and earned all his credentials ? or the doctor who got points for being black to get into school? I’m for merit based achievements NOT freebies and special treatment for ANYONE. I’m sure there are plenty of Asians (OK, most of them) that would test better than me, should I get into school or get jobs instead of them ? I don’t think so.

  • craigcw

    Liberals love people like Clarence Thomas. He gives them a chance to show their true racist sentiments while, like everything else they profess, hiding behind their fake broad minded facade. What sad, small people.

    • useyourhead2

      Given the difficulties and lying that went on during his confirmation hearings, nothing as changed. It seems Clarence Thomas will NEVER be accepted by liberals.

      If any of the Supreme Court nominees of a Democrat has been assailed like Clarence Thomas or Robert Bork, the Drive-by Media Shills would be running day long shows to denounce just like CNN currently runs on the Malaysian passenger plane gone missing for almost 2 months.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    Frighting how so many people completely misunderstand what the Court did yesterday.

  • pokey5735

    Good for Thomas. No matter what he does he will be denigrated by the left.

  • WolfNippleChips

    Stay classy racist lefties.

  • MRM_The_First

    There is no one more racist than he (or she) who screams racism at every turn. Don’t be fooled, the racists ore the leftists who are trying to keep racial hatred and racial divides alive. Remember, it was the democrats who opposed the abolition of slavery and the equal rights movements and acts of the 1960’s and it is the democrats today who are trying to enflame racial tensions and keep racism strong in America. They support affirmative action which at one time was necessary but which is now just racist, they support the NAACP which is a purely racist organization, at every opportunity they get out and support race riots and they refuse to enforce voter laws because they get elected based on race and not qualifications.

  • mike

    Nothing here but a bunch of Racists. Move alone……Every comment has nothing to do with the ruling and everything to with the color of his skin. The ignorance of people who believe a man or a woman must behave a specific way because of their skin pigment is the very definition of racism.

  • Mark Kittering

    the smart person would learn math, science and develop reading skills, get a 1400 on the SAT and say I ain’t gots no needs fo no affirmative action.

  • OpinionBuster

    It’s scary how so many people don’t understand that something like this is not about feelings and emotions – it’s about the law.

  • oldspeak

    Leftists are such stupid racists. Thomas acknowledges his acceptance to law school was likely a result of affirmative action, therefore he must support it or he’s a self-hater? There are such glaring gaps in logic in their arguments over this issue it boggles my mind. For starters, that the policy in itself is not discriminatory because of the hardships minorities face as compared to whites. This is not only a blatant lie and denial of today’s reality, but in order for it to be true, it assumes without question that ALL whites must be privileged and do not face hardships whatsoever. That sentiment is racist and ignorant, just like its advocates.

  • Wazmo Nares

    From the pics of the disgruntled it would appear they “minority whiners” which are the WORST racists!

  • Danny

    The irony in this is funny because blacks or negros want to be treated as equals yet they want affirmative action to stand doesn’t seem too equal to me. Another thing is I thought “Uncle Tom” was the negro who helped other negros escape slavery. so why is it a bad thing in that community to called that?

  • snotscicle

    Justice Thomas will have the last laugh – he’s got a cushy gubmint job for LIFE.

  • Mike

    Perfect example of how the real racists are on the left and as always project their negative attributes on the right.

    It is also a perfect example of the left devoid of debate points when they have to utilize the tool of last resort, the race card.

    Just how many more generations of government imposed discrimination would these white hating lefties need before their “get even with them” tank was full?

  • Satans Bifocals

    Liberals true colors on full display… disgraceful. Yet, they’ll get a pass as usual.

  • SteveCripps

    So are those who are upset by this ruling taking the position that people of color will never be truly equal with other populations? Do they maintain that black folks are so seriously flawed that they will always require a head start?
    Sounds pretty racist to me.

  • Billion003

    Its a small step in the slow dismantling of the federally mandated racism that is presently required in some circumstances.

  • HighSnides

    How ironic. Liberals complained about Thomas being an affirmative action choice so when he rules to end affirmative action they chastise him for it. Funny.

    But it also shows how little respect liberals have for minorities and certainly for opposing points of view. Perhaps ignorance of what precipitated the Michigan law would help them understand but my guess is they are not interested in the facts.

  • Eddie frOly

    With so much liberal love going around for Justice Thomas you’d think that the justice department would come out with a statement to put these haters in their place! (Sarcasm complete) I love how when SCOUTS makes a decision they love the libs say “its the law deal with it” but when it is a ruling they don’t agree with it’s “this is so wrong it’s injustice at its finest!”. I think all affirmative action needs done away with we should be a people judged on our marrits for a position not by the color of our skin.

  • lewnaticink

    I didn’t realize so many down right stupid people could write, now if they could just comprehend what they read, they might just understand how big of fools they are being made by Obama America hating racist communist

  • Holistic

    It would make no difference how Thomas voted he would be hated by the sick liberals anyway.

  • Arseclown

    so what, Judge Thomas took advantage of someone opening the door for him with AA…

    If he had the grades, and worked hard to get that door opened for him enough to get in…and keep those grades…

    With all due respect, he respected that door opening enough not to use the system, but thank the system by giving back to it by being successful in life..

  • MyHairIsOnFire

    Aww the spoiled, entitled, never accomplished a dam thing kneegrows are butt hurt. Does anyone give a shitt?

  • Paul White

    It’s quite obvious that the comments by the Blacks shown are the most racist of all.

  • terribleorv

    Affirmative action got you a half black President who has been disastrous. And when he’s gone we , thanks to him and his cronies, wont see another for at least another fifty years.

  • Defiant

    AMAZING how much the blacks’ opinion on “equality” change once they’re actually made EQUAL! LOL! They even turn on their own…

  • Mikevotes

    Black is only a color.
    How one acts, like uneducated blacks, is to the point that blacks can not or will not achieve anything worthwhile in life.
    They are not even good gangsters.
    The blacks are the only racist group left besides progressives.

  • $27901626

    Who cares what these liberal freeloaders say. It is obvious that with all the comments by blacks on twitter that they are the biggest racists of them all. Because Thomas is a black man and does not sell his soul to the democrats they all hate him. At least Thomas can think for himself and does not really care what the libs have to say. Get off your obamaphones ppl and get back to work. Obama needs your tax money.

  • useyourhead2

    The election and reelection of our Campaigner/Vacationer-in-Chief should serve as the last nail in the “special treatment” afforded blacks in the United States of America.

    A reason that the liberal left does not want to see fairness applied is because Affirmative Action served as a demonstrable tool of the Democrats to keep blacks voting for them under the guise that Democrats were the key to whatever good they derived in America.

    Fact of the matter, the Democrats have kept blacks on the “Government Plantation” to be reliant on the bread crumbs they are given instead of embracing the American dream to be all you want to work to become.

    What better example of the benefits to voting for Democrats than the unemployment rate of blacks that is more than twice the official rate; the 72% out of wedlock births by blacks to cause a life of poverty, squalor, and crime; and civil unrest in Chicago on Easter Weekend with 45 shootings and 9 killed? And all of this is happening under the watchful eye of our “First Black President” who is on his way for yet another “vacation” disguised as an Asian Conference complete with $300 sushi in Japan and costing what an average black in America couldn’t spend in three life times of income.

    • Craig

      All part of LBJ’s plan to keep blacks on the plantation. He was quoted as saying, “If we pass Civil Rights Legislation we can count on the n vote for the next 200 years”

  • mrbarry

    Clarence was just trying to do the White thing

  • Valboski210

    And the vote was 6-2, so his vote really didn’t even matter. These racist blacks act like he swayed the decision one way or the other. Affirmative action is wrong, plain and simple. A man is judged on the content of ones character, not the color of his skin. That is all

  • mrbarry

    We cannot subsidize ignorance and expect intelligence

  • Brock99

    Just more proof how the current POTUS was elected. Uninformed blacks with Obama cell phones tweeting ill informed opinions. Thomas being 1/9 the of the SCOTUS can’t really harm anyone without majority opinion. POTUS has taken the black population back 20+ years economically and 50 years culturally.. And now he’s trying to let loose black drug lords to worsen the situation. What a putz. Who would have thought the worst thing for blacks would be a black president?

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is not king…. he is crucified.

    Justice Thomas: Ignore the Yorkies.They are beneath your notice!

  • DemocratsHateAmerica

    Good job Justice Thomas.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Proof here is, when a black man doesn’t follow the Democratic plantation agenda, he gets hate from all the poorly educated affirmative action types.

  • Jjj1965

    Legislating this stuff has not helped blacks has it? Look at the inner city issues. People need to help themselves, the government can not do it for them.

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    People with no skills, talent, or intelligence are upset that SCOTUS ruled that states can end the ‘moron’ gravy train?

    I’m shocked, I tell ya. Shocked!

  • Steven Firtko

    The days of the “percieved necessity” of affirmitive action are GONE! Now people must succeed based on their qualifications and skills, and NOT based on the color of their skin! (Imagine That!)

  • SteveO

    Easy to see who the TRUE racists are.

  • CutieMcSquishyButt

    Justice Thomas did the right thing he voted to put a end to a policy that promotes racial discrimination against non black ethnisities. advocates for racial equality should applaud this Its about time.

  • chillie willie

    Affirmative action is discrimination at its best enabling minorities to compete In markets specifically walled off for them. It is long due reversal and Clearance Thomas should be commended for his bold and decisive action to further the minority cause. Their is no reason minorities can’t compete in the real world for real projects where the natural market competition weeds out the week companies. America is a republic with a capitalist economy designed to promote competition to make individuals strong. If I was a minority I would be offended that the government had to wall off portions of what was open markets for me to do business in. We should all thank Clearance Thomas for his faith, respect and confidence in all people.

    • UNExit

      If liberals have white guilt, feel free to give up their job, their salary, etc., to a minority. It’s their money, career and life.

      When a liberal’s white guilt interferes in my life, my response is choice 4 letter anglo saxon words and my pulling out a gun to defend against their theft.

  • wrestlingwithpigs

    So, all these lefties believe that black people are not smart enough to be able to compete on their own merits? Is not the white mans burden the epitome of racism?

  • rightoutwest

    Look like the affirmative elite are a bit ticked…boo hoo!!

  • Michael

    I am half Mexican. When I was in high school I scored fairly high on my SATs and ACTs, but definetly not as high as two of my white classmates. One of them received a perfect SAT score and the other was almost perfect on the ACT. They applied to Stanford, but were rejected. I didn’t even apply to Stanford, but they sent me a letter inviting me to campus for a visit. They were going to pay for my plane ticket from Alaska! Of course, it was from the Multi-cultural Studies department so I knew the exact reason why they wanted me to come visit.
    It’s a disservice to minorties to be treated as a token. You should not be discriminated/preferred based on the color of your skin. It’s reverse discrimination and only hurts race relations.

  • Kevin

    Wow, feel the hate. I guess actually raising an intellectual argument is far, far too difficult. Especially the moron that referenced “5/9’s”. It was 6/8’s you moron.

    • Oh crap

      3/5ths actually

  • chery

    Liberals hate any black that does not conform to their beliefs. And this is the party that “cares”. LOL

  • Luluie

    Get over it. We have a black President for God’s sake. The BS should have long been over by now.

  • UNExit

    Fascinating. The focus on Clarence Thomas, his daring to have an opinion off the liberal plantation, showcases liberal racism and that that liberals do run a political plantation.

    • CutieMcSquishyButt

      So sad to see a whole generation of blacks allowing themselves to be put in a box by the left.

  • Arseclown

    I’ll take 500 Clearance Thomas that used AA to become a good person overall in life, than 1 Al Sharpton that uses AA as a race baiting to keep his riches..

  • Sam

    It is interesting to see the extreme intolerance and extreme racism of liberals. Not surprising, though. Liberals are so intolerant they might commit domestic terrorist acts against anyone that disagrees with them.

  • babosos

    Who said there is no black on black hate?

  • jekyllisle

    So liberals are really admitting that Black People need special help in order to compete with White People?

    Wow, we had a group of people back in the 1940’s and 1950’s that said Blacks were an inferior race, it took a very great man, MLK, to show them otherwise and after all that hard work he did, even sacrificing his life, the people who, now, hold him in the highest regard are actually spitting on the very thing he laid his life down for.

    When are the liberals going to accept Blacks as equals?

  • David

    The Left’s decision to provide “fairness” adjustments creates a world worst than the original problem. This cult and their followers abhor the light of reason.

    I believe CT is right and has the guts to stand up for a constitution that is for all Americans. His vision, similar to the American founders, supersedes selected groups of people, friends of politically powerful people or those that get special financial support.

    American opportunity should be color blind and for all to pursue.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    So just because he is black he automatically should be for affirmative action? I thought MLK said man should be judged by his character not the color of his skin. Sounds to me he is following MLK instead of being a racist and that is what affirmative action is, racism. Add to that that liberals are fuming shows me Thomas made the right decision.

  • BornAgain123

    My theory is no longer theory, but, truth. The most hateful, bigoted, mean-spirited people in America are far-left, liberals who cannot fathom a country without government control over all aspects of our lives. Affirmative action IS discrimination, period. How little self-esteem do you need to believe that the only way you can get into college is with an unfair advantage??? The Supreme Court made the right decision to allow states to decide for themselves whether to legalize discrimination in college admissions or prohibit it.

  • Shagnasty1

    Did you read the one idiot’s claim there is a “Black Seat” on the Supreme Court? I remember when Thurgood Marshall died and fools demanded another Black be appointed for the “Black Seat”. I always thought Supreme Court Justices were there to rule on the Constitutionality of an issue, not to represent one group of people.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Affirmative action is over.

    It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and ask, what do I want to be in life?

    Then make this statement, “I am looking at me and responsible for me. I will not sit on my hands waiting for a handout. I will openly embrace that God gave me a mind to think and learn, hands to work and feet to keep me going. I from this point on will not rely on anyone but my hard determination to make my life amazing. It is up to ME!

  • Jim Bill

    Tolerance by the left alive and well.

  • disqus_LpicJRrFVL

    thats funny, they only like black who tow the party line.. how dare a black man have a mind of his own!

  • freedom_is_good

    I feel bad for all those haters. They’re convinced that they are inferior and that they can only compete if they’re given special reserved spots that nobody else can have. Maybe that’s why they’re always so angry.

  • MyBrainHurts

    Making decisions based on race – that is the text book definition of racism. affirmative action makes decision based on race. end of argument. anyone that supports affirmative action is a racist.

  • Oh crap

    affirmative action is racist period, and is also unconstitutional.

  • disqus_LpicJRrFVL

    i guess they only support sell out rats like sharpton..

  • canyoubelievedat

    What a wonderful collection of hateful ignorance twitter is….

  • authemis

    hey black people, affirmative action is racist. If you need affirmative action you are basically saying “I as a person are not good enough to make it on my own. Because I am inferior, I need an advantage given to me to make it anywhere.” You all are racist.

  • jimmyv65

    I see allot of tolerant liberals…I know that’s an oxymoron. All you have to do is let liberals talk and they show their true colors. I guess none of them are too bright, the SC did not repeal affirmative action, they left it to the states, and why should color be a factor in admissions to a college? should it not be based on Acedemics?

  • Snarkasterous1

    This article, and, particularly, the example “tweets” it presents, reinforces several long-standing truths:

    1) Libbies, who are endlessly self-congratulatory regarding their own open-mindedness and broad acceptance of others’ opinions and positions, are blatant hypocrites, filled with rage and vitriol for those who disagree with them.

    2) Libbies remain HUGELY threatened by conservative blacks. Out of the EIGHT justices who heard this case, SIX ruled that states can properly reject the goobermint-sanctioned race discrimination that is affirmative action. Thus, the libbie-spewed hatred directed at Justice Thomas is sadly misplaced; a strong majority of the SCOTUS justices, cutting across race and political ideologies, ruled the same way.

    3) In Libbie La-La Land, up truly is down. This SCOTUS ruling ENDS government-sanctioned race discrimination (in certain areas of society, including goobermint hiring, goobermint contracting, and state-run university education admissions processes.) Yes, it ENDS race-based discrimination, as intended and endorsed by the voters of the state.

    Perhaps it’s necessary to AGAIN remind libbies of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – you know, the Law of the Land – or the “living document thingy” as libbies like to consider it – which states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    And, yet, to libbies, this requirement that individuals have EQUAL OPPORTUNITY in the areas affected, is evidence of racism.

    Yep, Libbie La-La Land is alive and well.

    4) The cessation of goobermint-mandated goodies to libbie-identified “victim classes” inevitably results in shrill hysteria and spewed venom on the part of libbies, who require a large number of self-perceived “victims” of society in order to succeed at the polls.

    Thinking adults (i.e., conservatives) would do well to keep this in mind EVERY TIME a goobermint-provided giveaway, or subsidy, or benefit, or race-based preference of ANY SORT, is proposed. Such things are often described by libbies as “temporary,” or “limited in scope,” or as “not adding one dime to the deficit/debt.”

    These claims are invariably false. Recognize that goobermint largesse, once commenced, is most often a permanent burden on the productive, used by libbies to purchase the votes of the unproductive, indolent, and unsuccessful.

    – Snark

  • Snarkasterous1

    This article, and, particularly, the example “tweets” it presents, reinforces several long-standing truths, to wit:

    1) Libbies, who are endlessly self-congratulatory regarding their own open-mindedness and broad acceptance of others’ opinions and positions, are blatant hypocrites, filled with rage and vitriol for those who disagree with them.

    2) Libbies remain HUGELY threatened by conservative blacks. Out of the EIGHT justices who heard this case, SIX ruled that states can properly reject the goobermint-sanctioned race discrimination that is affirmative action. Thus, the libbie-spewed hatred directed at Justice Thomas is sadly misplaced; a strong majority of the SCOTUS justices, cutting across race and political ideologies, ruled the same way.

    3) In Libbie La-La Land, up truly is down. This SCOTUS ruling ENDS government-sanctioned race discrimination (in certain areas of society, including goobermint hiring, goobermint contracting, and state-run university education admissions processes.) Yes, it ENDS race-based discrimination, as intended and endorsed by the voters of the state.

    Perhaps it’s necessary to AGAIN remind libbies of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – you know, the Law of the Land – or the “living document thingy” as libbies like to consider it – which states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    And, yet, to libbies, this requirement that individuals have EQUAL OPPORTUNITY in the areas affected, is evidence of racism.

    Yep, Libbie La-La Land is alive and well.

    4) The cessation of goobermint-mandated goodies to libbie-identified “victim classes” inevitably results in shrill hysteria and spewed venom on the part of libbies, who require a large number of self-perceived “victims” of society in order to succeed at the polls.

    Thinking adults (i.e., conservatives) would do well to keep this in mind EVERY TIME a goobermint-provided giveaway, or subsidy, or benefit, or race-based preference of ANY SORT, is proposed. Such things are often described by libbies as “temporary,” or “limited in scope,” or as “not adding one dime to the deficit/debt.”

    These claims are invariably false. Recognize that goobermint largesse, once commenced, is most often a permanent burden on the productive, used by libbies to purchase the votes of the unproductive, indolent, and unsuccessful.

    – Snark

  • Chetty1

    This is an issue of fairness! By the posts it is obvious the drugged down, mental slow left are against fairness unless it benefits their own weird cause!!

  • Oh crap



    What they do not understand is the fact that they upheld it because it is constitutional. That is what their job is. Uphold or overturn laws based on FEDERAL constitutionality. This is a States Rights issue and the state of Michigan is a sovereign state that has the right to make its own laws that the FEDERAL government has no business sticking its nose in….. “Amendment 10: The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States Respectively, or to the people.”
    There is nothing in the Constitution about giving different groups of people special rights based on Race or ethnicity. So he voted the correct way whether he agrees with it or not. That is called leaving your opinion out of the law.

    • Hartbreaker

      No, they believe that the SCOTUS is supposed to force their agenda through that is too controversial for politicians to touch.

  • Oh crap

    Well the only good thing to do then is.
    Boycott the National Felons League, boycott the NBA and all NCAA games!

    do not watch any games again, do not buy their flawed products. boycott it all!!!!!

    lets be affirmative in our actions!!!!

  • mackadoo

    When you promote and reward ignorance and racism…guess what….you get more ignorance and racism. This decision was long overdue.

  • Gary Hawkins


  • Who Is James Anderson

    Liberals are the scum of the earth.

  • Clover11111

    Bitter progressives can’t hide it as you see.

  • crockadoodle6

    Maybe it is time for a special ‘All Colored’ Supreme Court. After all don’t we already have BET, Ebony, black colleges, FUBU, designer gold front teeth, ‘knock-out’, black panthers, gerrymandering, set asides, free lunch, tuition, healthcare, etc., NBA, NFL, thought police, Hollywood, corruption, unemployment, drop out, drugs, sideways pistol shooting, corn rows, ebonics, rap, HIV, black ‘studies programs’, black history month, fatal white guilt, Jesse, JJr, Big Al, Big O, porch sitting, entitlement, professional race baiters, community activists, shake downs, and narcissistic behavior? All courtesy of blacks who have never thanked anyone for bringing them to a first world country and sacrificing thousands of white lives in the Civil War, WWI and II so they could become obese and continue to complain…..So I say give them a special SCOTUS. Give them 6 figures and a sac of Leggos to play with all day.

  • Vinchenz

    Nice. It’s nice to see the real racists aka the democrats coming out of the closet. Everyone knows that affirmative action is meant to diminish black achievement not to encourage it. The dimwit-dems keep saying that Clarence Thomas got his SCOTUS appt. because he was black, not because he was qualified. Spoken like true racists that they always were are and will always be. Affirmative action is to reinforce liberal white superiority and black inferiority. And the blacks are way too stupid to realize this. The white liberal policies have effectively destroyed the black race to the point where only a small minority can escape the destruction of the white liberals.

  • coldwaterdiver

    Many successful black people dont like Affirmative Action because its viewed that they could never succeed with out it, when in truth color doesnt matter if you are driven, focused, and hard working.

  • seanster5977

    Pretty obvious the detractors are morons barely about to construct a legible sentence. Looks like they really put Affirmative Action to work for them in school, hahahahahahaha

  • IllKeepMine

    All these tweets from supposedly TEA Party members!!! I seriously doubt they are actually members, most likely posers from the DNC.

  • wallmental

    Why all teh attention on CT? Why not the three ladies? Why are they there and why did they vote to keep it? It’s not just about race….

    • chris


  • Proudtexan51

    Wow, it is easy to see who the real racists are! pathetic

  • rhzszm

    Clarence Thomas is the most qualified Justice in the Supreme Court today. His rulings are the most principled in spirit to the U.S. Constitution, and I’m not even talking about this particular case or ruling.

    The other judges are guilty of activist rulings.

    Sotomayor and Kagan are morally and intellectually unfit to wash the Supreme Court’s floors, in my opinion.

    • BillyBob

      sow sotomayor is nothing more than a low IQ, hate pig.

  • jeanie6

    They left it to the voters in each state. Capital idea.

  • Spunkstein

    Justice Thomas, Please stop thinking for yourself and get in lockstep with the progressive left. All they ask for is blind allegiance and for you to do what you are told. Being a victim can be quite nice sometimes. Just imagine not having to be responsible for anything and getting to call everyone that disagrees with you a racist, boot licker, house negro, uncle tom, etc etc etc.

    P.S. please refrain from critical thinking or peeking at reality. That will not be tolerated!

  • jeanie6

    People of color’ need to stop begging for favors. It’s pathetic.

  • $1731836

    The ruling said that you can grant racial based preferences for admission if you want to………..or not. As long as you don’t discriminate on the exact same racial basis. Whew! And the logic challenged (47% of the population) can’t see this.

  • rickroland

    This coming from the “tolerant” and “equality” minded Left — CLASSIC!

  • attentionmorons

    I guess if you’re black you have to think like a liberal or you’re vilified. God forbid you think for yourself. It makes the liberal slave masters angry. You better get in line and be a good blacky or else.

  • aliswell

    So much hate. Any time a truly fair rule is imposed, out comes the crazed leftists with their unique brand of virulent hatred. Makes my skin crawl to read those remarks.

  • Jerry Baustian

    Leftist bigotry on parade. Damned racists!

  • barthomew

    Thomas correctly predicted that the temporary continuance of the civil rights voting norms in some states would result in there being some districts that are safely black and liberal and Democratic and others that are safely white and conservative and Republican, resulting in a loss of the need to run toward the middle and ultimately a loss of the need to compromise and negotiate. Note that Steven now favors a totally objective and as little political process of apportionment; unfortunately, he did not vote with Thomas to help bring that about by getting rid of the special civil rights voting norms in some states.

  • Gunnar Lovebone

    A remarkable display of tolerance by the party of so called “tolerance”. Wonder what they do for hatred?

    • rhzszm

      Keep the masses down with welfare and equality.

  • $7489437

    Using skin color in preferences is racist. Affirmative action uses skin color to favor one over another. In America we are not supposed to judge anything based on skin color.

    • MedicineBowCO

      MLK’s statement that said that people should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, was apparently a ruse to take advantage of the good will of Euro-Americans. Now the Left psychologically abuses the ignorant and unthinking who try to convince themeselves that somehow libs still have some interest in justice and decency. They don’t. If you still indulge such a fantasy, look around. What is being done to Black Conservatives and women should speaks volumes. They better keep themselves down on the Democrat plantation or they will be made an example of with the psychological whipping awaiting them.

  • Pentax Princess

    They hate him anyway because he stepped off the plantation of liberal ideology and thought indoctrination. .


    Black bigots are more common than the MSM would have us believe. Ignorance and arrogance – a most toxic combination.

  • Falsk Konto

    The whole point of the Civil Rights Movement was to have people treated equally based on their merits, not their skin color….

  • Steve Black

    They hated him before when he was right and they hate him now when he is right. Guess what? He’s still right. Erring on the side of politic correctness is no virtue.

  • tgcrawford

    So good to see the trashy left throwing out the compulsory death threats and mindless personal attacks. Justice Thomas’ actual reasoning for his decision seems not to be important (state rights, etc.) The bigger moral question is…at what point will minorities in this country take responsibility for their own morality?

  • phil

    And just who is to say that all blacks are “liberals” ?
    The posts on Justice C. Thomas, are vile, racist, ignorant, and hipocritical!

    • BillyBob

      hate is one of the few offering we get from the slaves who infest the democRAT plantation.

      • MedicineBowCO

        I wouldn’t put it that way, but the Black community is worse off than it ever was since Reconstruction, as far as my historical knowledge informs me. They are strung out on handouts, as a culture. Those who try to break free are punished. Perhaps as good an analogy as I can think of is where the African elephants’ bulls were separated from the herd. The consequence was a bunch of young males. They started seeing a lot of dead rhinos in the National Park (I believe in was in Kenya). They couldn’t figure out what it was. The ivory was still there, they were not devoured as prey. Finally they discovered it was these young bulls who had become aggressive. They returned the adult bulls to the herd and the young males were brought into line. I’ll never forget seeing painted on the butt of one of the adult males “We’re going in to kick ass.” That would apply to all males of all ethnicities.

  • MedicineBowCO

    The Left is racist as it gets. Of course, they use that charge mercilessly as a bludgeon to pummel any who dares hold a different opinion.

  • EarlyMedievalSerf

    Low information voters who couldn’t possibly understand the nuances of a court opinion. They’re all preparing themselves for corporate serfdom and they don’t even know it yet.

  • $761232

    Is everything censored here?

  • BillyBob

    The parasites/beggars/freeloaders who infest the democRAT plantation just can’t comprehend a man of honor.

  • Miagogo

    Ah yes, it’s so much better to have a government as well as a supreme court telling black and brown people that they are incapable of achieving anything without government help. Affirmative action is a slap in the face to everyone in America, including those who support it, whether they know it or not.

  • chillie willie

    what are you talking about? do you think eliminating affirmative action is good or bad?

    • $928681

      It’s bad. Because giving people a free pass due to their skin color is just as stupid as giving them a no pass for the same reason.

      • chillie willie


    • MedicineBowCO

      bad. To do otherwise is a repudiation of the concept of judging people by the content of their charater rather than the color of their skin. The affirmative action mentality is what permits an unvetted socialist criminal like Obama to become POTUS. His wife is no better. There are ample blacks who are intelligent, honorable and well suited for the presidency. Instead, we get B.O.

  • artyvanguard

    the left BELIEVES that blacks and women NEED their help. What does that tell you??

    it tells me that the one’s accusing others of racism are typically the only racist ones in the room.

  • Bruce Gregory

    Well, it appears that not only are most blacks blindly liberal, but racist as well. Affirmative action had its time and served its purpose. Today, stand on your own two feet and prepare your children for a future without crutches. Too bad your parents didn’t prepare you for the real world, or maybe they felt a vote for D would forever keep crumbs on the plate. Well, that is what that party does for you. Crumbs! You want more, work for it. Study as a child and prepare to take care of yourself.

    Oh, ask yourselves why the Asian community is so successful and why the Latino community is a rising force in the economy. How are they doing it? Now, tell us about the white privilege crap!

  • Andrea Silver

    For a lot of people the Civil Rights Movement was about nepotism.

  • Sal befor

    Isn’t Obama just wonderful! he has united America like never before……

    • Oh crap

      Uniting to cut one another throats no doubt!

    • ivanillich

      Yup, white, racist, free grazing teabaggers of the world unite!

      • Oh crap

        Judging from the article seems that the black people are the most racist people on the face of the earth.

  • artyvanguard

    per the confusion and outright willful ignorance by the left let me paraphrase:

    the SCOTUS did not BAN AA. It allowed a STATE to decide whether or not to allow university admissions be based up race or gender.

    Anyone that thinks you should get a head start based upon the color of one’s skin truly needs to rethink his or her position.

  • Anonymous

    The only racism left is from the ones that decry it.

  • Sal befor

    Yeah Clarence retire Today, so obama can put a stinkin Liberal in your seat.

  • alfy


  • LysolMotorola

    One wonders why people who favor affirmative action are not called racist because to require affirmative action also requires one to say that blacks are inherently inferior.
    One also wonders how blacks who “did it on their own” can ever escape the taint that affirmative action gives to their accomplishments..

    One also wonders how, without suffering terminal shame and embarrassment, a black whose parents came here in 1990 from Nigeria or some other country, can accept affirmative action doled out on the ostensible basis that American slaves had it bad.

    • Andrea Silver

      Affirmative Action was sold as a temporary measure, I think it was always known that it was just a mirror image of the evil it sought to replace.

      • LysolMotorola

        Just more feel good nonsense from libs that made a problem worse.

  • Jim

    OH you liberals are so ‘tolerant’ aren’t you? ANY black man that goes “off the reservation” and doesn’t support liberal ideals like AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, is immediately vilified.
    HOW many years do we need A.A.? Last I checked, black people can vote, nor be told they CAN’T SIT at a lunch counter.
    SO, what is the GOAL of A.A. then? TO get MORE minority kids into college who have lower test scores.
    Tell me black liberals, do you want a doctor or lawyer who only got a “C-average”? Or would you want a doctor that got “A”s?
    AND what other country in the WORLD does this A.A. stuff? Time for A.A. is up. People got 50 years of being advanced due to SKIN COLOR, not the CONTENT of their CHARACTER.

  • morecommonsense

    Jeez, I just LOVE seeing the spineless, Liberal cowards getting their panties in a twist. I’ve seen two year olds whine less than those slackjawed pansies.

  • Nancy Thomas

    So, the party of one way tolerance is angry at Thomas because he refuses to participate in anti-white discrimination?

    • Oh crap

      yes the racist are mad

  • Kicker

    None of this is, or should be, a surprise. This is who Liberals/Progressives are. If you are with them, you can do nothing wrong (murder, rape, theft, they don’t care). If you are against them, then any name, any action, is sanctified if it hurts you.

    And yes, we should see our “Progressive friends” for what they are. They’ll turn on you in an instant if you let them.

    • Nancy Thomas

      They are leading the charge for open borders and the destruction of our nation. They are FILTH.

  • TDS

    He should take the insults from these brainless Liberals as a compliment.

  • Waiting, waiting, and waiting.

    They’re going about it all wrong… all they need to do is pin some connection on the Justice opposing anything LGBTQ and then they can get another minority group of American society to attack him. That would then free all these people who wasted their tweets filled with hate-and-vileness to relax a little and behave civilly.

  • notalib

    The above examples are typical of the nasty, hateful, despicable liberals. Even worse these low information people probably voted for the man child and put him into office just half of him is black.

  • Oh crap

    Only thing to do then is

    BOYCOTT the National Felons League! Boycott the NBA and the NCAA as well.

    Do not watch the games live or on TV. do not buy their flawed products either!

    • MedicineBowCO

      I already boycott the NFL for what was done to Tim Tebow. The politically incorrect will find themselves ostracized.

  • nickynicole

    This highly accomplished man should never be castigated by anyone. Especially those who are aware of the struggles he had to get to be where he so deserving to be.

    • MedicineBowCO

      Well said, very well.

  • Stanley Steamer

    Instead of being considered a special little snowflake because of the pigmentation of their skin they actually have to WORK HARD to get into college on merit. Like everyone else. Gee, why would that piss them off?


    The race baiters and intolerant hate mongers are going nutz but 6 to 2 in favor to let merit and choice supersede quota and ethnic dishonesty……It’s been more than 25 years and Thomas has been on the side of merit and choice all along, nothing like being able to prove your worth and earn that respect without a the sideways glance at the affirmative action tag on your forehead…freedom of choice and the work of persevering to earn your way….. that’s American..

  • Dr. Evil

    If you need affirmative action, then maybe you’re not equal after all.

    • Stanley Steamer

      Excellent point

    • P!NG

      A more correct statement would be hard to find (regarding this subject).

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      When the wealthiest black kids taking the SAT score almost the same as the poorest white kids, I think we can safely say every group should receive equal opportunity but not every group received equal ability.

      • P!NG

        So you’re saying ‘poor’ black kids aren’t as capable as their ‘poor’ white kid counterparts?

        • Urbane Neanderthal

          No, I’m saying the smartest group of blacks and the dumbest group of whites taking the SAT score about the same.

          • P!NG

            I believe I’m misunderstanding but what point does that make?

            All I’m getting now is the worst of one is the same as the best of another.

          • Urbane Neanderthal

            The point is supporting the contention that if you need affirmative action it is only because you are not equally qualified.

            Blacks need affirmative action because all available data shows the average black American IQ is 15 points less and the sub Saharan African IQ is around 30 points less than the average European IQ.

          • TheRealBillybob



          • P!NG

            Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting read.

            I never knew that blacks in the us had average lower IQ’s than whites, that whites had lower IQ’s that Jews and Asians, and that African Africans are even worse off than their US (African) counterparts.

            I thought everyone was equal ;(

            Perhaps on a rights basis, not IQ.

          • TheRealBillybob

            If you’re truly an open minded thinker you should have no problem spending the time to watch that video.
            Rushton is widely hated because he has un-apologetically documented scientifically quantifiable differences between races that ignorant people are invested in denying.Rushton is widely hated because he has un-apologetically documented scientifically quantifiable differences between races that ignorant people are invested in denying.

            There can be some dispute about the efforts and methodologies when it comes to more ephemeral things like “intelligence”, “cognitive ability”, “IQ” but when it comes to things like “cranial capacity”, “jaw size”, “birth canal dimension” “testosterone level” these are all indisputably scientifically quantifiable.

            The problem arises when Rushton and researchers like him is when their work demonstrates predicable correlations between the scientifically indisputable and the ephemerals like “IQ”, those invested in the ignorant notion that genetic heritable differences in measurable factors have no discernible relation to related but less precisely measurable factors.

            The idea that humans who are all uniquely different genetic specimens would all be “equal” is difficult to understand much less accept.

          • P!NG

            What a lost cause, they’ve had more time than the rest of us to get the IQ in check.

      • LegalizeShemp

        Read “The Bell Curve” it explains it all.

  • AFITgrad86

    Quite simply the Supreme Court affirmed what we already knew … man (or woman) must succeed on their individual merits. Those who complain the system is unfair or imbalanced need to reassess their individual efforts to improve their lot in life. Go to school, stay in school, develop a healthy work ethic, have faith in yourself and the Lord and dare to aspire to reach your goals. If you fall, get up and try again. With perseverance and time many things are possible.

  • thisisthestorm

    All I see are a bunch of racist twitter folk, who have yet to step into the light. Also, about hating one’s race: Expecting more from black people and not coddling them into failure is hateful? What a joke. Go Clarence!!

  • Guest

    Progressive liberal morons have ousted

  • EvilCapitalistScumMwuhHaHaHa

    love that liberal tolerance.

  • fantum

    Progressive liberal morons have ousted Clarence Thomas and declared him “white!”

  • thesunisup

    Some Black’s see Clarence Thomas as Black.
    As ‘ their ‘ legal representative.
    Maybe the Justice wants to be Hispanic.
    Maybe he’s weighing prejudice against all citizens.
    Maybe those slandering the Justice aren’t grateful that old white men voted Justice Thomas onto the prestigious SCOTUS.

  • ShepDog100

    Back when the Honorable Clarence Thomas was a student, AA was intended for those because of their skin color, not because of their grades or intelligence level to be discriminated against. Everyone receiving preference now just because of skin color is a slap in the face to that person. You only get in because you’re black, not because you’re smart. Time to end it now. It’s worn out it’s welcome.

    • P!NG


  • Cathy

    Why does everyone assume that because Justice Thomas is Black, he must have received his position through affirmative action? He wasn’t smart enough or accomplished enough on his own merits to be a Supreme Court justice? That mindset is the epitome of racism. Blacks don’t need affirmative action. They just need to stop believing and acting like they’re inferior to everyone else and need extra help to get anywhere.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      The problem isn’t that blacks believe they are inferior, because most do not, the problem is by every objective measure black Americans, on average, have a 15 point IQ deficit with whites.

  • Curly Bill

    Why do universities give so few basketball scholarships to white and Asian players? Why is there no affirmative action plan to remedy this hateful display of bigotry and prejudice?

    • Chaz54

      It is the premise that should drive everything Curly….MERIT!

  • P!NG

    …or maybe make AA go both ways. The institution is required to have attendance exactly based on the demographics it resides in.

    So if it’s 90% white 10% black, there BETTER be 90% whites in there or else!

  • whatitism

    Clarence Thomas and other black leaders see and understand that if you don’t get an education and better yourself in this day and age it is not about the color of your skin but more to do with the CONTENT OF YOUR CHARACTER . Sooner or later you have to stop looking for a handout and a reason to get one and grow up ,go to work and fend for yourself like most other people.

  • Cut The Crap

    Affirmative action means a nation that is not colorblind per MLK Jrs dream. Judge Thomas is staying true to that vision by making the government more colorblind. In treating races equally we’ll have to judge people by the content of their character or their skill-set. Oh no – not that!? (Only the race-baiter crowd dislikes it…yer Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton followers.) Kudos to Judge Thomas for his courage.

    No body claimed racism at the treatment of Condi Rice or Colin Powell…so we know those same race-baiters are behind all this hating on Thomas because he was appointed by a conservative.

  • fatwaforall

    You would think that a law like affirmative action, which basically tells minorities that they are not as smart or equipped as whites, would be defined as racist in it’s own construct.

  • fantum

    The Democrat voting base… The stupidist people on the earth…

    White-guilt liberal Democrats think they need to potty-train animals who are too lazy or too stupid for even the lowest government job. When a black man succeeds in spite of their efforts to keep him on the plantation… They go into a tizzy!

    Democrats – The Party of DEATH, LIARS, RINOs, Haters, Corruption, limousine liberals, gimmiedats, cowards, perverts, racists, atheists, ACORNS, black Panthers, gang-bangers, homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts, illegal aliens, transsexuals, OWS moochers, welfare moms, freeloaders, navigators, the rest of the dregs of society, and the lowest of all, politicians, all grouped together behind a fruity little narcissist.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Only idiots would say this ruling is wrong. Lest you morons forget,
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • TheRealBillybob

      “Some say it is unfair to hold disadvantaged children to rigorous standards. I say it is discrimination to require anything less–-the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

      Coretta Scott King, as quoted in the Chicago Defender (1 April 1998), also in a tribute page at Wesleyan University

  • Amy

    So, apparently we have made so little progress that affirmative action is necessary, still, for people of color to be able to attend college??? Really?? Seems to me like the comments above are based on knee jerk political ideology more than reality or facts. I don’t think it’s the government or laws keeping people of color down at all, if they are being kept down. My brother is black, and has done very well in life because he was motivated and persistant, not because he was given anything by anyone or any organization, including my poor dysfunctional parents.

  • disqus_4dtj1diVXx

    Thomas will never make a decision that is counter to our Constitution. I’ve heard so many Blacks claim that Affirmative Action is not preferential treatment…it’s just to give them an extra boost in an unfair and racist environment. Any way you cut it, it’s still preferential treatment. Conservative “Constitutionalists” (like Thomas) should never bend to the whims and vagaries of the times.

  • kingdad

    Twitchy is a good name for this site and the twitching morons spewing their Racist rants. Seems Intolerance of diverse POV is their Purpose. Thus making them Hypocrites as well.

  • L_Dave

    There is no hate like the hate a leftist has for any “victim” who is not a leftist.

  • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty



    Once the new CONSERVATIVE Congress is seated…on their list of things to do should be that…



  • disqus_4dtj1diVXx

    Actually, no Justice should every “bend to the whims and vagaries of the day.” Unfortunately, some do. They’re called liberals.

  • djusticeofone

    People lets remember Thomas is a man first, not a perfect one, if history repeats, then we let it, do not let one person who represents himself stop your votes or rights, contact your Congressman and Senators and never let anymore issues happen this way, power is in the multitude, not the quiet. And I have a real issue with a man afraid of the people around him, so he goes with the flow, so we as people see the country going down in all directions, not just 1 color.


  • Makka2000

    Once again we see who the real racists are – democrats.
    They are keeping the black people down by keeping them unemployed and on benefits – in other words dependent on government. That way they guarantee the vote.

  • James Cliff


    You can try and spin it….sugar coat it….but it’s still RACIST.

  • Makka2000

    Funny how Asians arrive here with nothing, send their kids to the worst schools and yet….. the kids work hard and do well.
    They have no more opportunity than black kids – they just work harder.

    • Oh crap

      work is the four letter word most blacks avoid like the plague. Under the guise of i aint no slave.

  • eyesjamesq

    Affirmative discrimination.

  • Chaz54

    Actually, DJUSTICE, the country is going down due to the fact that the imbecile that you helped get 2 terms in the WH surrounds himself with people who want race to be an issue as that is a means of getting votes. When will libs embrace MERIT as the driving characteristic rather than drawing the race card?

    • warpmine

      As they say, when hell freezes over!

  • Beezle

    We have seen where Affirmative Action gets us. We have the worst President in history that should enough to discourage this racist activity.

  • Filibusta Rhymes

    I love how it can’t just be a well-considered ruling based on the constitution. No, it must be that Justice Thomas just hates black people.

  • Common Sense

    Nothing like a racist black judge to bring out the racist comments from fellow blacks. Where’s the outrage against Obama who threw every black voter under the bus?

    • Big Rob

      But he gave me a phone and “Obama Money”

  • Malik Nidal

    I particularly loved the “5/9th racist” tweet….seeing as the opinion was 6:2…can ANY liberal do 1st grade math??

    • Don Carpenter

      Since when have facts gotten in the way of a racist lefty making a point?

    • Chaz54

      Priceless….good catch.

  • blinkin357

    The only racists I see these days happen to be black.

    It makes no sense for blacks to racially attack a successful, qualified justice for supporting equality as dictated by our Constitution and was actually preached by MLK.

    • Oh crap

      they dont care they just hate whitey period.

  • Oh crap

    Only thing to do then is

    BOYCOTT the National Felons League! Boycott the NBA and the NCAA as well.

    Do not watch the games live or on TV. do not buy their flawed products either!

  • astralweeks

    MLK had a dream where a person was not judged on the color of their skin, that’s just what affirmative action does. But it’s understandable the left hates that…after all, MLK was a Republican.

  • Stick

    Wow, seems the black college graduates are upset they lost a privilege.

  • OldmanRick

    John Thomas said: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”……….. What an incredibly simple yet brilliant idea. However, it does seem in this country some citizens wish to be treated much better than all other citizens.

  • AsleepNoMore

    Affirmative action is an insult to minorities (although we would be foolish not to use it, if it still stands and caucasians become a minority). It demonstrates a lack of confidence in their ability to succeed on the same criteria as everyone else. Affirmative action gives special consideration to particular groups. Whenever you treat one group differently than another, you are harming those not included in
    the protected group. That is why our founding documents stress the importance of individual rights and the protection of those rights. If individual rights are protected, no one is adversely affected and everyone benefits. I have seen negative impacts of affirmative action firsthand.

    At a NJ county college, students knew there were barely enough minorities enrolled to keep federal funding rolling in. Knowing that the school would not fail them and risk losing funding, minorities would walk into exams, put their names on their papers and leave, while everyone else did the work required to pass.

    At a major national telecommunications company, incompetent and non-productive minorities were regularly promoted over productive and competent caucasians, in
    order to meet quotas. Encouraging incompetence and non-productivity serves no one.

  • David Johnson

    It never ceases to amaze me that there are actually people do not see this issue as a HUGE part of why race relations are so bad today. It’s bad enough that Obama constantly preaches the victim mantra to all non-whites (it’s all Mitt Romney’s fault that you find yourself in the situation you are in) but the fact that blacks react so viciously when anyone suggests that they should not be moved to the front of the line for jobs, school placement, and everything else in life based on nothing more than the color of their skin. Good luck with that…..

  • doug1961

    Check out all the racist “gimmes” who use Twitter.
    Someone tell those racist fools that Affirmative Action is the epitome of racism.

  • Abby Normal

    Looks like all of the Obama voters crawled out of the woodwork and got on twitter upset because they might not get something for nothing. If Clarence Thomas did hate his race, who could blame him.

  • wes the pirate

    Reverse racism is still racism

  • Mark Tipton

    So let me get this straight … Uncle Tom put his life in danger to help those who were seeking to escape slavery … and liberals apparently see this as a bad thing as they believe calling someone an “Uncle Tom” is a derogatory statement …

    So the guy who put his life on the line to save those escaping slavery is the bad guy in their minds and also according to them, minorities cannot make it on their own but need special help …

    and minorities believe these are their friends?

  • Murray D. Michael

    It is apparent that the “tweeters” failed to take advantage of their shot at an education – to say nothing about the total lack of class in their remarks

  • Oh crap

    RACISTS unite!!!!!!!!!

  • azdiamondbax

    I really feel sorry for a large segment of the African America population that voluntarily enslaves itself to the progressive plantation and hates on those that escape and betters themselves.

  • Rider

    We’ve had affirmative action for more than 50 years – more than 4 generations of K-12 education. Isn’t it about time for Blacks to take some responsibility for their poor academic achievement?

  • ADLoggy

    The vote was 6 to 2 to uphold Michigan’s law yet the racist liberals immediately targeted a black man. Nine others voted the same as Justice Thomas but the liberal racists attack the only black Justice and not a word on the nine white justices. How pathetic, because it will be blacks voting at 95% to support racists like this.

    • TracyJean

      There are only 9 justices on the Supreme Court and Kagan didn’t
      participate. The vote was 6-2. Sotomayor and Ginsberg were the two
      dissenters. Breyer voted in favor with the “conservatives”

      • ADLoggy

        My Bad Tracy. I’m running on fumes right now. Thanks for the correction.

  • Josh

    See what happens when you go against them? You will be attacked, not for your logic, but for the emotions.

  • TheRealBillybob

    “SCOTUS decision today shows it’s 5/9ths racist.”
    About a 6 to 2 decision!
    Homey don’t play that arithmetic stuff!

  • Gaelic Grandeur

    Call him what you want lefties. He’s got a job… know..all the stuff Obama promised you.

  • Big Rob

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a
    nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of
    their character.”

    MLK hates his own race apparently…….

  • Dennis_Webb

    Nothing so inflames liberal racism against blacks as when a black man or woman leaves behind the liberal plantation and thinks and works for himself. Liberals feel so betrayed when a black man thinks for himself. After all, look at all they have done for him: he should be grateful and remain their property forever.

  • TheRealBillybob

    Why do so many blacks hate Correta Scott King?

    “Some say it is unfair to hold disadvantaged children to rigorous standards. I say it is discrimination to require anything less–-the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

    Coretta Scott King, as quoted in the Chicago Defender (1 April 1998), also in a tribute page at Wesleyan University

  • Abe L knows Carney is a Commie

    America is at a crisis crossroads and needs its best and brightest to succeed. Enough with playing the race card. We need the absolute best people to take tomorrow’s leadership positions if we are to dig ourselves out of the mire that fifty years of civil rights liberalism have placed us in. It’s not about black or white, it’s about everyone being treated equally in terms of their opportunities given. If a minority wants to get into Michigan, they have all the same freedoms to place their records of accomplishment against those of other races, genders and nationalities and to expect that those records will be judged equally.

  • Dr Michael Williams

    Little side note here. It is HATRED, not HATE. Hate is a verb, hatred is the noun. Example: Justice Thomas received hatred from people who hate him. Noun=person, place, or thing. Verb= action or state of being. Either this is no longer taught in journalism school or a whole lot of people failed English 101 (9th grade equivalent).

    • warpmine

      They done failt it! :)

    • Beowulfe

      At least they didn’t use the non-word “irregardless”. God, that makes my hair hurt every time I hear that!

  • Dennis Richardson

    In the view of many, only a powerful central government that forces changes on a society can anyone truly move up by climbing over others with government assistance. Powerful central government is fascism similar to the world you will not want but is making a come back, feudalism of the past. In the near future when that evil government achieves its goal the human race will reside in a fascist nightmare caused by stupid ass liberals like you that are filled with envy of other peoples hard work. Do not believe in work or ideas where investments come from, just envy others peoples work and intellectual understanding of the world that they live in. Ignorance of reality will lead liberals to an early death. Social darwinism may but does not have to cause massive death.

  • Oh crap

    Only thing to do then is

    BOYCOTT the National Felons League! Boycott the NBA and the NCAA as well.

    Do not watch the games live or on TV. do not buy their flawed products either!

    • Kristi Segovia

      and I think I’ll boycott all those BLACK colleges, Black pageants and the BET…

  • Mike Alan

    If liberals are so into affirmative action, let them choose doctors who got into med school because of it,

  • neverfooled

    If I were a minority, I’d be both embarrassed and outraged that anyone would lower the bar robbing me of the self-pride of accomplishment.

    Affirmative Action = Special Olympics for minorities.

  • Joe Smith

    what these haters don’t seem to understand is that the case was not about the merits of AA, it was about the ability of the electorate to decide for themselves rather than leaving it up to the unelected college administrators. did these idiots not even read Breyer’s concurring opinion? just astonishing and scary the level of ignorance that is spread by social media.

  • tickyul

    W-A-R CT, a voice that consistently votes on the side of sanity.

    Stuff it all you whiny Hipsters/Libstinkers/Dog$h*tocrats…………..LMFAO.

  • pjsolarz

    Thomas saw what affirmative action has done to our society and realized it. He did the right thing. How many fire departments, factories, police departments and other businesses had to hire someone because of the color of their skin as opposed to what was under the hood? How do you think this has affected performance in these organizations? Obama is thee largest recipient of affirmative action and we’ve seen what a mess he has made.

    • rsdfwd

      Or just as bad or worse, a woman who couldn’t carry the equipment and handle the hose.

  • Jonathan Miller

    Black people have been called many names, and have been accused of having lower intelligence, lower class, lower ability, etc, for years by haters.
    Now they have an opportunity to face the haters with their heads held high and say, “We got no special favors and excelled on our own.” To give people special advantages because of things like race is no different or capricious than giving them those favors for their hair or eye color.
    For Blacks to now criticize having an equal opportunity makes little sense. If you don’t get a job or scholarship for your color or sex, maybe it would be a good thing to base it on something you can affect, like your grades, your sports participation, your community involvement, your personal work ethic… Welcome to the Real World.

  • Armand Rodriguez

    Simply proof there is no brand of bigotry and racism that is acceptable – it is all the exact same sickness and evil. It has become so ingrained into black culture that it will require a societal movement to cure.

  • lou

    So let’s assume it is too early to get rid of Affirmative Action…when will it be OK to rid our nation of this albatross?

    • Kommando_Oskar

      Never as long as the gimmedat race baiters are still around to make money off of it

  • rsdfwd

    Uh, we all all the same race – human.

    Neat how liberals are for special privileges and also don’t realize that the “Uncle Tom” of the novel was a good guy. Ignorant fools, all.

  • Armand Rodriguez

    Nothing sickens Thomas’ critics more than watching him judge people on the content of their character and not on the color of their skin. Truly MLK must be spinning in his grave at such a thought.

  • Pelosi Galore

    MLK had a dream….to live in a world where people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. It would appear that MLK was a Republican…..and a RACIST!

  • JohnnySunshine

    Perhaps the idiots forget that Clarence Thomas didn’t state his race when applying to and being accepted by Yale Law School. When he arrived (and he could no longer conceal the color of is skin), Yale noticed and considered rescinding their acceptance. Yeah, affirmative action.

  • Eric Anderson

    Look at all the liberals insisting on the inferiority and inherent un-equality of brown-skinned people.

    “Liberals” are exactly the opposite.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Tolerance, 21st Century style.

  • ChokingLiberalsWithFacts

    Liberals. What? Were they thinking?

  • Ratt Stone

    Man, the liberals just goes bonkers when a Black goes Conservative. Well, I can relate to them, I feel the same way when a White votes Democrat.

  • James Valentine

    How many people here realize twitchy, which is supposed to be the conservative alternative, is in fact a censor, just like the lefties. Perhaps the twitchies haven’t figured this out: the best remedy for controversial speech is more free speech, not less.

  • neverfooled

    Oh I get it. You hear MLK’s message for all to be equal, and spout it from the rooftops, right up until you realize you don’t get any special treatment.

    Hate really does make you blind.

  • djh

    It cracks me up that some people see CT as the anti-MLK. Both were conservative Republicans who “…look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Throughout history, conservative Republicans, starting with Lincoln, have done the heavy lifting on civil rights. And, yet, modern American blacks only see that their Democrat plantation owners are willing to buy their votes with free cell phones and food stamps. This is not what MLK was talking about! Before hammering CT as a “Tom”, consider that since he was appointed – by a Republican, Clinton (the self-proclaimed 1st black president) appointed 2 justices, and Obama (the 1st half black president) appointed two justices and none of them were (and still aren’t) black. All the while, Census Bureau figures show that blacks have lost ground to whites in every single economic indicator during Obama’s administration. His economic policies continue to line the pockets of the bankers and brokers. Seriousely, if you’re looking for a Tom, why is Obama getting a pass? Isn’t he actually “in the house”?

  • NickGranite

    This is how dependents (or children for lack of a better word) react when a parent figure tells them things they don’t want to hear.

  • Mike Smith

    Oh you liberals, you crack me up with that phony “we’re not racist” and yet you post the most vile things about a black man with the capacity to think for himself.

  • Pro Putin

    This is funny. When you’re black and do the right thing, you’re an Uncle Tom. When you’re white, you’re a racist.

  • Buck Ofama

    A+ for Justice Thomas, who courageously stood against a social program that has long outlasted any good intent.

  • Kommando_Oskar

    You might be a liberal if…
    You go on about tolerance and diversity, but can’t tolerate diversity of opinion
    You think it’s racist if black candidates don’t win, but you hate Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas and Allen West
    You rail against capitalism and big corporations….on Facebook
    You call Bush a war criminal while wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt
    You hate religion, but call conservatives Islamophobes
    You sue your school district because your daughter broke a nail playing dodgeball, but think murdering unborn babies is a right
    You don’t eat meat, but can’t see the fact that other animals do
    You think you’re free, but rely on the state to pay your health care and mortgage
    If you can’t walk past the Oreo display at the market without thinking of Justice Clarence Thomas
    If you can’t read the phrase “Justice Clarence Thomas” without getting red in the face
    If you use the words “raaaaacist”, “hater” or “nazi” at least once a day,

  • ardee2x

    Justice Thomas is on the Supreme Court for life, that’s for-evah. Whine all you can libbies.

  • BigTex33

    This one is my favorite:
    “Umm… Maybe the Supreme Court shouldn’t be mostly old white guys & a
    black guy who really wants to be liked by old white guys.”

    Hmm…let’s see…mostly old white guys…theres:
    1) Roberts – Not so old white guy
    2) Scalia – Old, but not so white (immigrant parents: Sicilian father / Italian mother)
    3) Kennedy – Old white guy
    4) Thomas – Old, definitely not white
    5) Ginsburg – Old, white but definitely not a guy
    6) Breyer – Old white guy
    7) Alito – Not so old and not so white (Italian immigrant parents)
    8) Sotomayor – Not old, not white, not a guy
    9) Kagan – Not old, white, guy…questionable but I don’t think so

    So apparently 3 really white guys and 2 Italian immigrants makes the court “a bunch of old white guys”. There you have it.

  • gildersleeve

    Justice Thomas make it the old way, he worked for it. Affirmative action has long since lost its value. If someone for an African or South American country got preferential treatment just because of skin color, it is not right. Thomas was and is right. Why give someone a hand up that just got into the country yesterday and make it harder on a citizen? Liberalism is a disease.

  • Samantha Cruz

    these posts prove the exact point the supreme court was making.. no matter how qualified Clarence Thomas is; the racist left assume that he only got the job because of his skin color. Affirmative action basically says that minorities cannot succeed on their own merits.

    • aemoreira81

      The problem is that it is pretty hard to disprove the idea that Clarence Thomas was an affirmative action nominee…if one says that Obama benefited from affirmative action, one has to at least ask the question of Thomas (who went to law school when it was at its peak in the 1970s). What also does not help is the idea that Clarence Thomas is often seen as just tacking on to what Antonin Scalia says (although he does not always do so).

      Affirmative action would have to be gone for at least a generation before the suspicion disappears.

      • Ratt Stone

        In other words, you are saying all us old folks need to die off.

        • aemoreira81

          Not only no, but you have to be slow or depraved to conclude that.

      • warpmine

        Look for his transcripts and then we’ll know for sure. I’m betting he was advanced primarily for his merit rather than race. His background was also taken into account.

        • aemoreira81

          You must not have read Thomas’ own autobiography; he is not even sure.

  • FK46
    • warpmine

      Once again, lying by omission.

  • Gamer Dad

    Its good to see the backlash about the ruling and all. Fits in with the whole race war promotion. But where is the real reporting? Maybe a snippet or 2 of the majority opinion. Why did they vote that way? And if its true that Clarence Thomas did get into school do to affirmative action, wouldn’t it be somewhat important to try to understand why he’s against it now?
    Or is this a liberal website and facts don’t mean anything? First time here.

  • Tim

    So, I take it the average black person believes it’s perfectly “okay” to discriminate against white people based on the color of their skin and ethnic heritage?

    • Ratt Stone


      • Tim

        Yeah, so in essence, Clarence Thomas is standing up to shame other black people and to tell them that it’s wrong for them to give preferential treatment to anyone based on skin color. And I think he’s morally consistent and correct. I also think that most black people need to stop and think about this and ask themselves if they are being morally consistent, or if they are going on what other people fed them in political-speak?

        This is a time where we have to start expecting that people are going to be treated according to their character and their talents but not their skin color. And honestly, in the end analysis, white people DO want to hire qualified and talented black people ahead of everyone else because we’re DAMN IMPRESSED when we meet professional, educated, focused and intelligent black people. It’s the truth.

  • TransplantedTexan

    In this era of political correctness, reality has become racism.

  • Reardon Steele

    What a display of colossal ignorance in these tweets. Sad.

  • Jack76

    Affirmative action was a scam, a con and a tool of the race baiters – they’re just mad because it’s gone.

    • Ratt Stone

      Not gone yet, we still have two years of it left in the White House.

      • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

        It would appear that you might harbor just a smidgeon of racism toward “The Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama♠. I could be wrong …….. but you’re in good company.

  • Bob Leahy

    These Twitter comments hurt those who wrote them more that Thomas. It is the ultimate level of stupidity to base admissions on skin color!

  • Karen Con

    Thomas apparently recognizes the importance of state’s rights and that AA is racist and unconstitutional. He gives me hope for America.

  • Biytor .

    OH NOES!!! We are going to be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin now…

  • setagl

    affirmative action is nothing more than a politically deceptive name of an act of blatant racial discrimination. Racial discrimination was wrong when perpetrated by whites on blacks and is just as wrong and inexcusable when perpetrated by blacks and/or their liberal advocates on whites.
    Clarence Thomas is my hero, and those of you who are criticizing him for this decision are in my opinion “hipos”.

  • Leretseh

    Amazing the visceral HATE blacks for those who dare to think different. It also down right amazes me how much blacks see white people (the white community) as their only source of prosperity and self-worth. How about OPRAh, MICHEAL JORDAN, KOBE BRYANT, TIGER WOODS, Quincy JONES, BEYONCE, KANYE WEST…and on and on it goes, why don’t all these wealthy blacks move from their exclusive white communities and live in black communities?,

    Show be a black male football player or basketball player who just got his million dollar contract buying a home in a black community. Doesn’t happen. Tells me blacks have NO FAITH in their black communities.

    • Ratt Stone

      Tells me they are running from their Black Communities.

  • Ratt Stone

    We can’t be racist, hell, you watched an NBA game lately ?

  • Bob Leahy

    I am confused, I thought Martin Luther King didn’t want us to judge based upon skin color!?!?

    • Ratt Stone

      You thought correct Sir.

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      That’s what MLK, Jr. wanted them to believe, however, he grossly overestimated their abilities.

  • Gallo

    Thank you Clarence Thomas for your “No” vote to end this disgusting Affirmative Action nonsense. One gets into school, based on grades and test scores, not skin color. Should be obvious

  • IHiJump

    So I thought there were more than just two races living in this country…

  • Aleric

    Scumbag Liberals, its not like this is a shock to those who actually pay attention to the vile they have been spewing over the years.

  • Andrew Arnold

    I can’t fathom why these left-wing loons can’t understand that affirmative action violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment…

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      It’s the reason they got homosexual/polygamous marriage, so they’d better like it or lump it.

  • mjs0177

    If SCOTUS voted to strike down the Michigan law, that would be basically saying there is a right to Affirmative Action in the Constitution, which there clearly is not. The court is correct to not get involved in creating policy that is best left to the states in this instance.

  • Snickle Fartsworth

    If the black man doesn’t tow the party line, then the party will lynch him. Liberals are so full of hate.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Sad to see that so many blacks still want to live on the plantation, so their white masters, reid, pelosi, and the rest of the white progressives, can tell them what to do each day.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white as the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair wearing a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion into a bizarre alternate universe. Destination: a country that was once a shining beacon of tolerance and diversity but is now presided over by a man whose unabashed ethnic supremacy is matched only by the endless tirade of bitter hateful rhetoric from his loyal minions, a nation formerly called the United States of America but with each passing day becomes more and more a part of The Twilight Zone.”

  • Tim

    Also, it’s a damn shame that black people are down on Clarence Thomas about a JUST RULING and saying all kinds of insulting things about him racially, but he’s one of the most powerful people in the country sitting at the top of one of the 3 major branches of Government. He is judging what is CONSTITUTIONAL and THAT MEANS YOU DON’T GET TO RULE WHAT YOU “FEEL”, YOU MUST RULE ON WHAT IS “LEGAL”! These dumboes need to read history about how the Supreme Court (before slavery was abolished) once ruled on how they “FELT” in order to keep slavery alive, and it was very, very WRONG.

    Clarence Thomas made a courageous ruling. A righteous ruling. And I’m proud of him as a HUMAN BEING, not a ‘black man’!

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      Justice, righteousness, logic, truth, don’t mean a thing to these people. It’s all about blackness.

  • guerreromalo

    Most of the negative comments about Justice Thomas seem to be from colored people.

  • tnmccoy

    Are black and white liberals thinking that affirmative action is going to last forever? They can’t get rid of the racist, selfish attitudes to prove themselves in the marketplace? And they can’t accept such a loss because Jackson and Sharpton and their ilk would lose their ‘jobs that aren’t really jobs.’ No more strong arming of employers, no bribes, no intimidation—but more jobs, less stress and danger in the workplace and more harmony. We must move past these crutches called affirmative action [because in the long run it’s really defirmative action.]

  • Bob Leahy

    Democrats are clearly the party of HATE!

  • Tantalus XVI

    Kermit Gosnell who?

  • John Marshall Johnson III

    Another case of the Democrats trying to keep black people on the Democratic plantation.

  • ErnieBanks

    Me thinks I see some racists…

  • jon doe

    When all they can do is whine about racism… Yo know you have won the argument. Its the last gasp of the desperate.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Wow, the Leftie Democrats are the most vicious and hateful people in America. What a pathetic and hypocritical ilk they are.

  • $26278289

    Bwaah! Babies want their entitlement lollipop!

  • JJJ

    I liked America more when it was populated by Americans, not black Americans, gay Americans, Short Americans, Tall Americans and the list goes on….I was happy with just Americans

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      Slavery was the worst thing that ever happened to America.

  • DownTheDrain

    A very high percentage of blacks in this country appear to be a lost cause. They are junkies addicted to help from “their betters”….it’s depressing..i haven’t seen much progress in sixty years…certainly some blacks are thriving but too large a portion appear to be regressing.

    • JJJ

      Because they(African-Americans) stopped voting, en masse, Democratic and if they can’t be relied upon to vote for the left, then the left will find a group who will……enter, illegal aliens made legal and who will vote for those that; “Set them free!”

  • EEDDGGY1776

    I’m repeating myself, but, the Democrats in America are truly hateful and a despicable excuse for human kind.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Memo to the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and President Obama:

    Your craven cowardly silence is silent wholehearted approval.

  • Neuro Mancer

    Maybe he didn’t get the message that because he’s black he must vote a certain way on every issue that affects minorities even if doing so violates the constitution.

    These morons are angry that he stayed true to his oath?

    As a reminder, here’s what that oath says:

    “I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

  • rfrman

    Was it not Dr. King that said he “drempt of an America where a man could be judged by his own merits and not the color of his skin?” Why does ones skin color have to come into play? It seems that the liberals are the ones that are the racist here.

  • Josh Randall

    Funny how these crybabies don’t mention the Affirmative Action poster child we have in the White House.

    • Neuro Mancer

      Oh no. He got there because he EARNED it. You know… by being way smarter than the rest of us (and, apparently, by walking on water).

      Sooooo. Community Organizer is a real job?

  • jonavark

    Interesting that to a person they all revealed how woefully ignorant they are.

  • RW Reagan

    When do these racist idiots propose we end Affirmative Action? Not until whites become a minority, I suppose?

    • Oh crap

      bingo thats the plan…..

  • Reticulator

    Clarence Thomas should understand that when you take assistance from a government program that the government then owns you and owns your political views.

  • DonF48

    So truth is really based on skin color? Can a man uphold principles of the Constitution without being subjected to hate speech from those that have the same skin color? I guess having red blood does not qualify as being human.
    And if the constitution can say that you have more of a right than someone else, can it not be turned around on you and say that you have lesser rights than someone else? That is exactly what affirmative action is. And it should cause such hatred for merely standing up for that principle.

  • $12464849

    I guess a better question for all of these left wing blacks is, why do you think you need a preference? Are you self hating??? Do you think that you are stupid? Why should you get “extra points” just because of your skin color?? WHY???

    • Neuro Mancer

      Sharpton said it when he told blacks at a rally that they won’t be able to get jobs now.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Reparations for past transgressions.

  • barry ocarter ll

    I hope he lives to 110, never asks a question , and votes for conservative constitutional rulings.

    • James Valentine

      no, he should ask questions. I think he’s being dogmatic, i.e. he didn’t ask any questions when he first arrived, maybe because he lacked confidence in his ability to follow the arguments, and now, after all this time he’s afraid to admit asking questions is absolutely necessary to be a fully functioning supreme court justice

  • Cola_GCock

    Clarence Thomas is just saying he thinks blacks are smart enough to make it on their own without special help.

    Clearly these Tweeters think blacks are not able or smart enough to make it without affirmative action. It is sad that some people still think black people are so incapable.

  • Mad_Gorilla

    Maybe the reason blacks are always screaming about not getting their fair share is because they’re too bloody stupid to realize that they should be listening to people like Clarence Thomas instead of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

  • SteveO

    There should be a law that tweets should identify where they come from. “this post brought to you from an ObamaPhone.”

  • barry ocarter ll

    Some of these tweets are from very stupid people. Thomas is the opposite of MLK? He is the same. He hates blacks because all Americans should be given equal access and equal opportunity? Al Sharpton type blacks make me want to just vomit. I don’t owe u anything and we should be on equal ground. We are in the America I live in.

  • NueeArdente

    Pitful people. Thomas voted for what was fair and right unlike Sotomeyer who voted race.

  • Oh crap

    Only thing to do then is

    BOYCOTT the National Felons League! Boycott the NBA and the NCAA as well.

    Do not watch the games live or on TV. do not buy their flawed products either!

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      I don’t watch ‘thugball,’ football, and I don’t watch ‘ghettoball,’ basketball. I don’t care for their tattoos.

  • VetMike

    What can you say? They keep stoking the fire and it will blow up in their face very soon.

  • Oh crap

    If it is unconstitutional in one state it should be unconstitutional in all states

  • Kerry Vail

    Oh, it’s still around. They just changed the name to “diversity.” A fresh buzzword that will continue to allow companies to hire unqualified employees based on skin color rather than actual talent.

  • LastBestHope

    The Democrats would lynch Justice Thomas if they could…they have a lot of practice doing that crime in their infamous past. Nothing infuriates the Left more than a man who sees them for who they are…destroyers of the black family.

  • Sir Loinsteak

    Nice of Sotomayor to provide contrast to Thomas’s eminently logical decision. Is there any doubt who the racist is?

    • LegalizeShemp

      Remember Sotomayor’s self styled statement, “I would think a wise Latina would make better decisions than a white male”. Now you see who the real racists are.

  • Senor C O Jones

    Time for all God’s children to step up and earn it. Dat’s all. Look at what affirmative action brought us. Baraca Hussein Obama

    • James Valentine

      lol, are you saying the blacks have trouble with the the sound made by “th”?

  • bubba60609

    Ah, the love from the left. And they don’t even realize how stupid, ignorant, racist and hateful they are. What a pity.

  • Northwest3

    All I see are “Racist Comments” by true racist’s — just look at the pictures of the commentors

    • Oh crap

      you obviously have no clue what racism even is!

  • $1719951

    Classic African American reaction to someone who thinks for himself….vilify him, call him an uncle Tom, ostracize him. No wonder American Blacks are not respected…..even by the liberals who won’t admit it in public. If 95% of black voters vote for Obama the black candidate, it is logical to assume it is a racist vote.

    • Nick Jihad

      If anything less than 106% of black voters vote for Obama, their voting rights have been stolen by conservatives!

  • Peter Rathbone

    Affirmative action is for professional victims… Nothing more.

  • thedudefromnc

    More proof of who the REAL racists are in our country; Liberals. Why would Thomas’s race matter in his decision making? I guess the only true black man is one that knows his place on the Democrat plantation and follows his liberal massa’s orders.

  • $372161

    When a black man finally takes “equal protection” seriously he is vilified by the left. How droll.

  • rockychance

    Liberals are evil little t..ds are they not?

  • Disappointed

    These posts are so offensive and I am so ashamed for the authors.

  • Peter Rathbone

    FACT: In 2010, 67% of all NFL players were black and 31% were white…
    FACT: In 2011 78% of all NBA players were black 17% percent white…

    I’d say it’s time for a little white affirmative action… But of course… that wouldn’t be FAIR would it….

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    The anti-intellectual leftists’ tweets does two things for me: 1) causes me to laugh at their hypocrisy and stupidity; and, 2) reminds me how much that group is in it for the free stuff. I’ve long prayed that righteousness would prevail and role down like a mighty river to prevent an affirmative action person from taking my son’s slot in a medical school, for which he has been so admirably striving.

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    Remember, lefties, 0bama wouldn’t be president if not for affirmative action by guilt-ridden whites, and black racists.

  • Snuffy 18

    Worst negro in history?
    I’d pick Idi Amin, although he’s probably a leftist hero of some sort…

    • Carolyn

      Barrack Obama aka Barry Sotero tops my list!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Amazing that the same people who tout the wonders of MLK don’t even believe in his statement about judging on the content of character, not color of skin. They believe just the opposite.

  • SmartDoctor

    I LOVE the vicious, racist, vitriolic hate ridden intolerance on the part of the Left/Communist community when it comes to a black man who can and actually wants to think for himself! Have you noticed, the new way to say ni6 6er in a 21st Century, politically correctly manner these days is to use the term “Negro”. Sorry you pathetic, useful idiots, your world has changed, and you in the back of the bus. Thomas is right. In the words of St. Michael Jackson, “You are ignorant.” Affirmative action is racist. It always was, always will be. Some moron posted that Thomas used AA to get into college and law school. So I posit: Could Justice Thomas have gotten into his schools on his merit alone? I think the answer would be a resounding “YES”. But of course, you monsters think all Neggroes are ignorant and incompetent, and need imbeciles like yourselves to ease their path into mainstream society. You are truly pathetic. Glad I don’t think people are dumb merely because of the color of their skin. Now go do something worthy to match your righteous indignation: smoke some pot or as your affirmative action President would do, blow some coke.

  • jojo

    He is where he is by his hard work and ambition. He would be successful with or without affirmative action. Affirmative action was only a tool not a guarantee. A tool that he used not a ready made success handed to him. Affirmative action is a double edged sword guaranteeing some access where they are doomed to failure.

  • LeonTheKungFuJew

    I’m sorry. I want nothing to do with these people. I don’t want to find common ground. I don’t recognize they are Americans.

    Civil War is our only hope of getting out of this. How else are you going to sway these people back to reality?

  • BeachBum90254

    I used to have to drive through a bunch of the black urban neighborhoods and now I understand why they are so upset about racism. They all have to have bars on their windows and doors to prevent white people from coming down there and stealing their stuff. Its a tragedy that white people keep driving down there and shooting all their black young men. I’m sure its white people that are causing all the teenage pregnancy that results in welfare families…. Yeah, its racism that’s keeping them down.
    Now they’re upset at Justice Thomas because he seems to imply they could actually get into a college based on their merits, not their race. No wonder they hate him so.

  • Nick Renn

    Perfect examples of liberal tolerance and understanding.

  • TroyGale

    The number of bitter blacks just shows how many of them can’t make successes of themselves without the entire country helping them. Frankly, why should black people have special treatment for College entrance? Let the black whiners stand on their own 2 feet for a change, whitey has been giving them a hand for far to many years, it’s about time they start being responsible for themselves. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

  • JeromeD

    The left thinks it loves MLK, but it simply doesn’t understand him.

    “…judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” is rather specific.

    It’s against -all – race-based standards.

    • Carolyn

      The left doesn’t like the constitution either.

  • peteinny

    The hate and racism which is represented by the Democrats and their supporters is unbelievable. The mantra of these people is that African Americans are incapable of succeeding unless their white democrats saviors step in and rescue them. The idea of people like Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice , Ben Carson or Allen West succeeding without their handouts is an existential threat to their power. Imagine if all African Americans realized that they had the ability to get off of the plantation which their democrat masters have placed them on? What would that do to the leaders of the NAACP and the democrat politicians?

    • aemoreira81

      Except that one can never be sure that none of them benefited from affirmative action (AA) at some point. You know that Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell did not because they finished their schooling before affirmative action came into vogue and had to earn their way on merit. Before one says—their transcripts say otherwise…how do I know that they didn’t get special treatment on the way? If you say to judge on the content of character—the presence of AA causes problems.

      In order for one to say that affirmative action didn’t benefit someone and be certain, one would not know until the end of the AA generation has retired, or is forced to reapply for their current jobs on merit.

      • Carolyn

        Precisely the point of not allowing it and allowing equality for all. People just assume that a black person got their because of affirmative action. Kagan admitted she was a recipient but recused herself. Sotomayer didn’t. Race discrimination is a cancer on our society. It is discrimination against a white person with high grades and achievements being turned down for college because of the color of their skin. Slavery ended over 100 years ago.It is the socialist dems that created the ills for the black community. Think about it. Aren’t they mostly ….white? So who is the racist?

  • Oh crap

    Well the only wise thing to do then is.
    Boycott the National Felons League. Boycott the NBA and the NCAA also.
    Do not watch the games live or on the boobtube! Do not buy their Racists products either.!!

  • bootsie_1776

    Love, love, love the progressive fascist left proving their rampant racism on a 24/7/365 basis.

  • tylerj15

    Ah liberalism , where everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as its the same one.

  • steve

    What a bunch of black racist whiners. Go back to Africa if you don’t like EQUAL rights – Thanks Justice Thomas for clear thinking

  • Discanon

    More of the “class,” “style,” and “intellectual openness” we have come to expect from the totalitarian left.

  • Floyd Pink

    I wonder if these people realize that affirmative action is actually an insult. When you support it you are admitting you couldn’t do it yourself and you needed special treatment.

  • Ken Douglas

    See the problem for liberals is that MLK’s dream did come true. Everyone is there own individual today. Judged, by the vast majority of society, on the content of ones character (as twisted as that perception of character may be). But that’s not what so called “progressives” want. Blacks only make up less than 14% of the population but will only be satisfied with 50%+ representation in all aspects of society. That’s not how it works. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity regardless of race. You don’t know where any one individual comes from or what they have had to endure in life regardless of what color they are. Of course racists exist, in every race and every corner of the planet, and always will. So do psychopaths and sociopaths (politicians?), etc. It’s human nature/stupidity. Blacks want more than their fair share and an unfair advantage. Taking race into consideration in any case should be illegal every time. Affirmative action is racism and should be illegal.

    • Carolyn

      Wells aid Ken.

  • squirefld

    By the time the mid-term elections are held in November, seven or eight other states will have, on their ballots, questions to prohibit affirmative action in college admissions, The Justice we need to thank is Justice Breyer. How does this case differ from the state laws on “gay marriage” working it’s way up to the Supreme Court? The states made a decision and Breyer ruled that they could clearly do so. Maybe a big surprise is coming and all of the screaming and hair pulling is being directed toward the wrong guy!

  • ustuffit

    What?? No special treatment? That would make everyone equal. We can’t have that.

  • loony

    liberal tolerance on display. typical.

  • Matthew

    Most of the people talking trash really couldn’t understand the point of view the supreme’s have granted they are all out of touch with America but in this case i think the age of affirmative action is over if we keep basing things off color instead of indvidual merit we will never break the cycle…….

  • ustuffit

    Affirmative Action was always sold as, “A hand up, not a hand-out.” The left proves their own lie. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime- Give a man a fish, you create a bum (aka obumbler voter) that thinks you owe him a fish every time he wants one, and thinks you should deliver and cook it for him!

  • J_Biggs

    Democrats believe that they own every minority in America. Democrats practice plantation politics. Any minority that tries to leave the Democrat plantation is severely whipped politically until they beg the masters mercy.

  • pbtruth

    I know that truth and facts are never accepted by those on the left that seem to go through life with lies and simple sayings to live by. But when did Thomas every say he got his job do to affirmative action. He worked himself up and unlike those that did not deserve their position, that they only got do to affirmative action, as they could not do it on their own as Thomas did. You must be admitting that you are inferior, since you admit you can’t make it on your own. I always thought you could make it on your own but maybe I was wrong.

    • Ice Cold Troll

      Wouldn’t a Clarence Thomas/Herman Cain ticket for 2016 be awesome, just to see the lefties sh## themselves to death over it?

  • Heather Sharp

    Those Negros slamming Thomas are just carrying on the democrat tradition of racism. For those of you not insane (Liberal) these are the scumbags you have hooked up with when you vote democrat.

  • heavensent handmaidenofthe Lor

    Just fifty odd years ago these same ppl appproved of racial quotas,and laws based on skin color. When its not thier skin color benefiting: “FOUL!!!” Its like a pregnant rape victim whose rapist found religion but refuses to pay restitution or child support.

  • allah_speaking

    Would liberals even have jobs if it weren’t for affirmative action? They certainly
    would not succeed based on their merits judging by the above

  • Mike

    Damn racist Liberals…oh yeah, that’s a label reserved only for those whites who disagree with them.

  • Mike

    Racist Liberals…oh yeah, that’s a label reserved only for those whites who disagree with them.

  • SloStrokes

    Dear democrats..
    Why is it only left wing blacks that are oppressed and discriminated against? I can only imagine the uproar from the Left if such hateful and vile invective were hurled towards a liberal icon like Sharpton.
    You are really something….

  • EEDDGGY1776

    The urban black community just can’t help themselves at all. They sold out to the Master………… i.e. the Democrat Party.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Did anyone notice! All hate responses are from blacks. They think they deserve handouts over and above all races in this country. It’s been that way for over 40 years and yet they never bettered themselves just wanted more handouts.

  • Bob Leahy

    And liberals claim the Tea party is racist?!?! This is proof that the true racists are liberal Democrats! They can’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with them, especially those minorities who don’t carry the victim card in their back pocket!

  • Bob Leahy

    This decision makes colleges colorblind, instead of preferences based upon skin color. What a concept!

  • Snickle Fartsworth

    This is why women should not be on the Supreme Court. They rule based on feelings and wishful outcomes, regardless what the constitution says.

  • Carolyn

    Wow. What venom the left spews. Affirmative action was big mistake and began the decline of this country. No. Not that blacks or minorities are stupid like some will automatically infer I meant. What I am saying is that it started the decline of personal responsibility and competition. The left has brought the public school system down the toilet. Now they don’t teach reading, writing and arithmetic. They teach them to pass a test and then they proceed with their socialist agenda. THIS is NOT fair to those in those schools. If I were rich li8ke George Soros, I would have every child in America in a private school where they could get a decent education. Hail to Clarence Thomas! You should be the chief justice.

  • Callawyn

    Pure racist hate. Typical of the Left.

    How can ANYONE be against Michigan’s Constitutional Amendment and call themselves an American??

    Yet, virtually the entire Democrat base supports institutionalized racial discrimination.

  • Garry Sills

    Blacks have been fighting against discimination for decades, now that the Supreme court is allowing States to make the choice on whether they want this law in their State, which is discrimination in it’s own right, they are up in arms about it! If your read the ignorant tweets, you know why they are up in arms. They can’t get into colleges on their own achievements, and knowledge, they have to be put in colleges by the Government, they have become so dependent upon the Government, they can’t do anything on their own to accomplish their goals in life. Most don’t have any goals, and that’s the problem. Colleges should use grades to qualify applicants for admission. The Blacks biggest problem is Government and people like Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton, keeping them in the ghettos

  • Oh crap

    Next time you see the racist on TV playing any kind of ball just turn the channel.
    Boycott the BS do it for your kids!

  • jltules

    So blacks want affirmative action because liberls have them convinced they are to stupid to make it on their own, yet same liberals take away school choice to keep said blacks in failing schools. Do I have this right?

  • SteveTate

    How dare Clarence Thomas think that a black person can compete with a white person without help from the government?

  • Michael


  • Joe Disqus

    It would be interesting to ask these angry, hateful, people what affirmative action is, and why they are so angry that Justice Thomas voted to uphold a states right to choose if they want it.

  • Michael

    Declaration of Independence

  • Michael

    Declaration of Independence

    Carnegie Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, AMA, American
    Bar Association, Civil Rights Movement and many more all founded by the ones who despises
    all Humans. Who had a hand in creating these fictions? You will get your answer
    if you look. It is about time the Rubber Stamping Supremes right a wrong. Time
    was needed. All men are created equal: Declaration of Independence:

  • NewsJet Magazine

    Good Afternoon

    Sorry we are rolling in on this late but fashionably none the less, Sotomeyer as well does not appear to be the sharpest tool in the Supreme Court and a Notable Dissenter more than not in most considerations that said it should come to an end.

    The big story of course this week has been the BLM and Bundy feud which has consumed every corner of Media Coverage one could hope for as a commenter.

    It’s a Gas baby literally with the Administrations new proposed Rancher Tax bad timing don’t ya think the O’ministration is proposing tax on Cow Flatulence or better known as Cow Farts (real) under the guise of green house gas and effect rules.

    Just who counts these Cow Fart’s is it Reid,Pelosi,Waters,Jackson,Feinsten,Boxer or maybe Harry sends his son Tory but at a Nickle a Fart you can be sure that they will be out there sniffing for Dollars.

    God Bless


  • texexpatriate

    The morons who are hating Thomas are the same morons who chose Obama and Communism over liberty. We have to realize it and do what we need to do to get rid of them. The time will come.

  • spooninleadstoforkin

    One should be admitted into college based on his academic accolades, not the color of his skin. I think MLK would be proud of Clarence Thomas.

    • r pryor

      Spoken like someone that doesn’t have a clue.

      • Ruth Kaempf

        On the contrary you sound as though you don’t have a clue. Perhaps you should read up on MLK.

      • Casca

        Did they ever get the gerbil out that you accidentally superglued up your rear end ?

  • Jazzman47

    Democrat=Race Baiter

  • Sharp Shtik

    96% of blacks voluntarily returned to the Democrat plantation for the promise of legalized theft wealth redistribution by organized crime government. Democrats are so stupid and immoral they torture and kill their own babies while they coddle their convicted rapists and murderers. Racist black Democrats could care less about the individual rights of others so it is no surpsire they hate people like Clarence Thomas who stand for individual freedom for everyone.

  • obamaisacorn

    When liberals hear the word ‘welfare’ or ‘food stamps’ they immediately tell us those are racist terms. Now let me be clear: if someone thinks of black people when they hear those words wouldn’t that make them the racists? (see: chris mathews)

  • Bridgette

    Ah, the tolerant and enlightened Left, reduced to their base, crude, hateful selves.

  • John

    How many of you would have a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon operate on one of your children if you knew that he or she got into medical school or was given an internship due to affirmative action?

    • r pryor

      Or was one of the- countless- UNQUALIFIED whites who ONLY got in due to alumni or legacy connections. This is a FACT that you racist choose to ignore.But that’s how you people “think”.

      • Casca

        Tell me again how Asian refugees can come here, not even speaking the language, yet their kids are the valedictorian a few years later while Blacks have billions thrown at them, have special set-aside spots for them, and they STILL can’t do well in school or work ?

        • r pryor

          You better learn Chinese-they will own you soon,very soon.Won’t be funny then will it.

          • Larry Smith

            no one said it was funny…it is very very sad that blacks after all these years still do not think they can compete on an even playing field.

    • Casca

      You REALLY don’t want to know just how often that happens……

  • obamaisacorn

    it is impossible for government to give to one person without discriminating against another.

  • Mackerel1

    Merit trumps race. Period. Let the best man or woman win. The ” tolerant ” left is once again revealing THEIR Racist roots. You can’t have it both ways people. To factor in race for hiring, firing, admission or promotion IS RACIST.

  • Susan Gate

    and they wonder why they can’t get hired. Full of hate and bigotry on whitey. hmm hmmm hmm.

    • r pryor

      So says the trailer Queen.

      • Je Suis Chien

        At least she payed for her trailer and isn’t living in tax-payer footed urban tree housing.

      • Casca

        Yougetalife is back with another new account sock puppet

  • Fenny Famous

    Asians oppose AA because we wanted to be over represented in college admissions. Why do blacks need AA again?

  • Mango

    Let’s face it, ignorant liberals HATE the idea of earning their place. They believe nobody should have to work to earn things because that’s too hard and therefore unfair. Anybody tries taking away some sort of “entitlement” is seen as the enemy, they’re leveling the playing field, which is just so not fair! What need do we have now for affirmative action? Are these people who tweeted this garbage, especially those who are black, honestly saying that they can’t succeed without it?? What excuse does anyone have nowadays for not being able to get into college? How about, if you support affirmative action still in 2014 it means that you’re racist because you don’t think people who are not white are capable of succeeding based on their own merit. Yes, that sounds more accurate to me..

  • Casca

    When does Affirmative Action start becoming Revenge ?

    • Ruth Kaempf

      For as long as it has been in effect. I prefer to call it payback rather than revenge. I resent it because my family immigrated to the US in the late fifties and I ask myself why we should be subjected to payback.

  • acidulous

    What real vile scum these left wing bastards are. Imagine if we on the right said the same thing about the “TOKEN” in the WH. Talk about racial profiling. Every time one of these pieces of scum talks about someone with black skin not “acting black” they are talking about people not acting according to a racial profile. They are NOT against profiling. As long as it’s THEIR profile and it furthers the Marxist agenda. You P’sOS – your spit isn’t fit to clean the bottom of Thomas’ shoes.

  • Rachel Schueler

    I am glad we have men like judge thomas. All races are equal and no one person, white, black, yellow, brown or red, should be up above another….

    • roval

      Justice Thomas is a liberals worst nightmare.He actually did it on his own,without the government.

  • bluemongoose

    Racism to the core! No, NOT Clarence Thomas, but all you racists for criticizing him for believing that you should be judged by your merit and character. You’ve been brainwashed by the liberals to believe this, when their intention is to keep you down and ignorant, needing government handouts, so as to impose socialism (until they can come stronger with communism), and assure the overthrough of the U.S. You’ll then see how they will really control you. Please, get educated and learn how to do for yourself what you think AA can do. You will begin to understand why conservatism is the only option to save our country…one country, under God. Blessings.

  • Ruth Kaempf

    Hmm, Sotomayor is clearly an AA appointment. Her 53 page retort to the Michigan AA issue is proof that she can’t have been appointed because of merit, or she would have made a cogent argument in a page or two.

  • roval

    The true racists are the liberal Democrats attacking Justice Thomas.He is a liberal’s worst nightmare.He got where he is today without a Government handout or preference.He did it on his own.Justice Thomas did not ask for anything but a chance for life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness,and succeeded.He proved that anyone can accomplish their goals,without Government,or playing the race card.

    • Casca

      Therefore, to the Libs , he is a dangerous man and must be destroyed…..

  • Hoax & Chains!

    The worst racists in today’s America are the race hustling, poverty pimping, Jew hating, Israel bashing leftists of the world. They are incredibly disgusting.

    • roval


  • Equality

    equal·i·ty noun i-ˈkwä-lə-tē
    : the quality or state of being equal : the quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.
    This does not mean advantaged. Do you want equality or give me something cause somebodies great great great grandaddy was a slave? Quit bashing and start living up to the above definition.

  • DAK41

    OK. Got it now.

    State sponsored discrimination for whites = BAD.

    State sponsored discrimination for everyone else = GOOD.
    Really love that lefty logic (where hypocrisy knows no limits).

    • roval

      Discrimination against any race…bad.

  • H. G.

    Clarence Thomas a racist? Hmmm, this decision helps Asian-Americans get into school at a higher rate, so how is that racist. Btw…Asians in the US were discriminated against with AA in schools. The true racists are the Democrats who support quotas rather than merit.

    • roval

      Japanese,Asian AMERICANS,were placed in internment camps behind barbed wire under armed military during WWII.,by a Democrat President…F.D.R. I wonder why liberal school teachers don’t teach children correct history?

  • roval

    These threatening comments by these liberals proves racism still exists in the Democrat Party today,as it did in the twentieth century.when Democrats and the KKK threatened blacks and voted against any law to protect their rights granted under the Constitution for all is sickening.but I hope this wakes people up and they see what racist monsters the Democrats are today.

  • Charles

    You mean Clarence Thomas doesn’t think blacks should get something for nothing anymore? Good for him..

    Although I know he’s gonna catch hell from all the gov’t parasites and the so-called intellectuals in our establishments of “higher learning.”


    The issue for LIBTARD’s is that they ALL fear anybody that questions their ideas. That fear lead to hate, question for LIBTARD’s do you love at all? Because the opposite of love is fear, then that fear leads to hate.

  • ccitizen60

    Just more of the hysteria and intolerance that characterizes the left.

  • Conan the Republican

    I must AGAIN educate the Great Unwashed Left. To wit:

    “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker T. Washington, 1911

    Suck on THAT, leftie scum.

  • liven-in-iraq

    The decision was 6-2. Why aren’t the liberals bashing the one liberal justice that sided with the conservatives? And of course, they also didn’t single out any of the other conservative justices… only the black one. Oh no. I must be a racist for pointing that out.

  • bikerscholar

    The dominant black culture is an embarrassment to themselves. Sadly, they are too preoccupied with retribution against whites to even know it. Hatefulness and entitlement thinking will lead to personal and corporate sorrows.

  • Russ

    We need to spot light and expose “Black Racist”.

  • caligula

    he voted for human equality. it’s what their ancestors fought for.
    leftists are literally insane.

  • coldything

    It appears that the black twitter community do not want to have to compete for the same acedemic slots without a crutch or handout or unearned gift or unearned points. Affirmative Action has been around for 50 years, and if they haven’t yet figured out that you should earn your way thru life, I guess thats why we have such a high % of minorities on welfare. Why work to earn it when you can get it free nothing.

  • coldything

    Look at govt jobs. Higher % of minorities have govt jobs because its almost imposible to get fired, no matter how incompetent you are!!

  • Informed Voter

    Wow, are the liberals pissed off today! Tough! Affirmative actions is reverse discrimination period!

  • Knowsbettah

    All Thomas is saying is b lack people have advanced and don’t NEED affirmative action any more. Glad to see they’re arguing with the point, obviously it’s in error.

  • coldything

    Demand better teaching, and better schools. Then your intellect will be brought to light. Minorities are not low IQ, they are just poorly taught in Disfunctional schools!!

  • mike

    Reading some of the tweets it is obvious why they think they don’t think they can compete on a level playing field academically. To be a real black, one has to talk, walk, and think like blacks are supposed to. Isn’t that sort of what the southern plantation owners also expected?

  • Larry Smith

    It is good to see more proof that liberals are certainly not racist!! And especially black liberals

  • coldything

    Don’t fall for the phony “take from the 1%”. Study, work hard at school and become the rich thru hard work.

    THE RICH ARE THE ONES THAT CREATE THE JOBS, do not be so stupid as to fall for this class warfare. We want more rich in america.

    I want more – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lawrence ellison, Sergey Brins, etc. they are rich, but do you know how many jobs they created directly and indirectly???

    • MrWow

      Yes, you want more liberal rich folks in this country.

  • John Koziol

    It’s funny…. The only ones complaining about not getting job placement based on color rather than merit are black Americans. Quit complaining and rise above. You got a president Thanks to a dumbed down nation of uneducated voters. Rise above and earn the position.

  • bbrosen

    It’s 2014, the 21st century..are we not past this afirmitive action crap? Do people in this day and age really want to perpetuate this crap?

  • jack2

    Only racists would post such tweets. I guess we now know where the racists in America lie.

  • jack2

    Affirmative Action is Racist.

  • jack2

    I have a dream where people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The Supreme Court sided with the people of Michigan in order that MLK Jrs. dream could live.

  • jack2

    Barrack Hussein Obama: “Typical White Person”
    I think Obama should apologize for his racist remark.

  • jack2

    Whitney Houston was accused by the same type of people tweeting of not being black enough.
    Clarence Thomas was accused by the same type of people tweeting of not being black enough.
    Bryant Gumbel said Frazier was a white champion in black skin.
    Really seems like the real racists in this country are liberals. They appear to be inherently racist.

  • jack2

    Dear Racist Liberals, I think you need to learn tolerance and diversity.

  • jack2

    I am laughing at the idiot who wrote the Supreme Court is 5/9ths racist when the vote was 6-2. LOL! What a jerkoff!

    • Wazoo2u2

      He is probably the product of Affirmative Action

  • The TRUTH

    The left are such vile disgusting pigs! always have been, always will be. (The Devil on Earth)

  • Ski

    So, he is vilified for believing that minorities have it within themselves to do great things without assistance?

    How is it NOT racist to think that a black person can’t do anything with their life if they don’t have help?

  • Butch Casady

    Clarence Thomas is a patriot who believes in equality and freedom for all. This applies those who want to work and not suckle the govt sow. Even a community organizer can succeed with no qualifications

  • Timothy Gibbons

    These tweets constitute a fascinating peek into the degenerate culture of ethnopolitics. The fact that an African American man on the Supreme Court can only be either a “token boot licker” or a race conscious political activist belies the contention that proponents of ethnopolitics want to some day move beyond the concept of race. Their deranged ideology proves only one thing: that they refuse to countenance the concept of an individual human being with an individual perspective unalloyed by the color of his skin.

  • John Wilson

    I wonder how much Clarence Thomas was a benefactor of discrimination directed at white men. He may be one of the exceptions that has merit despite having had a “leg up”

    There is not a black man or black woman in any position that could be seen as someone who is there because he or she earned it. That must suck.

  • Mumbly Peg

    Which is it, black folks? Do you want to be equal, or do you want a free handout and brand yourselves as inadequate? Are you saying you can’t compete with the other races? Naw… this is just another case of people voting themselves free stuff, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Gary VanNostrand

    How about individuals making it on their own drive, perseverance, and merits. It’s not a wonder the black race is so angry after years of democrats providing free handouts. Take accountability for your own situation and make the changes necessary to move forward.

    • MrWow

      You do realize Clarence Thomas wouldn’t be there if that was the case right?

      • markinla

        Then you agree AA is wrong?

      • Pablo Hablo

        Do you think that means it needs to be a permanent race-based policy?

  • Wally Bobo

    Hopefully this will be corrected, affirmative is so needed…just last night I was watching a basketball game and there were 10 white guys on the court. One day maybe the underprivileged race will be allowed to play no matter their skill level. If we can’t let a black man play on the team just because he is not as good as the white guys, then what has our country become? I say at least have the races represented on the teams according to the population.

    • LCDR

      Have you ever looked at a professional basketball team? You need to do an update on your google.

      • idiocracyrules

        JO11254. I believe that Wally Bobo is a fake. He/she is probably an albino from the far northern reaches of the world and uses a black persons face to say silly things to make blacks look stupid. Not really funny. Everyone knows that basketball is dominated by blacks so it is easy to see through this stupid statement.

        • Curly

          I guess he forgot to turn the “sarc” warning on for you guys.

  • Gary Warren

    A walk through the ocean made by the souls of all the Clarence Thomas protesters would barely get one’s feet wet (they don’t believe in souls anyway). Look at all the hate that so-called tolerant liberals spew. Actually, most liberals LOVE to hate, they thrive on it, are extremely intolerant. Hate is all they know how to do.

  • MrWow

    Since minorities are so stupid tell the GOP not to cater to us come election time. We will see who is crying for the next 8 years. Change of the guard!!!!

    • idiocracyrules

      In this country we are experiencing a change in demographics. This will result in the change Obama is looking for. We will have more third world citizens and others living here. We will more and more not be able to compete with China and Europe. We will become poorer and poorer. In our past we lived well because there was a climate to succeed. In our future we will find a good part of our population looking for a handout and crying about their lot even as they make no effort to get out of it. In the end, the middle class and rich citizens of this country will not make enough to support the unwashed masses. In the end everyone will suffer. The only alternative is for those people, to whom you recommend the GOP cater, recognize their very existence is dependent on the continuation of the American capitalistic way of life. This is the truth. The party will come to an end of its own weight if it is not stopped soon by the intelligence of the voters of this country. I do not hold out any hope, however, that this will happen.

  • John Strat

    Whoever supports “Affirmative Action” is the biggest racist of them all. America is based upon treating everyone equally. NOT giving advantages to people with darker skin!

  • geezer_daddy

    Liberals really are stupid racists! By supporting affirmative action they are saying blacks can’t successfully compete with other races. So liberals makeup a system based on race as the primary selection criteron. How hypocritical LMAO!

  • LCDR

    The hate the left and African Americans have for Clarence Thomas should show everyone just how tolerant the left really is. It’s a shame they have nothing but hate for an African American who achieved his current status through his merit rather than the color of his skin. Wasn’t it Martin Luther King who had a dream that hoped for the day a man would be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin? Guess the left and the African American community no longer believes in Martin Luther King’s dream.

  • Guest

    Any regressive: How dare that ****** leave the plantation?!!

    The political left don’t have constituents. They have pets.

  • sbuffalonative


  • Megan

    Wow. Those twitter comments about Clarence Thomas are so hate-filled. I don’t feel hatred for those who have political opinions different than mine.

    • TeaPartyLee

      Then you’re not paying attention. I assure you, given the chance, the left would drag you into the street and blow your brains out.

      • Megan

        but…is that the way society should be? I don’t think so.

        • TeaPartyLee

          The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. There is no shortage of evil people in the world.

  • BarfCo

    To all you preachy self righteous phonies on the right. I only got one thing to say. Exactly how many slaves do you own? I hate people that smile and are all cordial to you in your face while secretly you loath them to their back and talk trash about them when you walk away. That’s you guys!! To hear some azzbucket like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh talk about inner city crime like they care all while they live in the Hamptons. Totally phony!!!

    • idiocracyrules

      Get a mirror. You are the one who is a racist. I am of American Indian heritage so don’t say I write this to you as a white racist. Apparently you too disparage Thomas for his vote. Guess what…the world is not all about being black. It is all about respecting yourself and others and working hard to be educated and to get ahead.

    • OwebammaLies

      So sez the hypocritical azzbucket himself.

  • John Wilson

    If racial integration necessitates the need for racial discrimination then I say racial separation is essential.

  • Rick Shonsite

    Affirmative action, and any other race-based preference, is racial discrimination. What are we missing here? It’s not somehow acceptable because the notion behind the discrimination is benevolent, especially in a zero-sum game like admissions where a preferential admission comes at the cost of a more qualified applicant who was only less qualified” because of his/her skin color. Retarded liberal ideology has a complicated rationalization as to why this abhorrent practice is somehow not morally reprehensible, but we all know it’s just another of the many doses of rationalized liberal drivel we have become accustomed to.

    Also – the term “reverse” discrimination is a racist term. That concept assumes that only “white” people racially discriminate, thus when it happens to “white” people it’s somehow “reverse.” The truth (truth being a concept foreign to liberals) is that all races discriminate, discrimination therefore is the same regardless of perpetrator or victim. Accordingly, use of the term “reverse” discrimination reveals in the speaker a certain inherent racial bias against so-called “white” people.

  • John Wilson

    If I am a racist for saying that, as a white man , I strongly reject affirmative action , then I am a big time racist and proud to say so. Being called a name is worth the price of standing up for who I am.

  • Vorpal

    Proving again that the left/prog/commie party is the party of racism, the KKK and HATE speech

  • OwebammaLies

    Liberals have no tolerance for a black man who doesn’t know his place …….. which is on the DimocRat plantation.

    Shameful and pitiful antics of the low class mindset.

  • John Wilson

    After decades of silence, it will not be long before it is ok for white people to stand up for themselves.

  • gardenSalsa64

    A lighthouse in the fog conjured up by the quacks, progressives, and clowns of today’s TV media:

  • Fred

    Gimme, gimme, gimme…what, no gimme?…you’re a racist.

  • sniffles09

    so much for the tolerance of the left
    they are demanding official discrimination against whites for what happened to blacks who have been dead for decades.
    why should I be punished for what someone else who is dead did to another person who is dead.
    do libs think current discrimination will balance the karma of the universe or something?

  • aberdeenvet

    Brown vs Board of Education:
    Chief Justuce Warren, ex-Republican Governer of California, appointed by Republican President Eisenhower, was able to bring all the justices of a splintered court to agree to a unanimous, rather than a majority, decision declaring that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.

    After reviewing psychological studies showing black girls in segregated schools had low racial self-esteem, the Court concluded that separating children on the basis of race creates dangerous inferiority complexes that may adversely affect black children’s ability to learn. Dr’s. Kenneth and Mamie Clarks’ work contributed to the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in which it determined that de jure racial segregation in public education was unconstitutional.

    Dr. Kenneth Clark, who passed away in May 2005, served on the board of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, of which he is Chairman Emeritus.

    Not everyone accepted the Brown v. Board of Education decision:

    For fifteen years, schools in many states of the South remained segregated
    Virginia, Senator(D) Harry F. Byrd, Sr. organized the Massive Resistance movement that included the closing of schools rather than desegregating them.

    Texas Attorney General(D) John Ben Shepperd organized a campaign to generate legal obstacles to implementation of desegregation.

    Arkansas Governor(D) Orval Faubus called out his state’s National Guard to block black students’ entry to Little Rock Central High School. President Dwight Eisenhower responded by deploying elements of the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to Arkansas and by federalizing Arkansas’s National Guard.

    Florida’s response was mixed. Its legislature(D) passed an Interposition Resolution denouncing the decision and declaring it null and void. But Florida Governor(D) LeRoy Collins, though joining in the protest against the court decision, refused to sign it arguing that the attempt to overturn the ruling must be done by legal methods.

    Alabama Gov.(D) George Wallace personally blocked the door to Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama to prevent the enrollment of two black students.

    Supreme Court Justice(R) Clarence Thomas wrote in Missouri v. Jenkins (1995) that at the very least, Brown I has been misunderstood by the courts. He said:
    “Brown I did not say that “racially isolated” schools were inherently
    inferior; the harm that it identified was tied purely to de jure
    segregation, not de facto segregation. Indeed, Brown I itself did not
    need to rely upon any psychological or social-science research in order
    to announce the simple, yet fundamental truth that the Government
    cannot discriminate among its citizens on the basis of race. . . .

    Segregation was not unconstitutional because it might have caused
    psychological feelings of inferiority. Public school systems that
    separated blacks and provided them with superior educational
    resources making blacks “feel” superior to whites sent to lesser schools
    —would violate the Fourteenth Amendment, whether or not the white
    students felt stigmatized, just as do school systems in which the
    positions of the races are reversed. Psychological injury or benefit is
    irrelevant . . .

    Given that desegregation has not produced the predicted leaps
    forward in black educational achievement, there is no reason to think
    that black students cannot learn as well when surrounded by
    members of their own race as when they are in an integrated
    environment. (. . .) Because of their “distinctive histories and
    traditions,” black schools can function as the center and symbol of
    black communities, and provide examples of independent black
    leadership, success, and achievement.”

    Democrats had a poor history before their “enlightenment”. Of our minority citizens, our Black ones have not benefited much, if any, from the new, both Black and White, progressive liberal Democrats’ ideology..

  • sniffles09

    liberals are the true racists of today
    for them to demand quota’s is actually their racist attitude of saying they think black as a race are dumber and need lower standards.
    while conservatives say , let each person achieve base upon their individual hard work and studying.

  • LTE2

    Nothing scares the Liberals/Democrats more than the word “merit”.

  • frigu

    Thank you justice Thomas for your decency and your decision based on the content of your character and not the color of your skin.

  • martae

    There are few things I find more annoying, that racists, who accuse others of racism, because they treat people equally, regardless of race. When will they recognize their own hypocricy, and shut up?

    • 4deuce

      They will never see their hypocrisy because they all actually believe that the ends justify the means.

  • john hancock

    Let me see if I have this right. If you are not in favor of discriminating against a person because he or she is white, you are a racist. Umm OK……

  • American_WhiteBoy

    I love it!! Notice 99.9% of the tweets were from the Black community?
    They hate C. Thomas cause he’s black but voted to force them into EQUAL treatment with the rest of the state (No more preferential treatment just cause your black).
    But they love Obama cause he picks the pocket of the White man, only to give it to the Back community. God forbid they actually have to stop getting the entitlements and are forced to work like the rest of the hard working Americans.

  • Cincinnatus

    The tolerance and love of liberals for everyone is amazing is it not?

  • 57Bootsy

    Wow, good luck trying to be a conservative black man. The libs will make sure you always have a target on your back. Equality ONLY counts when you’re a liberal democrat.

  • Samurai

    Affirmative Action HURTS minorities in the long run. It hides behind a cruel and veiled conceit of “soft” racism, which cynically assumes blacks are inferior to whites, who require special entitlements to enable them to compete with “superior” whites; it’s a despicable philosophy.

    In addition, the added legal liabilities imposed on employers that dare employ blacks, acts as a disincentive to black hiring. Moreover, employers naturally wonder whether college-educated blacks got into their respective colleges because of affirmative action regulations or because of actual merit; ceteris paribus–it’s more logical to hire whites over blacks to remove such doubts…

    Affirmative Action also creates a tremendous amount of animosity between races, where blacks are often promoted based on their skin color rather than their merits.

    MLK’s dream was a society where all men are treated EQUALLY and judged NOT on the color of their skin but on their content of character.

    It’s nice to see SCOTUS changing this cruel form of diminished expectations of blacks.

    • John Wilson

      I understand your valid points but I have to say that when I read a white person criticizing AA because it hurts blacks; I have to think OMG …. You are being made to be a second class person because of your race and you are concerned that it is hurting your discriminator? !!
      White people are by far the least racist off all races! To a fault. This is proof of that !

      • TeaPartyLee

        Don’t like being made into a second class citizen on the basis of race? Then you should be utterly opposed to AA as it is the VERY PROCESS by which this happens.

        When everyone doubts you because your accomplishments might not be genuine, then you are a second class citizen.

        When everyone assumes that whatever status or position you hold is based on your skin color rather than your abilities, then you are a second class citizen.

        When standards are lowered because it is presumed that you’re just not good enough to live up to them, then you are a second class citizen.

        • John Wilson

          I agree in a sense, but I was saying that white men are second class citizens through AA, not blacks.
          I was saying that it is weird that whites are being discriminated against and yet they are concerned that this discrimination is hurting blacks. Only white people could be capable of this kind of self sacrificing racial altruism.

  • Lance

    Democrats believe black people are too stupid or lazy to help themselves or work hard for something they want, so it must be given to them. This is the only way they can succeed. Black people in general know this and accept it or why else would they want affirmative action. Myself, as a white person, do not want my race to get a handout. This will make us stronger as a race of people and we will rein supreme for many years to come because of it. When you get white people on the same handouts as the black people then our race will be in the same shape as black people. Can I make it any more simple.

  • jonofrisco

    Admissions should be color blind. Anyone stating admission should be on the grounds of race is simply raciest. The Dems are the party of racial hate.

  • WrenchMan

    Wow! Try to help people leave the democrat plantation and the venom flies. What a sad example of decades of indoctrination. I truly feel sorry for liberals and African Americans who’ve bought into the lies they’ve been sold!

  • WrenchMan

    Liberal tolerance on display America! See the truth right there in black & white. And Obama has done nothing but make the divide even bigger and more toxic

  • Autumn Eagle

    All of that education on the part of most of the dissenting Twittering from the Left, and still NO CLASS. You can’t have a thoughtful conversation or civil disagreement with the louder voices. The only thing that you CAN do with them is to work to defeat them at the ballot box at all levels of government.

  • Tommy Tomhan

    How long are these people supposed to need affirmative action? Don’t they think they can compete fairly?

    • bghter

      No they’re “special”

  • Tommy Tomhan

    For those of you that think CT is wrong on this because he was a product of AA, that was a long time ago. AA is not needed now, I think all races can compete and should be embarrassed to accept any priority because of race.

    • TeaPartyLee

      CT is not a product of AA as it is practised today. Rather the is the product of AA as it was practised BEFORE it became a euphemism for preferential treatment on the basis of race.

      Once upon a time, believe it or not, AA meant ignoring race, or to be more specific, evaluating black candidates under the same criteria as everyone else, treating them equally.

      • Tommy Tomhan

        I agree and I think it was needed badly years ago but not now.

  • parabellum

    Hate: the new liberal family value.

  • rentslave

    It’s time to take away the holiday for that plagiarizing philanderer.

  • Mechguy

    The intolerance of liberals is gargantuan, while the right is never approved to say anything even near this kind of vitriol. The double standard the left holds itself to is awesome to see. They can say anything, do anything and trash anyone but the right must be respectful or they will be racist.

  • Andrew Dyson

    Clearly a system that gives one race an advantage based solely on their skin colour is wrong. Weather it is Nazism, apartheid or affirmative action.

    • 4deuce

      Actually, I think most of those nasty commenters woud not hesitate to deny Affirmative Action benefits to any black student who they found out had a politically conservative view on life. They believe that only those who think in lockstep with them are worthy of having rights. Given enough power – so they could not be resisted – far too many leftie/progs would soon advocate out-and-out tyranny.

  • Cliff Chism

    Amazing how many people think that other people shouldn’t be allowed to think for themselves.

  • K.i.

    I guess all of these individuals are mad that their formerly-legal discrimination against non-minorities (read: white people) is no longer allowed with regard to college admissions.

  • KumarPatel

    Just goes to show, liberals a deranged, bordering on evil, to spew so much hate at a wonderful man like Clarence Thomas, have they ever even heard him speak? When he spoke about his love for the US constitution it almost brought tears to my eyes and I’m not even an American.

  • gellero

    Affirmative Action is nothing more than Black Racism against Jews and Asians.

  • John

    No liberals destroy out of so called brotherly love. See NAZI Germany that is how it started, until in power then the jack boots come out.

  • Starland sound

    Blacks in America are funny… they demand to be seen as equals, but refuse to be treated as such.

    And then they wonder why the world see’s them as broken and not on par with the other races… your letting the democrats keep you on the plantation, theyve had you there one way or another since the 1840’s.

  • JallopyMacfurry

    Nobody hates, and with such a mean, dehumanizing spirit, as those on the Left it seems. ):

  • Mark S

    Aww. The poor lefties can’t continue their racist policies. So instead they continue to use their racist hate against blacks who do not support their racist policies.

  • 4life4america

    Remember, Blacks are Democrats, …. they are not Americans. Justice Thomas is an American. That is why they hate him.

  • Bunny

    All jobs, college entrance info, etc should all be submitted by your social security number and no name, age, race or sex. That is the only way to completely remove race and sex from the equation and make it 100% based on merit which is what it should be. If minorities cant compete, they need to try harder, not lower standards. Why do they continue to let the democrats insist they are not smart enough to work harder, it’s the Dems who think they are too stupid and need lower standards.

  • TheKingJAK

    Whether Justice Thomas benefited from affirmative action or not is irrelevant, because he actually grew up during Jim Crow, whereas the critics, from what I see so far, were never even alive to experience such didiscrimination. How amazingly ironic that they become the very bigots which Justice Thomas and others had to fight against.

  • FlyOverCountry

    Racism is only racism when the lefties call it racism. And they can all go to racism hell.

  • Robert Trip

    I almost feel ‘dirty’ after reading tweets.

  • Brad

    Yes because how dare people be required to get into college based on their grades in high school. Thats racist and he knows it.

  • T R

    I believe, Uncle Tom as he is being called, may be right. People look at a person with more respect when they earn something, rather than having it handed to them. African Americans are just as intelligent as anyone else and I believe that African Americans can do it own there own and I believe they will prove it, to the U.S. and the world that they can.

  • ericibsen

    Here we are supporting a truely great black man. kind of throws the whole racism thing out the liberal commie window. Doesn’t it.

  • Mya View

    No surprise that the same people who think Obama is a genius would call Thomas an idiot!

  • Sturmritter

    Eric Holder deserves the claim to the Headline. He’s the worst Attorney General in the history of this nation.

  • vassar bushmills

    A great man is known by his enemies. But these are pretty ordinary hater here. And stupid, too. Clarence Thomas, like several prominent African-Americans, is NOT a product of affirmative action. Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, for example. Love ’em or hate ’em, a free ride on the back of a better qualified white or Asian kid is not part of their portfolio.

    • billyrumble

      One of his enemies made the comment, “Clarence Thomas would never be where he is without affirmative action”. If his enemies have the view that calling someone an affirmative action hire is a degrading accusation, then why would they want to promote affirmative action?

      • 4deuce

        Logic is not the strong suit of mantra-spouting Libbies. Neither is critical objectivity, fairness, consistency or actual tolerance. To the all-too-typical libbie/prog, the vast majority of their individual decisions are emotion-based and their thinking, in my opinion, always leans towards promoting those things that make them “feel” good. So many libbie/progs can only think of things that would be nice to have right now. What the consequences might be tomorrow for getting something right now rarely enters into their analysis of the decisions they make. Look at our national debt, Social Security and Medicare. Basic economic realities tell us that our ever-increasing debt will one day be a crushing yoke on our nation collectively and the majority of us individually, Yet we are constantly told that we MUST increas that debt to make someone “feel good” today. As far as SS and Medicare go, if you follow the debate, all those who debate the looming insolvency of both funds, all that is disagreed on is in what calendar year will each fund collapse into insolvency. Yet despite the unanimous agreement that both funds WILL collapse, we continue to watch Congrss after Congress kick the can and allow these two entitlement programs to fly down the rails at high speed with no consideration of applying the brakes. Remember when Bush tried to address the looming failure of Soc Security? Not only did Dems say he was trying to take the food out of old peoples’ mouth, his own party, the GOP, summarily ignored his efforts to address in inevitable.

  • Big Whiskey

    Nothing new. The fascist-left does not tolerate dissent.

  • billyrumble

    Here’s an absurd comment that only a deranged leftist could make. “Clarence Thomas really is the universe’s equal and opposite reaction to Martin Luther King.”
    Wasn’t is Martin Luther King that said he had a dream of a country where people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin? I agree with Martin Luther King. We should abolish any law that seeks favorable treatment of someone based on their skin color. All of these affirmative action laws are unhumanitarian. The government should get out of the business of manipulating racial demographics. Their position that everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than others is absurd. They have no business doing that and they should stop it.

  • ricktheliberalclubber

    These CT posters seem like true liberal scumbags. Go back to bed losers.

  • Hank Vreeland

    A liberal”s worst nightmare is a black man who thinks for himself.

  • 4deuce

    Can any of those nasty commenters tell me when THEY think Affirmative Action can be disposed of? In 10 years, 50 years, 100 years? When? More importantly, if none of them can provide an answer to that question, isn’t that saying that Affirmative Action is not any solution to the problems that Affirmative Action is allegedly supposed to fix?

  • nostudme1

    Not the worst

  • Major Kalhoun

    Imagine that. More hatred from the left over someone who disagrees with them. Shades of Nazi Germany.

    • RJLigier

      It’s the same people, no different than their predecessors of nearly eighty years ago……….

  • Betsy Smith

    It is always painful to be reminded of how many ignorant people there are in the world.
    I don’t blame them.
    They don’t know any better, but it is still painful.

    • Major Kalhoun

      By that same standard, you can’t blame stupid for sending millions of Jews to gas chambers? Ignorance is why we have violence and hatred.

      • Betsy Smith

        Ignorance about the reality of the way affirmative action has been put into practice is a little different than whether it is all right to kill a specific group of people and steal their stuff.
        That’s not ignorance.
        It’s evil.

  • RJLigier

    Lots of vituperative language from the borderline psychotic homosexuals and bisexuals of the left wing. As such, why are borderline psychotic homosexuals and bisexuals overrepresented on the US Supreme Court and the federal judiciary if the homosexual/bisexual population is no more than 10%?

    • Major Kalhoun

      Because liberals like Obama and Clinton appoint them.

      • RJLigier

        Progressive Republicans and Democrats always assert that we need to keep balance between normal and neurotic people……….who made up that rule?

  • 4deuce

    Yes, I agree. Opinions are like noses – everybody has one. All of us know that there are Americans who are stupid selfish because those are human weaknesses. These nasty commentors are morons and we all know a few idiots like them. They are nobodies so their opinions do not count for much to me.

  • Peter Kuck

    No racial preference means just that. We should be one people, Americans all. What some people don’t understand is that racial preferences can be turned around to bite them in the butt. White, Black, or Asian, the only thing that matters is to be the best you can be, and to be considered based on your knowledge and character only. An admission that you need special consideration due to the color of your skin is to admit that you are inferior. I won’t accept that as an excuse cause we all can do better.

  • PhilJourdan

    So many racists – but then there are so many liberals.

  • Camera3

    “A man should be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin”. MLK

    The democrat left has abandoned equality for the inherent racism and sexism of affirmative action.

  • James V.

    Liberals, go F*** yourselves. Hating, intolerant, slackers. You simply prove every time, what we already know.

  • 24601

    The pure simplicity of this stands on it’s own. We’ve been trying for decades to combat perceived racism with actual racism (paraphrased from Matt Walsh). This really shouldn’t even be an issue.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Neither should the states’ right to determine the admission policies of its own Universities.

  • Paul C.

    Obama = me, me, me…….. most blacks = gimme, gimme, gimme !

  • pking1

    Is anyone as vile as an angered liberal?

  • Joe

    Take a look at the blather from the “Wise Latina (o)” in this case and you will appreciate the sad outcomes from affirmative action.

  • phearlessphreaks

    What I find most interesting is that these people do not recognize that Affirmative Action by definition is insulting. I would be highly insulted to be determined “worthy” of college acceptance, a job, or anything else, based upon the color of my skin as opposed to my intellect, work ethic and ability.

  • Edward Boothe

    Clarence Thomas is one of the few black leaders in this country who is not a Communist Racist, and he catches a lot of hell for it from his own race.

  • Bruce

    Liberals have no commons sense, so this story is not surprising at all. For example, If you ask a liberal why people are on welfare for generations, they will tell you how there is no opportunity and how the poor are held back….they cannot comprehend that they have been feeding the bears and that now the bears don’t like to have to hunt and forage.

    • Miagogo

      And then they vote for Democrats who shut down voucher programs so parents can’t move their kids to a better school…

      • Bruce

        YES, and It’s just like the SCOTUS decision against affirmative action in Michigan. Democrats sell people on the idea that their skin color makes them 2nd class citizens. So when the people fail, they have racism as a ready excuse. I heard people arguing that inner cities areas like Detroit are 2nd class because of racism, when in fact it is the people of the area who allowed Detroit to turn into a living hell. Voting for democrats for years and years has turned the place into a joke, yet they continue to do so rather than admit that they have failed themselves and their children in exchange for excuses and false promises.

  • SharpTooth_Serenity

    ROFL…Did you guys read these stupid racists tweets? I really like TeaPartyCrasher. This guy is dumb as dirt and apparently thinks it was a 5/4 vote. What a typical lefty re t a rd. Hey, TPC, it was a 6/2 vote ya mar00n.

  • MrScott

    Don’t need AA. Got BO, HR, and NP. AA got BO in the WH. HR in the Senate, and NP in the House. AA will also get US war with RU. And by the way, who doesn’t see that coming? Where did I park my tank?

  • Don Holleran

    I’m just glad the people of my race allow me to think for myself.

  • sko511

    if you judged a liberal on the basis of their moral character they would lose and they would blame it on racism instead of themselves.

  • Ron Valiquette

    Some people.. well, most communist liberals, can’t handle the truth. God forbid people get accepted by their merit and not by their color.

  • djs1138

    What a nice group of Leftists.., so tolerant

  • jtisinsc

    How many of these folks got to where they are on the cultural ladder on their merit ?
    How many have O-B-A-M-A phones !
    How many had free breakfast & lunch, health care, job training, after school meals, pre school ‘head start’, free sneakers, trips to Coney Island on the tax payers dime, cultural tours of Puerto Rico, drop out counseling, etc.
    Thank You America for letting me sleep to three in the afternoon, and providing me legal aid for my miss-deeds !

  • GB

    Interesting how many of these comments suggest that CT wouldn’t be there without AA. So he’s not qualified? The suggestion is that we should put people in power who are NOT qualified simply because of a quota? Wow. How little you must think of yourselves and shame on all of you. My grandkids do not rely on the color of their skin or lack there-of to assume ANY position. They rely on the content of their character and their achievements. When we are there…we have finally won. Losers reply on the law to put them into any role.

    • Chuck Upster

      I thought it strange that ‘Agent Soto’ said that AA was the reason she was on the High Court. I guess she was admitting she didn’t have the brains to do it by herself.

  • Texasbill

    The affirmative action people are squealing like a pig under a gate. It is about time that this crap is stopped, the color of your skin should not be a reason for anything.

  • keann

    Liberals are all inclusive as long as you agree with them – vilest, filthy words are used if you don’t – smear, vilify, lie – it’s for the cause and justified.

  • Chuck Upster

    You are an American or you are not. Whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Latino, Asian….you should have EQUAL opportunity. None more than others.

  • r1uffneck

    Support for affirmative action exposes the true racism of the left. They truly believe the black man and woman are inferior. Cudos for Clarence Thomas.

  • fred

    black racists and liberals… harming the black race for 60 years

  • Richard Watts

    Progressives are racists, they believe that blacks are inferior. They don’t believe blacks can compete in school and/or the work place without special privileges and/or lowered expectations. Among the Progressives, blacks themselves are the worst racists and feel they are owed special treatment. Without open and free discussions on racism within the black community, racial harmony can never be achieved.

  • Jeffrey Heavin

    All lies of equality die in the Affirmative Action debate.

  • Archer

    Dishing out hate. It’s really all the left has to offer.

  • sara56

    The first case of AA racial discrimination was the capping of Asian students in California. I think if AA disappeared, most of the college students would be Asian. If they have the grades and qualifications, that is how it should be. Promoting diversity only rewards sub standard work. And if the people paying for the colleges are not allowed to get their relatives into the school, well good luck with fund raising.

  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s funny how blacks absolutely don’t mind racism as long as it works in their favor. They honestly think they can live in Utopia by themselves? What have they done with Detroit, Haiti, Congo, Zimbabwe?

    • Robin Hood in Perverse

      We all care. We all have a sense of fairness. We all don’t like coercion but otherwise nothing is sacred. Everyone’s body is an amusement park. Ruthless betrayal is what we the people deserve until we pull out our constitution and bill of rights because there is a book called the Righteous Mind and the “i” is the middle finger.

      In comparison to free market persuasion, coercion is a pathetic cop out but causes for alarm become public institutions of coercion and in turn criminal enterprises but Philo, of the Alexandria Israelites, kicked a touchdown Buddha by reconciling Greek and Roman philosophy with God. The Proverbs game was on the line. What would Caligula do?

      John Nash’s beautiful mind recognized the importance of interactions in which the results of one person’s choices depend not only on his own behavior but also on the choices of another person. There is a related game called Ultimatum. You and your partner split $10. Less than $3 deals disgust and anger. The dealer has a pulpit.

      The Laffer effect is no joke. Charles Adams, an international tax attorney and historian, wrote books on taxes. Once tax rates rise above the disgust and anger point, the expected extra tax revenue never shows up. A flat tax system is part of Constitution. Everyone has to pay taxes to keep as many people’s tax rate below the disgust and anger tax rate or make sure an overwhelming majority is disgusted with high taxes.

      Carman, Kenneth, John, and yours truly believes dealers can routinely get an $8 to $10 deal by getting his or her partner work for a $3 to $5 deal. With each $3 to $5 of earned success the partner becomes a dealer that turns the $3 to $5 deal into $6 to $8 of earned success. Turning $10 into $13 is a win-win systemic solution that creates good people, great outcomes, and durable trust but when it rains, rainmakers show up and turn everything to dirt.

      There will always be zero-sum losers who just accept less than $3 deals and think the key to success is being an abusive dealer. A $7-$3 deal isn’t better than a $6-$4 deal because $7-$3 deals turn into $6-$2, $5-$1, and $4-two bit deals. Rainmakers turn everything to dirt because they feel entitled to $7up and someone else has to pay for the diet $7up.

      There is such a difference between earned and unearned success that five Marshall Plans destroyed the southern Africa.

    • aemoreira81

      European fault. They did not teach the Africans to be leaders, and train two generations. Preparing a country for independence takes at least 30 years, and it requires showing the governed how to run things by placing them in such positions.

      Before one says that their IQ is low, IQ is determined almost exclusively by nurture. The nature part of the equation was thrown into doubt in 2011.

  • bill1942

    Just another case of the Bro’s in the liberal ‘hood spewing their vitriol.

  • David Hill

    The blacks never liked Clarence Thomas anyway. These are the same haters.

  • Paul

    Why are these Leftists complaining ? They are the ones who are always complaining about ‘ equality ‘. And they are supposed to be against ‘ racism ‘ because they are always shouting about it – yet when a race neutral policy is put in place, the hateful Leftists come out in droves to denounce it. Notice that these same hateful Leftists didn’t say a word about the insulting, condescending, racism that came from the self described ‘ Wise Latino woman ‘, who apparently believes that so called minorities are not smart enough to go to college without special preferential treatment because of skin color ? The ‘ Wise Latino woman ‘ on the Supreme Court is just as hateful as the rest of her fellow travelers…

  • Jay Toland

    Thomas is one of the best Americans. The anti-Thomas bloggers here are he worst Americans.

  • John Wilson

    I’m not sure if liberalism is more a mental disease or more a religion. So I am going with both.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Race politics largely arise from the temple of perpetual victimhood.

      • carlzilla

        Victimhood ! just breakdown in a black neighborhood in Detroit, then you’ll see who’s the victim.

  • Manfred Hideous

    What kills me is the use of Uncle Tom as a pejorative. He DIED covering the escape of two fellow slaves.

    • TeaRunner

      God forbid someone should read a book. Says a lot as to why they think they need special treatment.

  • Liedetectors

    Wow.What a bunch of filthy,hating racists.And judging from avatars,most of them are black.

  • $1183266

    for all you affirmative action pimps, get off your collective a–es and produce something of value.

  • Garys_opinion

    There seems to be one common thread in these tweets, that is that blacks feel that they deserve to be treated special, and that they can’t make it on their own.
    I’m wondering if maybe they can’t!

  • Robin Hood in Perverse

    I can’t taste the difference between Wilson and Barack vegetable oil. The Federal Reserve was created on Jekyll Island and Obama is the Prince of Hyde Park. A famous Central Banker said something like “If I control the money supply, I care not for your laws”. If debt is money that can only be paid off with more money …. someone ends up owning everything and everybody.

    The 10% public sector corresponds to a bottom 20% to top 20% ideal distribution is around $3.50,$4.50,$6.25,$8.25, and $11.25.

    We went off the gold standard 40 years ago. Over that period the average overall tax rate was about 30%. Over the last 40 years relative wealth distribution went from ($2.75,$4.00,$5.25,$7.00,$9.25) to ($1.25,$2.00,$2.75,$3.50, & $18.50). 30% to 40% Obama has taken us to ($1.00,$1.75,$2.50, $3.25, and $16.75). If the dollar is no longer the world currency, ($0.75,$1.31,$1.87,$2.41,$12.19).

    A white guy like me won’t win an argument defending Andrew Johnson but Washington and Wall Street have been parasites and Andrew Johnson wasn’t so much.

  • Glen Kissel

    There’s an answer to the phony arguments above.
    When a president nominates someone to the Supreme Ct, there is no legally mandated application process and there is no fixed pool of applicants. The president is in a unique situation of exercising Freedom of Association (sadly, a freedom generally denied to the rest of us)
    The nomination of a Sanda Day O’Connor or a Clarence Thomas was NOT the product of a legally coerced sexual or racial preference; it was the free choice of an executive.

  • Vasco DeGama

    as conservatives we obviously have to stop using reason and logic when discussing issues with liberals. from now on resort to feeeeeelingsth and ad hominem attacks. that’ll show em.

  • acronymous

    The haters are, on top of everything else, badly misinformed. Clarence Thomas got into school before there was any affirmative action there. He got in on his own merits.

    And, go figure, he was plenty good enough as a student.

  • MooTieFighter

    Glad to see their true colors. Give us blacks special treatment or we will speak vile things about you. What if every ethnicity thought the way blacks do?

  • MooTieFighter

    “I have a dream that one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin” Except for college entrance.

  • Buddy P

    So just how long do blacks want to be given special treatment? Or are they saying we are just to stupid, lazy, and weak to survive without the government’s help? If so they have an esteem problem.

  • mh

    i love all this bitterness and hate from the left. the court made the absolute correct decision here. how long do minorities need to be given an unfair break? if you claim you still need this initiative then you are basically saying that you cant compete on a level playing fleld. that’s quite an admission! it must suck to not be able to compete fair and square. tough luck..time to step up or be left behind as it is everywhere else in the world….

  • fel121

    The point is Justice Thomas got into school using Affirmative action now he is against said same, and you right wing retards are not bright enough to see the hypocrisy because, well because you are right wing retards.

    • TeaRunner

      You’re proud to be a discriminatory racist?

    • Paul

      “The point is Justice Thomas got into school using Affirmative action now he is against said same”.
      Is that why the Leftists are so hateful ? Why aren’t the Leftists celebrating a race neutral ruling, because they supposedly hate racism more than anything else ? Since I’m not too bright, maybe you can clear up the discrepancies for me Skippy…

    • Pablo Hablo

      A policy that mandates a biased prejudice among the citizenry is only palatable if its END is somehow defined. Is it?

    • ReturnOfTheFallen

      Yeah, because the best way to get beyond racism is by institutionalizing it.