Repeating the bogus 40 percent statistic isn’t enough; President Gun Grabber has to double down on the outright lying.

Last night at one of his two San Francisco fundraising events, Obama claimed that Adam Lanza murdered 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary with a fully automatic weapon.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.06.00 PM

An AR-15 is a semiautomatic weapon, Mr. President. Is there no lie you won’t peddle to push your agenda? No depth to which you will not sink? Absolutely pathetic.

It’s possible, of course, that President Obama is just colossally ignorant about guns — but that wouldn’t make him any less dangerous.

That’s for sure. And we can’t believe a single word that comes out of it.

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  • $472942

    “Barak Obama: a man of honesty and integrity”


    Thoroughly disgusting and pathetic…


    A Fully Automatic Lying Tongue Propagandized By His Lying Mouth and Paid For By Leftist Millionaires, Billionaires and Confiscated Taxpayer$…
    When Will He Answer Truthfully Why He Doesn’t Celebrate The Constitution?


    Obamanut lies about everything. If his lips are moving he is lying.

  • Tangchung

    Automatic BS from Obama

  • Miss Clairee

    When talking to my son about growing up to be a good, honest man I say, “Be the exact opposite of Barack Obama and you will be juuuust fine.”

    • OLLPOH

      You are a great Mom Miss Clairee! Keep on keep on!

      • angeleyez

        Do you mean Obama is a liar ?

        ▲ Y E S
        ▼ N O

        • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

          Do you mean Obama is a liar ?

          Obama will never admit to being a liar. He might just say “sometimes, I don’t tell the truth” – as it will be a better way that just coming out and admitting to lying.

          I can’t wait for his next gaffe with respect to Benghazi. What will he reveal about that fiasco?

      • Miss Clairee

        Thank you. It is NOT easy raising a teenager this day and age – social media, increased drivers on the roads, the moral decline in America, and I could go on and on and on……….! And having a lazy, left-wing liberal as the leader of the free world (and unfortunately as an example to all youth) makes it even more difficult!

    • candy martin

      We need more parents like you!

  • Garth Haycock

    Dear Leader is incapable of even accidentally uttering the truth. He is a textbook example of a pathological liar.

    • OLLPOH

      So True, So True.

  • Wells Farr

    I’ve run out of hands with which to slap my forehead.

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      we do know the feeling! Ouch!

    • Rabid

      That’s what your desk is for :)


    Shame what shame?

    America cries in shame and lives in more anguish now than ever over the mere fact that this man does not Celebrate the Constitution, nor does he uphold the Constitution, and all he knows to do is to celebrate Black Liberation Theology, Critical Race Theory, his Scholarly Saul Alinski Tactics and propagandize/and or both and lie about everything.

    We would all like to know why he lies and why he hates America?

    We would all like to know what he plans to do with us all to include himself, when his printing press/QE3, 4, 5 and we all don’t have any money to pay him taxes with, because the dollar isn’t worth anything and all the other countries are trading other currencies and not the dollar, and he can’t fulfill the Utopian-ville, Entitlement, the Government will do it for you, the Government is now going to solve all your needs and problems…what Obama, what are your plans for that?

    We would all like to know why he shoves things down the throats of people? Like ObamaCare?

    We now all live in a Post Constitutional Republic. Freedom, Privacy, Liberty is now under Tyranny from Obama!

    Why the lies on Benghazi?

    Why the lies on Fast and Furious?

    We do know that we will all probably go to our graves not knowing the truth, nor will he tell us the truth?

    Christian people know this: That The Truth Will Set You Free.

    • KJ

      Well written. But I take issue with referring to the U.S. as a republic. That gift from our founding fathers was stolen from the citizenry long ago. I contend that we have entered a period of socialist democracy. And that is truly sad.

  • Robin Nelson-Herlihy

    Oh, Obama….the lying liar that lies about everything! It could be raining outside and he would tell people it’s perfect surfing weather! Socialist sociopath…..just too bad people actually believe him! Anyway, back to other news… bout that Obamacare!!!

  • Duane Savage

    Teleprompter blip

  • capisce

    His lie was received with fully automatic, knee-jerk applause from billionaires with more money than sense.

    • candy martin

      HOw about a fully automatic face palm?

  • hwy505

    “Keep saying it, and they’ll believe you” – A motto to be presidential by!

    • celestiallady

      The uninformed already do.

  • Squirrel!

    ^^ Bill L beat me to it ^^

  • bidentime

    And these people at the fund raiser….. Obama will keep pissing on their heads, and telling them it’s rain.

  • ceemack

    He’s clearly been spending too much time with Diana DeGette.

  • Michelle

    He is sofa king stupid on every level.

    • Jack Deth

      Which seems to be somewhere between “HazMat Level” stupid and just slightly beneath or equal to “Weapons Grade” stupid.

      It also shows that Obama knows Gun Control is a loser. He’s desperate and will say anything to gain some traction.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    If you’re still wondering what a ‘Noob’ is…Obama defines it

  • Michelle

    His lie and ignorance about the weapon aside, notice he mentions the 20 children, but makes no mention of the 7 adults also murdered. Did they not matter to him? Were their deaths acceptable to Barry because they weren’t children? Why do they (the Left) always mention the children killed that day, but never the other 7 human beings who lost their lives?

    • KJ

      Does anyone else find it interesting that Obama never talks about the bloody mess in the highly restrictive (gun) environment that is his “hometown?” Chicago’s a violent mess and stands as a testament to the fact that more restrictive gun laws in the hands of bleeding heart liberals does nothing to slow down the rate of murders and violent crime. Kudos to Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett, Rahmbo, Quinn, Madigan, Cullerton, Shatkowsky, and Durbin for collecting their paychecks, sounding pious, and blaming everyone but themselves for allowing Chicago to become a cesspool of thugs and murderers. They’re lording over the next Detroit.

  • gracepmc

    “Skeetmeister” lies about Newtown shooting.

  • Ceeds

    I didn’t know “being a consistent liar to promote a misinformed, socialist agenda” was part of the Oath of the President of the United States.

  • rennyangel2

    None of the left would recognize any kind of shooting weapon even if they were being gunned down by one.

  • GoneFishing

    Mr. Obama, wipe your mouth. You have bullsh** on your lips.

  • Walt

    So when he shoots skeet (which he often does at Camp David), does he use a fully automatic shotgun? Just asking.

    • Fan

      But remember, he didn’t say he shot skeet. He said they do skeet shooting. I’ve never heard anyone refer to shooting skeet that way. He’s so full of it.

    • KJ

      it’s probably the same shotgun which Jill Biden unloads skyward when she hears a noise at home.

  • CO2 Producer

    In the same speech, Obama stated, “Look, my intention here is to try to get as much done with the Republican Party over the next two years as I can, because we can’t have perpetual campaigns. And so I mean what I say.”

    After going on about working with “well-meaning Republicans,” he said, “And so I’m going to expect that you guys are fighting for the issues, helping to move public opinion; engaging in organizing and engaging in advocacy and public policy work — all the stuff that — and I’m looking around this room, it’s full of do-gooders here — all the stuff you do…”

    Raise your hearts, countrymen, for the Community Organizer-in-Chief is becoming self-aware. The years and years of perpetual campaigns shall end anon. Now feel good, do-gooders. We got a lot more stuff to do.

  • Fan

    Obama’s the one with the perpetual campaigns. These people are so transparent. Whatever they blame the other party of doing, you can be sure they did it first, harder and faster. Never fails.

    And I think he called the weapon an automatic because he (or his handlers) is too stupid to know the difference.

  • Matthew Drake

    Obama is belt-fed stupid and ignorant.

  • Donna W

    There is NO lie he would not spew, to further his agenda. Because it’s a UN agenda. And he always is saying if he doesn’t deliver, he will be held accountable. I bet he’s spent many nights sweating that one – he could care less about this country, but he’s worried about his own a$$.

  • JR48

    Perhaps someone should inform POTUS that they’ve been banned since the thirties.

  • Bill Board

    Maybe DeGette’s wrote his speech?

  • neoface

    Obama has lied for four years now, the list is too long to post. What’s the consequences for incessant lies, getting reelected for second term, of course. Right to vote comes with responsibilities; its obviously 52% of morons didn’t take that seriously!!!

  • Kyle Schroeck

    The AR-15 was still in the car. The whole scene was executed with handguns. MSM hasn’t reported that. Sad situation, but this jackass must stop lying to push his agenda.

    • Justin Levesque


      Bushmaster, Glock, and Sig-sauer found in the school. An Izhmash shotgun was found in his trunk.

      • $45875941

        Right Justin. Though I heard another source say the shotgun was a Saiga.

  • the great kazoo

    You can always tell when Obama is lying because his lips are moving.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Wait wait wait. Fully automatic weapons are illegal. The kid “used” fully automatic weapons that he had legally with his and his mother’s NRA membership, ergo fully automatic weapons are legal. Sweet.

    • KJ

      There are not enough negative adjectives to describe the person who resides in the Oval Office, who shames the country and the memory of great predecessors such as Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan. If Obama wasn’t such a tragically charismatic figure, he’d be laughable.

      • J.N. Ashby

        I don’t like that you put Kennedy and Eisenhower in there. Also, the slaves thing was great for Lincoln, but suspending habeas corpus isn’t the act of a good president, but at least you didn’t say Leni-I mean Roosevelt.

        • KJ

          I agree that both Kennedy and Eisenhower are questionable personal choices–Eisenhower more for his fine service during WWII and Kennedy for his foresight with civil rights and planning for space exploration. I chose to overlook negative attributes in both cases.

          Both Roosevelts and Wilson were left out for a multitude of reasons.

          Lincoln is an exceptional case and has two glaring negatives. But I’ll side with historians that his actions were for the greater good of the country as a whole.

          • J.N. Ashby

            As for Kennedy, got us involved in Vietnam and nearly starting a nuclear war with USSR trumps NASA and civil rights I think.

            Well yeah, one was a tyrant and one was a Communist, and Wilson’s only saving grace was his plan at the end of WW1 that no one followed because of the stupid French. Wilson was also a colossal racist, I’ve read,..and a Democrat. Go fig. Fair enough with Lincoln I suppose though.

      • stephenUSA

        Here is a negative: Worse than Carter.

        • KJ

          I had taken that for granted. Obama will be regarded as one of the top five most corrupt men to hold the Presidency. History similarly may not be kind to this generation of misguided citizens who bestowed a second term upon him.

          (P.S. I have given you a +1. I’m assuming that Obama himself gave you the -1 since it couldn’t have been Jimmy Carter who was given a compliment by you.

    • Justin Levesque

      I’m not sure if that is supposed to be sarcasm or not. On the assumption that it is not, I shall correct. Apologies if I misread your post.
      Automatic weapons (true ‘assault weapons’) have been tightly controlled since 1934 (National Firearms Act).
      The weapons were owned and purchased by Ms. Lanza. Adam could not purchase firearms. He tried and was turned down.
      Neither Adam nor his mother were NRA members, nor ever were.
      An NRA membership does not entitle anyone to own automatic weapons.
      Technically, fully automatic weapons are legal. All it takes is a large fee the BATFE, extensive FBI digging in your background, waiting for approval, and written permission from the local and/or state police. All this can take up to two years, and BATFE can still deny your application for no reason, and are not required to tell you why. Then, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on your chosen rock-and-roll device.

      • J.N. Ashby

        I was simply following their logic. They reported that he and his mother were NRA members, whether the NRA denies it or not. I just peppered it in because it’s part of the narrative that NRA members have armories that they use to murder children.
        As for all that bullcrap surrounding getting one, those regulations are illegal.