Unbelievable. The king of exploiting death for cheap laughs and political points is urging Americans not to joke about alleged murderer Chris Dorner’s bizarre manifesto. That’s pretty rich coming from a man who joked that he was “gleeful” about the Newtown massacre and boasted about standing on dead children’s graves. He continues:

Since it was revealed earlier today that Dorner’s manifesto contained praise for Morgan and calls for gun control, many have been pushing, generally mockingly, for Morgan to accept some responsibility for the murders. After all, that’s the sort of logic Morgan swears by. Back in 2011, Morgan voiced his outrage that Sarah Palin had not apologized to Rep. Gabby Giffords for Jared Loughner’s deadly shooting spree.

While we do not believe that Morgan is in any way culpable for Dorner’s actions, we are disgusted that Morgan suddenly condemns looking at a killer’s political motivations. Why the double standards, Piers?




Musket Morgan is back aboard the gun control train:

Yes. It’s worth noting that, in his manifesto, Dorner calls for an assault weapons ban. Morgan appears to have overlooked that minor detail.



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  • syvyn11

    I was going to send Mr. Morgan a tweet. But I’ve been blocked. It seems that Piers have been taking twitter lessons from a former MSNBC and Current ‘anchor’ who blocked anyone who said anything that he disagreed with.

    Imagine that.

  • Kevin Krom

    We haven’t been joking, a*****e, we’ve been pointing out what a f******g hypocrite you are.

  • American.Vet

    Hey Piers…. YOU built that! Just think if those people had been able to have a concealed weapon, they could have protected themselves.

  • Steve_J

    Doesn’t he want to add the victims of Dorner to the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims he’s been standing on?

  • http://www.facebook.com/JoeZepeda606 Joe Zepeda

    Oh… whats the matter Redcoat? Because this nutjob is a crazy anti gun lefty like yourself, you don’t want to publicize it? Geee… gotta love it. And WTF is up with the police shooting at people in trucks that look nothing like the Nissan Titan? And these guys are TRAINED? This is why I carry a gun. Badge or not you are human and humans can be crazy creatures.

    • John (it true me am)

      I recall a statistic out of FL a couple years ago where the rate of civilians mistakingly shooting an innocent or bystander was lower than the cops.

  • http://twitter.com/jdf_firmware JDFletcher Tech

    What a piece of work, piers is.

  • TruDat

    Of course this stupid Limey defends Dorner, he was given a shout-out by the killer for his excellent work at CNN. Anybody else notice how most of these killers turn out to be liberal loons?

    • RightThinking1

      Chris Matthews was at the top of Dorner’s love letter list.

      • http://drudge.com snyper77

        chris needs to be in dorners cross-hairs

    • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/ Evi L. Bloggerlady
    • Thursdaythe12th

      It actually worked out well that we laughed him out of Britain, because now he has exposed himself as the moron and creep he really is.

      But over here, we knew that when he faked the pictures of our soldiers abusing prisoners.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      and Morgan claiming this proved that we “need” an assault weapon ban overlooks that the cop killer himself was a cop & would have had access to assault weapons anyway. just proving the point that criminals will always find a way to get weapons even when they are banned.

  • freedomrocks4

    But Piers, you believe a guy like this (a cop at one time) should have the weapons you want banned

    • John (it true me am)

      This is something the left willfully ignores. The core of the 2nd amendment isn’t actually about personal protection against criminals, but personal protection against tyranny. The point was just this, if a cop or a soldier or a government agent of any variety has a weapon(and they should) then at some point in the future should they turn that weapon on us(either in the case of a single man like this or a large scale coup) then we should be able to fight back.

  • http://twitter.com/stupid_republic Stupid Republic

    Of course not, Piers. If my nasty rum-sodden fingerprints were on this tragedy, I’d be wanting to make it go away too.

  • Sean

    A friend of mine who lives in manchester UK says “If that SOB (piers) comes back to England he’s going to get the s*** beat outta him, mate.” Looks like he’s hated worldwide…

  • NachoCheese (D)

    Piers Morgan
    The LA cop-killer murder spree has nothing to do with politics…


    Sorry Musket, but his rambling “manifesto” is an entirely political document. Replete with opinions you yourself have advocated. This murderer is simply applying what you advocate for in a more kinetic manner.

    Time to own up to the repercussions for the things you say.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Piers Morgan✔
    The LA cop-killer murder spree has nothing to do with politics and
    everything to do with deranged criminality. I hope they catch him asap.


    Odd that you have this viewpoint on THIS murder spree. Do you suppose you might have heard the SAME argument from hundreds of people about SANDY HOOK?!

    Here’s a tip for your show. When you ask your guests questions….LISTEN to their answers!

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Now that we know what this guy was into I can’t wait to see what the celebrity PSA is gonna be: Will they demand Piers be banned? Or Obama? Or Michelle’s bangs? Or all of the above? I CAN’T WAIT!

  • jp2feminist

    I love how Piers Morgan has appointed himself as the moral conscience of America.

  • mach5motorsport

    will Piers Morgan jump another shark? LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

    Amazing now because the guy is a supporter of his and the “one” it’s about: deranged criminality.

    When anyone else does this it’s about “we need to ban assault weapons”

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    If anyone had any doubts about this milksop twit’s hypocrisy, now it is on display for the world to see. “Musket” Morgan has testicles the size of # 9 shot.

  • Guest

    by his logic he should be pushing to disarm law enforcement since they are shooting up innocent people and their vehicles because they look like the fugitive’s they are clearly a danger to society!

    • James Corbally

      Agreed. After all, even though the Evil “Assault Rifles” aren’t used in the vast majority of murders, they must still be banned. For the children, after all! :)
      Keep aquirming Piers, it’s just proving all the points the gun-rights advocates made against your arguments.

  • http://www.awinninghabit.com lissa

    This sudden desire not to politicize murder at the hands of a deranged criminal gives me whiplash…Morgan believes Lanza wasn’t deranged? Or, wait, maybe the GUN was deranged…

  • jay rod

    Trust me if this was a white guy pierce would be all over this shit.

    • RightThinking1

      Imagine if Dorner had mentioned respect for Limbaugh in his manifesto. Banner headlines in the media…

  • rogueco

    Hmmm.. the manifesto highlighted his admiration for liberal media outlets. perhaps those should be included in new gun legislation. I DEMAND A PLAN!

  • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    Number 1 poster boy for Civilian High Capacity Magazines ==> Christopher Dorner Number 2 ==> .@piersmorgan

  • descolada9

    why are we even giving Piers any form of attention at all? Right now we are the only life line that the likes of Morgan, CNN and MSNBC have.

  • Rabid

    Notice how Musket leaves out the fact that Dorner is an EX-cop??

    • RightThinking1

      ..who despise the NRA…., pretty much like Morgan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jose851 Jose Garcia

    Looks like the moron put his foot in his mouth finally. Let’s see what he has to say about this.

    • independentjones

      The only reason this moron Morgan even opens his mouth is to change feet.

  • http://neonationalist.tumblr.com/ NeoNationalist

    The nerve, the audacity of this limey prick knows no end. This guy is basically hated universally. England hates him, we hate him and how he’s on CNN is beyond any of us.

    • Ronin

      He’s getting attention.

  • Thevelvetkitten

    Own it Piers…you helped to create it..

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    Piers needs to explain that to this couples loved ones. Incidentally I’m sure this mans weapons were legal? What back ground would have stopped this?

    • Mike H.

      He still had his badge when he tried to steal a boat right before killing the two cops.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sanddog Ms Anonymous

    Amazing how many political beliefs are shared by both Dorner and Morgan.

  • KansasGirl

    Bless his heart.
    Not one to gloat, but this is precious.

  • Dwayne Jackson

    The LA cop-killer murder spree has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with deranged criminality.

    And just what the hell do you think the Newtown and the Colorado shootings were about you blithering idot.

  • Thevelvetkitten

    Maybe someone should forward all those tweets of people who voted for O that support it.. Own it Piers..one of many who helped create it.

  • Laka

    Piers, all those victims! All those fresh graves! All those places for you to do your little dance. Don’t you care about the victims? How’d you turn pro-gun all of a sudden?

    • CatHerder

      It was the visit to Katy, Texas I trow. Just sayin’.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HUKL5H546VEAWM6PXPTCPVFQMA Martin

    Nope … I believe Piers Morgan is directly responsible for Dorner’s rampage and he needs to call the victim’s families, take responsibility and apologize for his role is inciting this mad man to commit murder.

    If Sarah Palin needed to apologize to Gabby Giffords …

  • kayakingfatso

    So, this shooter is deranged, but adam lanza is not? THIS shooter is responsible for his actions, but adam lanza had guns that came to life? Piers, eat a grenade, you tool.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    As I said, the longer this goes on, the worse it gets for Piers Morgan.

    That’s what happens when facts are not on your side.

  • Frank Smiles

    Jeremy Clarkson, please come over here and take Piers out to the woodshed again!

  • whiteinterloper

    Not enough bodies to stand on yet.

  • S H

    If we’re joking about it; what has he done for the last month (other than being a joke)?

  • S H

    the whole 1st amendment thing was really about printing presses and not demagogues on tv acting like journalists. We should regulate people like Piers. They’re clearly a danger to the public by inciting violence like this.

  • Ronin

    Oh, Piers. I very much will. You used dead children. The gloves are off.

  • RightThinking1

    Lingering memory surfaces of the uni-bomber’s admiration for Al Gore.

  • theBuckWheat

    LA cop-killer flees to the hills. The law against murder didn’t stop him. Only good men with guns can stop him now. What will MSM report if he is killed in shootout with armed civilian? Will MSM call for full prosecution of police who carelessly shoot unarmed woman delivering newspapers.?

  • andycanuck

    We have to fight back against the Left using the same weapons they use against our media types. Demand Morgan be fired for having blood on his hands by encouraging this.

  • $7610427

    We don’t have to politicize this, Piers…Dorner did it for us.

  • kim

    Funny. Another lefty goes on a spree and this time leaves a manifesto endorsing all his heroes. Their fault, right?

  • Maxx

    “Milking Morgan” doesn’t like the connection eh? Yet nightly, he connects the actions of mental defects with the millions of law-abiding gun owners across this nation.

    Go to hell you sanctimonious, pompass hypocrite.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Piers Morgan:

    “Sometimes it is better to be thought a fool and remain silent. Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Piers Morgan is still in this country? How did that happen?

  • DANEgerus

    Piers Morgan(D) seems butt-hurt his spree shooting stalker is a bigger celebrity amongst Lefties now

  • http://twitter.com/debraraes debra steinman

    Amazing how @PiersMorgan used the CT shootings for Gun Control in spite of the fact that Lanza turned out to be a Registered Democrat and known Satanist. Maybe considering Holmes, Loughner, Doner, and even the PA Sikh Temple shooter turned out to be leftists too; #Gun Control should be for Libs.

  • man_wolf

    This so-called President & Administration can get away with murder AND criminally negligent manslaughter, & there are people who still believe we have a ‘representative’ Government of the people, by the people, & for the people?? That would be hysterical if it weren’t so tragically horrible!