Today was a day for liberals to celebrate, and that can only mean one thing: garbage — and lots of it. Revelers at Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 left behind over 100 tons of trash.

This time around, attendance was considerably lower. But there’s still plenty of stink emanating from Washington’s streets:

Yeah. Wasn’t the president just talking about how important it is that we care for our environment?

All in a day’s work for the eco-conscious Left.

Indeed. We extend our condolences to the workers who will stay behind to dispose of other people’s garbage. Does Michael Steele have anything to say to the littering libs who have to “leave town” instead of cleaning up their filth?

  • Love of Country

    Fricken animals!

  • grais

    Carry In; Carry Out, ecofreaks.

  • TugboatPhil

    I’d say I feel sorry for whoever has to clean it up, but then remembered that they are DC, union hack employees who will no doubt spend the next 3 weeks on this job.

  • Dominic Bryngelson

    As the Prez spoke about the green environment…all this trash was gathering by supporters of the green environment. These folks should have cleaned up after themselves…but on the other hand…very poor planning by the Inaugural planners in that they did not plan for a million paper/plastic cups and other debris. Either more trash bins or do not allow food and drink in the area. How much overtime is going to be paid to clean up this mess?

  • nc

    Tea Partiers, who think our debt and deficit is a far greater crisis than “climate change” care more about the environment by leaving their rallies spotless. Ironic?

    • Dominic Bryngelson

      A few years ago my wife and I personally viewed a park area where an early Tea Party gathering had been held the previous afternoon and it was spotless. We asked the hotel manager where we were staying if anyone from the parks dept or city had to come by and clean it up and they said no…not one cup was left behind. Maybe that was the exception…maybe not…but it impressed us because there were several hundred people in attendance. In D.C. today there were hundreds of thousands of people but that should not have made any difference. These were thoughtless people in D.C., probably Dems, Reps, and even a few Tea Party folks so I think there is plenty ‘litter blame’ to go around. We are becoming a lazy society. Just check the ground next to a stop sign or stop light and you will see where smokers empty their car ash trays. Can’t wait to empty them when they get home…no…have to dump them on the ground. Drive down any highway/biway and you see a bunch of plastic bags and you have to know that they are full of trash that travelers feel they can just toss on the roadside and litter this beautiful country.

    • solos42

      Tea party members picked up their trash, not even a gum wrapper was to be seen. It’s called respect =unknown to the ‘entitlement’ let someone else do it, generation

    • lainer51

      no , they just aren’t pigs…


      Its called maturity, something collectivists do not have. And real scientists don’t try to “hide the decline”!!!

    • David L Shaw

      Absolutely! Can the Green global warming agenda; can the UN; can stimulus (kick back to cronies); can Obamacare; can Obama

  • Ntr

    Typical piggish liberals. All that trash is so great for the environment they supposedly care so much about too. F them all.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Well it’s just too much for one person to deal with his own trash, that’s why we need that “collective action.”

  • IndigoRed

    Obama Second Inaugural — shovel ready job.

    • TocksNedlog

      They can throw some dirt on top of his second term while they’re at it.

      • David Christian Newton

        ashes to ashes, dust to dust….

  • Lady_Penguin

    Part of this problem really belongs to the Park Service. It was their responsibility to make sure there was adequate trash containers to hold the volume of trash generated today. Clearly, they did a poor job with only single trash bins here and there. That’s not how to handle of crowd of 500,000 plus, but it is a fine example of government workers doing an inadequate job, not unusual IMO.

    • David Christian Newton

      The park service is unionised, and have the work ethic of public sector wokers. The last time I was in Washinton, D.C. I went to Fort Marcy Park to see where Vince Foster’s body had been dropped off and arranged. It was stunning to see how filthy and trashiy it is.

  • geekiestgirl

    Wow, good thing they spent so many man-hours and so much money planning this thing. “But we definitely, like, totally care about the environsments!”

  • StandSomeMore

    Hey, y’all remember all that trash at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial a few years back? Yeah, me neither.

    “After the event, walking from the Lincoln Memorial’s reflecting pool through Constitution Gardens, this reporter scanned 360 degrees and could not see a scrap of trash anywhere.” — WSJ reporter James Freeman

    • StandSomeMore

      Oh, wait, “shovel ready jobs” #nvm

  • La’Milton

    I would say liberals should show some personal responsibility, but that would make me a rasis. Or a terrorist? I forgot

  • From_Average_Jane

    The pathetic losers just wanted to add their fair shares to the unnecessary expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

  • linzyloo2

    In one picture there were two trash bins. One was a cardboard one. It was empty and there was still trash thrown on the ground. I also noticed a Whole Foods bag too. I thought they hated that store now! Also, weren’t they supposed to be recycling???

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Well, they meant well by being there, and that’s what counts, right?

  • TocksNedlog

    They ARE the ones they’ve been waiting for.

  • TocksNedlog

    What the HELL are you all thinking?!
    You KNOW that the sanitation workers union:
    A) Is NOT going to work on a (paid) holiday; and
    B) Is NOT going to put out any extra trash bins in advance of the event (not that Homeland Security or the Secret Service was going to let them do it anyway — an unfamiliar bin is the perfect hiding place for a man-caused disaster, ya know); and
    C) Has no problem whatsoever with exploiting the situation in order to garner some overtime in ADDITION to their paid day off.
    Yes Virginia, Washington really IS a pig sty.

  • 1SkepticalChick

    This is job creation in action. Twice in 5 years O has created jobs. Temporary, just long enough to clean up his party mess, but they’ll count them. Over..and over…and over…

  • NachoCheese (D)

    I call those piles “Obama Monuments”. They are a perfect representation of the “moocher class”, cleaning up is for the little people.

  • David L Shaw

    Guess Libratards don’t bring their mommy along when going to functions to pick up after them.

  • $7421226

    yep, we knew it. in Jan 2009 the place looked like a windswept landfill, and it sure did again yesterday. it’s typical of obamavoters. after all, look at Detroit and Chicago among other democrat ghettoes. what, no pix yet how the animals trashed the WWII Memorial again?

    Enslaved plantation communists {formerly called ‘democrats’} vs the AMERICANS [aka Conservatives/TEA Party]

    … now compare yesterday’s obama-trash to the pristine grounds the AMERICANS left after the 9/12 rally and Glenn Beck’s RESTORING HONOR 2010 rally there = not even a single gum wrapper left on the ground!

  • ceemack

    A clear indication of the class of people who now run the country. Sigh…