The Left just can’t seem to quit Big Bird. And Donna Brazile is all too happy to make sure it stays that way. Contrary to the evidence that the economy is of far greater importance to the voting public than a giant muppet, the feather-brained Brazile insists that what really matters to us is that Mitt Romney hates Big Bird. Sure, Donna.

Meanwhile, we’re not really sure where she was going with the rest of her tweet. Maybe Count von Count stopped by to dish up some reality and she couldn’t bring herself to finish up her lie.

  • TroyGates

    I love that she thought people took away nothing from Obama.

  • rivers

    As my father is wont to say, Donna Brazile has s**t for brains.
    Sorry. There’s just nowhere else to go with that woman anymore.

  • Brenda Hellwig

    Top 10 Things Liberals Care About:
    1. Big Bird
    2. Dishgate
    3. Romney’s elevator for his horses/cars
    4. Mariah Carey/ Nikki Minaj feud
    5. LadyParts
    6. Romney’s dad
    7. Killing Romney/babies/Ann Coulter
    8. Malarkey
    9.Joe Biden’s death grin
    10. Bunch of Stuff


      Great post!.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Erhem….ErHEM….ok that’s better…
    Was it?

  • Iacobus

    The number one thing…was firing Big Bird…


    Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt…

    Sweet honey on a honeycomb, do these people step back and read what they type before hitting, “Tweet?”

  • Jack Deth

    Keep thinking that, Donna!

    Big Bird Wants Your Tax Money:

    Jeebus! Way too many of our tax dollars pay you to be a complete, blithering idiot!

  • grais

    Firstly, Big Bird is about the Last thing that brained-folks took away from Obama’s first disastrous debate, and secondly, MITT DIDN’T SAY HE WANTS TO FIRE BIG BIRD, you dumbassed embarrassing woman.

  • odabea

    Donna Brazile’s grasp of the issues most impacting American families is breathtaking. Americans care about the economy, the debt, finding jobs, national safety and domestic welfare,…they do not really care about a millionaire character and his muppet coworkers. Occupy Sesame Street! I have said this before, If the election comes down to Big Bird losing his job and Americans getting jobs, one of these thing is not like the other.

  • Brett McMicken

    and, these are the people who claim to tell us that romney is out of touch with everyday people? donna, the number one thing that people, except liberals, took away from that first debate is that mr. eye-candy wasn’t all that without his teleprompter

  • MaddMedic

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    This pretty much describes the mentality and stoopidity of the left…

  • louisiana_mom

    What I took away from the first debate was Obama was an empty chair and Romney would be willing to make the painful choices needed to get this country moving again in the right direction… All she go was Romney was going to fire Big Bird? Wow! Pathetic.