Welcome to athlete worship run amok. As Twitchy has reported all weekend, the coverage of Kansas City Chief star Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide has been marred by moral equivalence and sympathy for the athlete, who reportedly killed his girlfriend (and mother of his two-month-old baby) before turning the gun on himself. While the team made a token effort to honor domestic violence victims at its game today against the Carolina Panthers, fans embarrassed themselves by showing off “RIP #59” signs and deifying Belcher.






A Twitter user at the game noted that Chiefs players kneeled in the end zone — and the purpose was ambiguous enough that at least a few clear-headed fans in attendance expressed their dismay.


Thankfully, not everyone was emptying their Kleenex boxes over Belcher:

Remember the real victims:




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  • syvyn11

    As for his family and teammates, let them mourn him for one day at least. Say nothing but good of the dead. There will be time to bury him later.

    • Kat

      Hmm, perhaps we shouldn’t speak ill of Hitler then. Or Jeffrey Dahmer. Or Ted Bundy.

    • TocksNedlog

      It’s GOOD that he’s dead — because it renders him incapable of murdering anyone else.
      [Is that the kind of thing you meant?]

      • syvyn11

        With a father like Belcher, chances are that he would have eventually abused the kid. No kid deserves that.

  • riddler1620

    I’m sorry but he murdered his girlfriend. I don’t usually speak well of murderers, do you?

    • Peyton

      I don’t usually either, but something terrible happened in this young man’s life, from what I heard it was pretty much that he snapped. Just a tragic situation all around.

    • Jim Johnson

      Anyone who murders their girlfriend and then commits suicide is obviously very sick. RIP is not praise.

  • Jose Battaglia

    The Chiefs should burn his jersey and spit on his grave. Stop celebrating murderers already. Why is he considered “a troubled young man” and every other non-football player murderer is simply considered a murderer? Burn in hell Javon.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I’m sorry, but has the investigation been concluded and it’s been determined that it was cold-blooded murder? Bcuz I don’t know yet, I haven’t heard anything definitive, and quite often, and recently, people have jumped to conclusions about things before all the facts were in and then ended up with egg all over their faces. Maybe people shouldn’t be deifying him–personally, I don’t deify anybody. But this is a tragedy for his family as well–they didn’t pull the trigger but they also have to live with the grief and fallout. For now, why not say nothing and just wait for as much of the truth that can be found to come out, then have at it if you must.

    • TocksNedlog

      Well yeah, there is a chance that she was asking for it.
      So maybe it wasn’t “MURDER murder”.

  • Clay

    Take out the words”Kansas City Football player” and replace them with “Kansas City Resident….” And people would never be honoring this murderer! He took a beautiful mother away from a beautiful child is a single brutal act of cowardness!

  • Steve_J

    “RIP #59” by two overweight, out of shape, beer swilling, white guys. That’s about as much of an eulogy as he deserves.

  • Rick Stones

    Christ died for all our sins. I’m certainly glad He has forgiven and forgotten mine. I don’t know Jovon’s faith, but I’ll just pray for the one’s who are affected – including his teammates and coaches, and leave it to God’s sovereign election whether Jovon receives grace and mercy. It’s not “deifying” the man to wish him salvation. Please stop trying to make Christianity into a conservative political club to beat people with. It isn’t.

  • Peyton

    For all the people saying oh he’s a murderer, we shouldn’t feel bad for a murderer, just realize that something drove him to this. You don’t snap in a day, instead of being so judgmental of someone before all the facts come out, why don’t you spend the time making sure someone you know isn’t this conflicted inside, that it would drive them to something like murder or suicide.

    • TocksNedlog

      I pretty much feel bad for all of the murderers that don’t commit suicide.
      They have to try to live with what they’ve done.

    • riddler1620

      For gods sake. People commit murder everyday, and most of the time, no one had a clue they were going to do it until it happened. In other words, to use your words, they snapped. And contrary to what you say, people many times do “snap” in a day.
      And they don’t snap because of a break with reality, or because they have manic depression. In fact, most people who commit murder are perfectly sane, which is even more scary then the idea of a slew of people having an actual break with reality.
      As for those who are conflicted inside…..I know a lot of people who are conflicted inside. It affects most of us, as it comes from suffering a condition called “life.” And those of us who are conflicted do not shoot our PREGNANT girlfriends. The ones who do are called murderers, and are usually put in jail where they belong, and sympathy is given rightly to their VICTIMS. Only in a world suffering moral decay do the PERPETRATORS of violent crimes become treated as if they were victims.

      • Peyton

        I’m not saying treat him as a victim Riddler. Obviously you have reading comprehension problems. The whole point of my post was that instead of people saying oh he’s a murderer, i shouldn’t feel bad for a murderer, that people should look around and see where they can stop these things from happening instead of just condemning Belcher. Yes, what he did is wrong, but instead of focusing on his actions, let’s focus on what might have caused it and try to prevent it from happening in other places.

        • riddler1620

          you deal with feelings, I’ve dealt with fact. people who commit these crimes do so for a myriad of reasons, none of which you have dealt with. you are fixated on it being a mental condition, or something along those lines. as I’ve said, the stats do not support that view.
          As someone who has had a family member who was a victim of a violent crime, I’ve dealt with people with your mindset. And it sickens me. My point is…HE SHOT HIS GIRLFRIEND, IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILD, and your response is we as a society have to do more to help them so they don’t commit these crimes. and as I said already, that’s BS. societies job is to protect the majority of law abiding citizens by locking up AWAY from society these criminals and then having their needs dealt with there.,
          It is a fantasy to think you can prevent these crimes from happening, simply by more intrusive interaction between people. Jovan was a football star….he had many people interacting with him daily, including traind physicians. they saw no signs of mental illness, so the idea that the layman might be able to is simply silly.
          you may have very good ideals behind you, I just happen to have seen the reality and the 2 don’t mix.
          Have at it, i’m done here with this particular thread.

          • Peyton

            I am looking at the reality, I didn’t say it was a mental condition, and it could be possible that he just snapped one day, who knows. But I know that everyone starts out as someones child and someone’s family member. Hitler wasn’t born a monster, it was decisions he made that led him to that point. The point is that people can be helped. My friend is a counselor, and she deals with people all the time who seem fine at work and school but on the inside are dealing with issues. Yes some people just snap, but not all. And she’s stopped plenty of people from making decisions to murder or commit suicide and they’ve went on to be rehabilitated. I know it sucks if your family members have been a victim of violent crime, but I also know that there are alot of these cases that can be stopped from ever happening if you just know the signs to look for. Keep living in your fantasy land that everyone of these people must be a monster inside who can’t be helped and must be locked up.

  • TocksNedlog

    Odds are that he will NOT be resting in peace.

  • http://ConservativeMom.net/ LoriGirl

    He orphaned a baby girl by murdering her mother. Whom are we mourning here?

  • Constance

    The appropriate response from the NFL and the team would have been a short statement before the game, expressing sympathy for the woman and her family, the child, and THEN Mr. Belcher. Short, sweet, and done. Fans are jerks. They always have been. They jump on silly bandwagons and everybody follows everybody else’s lead. No thought goes into any of it. They just want their beer, food, and a game. Most likely didn’t even know who Belcher was, nor did they care. However, they got those stupid signs up to be like everybody else.