As Twitchy reported last night, Mayor Bloomberg went one step further in his attacks on our yummy eats; he will now ban sugary drinks! Nanny state at its most depraved; you will pry our sugary drinks out of our cold, dead, super-sized hands. First you came for our bacon, then you came for our salt. Now this?

Why does Mayor Bloomberg hate fat people?

Twitter is still outraged today.

Give us liberty or give us death! Even give us liberty and death by sugar-induced pleasure. Our stomachs, our choice! That is hard for the Smarter Than You people to understand. The silly “little people” can, and do, make their own choices. They are, you know, human like that. What happened to embracing all lifestyle choices?

And now not one, but two hashtags have sprung up in response. #NannyBloomberg and #Bloombergsnextban.

We had to put down our bucket-sized Slurpees due to giggle fits!

Now this would be awesome.

We don’t need a Nanny State and we aren’t all victims in need of the government to save us, even from ourselves. Think about that a little more, Nanny Bloomberg. You and your constant big government schemes creating dependency, victim-hood and reliance are the problem, not soda. New York is no longer the Big Apple; it’s the Big Brother.

  • FlatFoot

    A world-class cretin presiding over a world-class city can only ever portend world-class foolishness such as this. But — New Yokahs continue to elect them and reelect them so they get what they clearly desire.

  • cheongyei

    The liberals have moved a continent (no, a universe) away from their predecessors of fifty years ago.

    In 1962, liberals would have told government to keep its paws off of
    everything, that INDIVIDUALS have the right to their own body and can
    put anything they want into their own bodies. They sat-in at
    universities to demand free speech.

    In 2012, they lead the way to nannyism, demanding that government
    intervene and control people’s bodies, and will oppose free speech for
    any view differing from their puppet-masters’ party lines.

    Sad how far you liberals have fallen, really. Those who fought for
    individual rights in the sixties must be very disgusted with what a
    bunch of pathetic sissy wusses you have become.

  • Don Bailey

    So, let me get this straight. If Bloomberg has his way, I won’t be able to buy a 16 oz. soft drink in NYC but I can still buy two 12 oz soft drinks, right? Political grandstanding, plain and simple.


      He CARES! Don’t you get it?! That’s what this is all about: Bloomberg CARES! Check out the ribbons on his chest… Oh… on his undies… That’s probably where he’s wearing them.

  • nottasheep

    I’m waiting for liberals, especially idiots like Bloomberg, to explain why a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body when it comes to abortion, but noboby has a right when it comes to what they CHOOSE to eat or drink. Liberals are only pro-choice on the things they want to allow.


    Ahh…NYC IS the “Big Apple” it’s just not caramel coated, candied, nor chocolate covered. Those are all banned by Bloomberg!

  • CyberCipher

    I hereby ban all press conferences with Mayor Bloomberg that last more than 30 seconds. We have to force people to understand that prolonged listening to nanny-staters will make us all stupid.

  • cscape

    If anyone suggested that Mayor Bloomberg REGULATE the use of food stamps (EBT cards) in New York City, in effect telling recipients what “unhealthy foods” they cannot buy with their benefits, the outcry from the left would be DEAFENING