New York’s new gun law imposes a seven-round magazine capacity limit on handguns.

As Anna Rittgers notes, “there are blindingly few semiautomatic handguns manufactured to hold magazines with a maximum capacity of only seven rounds.”

Some Twitter users say this means that the majority of semi-automatic handguns in New York will be illegal.

Similar comments at Glock Talk:

“It’s an attempt at a back door ban on most pistols. Cuomo picked 7 because all the gun manufacturers currently make 10 round mags for the restrictive states and New York is hoping the manufacturers will not want to make 7 rounders just for New York.”

“My guess is that it’s a back door ban: no one makes 7-round mags, and I doubt manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon for NY…”

Others say handguns with ten-round magazines are grandfathered provided the user loads only seven rounds:

Many gun owners simply aren’t sure what the law means.

Much more discussion here and here.

We hope officials in New York will clear up the confusion by issuing a definitive statement.


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  • Steve_J

    So what, seven round mags will be available quickly.

    • Peyton

      Possibly. It presents a money making opportunity, but manufacturers may not release them in order to help with the court challenges.

      • EastValleyConservative

        I actually hope they don’t. Enough is enough. This is infringement and should be challenged every step of the way.

        • ssenecal5000

          I hope they do , and they will
          It points out how useless modern liberals and their ideas are.

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club

        Or a nice little cottage industry for (non-union!) gunsmiths modding the 10 & more mags. What would it take, an extra-tall follower, or a spacer under the floor maybe?

    • Cold War Grunt

      Well, buy a .45 M1911 — the standard is 7 rounds. And with a .45, unless you miss, shooting twice is rarely necessary.
      but yes, this is nothing but an attempt to make the vast majority of non-revolver pistols illegal. This is somehow surprising?

      • EastValleyConservative

        The process in NY is so strict, they’ll never get to buying those before they manage to make those illegal too.

      • tomrkba

        “And with a .45, unless you miss, shooting twice is rarely necessary.” This is false and you should know better.

      • tomrkba

        It does not make a pistol illegal if the magazine used holds a maximum of seven rounds. You can have an STI Edge that normal uses a magazine that holds 26 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition. So long as that 140mm mag holds only seven rounds, the gun is compliant. This makes all legal semi-automatic handguns in New York State have a maximum capacity of eight. It has no effect upon revolvers.

        • Hiraghm

          Thank goodness. I can get myself a LeMat and not worry about having only seven shots. /sarc

        • ceemack

          As I understand it you can HAVE one, but can’t BUY one.

        • SpinMeNot

          Good luck getting manufacturers to produce magazines for the weapons that aren’t already 7 rounds or less. I believe Mr. Raymer is essentially correct, for example, my P229 with an integrated rail will be illegal in NY regardless. The definition of military style feature is vague enough to make it problematic.

          The details (well some of them) are:

          Ammunition magazines would be restricted to seven bullets, from the
          current 10, and current owners of higher-capacity magazines would have a year to sell them out of state.

          An owner caught at home with eight or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.

          Stores sell ammunition will have to register with the state, run
          background checks on buyers of bullets and keep an electronic database of bullet sales.

          The expanded ban on assault weapons would broaden the definition of such weapons, banning semiautomatic pistols and rifles with detachable magazines and one military-style feature, as well as semiautomatic shotguns with one military-style feature.

          New Yorkers who already own such guns could keep them but would be required to register them with the state.

          One good thing …

          The legislation would prohibit disclosure of the names in the new statewide gun-registration database, and would allow individuals to exempt their own names and addresses from being disclosed by counties that have such databases.

          • ssenecal5000

            7 round mags will be developed fast and will sell like hot cakes for every model

            It’s proves how pointless laws made by Democrats are

        • James M Brown

          They use to make an 8 shot 22 revolver back in the day

      • ceemack

        Expect a run on 1911s in 5…4…3…

      • SpinMeNot

        Always shoot twice, center of mass, and then a bit higher, head/neck — the double tap is critical to know that your target is not going to get up again.

      • greekdish

        Good luck getting a pistol permit in NYC, let alone buying a 45 m1911. Hahaha. You obviously dont have a clue.

        • Al Joy

          My understanding is you cannot own a pistol in NYC without a ton of paperwork and trouble. Therefore very little opposition will come from the vast majority of New Yorkers.who cannot or do not own pistols.

          I do not own a Rolls Royce so I have very little intrest in whether thgey limit the size of the gas tanks to 5 gal or not. Wait unti they find out they can get rid of the gas guzzlers and big trucks by putting limits on the size of the gas tanks or restricting the size of the tires.

      • Peter Pan

        Well, that will be the result of this legislation – people will buy guns that shoot larger cartridges. Some of those people won’t be able to handle them, plus they’ll be more likely to go through walls and stuff.

        I think this law MIGHT make SOME sense IF they got rid of all the gun-free zones, but as is it makes no sense to me. Assuming the bad guy obeys the law, and doesn’t buy a bigger clip somewhere, then MAYBE people will have an opportunity to stop a shooter when he reloads IF they have a gun.

        This law should have either gotten rid of gun-free zones, or made gun-free zones required to have armed security. Then at least it might have a chance of doing some good. I think it’s sad for the solution to mass murders to be waiting for the bad guy to run out of bullets though. If that’s the best we can do, then we really suck.

    • Jillane Kent

      So what? Well perhaps the individuals wondering if their ammunition supplies are compliant with these laws and the burden placed upon the manufacturer care, for starters. As a citizen, you should also care about a government that makes rapid and capricious laws in the name of ‘safety’

    • LightSabre

      GD it! What’s all this talk about only loading 7 rounds in a 10 round mag or hoping 7 round mags will be available? You GD p*ssies! RESIST!! DO NOT OBEY THIS ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT “law!” Do not sell your weapons, do not register your weapons. Form neighborhood assn’s or other types of street militias. If the “authorities” come for you or your weapons, resist with all means possible. The battle has now begun and the place is NY state.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Yes! Yes! YES!!! It is well past time to begin to resist the government, to the death if necessary. Laws wrote, passed, and enacted are illicit laws. The PEOPLE have a right to be heard, not herded.

      • Al Joy

        The government will not come to conficate your illigal magazines, The local law enforcement would issue you a citation, you would be fined, the judge would issue a contempt order nd you would end up mwith thousands of dollars in legal fees. There would be no chance to stand up in force. The same thing would happen to gun owners as happens to auto owners. The government dosn’t go after everyone. The fear that what happened to your neighbor will happen to you keeps you in line.

    • Marie Green

      I spoke with Smith and Wesson this morning and they have no plans to make clips that hold 7 rounds. They told me it takes 2 years in design before they manaufacture their clips! Not gonna happen!

    • Ronald

      It’s like forced obsolescence. Good for gun makers if gun owners have to buy a bunch of new gear to meet new regulations. That’s a lot of sales.

  • rogueco

    Curious as to when NYPD, state police, and private security firms in NY will be handing in their 8+ round mags.

    And what is to become of AR-15’s in the trunks of every cruiser? Probably headed for redistribution in Mexico.

    • tomrkba

      State agents are exempted.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Well of course.

        • Robert Hoover

          As probably are rich liberal’s security guards, hollywood people, etc. too I would guess. The political class has more value I guess.

      • syvyn11

        I heard on Hannity that Cops aren’t exempted.

        Great, first disarm the citizens and now disarm the cops. We’ll be completely safe.

      • Ronin

        Not yet, but they’re working on it. No exemptions. There are no special classes. If I can’t have it, they can’t have it.

  • MrApple

    It shouldn’t be that difficult to create an insert which limits a 10 round magazine to 7 rounds. For example, a Glock 19 regular capacity magazine holds 15 rounds but if it was sold during the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban the pistol came with two 10 round magazines. The 15 rounder and the 10 rounder are exactly the same in every way other than the number of rounds they will hold.

    It is a crying shame nonetheless.

    • TugboatPhil

      The only thing the 94 ban accomplished was making my $12 Glock magazines into $120 Glock magazines.

    • ceemack

      The entire body of a Glock 10-round mag. is different from a full-capacity mag.

      And my 10-round Klinton mags for my G21s aren’t reliable when fully loaded.

  • V the K

    I have an idea; let’s limit porno magazines like Hustler and Playboy to seven pages; it wouldn’t be taking away First Amendment rights, just regulating them.

    • tomrkba

      V the K: you are right in that this sets a very, very dangerous precident.

    • TugboatPhil

      Can we throw in NY Times, Washington Post and (I was trying to think of a relevant news magazine on the left but couldn’t)….

    • Ronald

      Good one.

    • ssenecal5000

      Cuomo’s ammo grab will backfire. Pun intended
      It will be a ammo manufacturers win fall. Now they get to sell their new restro fited 7 bullet mags every model of every style of weapon
      This could be classified as a jobs package really

    • hempocrisy

      they dont mind you making a hole in a playboy page with yer dick.
      but dont put a hole in a person with yer glock

  • Hiraghm

    I foresee the sale of LeMat pistols going through the roof:

  • Brirodg22

    All mags that hold more than 10 rounds are now illegal to possess. One year grace period to get rid of them. The ten round mags, that were legal yesterday, are now illegal to sell new but still legal to possess as long as they are loaded with 7 rounds or less.

    I really need to relocate now.

  • ceemack

    Someone should tell this ninnyhammer that just about every .22-caliber target pistol uses a 10-round magazine.

    The 10/22, which is the most popular .22 rifle by far, uses a 10-round rotary magazine. Don’t expect to see a seven-round version in…well, forever.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Hey, all our dear-heart lefty friends! Hello? Here’s an opportunity for you to REALLY put your money where your mouth is. You know how all this making places “Gun-free zones” is good for people and makes them safe? You want our president to be as safe as he can don’t you? And the dear little girls? Here then — a petition to make the White House a gun-free zone!

    You . . . you WILL sign it, won’t you? Please . . . *sniff* . . . think of the children.

  • Right Wired

    In an unrelated story, violent crime in NYC shot up 1000% today.

    OOps. Sorry for using the word “shot”. That’s racist.

    • rjthakid

      Don’t race bait.

  • DigitheadRex

    The only guns I know of that were made with a default mag capacity of 7 are the 1911 in .45ACP and the Glock 36 in .45ACP. Oh, how great it is to be FROM New York!

  • stuckinIL4now

    I’d really like it if Gubn’r Insanity Cuomo and the nutjob NY state legislature would ‘splain to us all how their silly gun laws are going to nab the illegal guns and the criminals who use them, who will flout the laws at every opportunity and flaunt their breaking of them–well, that is, if they even bother or care to know what the laws are.

  • Brirodg22

    Any mag that holds more than ten rounds is now banned. You have 1 year to get rid of them.

    Ten round mags that were legal yesterday are no longer available to buy, but if you already own them, they are legal to possess as long as they are loaded with 7 rounds or less.

  • Christopher Montgomery

    Hey- there is no Police exemption in the law either. as such, every police officer with a magazine over 10 rounds is a felon in NYS! Pretty big FAIL there for Cuomo!

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Here’s an idea…go buy your ammo in New Jersey.

  • Greg Quillen

    now got to get Mcguyver and custom make your own 7 round magazine

  • Nester Nella

    The new bill is straightforward-if you have a pistol that will take a up to a 10 round mag, and you have PREVIOUSLY purchaed that mag,then it is grandfathered in – BUT you can only load 7 rounds in to it. On the other hand,if your pistol manufacturer does not make a 7 round clip,and you have not previously purchased a 10 round clip (assuming they ever made one) you can NOT buy one now.

  • Bandofotters

    What criminal about to use their firearm in a crime will load only 7 rounds into their 10 round magazines? If you are law abiding what’s the difference between 7 and 10 other than to diminish a person’s ability to defend one self? STUPID.

  • Mapache

    Law abiding New York citizens will soon to be reduced to revolvers and double barrel shotguns. The thugs will carry whatever they want.