Can’t have President Empty Chair Eastwooding his way through a speech at “Panthers Stadium,” a venue that seats 73,000.

Just yesterday campaign manager Jim Messina said the president’s Democratic National Convention speech would take place at Bank of America Stadium “rain or shine.”

But now Team Obama is citing “weather” as the reason for moving his speech to Time Warner Cable Arena, a venue that seats just 20,000.

If by “severe weather” you mean “severe embarrassment.”

Charlotte meteorologist Brad Panovich appears baffled by the weather excuse.

But the Washington Examiner’s Byron York thinks weather fears might be legit.

Others? Not so much.

Can the president really deliver a speech at Time Warner Cable Arena? Like Bank of America Stadium, it sounds so … corporate.

But wait … maybe Fauxcahontas can save the day by clearing up that pesky “weather” problem?

Dance, Lie-awatha! Dance!


The latest forecast from Brad Panovich cites flooding as the primary threat.

Odd. We thought the Obamessiah promised to slow the rising waters.

  • John Hanover

    Ha ha ha! Even baseball games will not ” rained out ” as much as this. Yeah everyone is tired of Obama’s ” reign ” there is a 20% vote to that.

    • Georgie Porgie

      Exactly what I thought. People sit in rain and snow to watch football, but not the President? Very telling.

  • RealityBitesBack

    Pretty ironic… since it was Dems who were praying that Isaac would hit Tampa.

    Maybe Elizabeth Warren DID do a rain dance to avoid #EmptyChairDay2.0 ?

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Payback’s a Michelle, huh?

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    The DNC ALWAYS intended to hold the convention in this venue. Correct all historical texts accordingly.

    Ministry of Truth Directive DJU1834599j

    • DaPicayune

      Goebbels would be proud of the quick thinking.

  • MikeR

    Glenn Beck filled Cowboys Stadium in Dallas but the President of the US can’t fill Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte?

    • Itype2slow

      Glenn wasn’t checking ID’s

    • Armando

      The Cowboys Stadium was not flooded

      • Georgie Porgie

        Neither is the BOA stadium. :/

  • NixTyranny

    President Can-Do stilled the rising oceans, but became President No-Can-Do when it comes to batting away lightning and rain?

  • stuckinIL4now

    OMG, I just heard that there’s a 48-hour window of silence from the messiah as he has no speaking engagements until his spewing lie-fest Thursday evening. REJOICE! in the silence!!

  • Itype2slow

    So they are moving from BofA to Panther Stadium..?

  • Kevin Krom

    Remember, the ORIGINAL plan, many moons ago (in Elizabeth Warren terms), was to fill the 200k seat Charlotte Motor Speedway. So, they already downsized to the 70k seat Bank of America Stadium, and they’re downsizing again because they couldn’t fill those seats.

  • CPTWilly

    Of course he moved it inside due to weather. The Dems pulled God from their platform. Obama doesn’t want to get struck by lightning.

    • DaPicayune

      And,… his Dem Platform has dissed God’s Chosen People, Israel. 100% chance of Thunderbolts at BOA Stadium.

      Mitt should rent out the available BOA Stadium Thursday night for a Clint Eastwood “empty chair” standup comedy routine – he’d pack the house now and get a bigger TV audience than Nowhere Man’s Crowning speech at Time Warner Basketball arena. Charge $50 a head and donate the Gate to charity. We win!

  • Owen007

    Is this the same kind of weather that kept Biden from answering the “better off four years ago” question? “I can’t give my speech out there! It’s just so hot!”

  • DaPicayune

    Whoopee,…A telephone conference call is now planned for the invited Dems to BOA Stadium, instead of witnessing his coronation there? This per Steven Kerrigan, Convention CEO.

    Wow, looks like Mom-N-Chief was right last night when she said that Barry,…” he doesn’t care whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or none of the above.”
    Yep, Barry cares more about his image than his own Dem clapping seals.

    What Kerrigan failed to say about the venue move is that while there Maybe a 30% +/- chance of bad weather at Bank of America Stadium Thursday night, he figures there’s Absolutely about 3x’s that chance of “empty seats” at Barry’s Crowning ceremonies at BOA Stadium.

    Too bad, if it were held at BOA, we could have our second National Empty Chair day,… in the same week. Thanks Clint,… and you go Barry,… straight back to Chi.

    Kerrigan should have planned to empty the Charlotte Bars with free tickets to the
    Crowning of Barry the Magnificent,… what could go wrong? Actually, the drunks would show more signs of cognitive ability than the Dem’s clapping seals at BOA Stadium – “augh, augh, augh!”

    (No offense intended towards actual seals)

    • Jimbo

      The Administration doesn’t seem to have a problem offending Seals. Oh, Wait…

  • disqus_BktOMwqkBg

    DNC: POTUS Speech to Democratic Convention will Move to Time Warner Cable Arena Due to Severe Weather Forecasts
    This at least the 2nd time that water has ruined the president’s plan. First the tsunami in Japan ruined his attempt to improve the economy, now the rain is forcing him to move his speech indoors. The inescapable truth here is that water is racist.
    Need more proof? Romney is hiding all his money in the Caymen Islands….land surrounded by WATER! And what money he isn’t hiding in the Caymens is hidden in Swiss bank accounts… Switzerland is right next to Nazi Germany. And the Swiss Alps are covered in water so racist and obstructionist that it turns white and refuses to move…just like the racist Republicans in the house.
    Need more proof? check out the pictures of Romney on his jet ski. His feet stay firmly on board and out of the sea…Why? Because if he came into contact with the ocean water, his legs would revert back into a fishtail… That’s right. Mitt is not a Morman. Mitt is a merman. This also explains the republican refusal to fight climate change. Mitt Romney is a half fish/half Nazi in league with the racist waters to sink American under the waves… and to rain on President Obama’s parade…not necessarily in that order.
    I demand that Mitt be splashed with a bucket of water to prove that he is not only a flip flopper, but that he also has an actual flipper.

  • stillinthe60s

    Man, if this keeps up he may be delivering his speech on REDDIT.

  • Paul

    All that sun is very bad for bloodsuckers.