Senator Dianne Feinstein is attempting to make the case that the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report on the Benghazi attack placed part of the blame on the State Department, but not Hillary Clinton.

Fox News’ Brit Hume easily tapped in that short putt:

Oof! We’ll now wait, probably for a very long time, for Sen. Feinstein to answer that question.




Martha MacCallum crushes it with Benghazi boom-question; Hume calls out Obama admin

  • conservativechick

    Brit joins Rosen on Obama’s enemies list.

    • Canadian in USA ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I think most of America is on Obama’s enemies list.

      • pinkelephant22

        Only the 47% are excluded

        • Republicanvet

          They will be thrown under the bus as needed.

          See 404Care for examples.

          • Buzz Hodge

            No we won’t! We will defend our Constitution to the death!
            My children and grandchildren’s futures are at stake.

          • soldtonorm


        • Chico Escobar

          No, that 47% doesn’t realize they are on the list as well. They are tools atm.

          • Willi Wonka

            The correct terminology is “Useful Idiots”.

          • Rationalthinker

            I was calling them that, five years ago…no one listened then, or now.

          • ColoMom

            Also Obamabots, Sheeple & lemmings.

          • Alex Wilson

            I think the PC term is “Undocumented Imbeciles.”

          • AmericanFaith

            And disposable to the usurper.

        • SHIRLEY

          Would that be the same 47% Romney said would vote for Obama….and was cruicified for saying it?

        • Cheri’

          That many do you think? I think it’s much lower that are excluded.

          • nomomoney

            I guess the truth hurts. but everyone knows why he was re elected. And now the only ones,,, that 47%,, who likes Obamacare is the ones who get it free. They got it free before but now they can go many more times to the dr. for the sniffles and snoty nose.

        • derfelcadarn

          At least I am in good company

        • Thomas Dunlop

          I am one of the 47% as I am retired and don’t exactly have a lot of money. I remember driving through DC and as congress was voting the stock market dropped just as fast. By the time I got to my computer my retirement savings were gone. Now Obama and anyone that voted for him are on my enemies list.

          • Victoria Lindo

            It is ashame you had it in stocks that is not stable . Could you have put it in a CD? I know it is less but at least you would still have it .

          • Thomas Dunlop

            The market was fairly stable at the time and I made most of my money there. CDs paid very little and savings plans paid next to nothing. Oh well it was just money and they print more so guess I can too on my printer. If the government can print fake worthless money why cant we? Im still working part time and that is good for me besides the income doesn’t hurt.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            it’s against the law to compete against our gov.

          • R Lee Urbanski

            You would have been better off cashing it in and keeping you’re cash under your mattress of burying it in your back yard.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            you think banks are reliable ?

          • R Lee Urbanski

            Don’t forget 1929..

          • Jimbo

            Precious metals people. Gold, silver, and lead.

          • liberalsstuckonstupid

            Don’t gold and silver lose their value when the stock market crashes or corrupted by Communist leaders; however, lead would remain valuable for bullets. Also, even if they retain some value, the Communist regime in the U.S. will confiscate it. History proves this.

          • Big Ed

            Yep, bullets will become the only tangible means of trade in the future. They are the future money, once the world figures out that all that money we are printing is only worth what people think it is worth. And, anyone who really understands economics knows that the stock market only goes up as long as there are people, or governments pumping money into it. Right now, our stock market is being artificially pumped up by the government pumping billions into it buying bonds.

          • Ern49er

            I don’t exactly have a lot of money either, so why are you using yours to Gamble it away in the Stock Market?

        • billyelsie

          I’m disabled, also a vet. I guess I am one of the 47% but voted Romney 4 the economy. We aren’t all dumb!

          • Daryl Watson

            You are not part of the 47%. They do not work, are lazy and living off the government. I to am retired and living off ss and a small retirement, about $18,000 a year. I am poor but not a leach on society. I have earned the money I get from ss. 50 years of hard and work and being forced to pay into a retirement system that I did not want.

      • Eliza

        I am proud to be on his enemy list. I want to buy a flag and put it right next to my American flag, on my front lawn, that says “I am obama’s enemy.” “A True American Lives Here.” I can get it made.

        • Tom Winegar

          Put me down for one. :)

          • Kevin Penner

            Me too…with 57 stars on it.

          • Toni Murro Borden

            Ha! :-)

          • Tom Briggs Sr

            Good one Kevin, imagine if George Bush said he’s been in 57 states. The media would have never let it go. Do they fear Obama?

          • Tom Briggs Sr

            Or are they just stupid?

        • JasonC

          If you think of it, make two.

        • Gail Miller

          I will take one as well Elizabeth!!

          • Eliza

            To @disqus_exwnmoQvFf:disqus, @disqus_6sJ0onkxNI:disqus @kevinpenner:disqus and @tomwinegar:disqus, I actually am figuring out how to make it myself. If I can’t I will get someone willing to make them. Every American should have one.

        • Stephen Zeigler

          maybe for you…but I don’t want anything with obama’s name on it in my yard.

          • Eliza

            Okay, how about this. “I am the enemy of the Government run by a racist” I like this one better I think

        • Rightylu

          I’ll take 2

      • GaylePutt

        Just thinking the same thing.

      • Honoria1

        Particularly if you happen to disagree with him on anything!

    • Janice LEE

      Pretty clear now why Rosen’s emails, phones were spied upon by Obama cabal. That they went after his parents too isn’t surprising. Wonder if they got the IRS treatment as well.

      • [email protected]

        That would be Sarah Palin’s parents. Wait a minute….you don’t suppose……

    • Kay Headley

      And Clinton’s

    • dr44

      Certainly on the Clintons’ enemies list. He can expect an IRS audit, starting in late January 2016, after the Hildebeast’s triumphant election by America’s low-information herd.

      • Rusty

        2017 she takes office

        • Rusty

          none of us have any say in it … if you actually think voting does anything … then you are part of the problem.

          • James Cox

            She will NOT win the election.

          • felicityva

            Never trust a Democrat politician at election time.

          • jake hoek

            Are there other times you can trust them?

          • GaylePutt

            Ha, guess not, now that you mention it.

          • R Lee Urbanski


          • Jimmy Miller

            Neither did Obama, but he’s still in there. Thanks to rigged polls, voter fraud, and the electoral college. Clinton will get in the same way.

          • Robert Roman

            You mean as Bush did in 04? Your probably right!

          • Thomas Dunlop

            OOPs don’t forget the republicans that refused to vote for a Mormon but would accept a moron. Also don’t forget the Paulites that got their feelings hurt because they were not included in the convention. I still don’t think Ron Paul is a Republican but is a libertarian and his people worship him and would not vote for anyone else.

          • Daniel Morgan III

            I for one voted for dr. Paul in the primary but still voted for Romney in the General Election. I think your fist part is more on. Evangelicals have a weird obsession against Mormons.

          • R Lee Urbanski

            Rather have a Mormon than a Muslim

          • Dutchgirl242

            Yes..I would much rather have a Mormon than a Dictator! Romney would have this whole mess going in the RIGHT direction by now…America is the definite loser here!

          • Stephen Zeigler

            Your wrong ….I voted for Mitt because I’m a realist. However I agree more with Paul. When the crooked Republicans would not let him speak as he had earn the right to…..I knew the fix was in and the election was lost. I think the Republicans sold the election to obama. You obvious don’t believe in the Constitution. so be it….my feeling aren’t hurt….just pains me to see we the people lose our country because of a bunch of rhino’s /closet democrat….as Steve Miller says…take the money and run.

          • Daniel Morgan III

            I agree with you, “rigged” being key.

          • marylamb72

            Not if it was an honest election but why would that one be different from the last one? Unless we can get voter ID laws passed we LOSE.

          • James Cox

            Hopefully, someone takes her out before it gets to that point.

          • GaylePutt

            I think she’s taken herself out. No one is going to let her get by without more pounding about Benghazi, all the Clinton scandals and dying people….anyone who thinks she is qualified is deluded or a moron or both.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            and yet “anyone’s ” voted obama in twice.

          • Rightylu

            I disagree, Gayle, because the Clinton’s get everything they want and get away with murder. I think she will weasel her away out of this one too. The Clinton’s own us. Hate to say it, but they are pure sleaze and most Americans are pure dumb

          • James Cox

            Benghazi will haunt her the rest of her life.

          • GaylePutt

            As well it should.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            your name just went on the NSA list…so did mine I suppose for telling you….maybe will need to cut a deal with Russia now…

          • Daniel Morgan III

            I just don’t see enough Americans -any more- smart enough to NOT vote for whomever NBC, et al tells them to. And if there are, then a few trunkloads of votes get ‘found’ like they did for Al Franken. Hildabeast is the next Liar-In-Chief. Get your families ready.

          • James Cox

            Robert Roman is THE perfect example of brain dead libtard.

          • Rusty

            that is the point, there really is no election. That is just an illusion that is done to perpetrate the hope that we can effect change. If we don’t “win” then we only have to endure 4 more years Then Then we will have change … really don’t matter which party wins, we lose. It is almost to the point they don’t have to continue the charade of “Elections”

          • Chad Edwards

            Unfortunately, we thought the same thing about Obama…. twice.

          • ben991

            No she will not win, she will steal it in typical demorat fashion,, no voter ID required, vote early and often,, 108% of the vote, 21 precints no republician votes??? pure fraud and treason.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            we said the same thing about obama’s second term….you really think your vote counts for anything…

          • R Lee Urbanski

            Hillary will never be president because Obama never plans on leaving office never…

          • Jack Bell

            If you don’t vote, you have no right to be in this discussion.

          • Rusty

            I voted and it counted just as much as yours … not at all.

          • Jack Bell

            I’m quite sure that my vote always counts as one. I have voted in every election for the last 40 years, and even though the results haven’t always went the way I would have liked, I don’t think a one of those was a waisted vote.

        • John Cattani

          No. During the 2016 Dumbocratic Convention, they will have a far left wing commie (just like the present occupant of the WH) replace her (just like they did with Obummer back in 2008.

        • Elena Ferrante

          In Belarus, with any luck///

          • Rusty

            ooh if you get to Belarus ,they have these coins with Hedgehogs on them, my daughter would like some to make a bracelet with..

      • Kelly Layne

        Oh hell no That woman will not win, any women that vote for her is not a true woman

        • Thomas Dunlop

          Sorry Kelly but I don’t agree with you as women will vote for a woman just as blacks voted for Obama only because he was black. Now he has hurt them too.

    • Andrewpalandrew

      We are all on that list, if you disagree with him.

    • Nutcase

      I’m a proud memeber as well!

  • JeffWRidge

    Does the buck stop anywhere in the White House, or is it going to be continually passed around until after the new president takes office in 2017? Of course, if that president turns out to be Hillary, then that buck may never stop. At this rate, its going to qualify for frequent flyer mileage soon.

    • Janice LEE

      The buck is always passed to BUSH

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Or their latest whipping boy, Christie.

    • PoliticalClownParade

      For your consideration.

      • putthehammerdown

        Thanks for that butt shot.
        Now, I’ve got an image lodged in my head that is not going away.
        Time for my morning whiskey and coffee.
        Maybe a couple…………….

        • SaltyBlackBroad

          Meh. 86 the coffee.

        • Thomas Dunlop

          Me too and I don’t drink but then I never had reason to until now.

          • Ern49er

            I don’t drink nothing stronger then pop, but my Pop would drink any damn thing, so set them up…

          • Sean Barrentine

            Might I recommend Wild Turkey American Honey to start? Good stuff, sweet and smooth.

      • Maggie Tamulis

        Oh this is good…I will send this one on as it is to telling the truth…whomever did this should get a pat on the back…Whoopee…!!!!

    • putthehammerdown

      Perhaps the buck will fly around to the point of creating a vortex.
      Then, The W H will screw itself into the ground and we can kiss all those suckers goodbye.
      So,… pray for numerous Flying Bucks to magically appear… sometime real soon. May the vortex turn into a hurricane.
      [I’m partial to clockwise, myself]

    • ben991

      there will not be any bucks left to pass when he,s done printing money,, we will be out of trees to make paper money soon,,,

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “State Department, but by underlings– the ‘Big Kahuna’ wasn’t involved.” But shouldn’t she have known? Did she set an atmosphere where these sorts of things could take place? Well– I guess now MSNBC will do three full primetime hours on these questions– NOT!

    • nmpher29

      I only want one question answered. Who gave the order to stand down? They keep pussy-footing around the video versus terrorists. We figured that out a long time ago. I want someone held accountable for the deaths of 4 Americans.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        If the MSM were as intent on finding THAT out, as they are to get to the bottom of A Bridge Not Far Enough, we’d all be a lot better off, except maybe Shrillary.

      • Robert Roman

        it’s incredibly disheartening to me that we care about ‘four dead Americans’ (btw, I’m a veteran of the US military, six years honorably discharged, my sister/father served as well and my mother retired 20 years from the Navy) and yet we could give a sh*t less how many children are gunned down in schools here on our own frontier.

        But f*ck those people, right? Let’s go after the heads for the four dead Americans because the NRA hasn’t made it ‘an atmosphere where gun purchases and background checks in America’ which are over 80% in agreement for further background checks and tougher gun penalty’s for crimes isn’t a concern.

        Let’s also not go after the bankers on wallstreet that turned our market into a ‘bingo machine’ and made ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL business practices and created an ‘atmosphere’ of criminals.

        But, let’s stay on Bengazhi you f*cking tards.

        • Gbolt

          where did you get the 80% figure…just askin’….

          • autdrew4real

            Im curious too. We already have back ground checks for LEGAL purchases. Hence the problem. Criminals will not go get back ground checks. And besides WTF does one have to do with the other?????

          • Robert Roman

            What it has to do with is that where is f*cking uproar over something MUCH MORE RELEVANT to everyday American’s rather than the failures of foreign and international policies. But I suppose I shouldn’t look at what affects MOST American’s, but rather very, Very, VERY isolated incidents over seas, as this occurrence is NOT the norm.

          • autdrew4real

            Then how bout you post your ravings on a thread actually ABOUT THAT TOPIC!
            This topic is about Benghazi, if you dont want to talk about Benghazi, gtfo, no one is making you stay here but yourself. I have friends who work for State, I friggin care that the Sec left them defenseless for political reasons. That doesnt mean that I dont care about school shootings. This thread is on Benghazi so people are talking about Benghazi

          • Eliza

            Talk to your f**king president about that one. He set the entire middle east on fire. So, paleeeeeeeeeeeeze.

          • JasonC

            As a non-American that didn’t receive a dumbed-down education I can tell you that they are neither isolated nor irrelevant foreign policies.

          • marylamb72

            Liberals have turned our schools into shooting galleries. Would YOU put a THIS IS A GUN FREE HOME poster in your window Robert? No, that would be really stupid wouldn’t it? BUT that’s what they(you?) have done to our schools. If you wouldn’t have it in YOUR window why do you think it makes our kids safer?
            Check out the difference between Appalachian school of law shooting(3 dead) and VA Tech(30+dead) The difference is two students at the ASofL went to there cars and got their GUNS. When they confronted the shooter he gave up. Know how the lame stream media reported on it? They TACKLED the gunman. Liars. Only a few LOCAL papers printed the truth.

          • rook51

            We could talk about Holder,Fast and Furious, IRS , NSA , Barry’s LIES , Barrycare , Illegal Aliens , Mu rders in Chicago , Muslims Sharia Law , Jarrett Muslim Brotherhood in the Whitehouse , but me , I want to know why FOUR AMERICANS were left to be Raped and Murdered in Benghazi , our men are getting killed overseas and on our Borders and yes Barry , Hillary left them VERY ISOLATED without hope of living ! We want to know why , since we the people sign their paychecks ,

          • Bruce

            It’s not a matter of relevance. Bengazhi could have and should have been prevented by the people who are paid and capable of doing so. They were not mentally ill. (At least I don’t think so) The Newtown shooter was mentaly ill. How about the other pieces of the puzzle that liberals won’t address: Lack of discipline and teaching morality in schools; a permissive society that allows a most violent entertainment media. Where are the liberals on those points? Getting high and getting laid no doubt. BUT THEY really give a shit now, don’t they?

          • Rightylu

            I care that it was a terrorist attack on Americans and the shit-in-chief and his puppet Killery did nothing to avoid it or to punish the scummy terrorists that did it. As for background checks, I am licensed in 2 states and underwent a lot of background checks for both, but I doubt that the criminal down the street did. I doubt he or she bought their weapons legally, as I did. I just got a renewal notice in the mail yesterday for 1 state…it’s longer then the thesis I wrote for my MA., but I will fill it out and comply, as that is what I should do.

          • Ern49er

            The things that background checks do is: Generate Jobs, and Income for the background checkers. Make it harder on the people who want to do right by having to go through the paperwork. Finally, it gives the Government a list of persons who have guns, so they know where to go to confiscate them.

          • Robert Roman
          • Michael Anderson (WB)

            It’s the low end of a very politically skewed survey the WH came out with last year. Subsequent surveys geared for truth rather than politics have shown only a small minority support additional checks.

          • Robert Roman

            of course it is, because if NOT, I’d then have a point. The fact with all the polling going on ALL news networks showed an OVERWHELMING maj of americans want tougher laws regarding guns.

            THIS coming from a concealed weapons licence carrier.

          • Eliza

            Not the majority of Americans I know and that includes me. You want to make tougher laws, let me ask you an honest question; when did a criminal ever obey the law. NEVER, but an honest American grand mother like me has been obeying the law for 60 years. So, I think your point is moot.

          • Tom Winegar

            We don’t care that you carry and we don’t care that you once wore a uniform, 4 of your fellow citizens were murdered because of an inept Secretary of State whose only concern is acquisition of power. Guns will always be here thank God and not even gun grabbers like you will be able to get rid of the 2nd Amendment and grab mine.

          • JasonC

            The criminals in DC eschew inconvenient things like the US Constitution.

          • marylamb72

            Keep sipping the kool aid Robert. MOST people KNOW that MORE laws won’t stop the bad guys. Just look at Colorado. Pass MORE laws and we will vote them OUT. I know! Why don’t we make schools GUN FREE ZONES! That should fix it right?

          • Sean Barrentine

            Never mind that I don’t know any of my friends or family that support your statement, but I have a simple question. If a person is intent on breaking laws concerning murder and assault with a deadly weapon, both of which carry harsher penalties than a simple weapons violation, why would they be bothered by the lesser offense? Statistically speaking, the vast majority of gun crimes are committed using guns that are either a) unregistered or b) registered to someone other than the perpetrator of the crime. How would more laws stop that? Where there’s a will, there’s a way, you know. No amount of legislation or enforcement can stop an individual who has determined that they don’t care what the law says, given they are focused on their course.

        • bdh829

          what does one have to do with the other. why are you calling people who are concerned with the utter incompetence and willful blindness of the state department and washington d.c.? you sound like an idiot whose brain cannot deal with more than one thing at a time. stupid comment f**cking tard!!!!

          • Robert Roman

            Please see above comment genuis!

          • autdrew4real

            YOU are the one on a Benghazi thread raving and bitching like a lunatic over gun control. Howsa bout you find a relavent topic and post on that one? Genius

          • E Quilibrate

            genius maybe.

        • Joe Allington

          wow, I feel sorry for you. Seems like you of all people would care about how his brothers in arms died and if it could have been prevented. I dont think anyone is down playing the troubles right here in the USA and we stop a lot of trouble that we know about. The problem here is that we KNEW about this trouble and did nothing to stop it!

        • David Mills

          Here’s the deal man, let me clear this up for you. Those are random criminal acts on the population. The people who do those things are reprehensible and should be tried and shot. No amount of legislation will stop criminal acts. You can wait 1000 more years it will not happen. We hold elected officials to a different standard. We put them there to uphold the constitution and defend our interests. If they become criminals in the process, it endangers me, you, and the future of our whole country. SO yeah it’s a huge deal. At least Nixon stepped down. These people now are far far worse.

          • Robert Roman

            David, you could be farther wrong if you actually made an attempt to try. No amount of legislation will stop criminals? So, if that’s the logic we’re going with, why not take the current laws off the books since they won’t discourage violence, drug use, etc. Why continued sentences for repeat offenders then since ‘no amount of legislation will discourage criminals.’

            What affect’s more American’s in their day to day lives? An incident that occurred in a country thats been in a civil war for over 2 years or the fear of american’s in high crime cities of being murdered by weapons purchased illegally?

            I know this is hard to analyze, but please, do try!

          • David Mills

            Quote; “So, if that’s the logic we’re going with, why not take the current laws
            off the books since they won’t discourage violence, drug use, etc.”
            Really, and you’re trying to come off as brilliant? Laws do discourage, and give officials the means to prosecute. I said it will never stop them. Difference…some will be discouraged and think twice…some will do violence and not care one bit what the law says. I think you know this so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here.

          • James Cox

            I think the issue with Robert Roman is, he’s just not very bright. His ability to comprehend the difference between issues, makes him a frustrated, weak little boy. His ONLY retort is to call people names. He acts like he is the only one here with prior military service, or the only one who cares about gun violence in schools, neither of which is remotely true. But, I can tell him that I am also a veteran, my entire family is military and also several in law enforcement, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, ALONG WITH THE THOUSANDS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE THAT I PERSONALLY KNOW, WI;LL TELL YOU MORE GUN LAWS WILL NOT STOP CRIMINALS FROM SHOOTING UP KIDS IN SCHOOLS. They work about as well as gun free zones.
            So Robert, my suggestion is, to go back to school and take a course of comprehension, and once you have graduated, then come back and add some adult content to the conversation. You are dismissed.

          • James Cox

            Robert Roman, YOU couldn’t be more wrong. Not one criminal gives a crap aboutemore laws on guns, or stricter limits and tighter regulations. ALL you do is make it harder for legal gun owners to protect their families. Go but a clue before you start spouting off here with your non sense.

          • Robert Roman

            You mean I make it harder for gun owners to protect their families like mine, since I am a C.W.L. carrier, right?


            So, since corporate criminals don’t give a sh*t about anti-trust laws, then why have the laws?


          • autdrew4real

            You might want to get that checked out cause you are making less and less sense the more you type, on a thread about BENGHAZI.

          • Robert Roman

            Oh no, I misspelled a word, I must NOT be correct, lmao

          • autdrew4real

            Who said anything about spelling? I was talking about your mental state

          • Robert Roman

            I know it’s hard to fathom something MORE relative to Americans than Bengahzi

          • autdrew4real

            No, its hard to fathom why someone would waste their time frothing at the mouth, screaming obscenities at people, calling them names right off the bat, because they are talking about the topic this thread is on and have a temper tantrum because they wont talk about what wobert woman wants to talk about when he insists they must talk about it. You’re losing it.

          • Robert Roman

            oh sanp, you told me, huh?

            I assumed, incorrectly, that the illogical over concern with Bengahzi in Americans minds might be a tad less concerning to Americans………..such as……….gun violence in America.

            I suppsose that IS a stretch and I had no idea all I wanted to do was talk about guns, INSTEAD, of refocusing what should be more important.

          • autdrew4real

            No snapping involved.
            It is a stretch that someone would want to waste so much time talking about gun violence, which we already agreed is important, in a thread about Benghazi. See, the two don’t go together. If you want to talk about gun violence, the polite, sane thing to do is to go talk to people who want to talk about it with you at that time. Instead you jump in here screaming insults at people because YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE RIGHT THE F NOW AND YOU ARE NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER!
            While the rest of us are concerned about the Ambassador who was killed, the help that was not sent, the lies for political purposes, the witnesses being hushed up and hidden for over a year. You aren’t the only person with people in the military. I have more than I can count after 23 yrs. I have people who work for the the State Dept and were overseas during that time. That man has a family and 3 daughters. His wife also works for State. I care that our government, that my family has sacrificed plenty for, is going to make a habit of leaving their people vulnerable and then lying about it.
            So can you PLEASE, find another thread to rave on. You are starting to sound a little unhinged and thats not good

          • James Cox

            Since THIS thread is ON Benghazi, THAT is the topic. If YOU don’t like it, start your own F’kn thread on gun violence in schools. You sound like a totally moronic, liberal loon.

          • Tom Winegar

            OK, Robert, what do you want to see happen with guns? Lets get an answer so we can move on.

          • James Cox

            This has to do with the current laws in place, and the FACT that adding more laws, will NEVER stop a criminal from getting a gun if they want one. What part of that are you too stupid to understand?

          • Ed Richardson

            How will more background checks change the numbers on deaths in high crime cities ? You say yourself the problem is weapons purchased illegally.

          • Robert Roman

            I’m not sure where “I” said ‘weapons purchased illegally,’ however, background checks alone will not solve/discourage the enormous problem we have in this nation with gun violence.

            I was unaware that I could not criticize a problem this country is facing unless I have the solution that will fix it 100%. My apologies Ed. LOL.

          • JasonC

            Libya’s civil war: initiated and orchestrated by the US and it’s banker handlers because they wanted to sell their oil for gold dinars.

          • Bruce

            @ Robert Roman. You are full of your own understanding and there is apparently no hope for you to discuss these things in a anything other than an emotional manner, rather than using science logic or, are you ready…factual evidence.

        • David Mills

          One more thing…if you concerned about guns, what’s your position on Fast&Furious where officer Terry was shot by one of Eric Holder’s guns to Mexico scheme?

          • Robert Roman

            I am concerned about guns and the responsible director for that operational command should be f*cking hung by a yard wire with such a low probability of success rate for that operation.

            P.S. I have operational knowledge from my time in the service. Your up against a wall here with knowledge form the inside on how proper orders are delivered to the battle field and then commanders on the battlefield in executing such guidance.

          • David Mills

            OK, not sure what that proves. I have 27 years of service and was a lead agent for rescue ops in Afghanistan. So what’s your point?

          • Robert Roman

            My point is that every ‘average joe’ assumes when one responds they are not knowledgeable. But your right, my past service gives me no insight.

          • David Mills

            What made you look un-knowledgeable was you came in here and started calling all of us F*tards and used faulty logic. Has nothing to do with your service.

          • autdrew4real

            I know, he’s the first plant by Harvey Winestein right? For his NRA wish they were never born movie right? Are we getting punked? Cause this is making no sense

          • Robert Roman

            lololololololol, of course not. because I addressed what is more relevant than four dead americans which is over 10k+ per year, but lets focus on 4. SPOT ON.

            and i love the comment ‘if you don’t want to talk about bengahzi get off the thread.’

            ha ha ha hah

          • autdrew4real

            Because this thread is ABOUT BENGHAZI!!
            You sound like you are off your meds or just trying to troll. People can focus on more than one thing. I’ll explain it to you, this thread is about Benghazi. People here are talking about the utter failure of our leadership to protect an Ambassador and he became the first killed overseas since 1979. We were lied to for weeks about it. NOW, as in this week, new information has come out about it and that is why people are talking about it on this thread. Does this make sense?

            We can talk about gun control, I am also a gun owner as well as a mother of children in public school. But like I tell them, there is a time and a place. This is not the place.

        • Scott Dickason

          You libtards don’t get it do you. What does the second amendment say about back ground checks ? Look up the definition of the word infringe ! Hillary is the one that gave the order to stand down. Then she tried to cover it up and when that didn’t work she went in and lied to congress just like her husband. Would it make a difference if the four people killed were children. She would be just as guilty. Since you can’t justify her actions you choose to change the subject. School shootings have nothing to do with Bengazhi dumb ass !

        • Col Wheeler

          You do not make any sense in your rant I say count to ten and collect your thoughts and write again. Marines died trying to defend them selves and others in Benghazi. I am a vet too Disabled at that.18 years and medically retired and if I was in those dead Marines shoes I would hope that some one would be trying to get to the truth to find out why I had to die needlessly. As for the Kids in CT A criminal stole the guns he used, that belonged to someone else legally and went on a shooting spree and no back ground check or gun law would have stopped him because as I said,he stole the weapons

          • Robert Roman

            In NO WAY, shape nor form did I say as a vet we shouldn’t be concerned with what happened.

            NONE of my comments state that.

            What I do state is their seems to be ‘more’ of a danger factor with the topics I discussed to EVERYDAY american’s than what the fox machine tells you is the problem in D.C. and in Benghazi.

          • David Mills

            Because what our leaders do…matters.

          • Robert Roman

            But not the fact more American’s die here, than in Benghazi, right?

          • David Mills

            Robert…It was an Ambassador! His name was J. Christopher Stevens. And he was a serious liberal leftie and his death means something. That’s a friggin act of war! It’s not the same thing as a school shooting! What made Benghazi bad was the zero attempt to rescue them once the attack was under way, and when it looked bad for the state department, they had to make up a story so they didn’t look like the total looser they were. This is Hillary’s and she owns it.
            We can be concerned about both issues. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

          • autdrew4real

            THANK YOU!

          • Chris

            But MSNBC is more concerned about a Traffic Jam. Which is more important a Traffic Jam or 4 dead from Benghazi? MSNBC and the liberal news has been calling for federal investigation for a Traffic Jam. Watched Rachel the other night and almost 3/4 of her show was on a Traffic Jam really. So tell me which is more important?

          • Robert Roman

            My apologies Chris, I suppose since MSNBC is the see-all, know-all of what is important to most Americans, then I suppose forget everything else, too, right?

            I love your guy’s logic. LMFAO

          • Jimmy Smitty Smith

            It appears that everyone is trying to make sense of your logic – strange.

          • James Cox

            Thank GOD for the Fox machine, as they are the ONLY mainstream media who gives a crap about our country.

          • Rich Ferguson

            Well except for the fact that he tried to get guns legally and was turned down due to a background check. That is why he killed his mother and stole her legally purchased guns.

        • John

          I really f%cking believe you are a f&cking vet and I really f#cking believe you have a genuine f&ucking concern for children.

          • Robert Roman

            Lol hoorah John, you crack me…

          • Chris

            Robert so what is your point? You say that no one cares about kids being gunned down. I would bet otherwise. You come on the thread spewing people don’t care people don’t care! There are bigger problems and this is one of them. However more people are killed by drunk drivers than kids being gunned down. Isn’t that a bigger problem? Then you put an article up that says see I’m right people want background checks. Still won’t fix the problem. And then your a expert about orders going through a chain of command in the field. There are a lot of past/present people that were/are in the Military and me being one of them. A Marine that carried a rifle/machine gun for 4 yrs. honorably discharged. A grandfather that was a POW in WWII. I know about orders. Your the one that brought up Fox News so I rebutted about spewing from MSNBC. Then you spew about Wall Street. What makes you an expert about Wall Street? The thread is about Bengazhi and who should be held accountable or not accountable. You don’t think it’s a problem if politicians or people appointed by politicians lie and our caught about a tragedy that might have been avoided?

          • Robert Roman

            I tell you what Chris, the ABSOLUTE SECOND Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are tried for war crimes for invading a country under 100% false intel is the day I’ll consider being worried about poor ole Hillary and the lack there of her duties.

            Until then, you all can suck a fat one because if NOW the story is that politicians who lied and aren’t doing their jobs is so grand, then WHY THE F*CK has Bush not been charged for ILLEGAL WAR CRIMES??

            You see, your problem, and those that WANT to stay on topic of Bengahzi miss the bigger picture. The picture is that how can the left or even the somewhat decided minded liberals validate ANY claims on the importance of following thru on Bengahzi when we can’t even convict the Sec. of State or even better, the Defense Sec. when F*CKING TORTUE is taking place by our leaders.

            Where’s the outcry for oversight on that, in which FAR MORE than just 4 americans were harmed. I’m quite confident ‘quite a few’ dead American’s occured in Iraq, but I digress.

            Keep focused on Bengazhi while we have Presidents who ENACT such treason as espionage on it’s own citizens, but cry and demand investigations into the sec of state because ‘she didn’t do her job.’

            Grow a sack you pansies.

          • Robert Roman

            My original point was simple; how can Benghazi be so important to many Americans because of ‘four dead Americans’ when so MANY MORE American’s who did not sign up to be a foreign diplomat are murdered every day.

            THAT’S the point.

            But if we are arguing the relevance of Benghazi due to the failed leadership of those in charge, again, I ask you where are the ‘out cries’ for investiagtion into the mishandling of the Iraq war and all the dead american’s there?

            But we had to go into Iraq, they had ‘yellow cake.’

            12 years later, no signs.


            BLAME THE LEFT……quickly!

          • autdrew4real

            You must have missed all those stories reported in actual newspapers and news agencies about truckloads of weapons going across the border to Syria before the war kicked off. Who is the most recent user of chemical weapons? Why Syria of course.
            The intel that Bush used was the same intel that was given to all the members of Congress and they voted for it. Bill Clinton, when he was president, bombed Saddam Huessein over his programs. The whole friggin world believed he had them, and he did. Remnants were found by our troops during the war. Missed those stories too eh?
            Im convinced more than ever, you are completely unhinged and just swinging wildly in every direction trying to find something to get off topic with.
            Check with the VA, they may be able to help you out with that. Thats what they are there for.

          • Robert Roman

            You know what, my apologies Autdrew, your right. If you find remnants that’s proof worthy of invasion. I guess your right.

            and I would LOVE to check with the VA. Too bad your republican controlled house decided to cut VA benefits for the budget. Or else I could….

            How do you like that one Autdrew?

            Swinging for the fences there????

          • autdrew4real

            I don;t have a Republican controlled House Robert. I am not a Republican and never have been one.

          • Chris

            LMAO! Congress voted to go to War in case you might have forgot! Overwhelmingly! Bush/Cheney went by the intel that they received just like all the other Senators which then was voted on to invade Iraq. So that is why they will not be charged with War Crimes! So go suck on that dumbass!

          • Robert Roman

            Hey Chris, did they vote to go to war based on the info from the pres and def sec testifying in front of congress?

            I suppose if we voted on whether to execute your mom on a crime she commited and I knew the testimony I was giving was false, that would be A Okay in your book too, huh?

          • Chris

            No the from the President. The President wasn’t the one getting the intel. It was the CIA! So your saying that Saddam was no threat to the U.S. Well I believe he was and still don’t have a problem going in there when we did! I think that we did a lot of good in that country and our current president has screwed it up! Also it was proven if any sanctions were lifted that they were going to resume nuclear weapon production. He also executed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. I guess that is ok with you. And I guess with your thinking that we should have stayed out of WWII because the Nazi’s were no threat to us at all. Your logic is don’t worry about the rest of the world because they are no threat. However after 9/11 we neeed to start taking a more proactive instead of reactive. And your comparison with my mom is apples/oranges. I don’t know what you did in the military but I am guessing that you were the one,like in every unit, they were looking forward to you getting out.

          • Robert Roman

            Hey Chris, tell you what, since your so concerned about Saddam, I suppose you have NO PROBLEM with erradicating the cuban government. I mean, I’m half cuban and I’m very concerned with the historical treatment of the people there, the millions that have been killed in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT OUTSIDE OF THEIR HOME IN FRONT O F THEIR FAMILIES but that’s less relevant since it wasn’t on fox?

            Shall I get you on the first C130 to Havana?

          • Robert Roman

            I mean, your dreadfully concerned about dictators. Let the eradication of the dictators begin world wide, no?

            Your leading the charge? Kudos Chris!

          • Chris

            LMAO! I have had enough fun with you! As your spewing has shown you know very little and like to just degrade others going BLAH BLAH BLAH! Cuba is not a current/future threat as of right now. If things did change than yes eradicating that government would be a priority. It is called a serious threat to our country. We can’t help everyone but we do need to keep the serious threats at bay as long as we can. We have to pick and choose where we invade if feeling necessary. Right now our current threats are Iran, N. Korea and terrorists. That is where our focus needs to be. And one, and I say one, of the things that needs to be found out is what happened in Benghazi. Oh as far as your question to Havana is I would like to visit many other countries before Cuba. If I get through all of them I will let you know and you can buy me that ticket to Havana. And if your so concerned about your people than do something about it.

          • Rich Ferguson

            That’s a good one Bobby. Put Bush and Cheney on trial for following thru on something that the worlds intelligence communities were ALL saying. Let’s not forget Congress rubber stamping the authorization for the President to act militarily without the approval of the UN. Including John Kerry and well…..uhhh….Senator Hillary Clinton.
            By the way, there were WMD found in Iraq, but the push to Baghdad failed to secure them properly and they ended up in Syria. No coincidence that those were the same weapons that were recently used.

          • Robert Roman

            Kudos to you and your families service, first and foremost. Now, yes, NO ONE GIVES A SH*T about murdered kids.

            Want proof?

            Over 80% of the population was in an uproar over Sandy Hook. EVERY ONE, except the NRA and those that fear the U.S. will take their guns, refuse to have the conversation about gun laws due to pressure from small interest groups.

            If Americans cared about dead kids, there would be IMMEDIATE life sentences for any crimes committed with a weapon. No excuses (unless you step into the very gray area of self defense which is ALWAYS in the eyes of the beholder).

            so yeah, sorry to tell you chris, no one in America gives a flying turd about dead kids. Watch the next school shooting. Should be happening right about………………………………….

          • Robert Roman

            And please, don’t tell me that tougher laws won’t change sh*t. If it won’t, then IMMEDIATELY redact any/all campaign finance laws since OBVIOUSLY the laws are in place criminals still are gonna commit crimes. Let’s just open the flood gates.

          • autdrew4real

            kinda hard to convict a guy with an automatic life sentence when he is dead

        • Eliza

          I guess you have PTSD, because you are INSANE!! Do you not understand the ramifications of “just four dead Americans” if we let them get away with this, the next number will be larger. Take another look in the mirror and say “I wonder how my mom and dad would feel if I were one of them, or if I came home in a casket.” Before you get your panties in a snit, my son SGT Daniel Eger is an 8 year veteran of the Iraqi war and my son in law is a Chief on the USS Springfield. Just in case you don’t know what it is that’s a submarine. So, take you, What difference does it make” to morons like Hillary and obama who would actually listen to you and pat your back like a good little doggie.

          • autdrew4real

            I keep telling him he sounds unhinged but he isn’t listening. Scary thing is, he says he is has a concealed carry permit. Maybe they should make a mental evaluation law for that one. Maybe that would make him happy about gun violence.

            Looks like he has a brand new account and is new to this whole posting things. I tried explaining the staying on topic but, well, you see what happens

          • James Cox

            He’s a total liberal loon. I HIGHLY doubt he has served in the military, nor holds a CCW permit. He’s a sniveling punk with his mommas laptop. I’m done debating his 75 IQ.

          • autdrew4real

            Certainly no debate, thats for sure. Now he’s throwing around Rush, O’Reilly and Fox news. He’s also blaming the victims for ‘knowing what they were getting into”. Its been my experience that yes, Ambassadors realize they have a dangerous job but they also expect their country to provide security for them and to pull them out when things get too hot.
            I don;t know why he has this insane idea that people cannot care about more than one things at a time. Must be that 75.

          • James Cox

            For sure. I’m betting he voted for obi, and thinks he’s doing a great job.

          • Robert Roman

            To the contrare Mr. Cox, I voted for your mom, TWICE! 😉

            P.S. One doesn’t have to vote for the current POTUS to disagree with his policies or attack those he appointed to be his extension.

            Difference between us, my last name isn’t ‘Cox’, which is what your opinion sounds like.

          • James Cox

            And THAT is ALL the proof that I need to know that YOU are a total piece of sh*t. Your so called medals and awards amount to a small pile of sh*t on the bottom of my shoe little boy. YOU are NOT worthy of cleaning my toilets, which I’m sure, if you in deed serve, is what you did for a living. Your mental capacity doesn’t lend itself to anything other than being a 3rd rate latrine jockey.

          • Robert Roman

            I’m sure ‘latrine’ is something you googled, lmfao. I’ts okay Mr. Cox, I’m sincerely content not having my last name as ‘cox’, lmfao!

            And again, your opinion is like assholes, all have one.

            But please, indeed, advise me again how mature you are?


            Please, don’t step on my medals, boo hoo

          • Robert Roman

            As do the murdered victims in EACH and every state. I assume not though.

          • Robert Roman

            AFSC 3C071.

            I’m assuming my awards / medals are also false. LMFAO. Awesome intel James. Just flawless logic.

          • Robert Roman

            If they did I would be first in line to verify my status to carry.

            Brand new account? Because I decided to post today, dafuk?

          • autdrew4real

            When you click on the picture it shows how many comments you have made and to where. So far it shows that you have made comments to 3 sites. Thats why I said new account. At the time you had 30 comments on 3 sites. Nice selfie btw

          • Robert Roman

            Several years back from when I started my google+ account. Your right, let me take a picture of my life partner as you have in your profile. LFMAO.

            AND I have my dog tags in my selfie. SUCK ON THAT ONE!!!

          • autdrew4real

            My life partner happens to be a very large United States Marine.With his own concealed carry permit. Suck on that

          • Robert Roman

            I can’t suck it as well as you did while we were gone keeping you safe Autdrew. I can’t say that I can…..i have to accept my limitations.

            :/ I’m sorry, I wish I could help.

          • autdrew4real

            Thats too lame to even be an insult. Come on, you can do better than stereotyping military wives. Not to mention insulting children you don’t even know. Like my honor student daughter about to graduate or my teen son on a trip to MCRD as we speak. Criminals? Oh I think not
            I’ll tell you what, I will pray for you, Robert Roman. I hope that God will open your eyes and help you to see clearly through the kool aid.

          • Robert Roman

            Hey, I can’t help it if you decided to say outlandish things and insult me before I decided to snarl back.

            It’s a shame Autdrew, I’m quite sure you and I would agree on MANY things, but you being able to not see past your nose that there is a MUCH MUCH bigger issue than Benghazi here and that is that the previous administration allowed the United States to fall from it’s pedastal and set us on a course of an astronomical debt (but wait, Obama spent more than all previous presidents combined, loil) and you idiots are too focused on Benghazi to realize.

            You say you truthfully care about Politicians lying? Where is your outcry against Bush for DIRECTLY CAUSING the deaths of hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of Americans in Iraq? Where is your sense of duty to your husband and the nation he defends when Defense Secretaries are making special deals with Enron in order to screw millions of Californians out of retirements, pensions and pay per usage?

            Both of those issues are FAR MORE IMPORTANT that a little ole ambassador that got killed int he line of duty.

            As I said before and as I will continue to say, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

            Is Benghazi important, ABSOLUTELY, but what no one seems to grasp, is that it was done in the previous administration, and the one before that and the one before that. It will be done in 2014 and so on.

            Get use to it sister, because most toons like you, are focused on the MOST LUDICROUS of all stories than the big picture.

            Wake up darling.

          • autdrew4real

            Darlin its hard to know what the hell you are talking about because you are so far all over the place that only God Himself could follow your logic. How the hell would you know what outcry I made about Bush when this is a topic on BENGHAZI. You have no way of knowing what I said about Bush in 2003.
            You are so all over the place that it is actually sad. I am awake and I can see that you are nuts.
            Honey, you need to take a step back, go for a walk and clear your head because the longer you talk, the more committable you sound. We might have some beliefs in common but its really hard to tell, brother, when your immediate tone is insulting and berating to everyone who wont talk about what YOU deem important. Gotta get that narcissism in check. This story was on this topic. YOU intruded, insulted, demanded and then when people told you were unhinged you insulted their mothers, children, and made stupid jokes about life partners. Seriously man, if you want people to focus on your topic, your approach sucks
            And then you call US loons? Go back and read when you are sober.

          • Eliza

            I think he needs to register his gun and I think he needs to register with a psychiatrist.

          • Robert Roman


            How insane are you Elizabeth that you think in any way shape or form I approve four American’s not having the security they need to do their job overseas, LIKE MOST OF THE MILITARY in forward locations. Because no other unit is ‘in dire need’, right?

            Listen folks, your panties are in a bunch because I value 10,000+ American’s murdered each year in the great ole US of A than I do four diplomats.

            I’m sorry, but the needs of the many are outweighed the needs of the few. Those diplomats KNOW what their getting into, case in point, pre-deployment briefings.

            What do American’s on the street murdered have for protection? Other guns? HA HA HA HA HA HA.

            You tools are the reason why Fox and Rush and your boy O’Reilly are millionaires. I applaud you. Profusely!

          • autdrew4real

            Ok, 40,000 plus are killed by car crashes each year. I care about that. I think we need more laws to keep cars out of the hands of dangerous illegal drivers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I care that several states are giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and it has caused a huge problem with hit and run accidents, especially in CA,AZ & other border states because they dont have insurance. Surely you care about those people killed right?
            My 40,000 trumps your 10,000 according to your way of thinking so should we all be focusing on taking all cars off the roads and going back to horse and buggy? I mean, sure, the criminals will still have cars but who cares If It Save One Life, Think Of The Children!!
            Or smoking
            or drinking
            all of which cause more deaths each year. Pick one

          • Robert Roman

            That right there is why your a moron brother. How could you compare to the victims of murders equates the victims of car fatalities.

            I suppose if I trump your 40k by saying heart disease, which unfortunately is the number #1 killer in America amongst everything else, does that mean I win?

            LOL, dumba$$!

          • autdrew4real

            <—–FEMALE, I already said that I am a mother with children in public school. Brother? Moron?
            And you're calling me the dumbass. Not everyone killed with a gun is a murder victim. There are things like suicides, accidental discharges.
            You are the one who came onto a thread about Benghazi screaming that we shouldn't care about 4 dead Americans when 10000 are dead by guns.So I point out that more people are killed by other things besides guns. But you are gun fixated period.
            No matter how many times it is patiently explained to you that people can care about more than one thing at a time, you just keep on screaming and insulting while the grown ups try and talk. So go right ahead. Insult away.

          • Robert Roman

            Hey brother Autdrew (you can change brother to any female insult of your choosing), please review my VERY FIRST comment and then come back to me that it was ‘I’ spewing insults first. I simply pointed out that it was ‘disheartening’

            Now get back to raising those criminals that’ll rob me in a few years because their dumb mother was more concerned with Benghazi then their own safety in their school.

            Now let me explain, patiently, one more time:

            ‘I originally said it was disheartening that more American’s care about four dead American diplomats who signed up for a dangerous job than they do about the violence that happens everyday in America.’

            Anything else you say is simply stupid. That’s my point, has been, will always be.

            The Benghazi issue, while tragic, is far, Far, FAR less relevant to everyday American’s than gun violence in our streets. That’s a fact you can not dispute with ANY FACT whatsoever other than a lie.

            Ten American’s asked in the street will tell you with an above 70% approval rate, that they care more if their neighbor shoots them in the back than they do about the senator and his ‘poor daughters.’

            #FACT (a.k.a. to right wingers ‘we wont let things like facts disrupt our campaign’) lmfao

          • autdrew4real

            You ever had someone killed by a drunk driver? I have. It sucks just as much as the friend I had shot down on my street corner. The one that sucked the most was my friend who shot himself with a 12 gauge. Or my dad who died of an overdose. Or my FIL who drank himself to death and literally died in the gutter.

          • Eliza

            I think you’ve been drinking or smoking something. Because you seem to defend the bitch who killed these guys. Please unless you want to say something with any amount of intelligence, Quit drinking and quit smoking whatever it is you are smoking.

        • Tom Winegar

          You’re on the wrong forum pinhead.

        • Billy Bob

          So, you are a war hero and carry a gun. The only thing you left out of your rant is whether or not you are a member of the NRA.

        • wjgreen

          If you don’t see anything but a body count you are really looking down a narrow tube. What happened in Libya, how Libya got that way, what became of Qaddafi’s armaments and who in our government is involved and why and how adds up to a considerably more engrossing story than a mindless driveby.

        • C. therealworld

          he’s part of the gay pride military, no doubt.

        • Frank

          More people are killed in gun free zones like schools than where people can carry a gun. The idea legislation will stop violent crime is absurd. The cities with the greatest violent gun rate have the strictest gun laws in our country. i.e. Chicago, New York, L.A. Detroit, and Philadelphia. Last year more people were killed with hammers than semiautomatic rifles. I guess we should do background checks on those who purchase hammers. Your argument is simply untenable based on the evidence. By the way, in my county, the second amendment is honored and enforced as written by the fathers of our country. I doubt any legislation will change our culture of owning and using a gun as a God given right to self defense.

        • Ern49er

          Instead of background checks on everyone, we need all Democrats to turn in all there guns and be prohibited from owning one. If you look at all the school shootings, they come back to a Democratic household!!

        • Bruce

          What!? You’ve set the science of logic back 10,000 years. You call us ‘tards when you only work with 3 brain cells; Guns, NRA and Wall Street. The left is MORE responsible for Newtown than the right. And our leftist government is responsible for Bengazhi. What I wouldn’t give to publically debate a true ‘tard like you, who can only Parrot a flawed narrative.

      • JasonC

        The world wants someone (anyone??) held accountable for the millions of deaths caused by the US since (and including) 9/11.

        • autdrew4real

          they can have robert

  • Portnoy

    I’m telling ya…watch this… and then add 6 years of her bullshit.

    • Steve in Katy

      Thanks for that, Portnoy.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Yes, we learned last week from the media covering Bridgegate that accountability and attitude start at the top.

    Benghazi was preventable and shouldn’t have happened. We know this for a fact now, so the blame, the attitude and accountability rest solely with Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      They’re even blaming Amb. Stevens now, saying “he didn’t ask for security.” Please. Even IF you believed this (I don’t) lots of people get “assigned” security, often against their wishes. Sometimes they find it an invasion of privacy, or an annoyance, but too bad, it may not be their call. In this case I don’t think it would have been his decision alone to make.

      • H50 ✓RAT

        As I recall, sworn congressional testimony showed that he did in fact ask for security, and if memory serves to close the embassy at one point.
        They are just recycling old lies now and blaming the victim, especially dead ones is never a good idea and will backfire every time.
        Still, we dont know who gave the stand down order.

      • Republicanvet

        I seem to recall reading news articles that Stevens HAD made several requests for additional security…all were denied.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          The rewriting of the history has begun.

          • MurphTacular

            What rewrite? No one is saying that the embassy didn’t want more security.

          • Sophonisba

            Oh yes they have – just heard it on the Diane Rheem Show.

          • BAW

            I can’t imagine when you’d ever be right if you began a sentence with, “No one is saying…..”

            I have been seeing the assertion repeated that Stevens refused additional security. One version is that he was offered additional security guards by the Libyans, twice.

            And although I didn’t hear it, yesterday Ginger Gibson on Up To The Minute Report on CBS included something that at least some people thought was “blaming” Stevens. Someone who did hear it said it included the assertion that he declined extra protection offered to him by the State Department and had done so even though he was repeatedly warned that he was in a “dangerous position.”

            Somebody is definitely saying Steven’s personally refused more security.

        • Deborah Hallsted

          He did, at least four times that we know of.

        • Dan13

          Hillary did provide security: Declare the Consulate a gun-free zone.

        • MurphTacular

          Yep. That’s in the report. No one on the Left’s denying that aspect of the story.

      • EclecticHorseman

        I thought liberals were all against “blaming the victim”. Guess not.

        • putthehammerdown

          Especially a “Gay Victim”.
          Why is the Gay Lobby so quiet on this matter ?
          Something in their mouths, blocking the words ?
          Questions ,…Questions…………..

      • WhoDat

        How much security is enough?

        • Republicanvet

          Well, Hillary already made that decision, over the requests from those on the ground in Benghazi.

        • Ethanery

          They certainly needed more than they had (I recall a report saying that the safe room was supposed to buy them an hour during an emergency, but only allowed them five minutes before breach). Also, more guards couldn’t have hurt.

          Edit: This next part got cut off. It all comes down to why anyone would think it would be a good idea to have minimal security in a high-risk zone. I’m not sure what they were thinking, but it seems that the final decision wasn’t in the hands of a military expert, or these issues would have been covered.

          • Jeff

            They didn’t need more guards, just American ones that didn’t run out on them before the shooting even started

          • autdrew4real

            especially after their wall was blown apart not long before, the British pulled out, all the other international agencies pulled out and the US pulled out…..extra security. WHY?

        • 4liberty

          None certainly isn’t!!

        • QueenB

          At least the level of security the people on the ground asked for. That’d be a good place to start, I think.

        • BAW

          The ARB report found, the Mission compound “included a weak and very extended perimeter, an incomplete interior fence, no mantraps and unhardened entry gates and doors. Benghazi was also severely under-resourced with regard to weapons, ammunition, [non-lethal deterrents] and fire safety
          equipment, including escape masks.”

          It wasn’t just personnel they lacked.

          The Benghazi post did not meet OSPB or SECCA standards. The standards are set by law. 22 USC § 4865 – Security requirements for United States diplomatic facilities – the law was ignored, that is, violated.

        • Deborah Hallsted

          Well just having bullets for their guns would have been a big bonus-/sarc

          • MurphTacular

            This myth of the bullet-free guns in Libya has been disproven so many times …
            I’m sure you guys will howl at the source of this story, but if you READ it, you’ll see that their sources are far more credible than the right-wing citations.

          • elixelx

            Howl? Us? I prefer to scream at anyone who takes Mother Jones as Gospel…and then pretends to force-feed us with that ideology!

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          And, lest we forget the ROE (Rules of Engagement) KING FINK 0BAMA has imposed on OUR military (among others), which may as well put them as ducks on a carnival shooting gallery game! As for WhoDat’s question, whatever it takes! Which includes foregoing Taxpayer-funded “loans” to failing Green Energy businesses, swanky parties for ENEMY “Dignitaries”, and $4 Million Golf Vacays to Hawaii!He REALLY should THINK OF THE COUNTRY BEFORE HIMSELF! (But again, not holding my breath…) Jawamax 8<{D}

        • elixelx

          Good question. Certainly Benghazi merited more than Bermuda, where, I believe, a fair few State Dept. Security officials were swimming offshore in order to protect the consul from marauding tilapias, while in Benghazi the State Dept. security detail was being swallowed by out-for-a-stroll sharks!
          See, THAT is the real HORROR of Hillary…she doesn’t care and she assumes that we shouldn’t either. She is driven by politics, 100%, but says criticism of her shouldn’t be driven by politics! She truly believes that everything she does is above question because…CLINTON!
          But if you want to see the REAL Hillary, join the L and I of CLINTON together, and you will get an idea of what really drives the Harridan!

      • Dan13

        Nc, Stevens turned down military security, not State department security.
        Of I course, State Department security consisted of declaring the Benghazi consulate a gun free zone.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    And so for the next two years we get to see every Democrat in America throwing themselves in front of political bullets in order to defend the Hildebeast’s chances at the White House.

    • Aerodoctyl

      They are acknowledging now that they don’t have anyone better to run, and likely won’t. Pretty sad statement. Still wondering about the weeks of brazen lies to Americans about some video protest by the president and minions.

      • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

        And we have…?

      • aztectrumpet

        Was Obama known much in Jan 2006? They might still have people who can emerge.

    • Michael Anderson (WB)

      My very liberal friend has said if Hillary runs he won’t vote. He cant bring himself to vote Republican but he absolutely won’t vote for Hillary.

      She has shown herself to be power hungry; more so than any other politician I’ve noticed. I’ve started calling her a Hillaryist, she’ll got to any party she thinks will get her more power. She’s not a liberal or a conservative, just a Hillaryist.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        It’s a first step.

        But there are still way too many people who know in their hearts what the Dems are doing to this country is wrong, yet are like your friend. They “can’t bring [themselves] to vote Republican.”

        Repubs (and conservatives) have a serious image problem, and I’m not sure how best to resolve it. How do you fight the forces of every broadcast media, academia that brainwashes children from Head Start up, and the full range of the entertainment industry?

        I wish I had an easy answer. But in the meantime, let’s encourage those baby steps in the “right”direction.

        • Michael Anderson (WB)

          My friend isn’t moving conservative and in denial, quite the opposite. He’s concerned tha Hillary is too conservative because he associates authoritarian with conservative. He’s completely wrong, but the point is there is going to be a subset of liberals who refuse to vote for her.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            You kind of illustrated my point. But whatever, if he “sits it out” it’s just fine, that still helps our side.

            Doesn’t it conservatives? See how that works?

  • pinkelephant22

    Yet everything was Bush’s fault including all legislation, or lack thereof, despite Dems controlling the House & Senate his last 2 yrs.

  • Republicanvet

    Perhaps DiFi could see a few pictures of the weapons the terrorists used to help her.

    As it is, if Hillary were blameless, why the need for the statement?

  • American-By-Choice


    • thedumbblonde

      Nothing to me. I’m hopping on Farrakhan’s Wheel in the Sky and I’m outta here.

  • Republicanvet

    Where are the leftists whining about connecting dots?

  • marcellucci

    Watching Killery get her comeuppance…..
    Vince Foster must be laughing his ass off……

  • Republicanvet

    Would this bipartisan Senate report on blaming the State Department and Hillary be a reason why some in the media floated stories about Hillary’s hit list?

    A warning shot across the bows of some DemoRat senators?

  • LegalizeShemp

    If a Republican might be to blame, the Democrats are “getting to the bottom of things and connecting the dots”, but when a Dem might be to blame, “you’re just playing politics, there’s no credible evidence that your investigation has any merit”. We’ve seen this movie before.

  • WhoDat

    I know who’s to blame for the whole thing: terrorists.

    • Republicanvet

      Pssst. Tell the NY Times. Oh, and you might want to let Hillary and Preezy Sleeping Beauty know.

      • WhoDat

        They know.

        • Republicanvet

          You couldn’t tell that from the fiction the NY Times was pushing.

          Given Preezy Sleepy gets his news from the papers, I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong impression and get 4 other Americans killed.

          • MurphTacular

            Anyone read the NY Times story on Benghazi? Or are you merely parroting Rush Limbaugh’s description of the story earlier this week as “abject lies”? LOL.

        • AMSilver

          And they knew back before they told everyone that it was the video. They knew when they stood in front of the families of those killed, looked them in the eye, and promised they’d get whomever made the video (not whomever killed their sons). They lied, but since they’ve got a D behind their names, you don’t care. You also don’t care that Hillary knew full well that the embassy was in danger, could have provided more security, and didn’t. She could have acted to prevent those deaths and she didn’t, but since she’s got a D behind her name, you don’t care.

    • thedumbblonde

      I was told it was a video.

    • BAW

      So you could send people to a country that had just had a civil war, keep them to a place with escalating terrorists attacks (with or without security) but consider it entirely the terrorists fault if they did what they do and killed your people?

      That blame shifting thing is like magic. At least I assume that you honestly feel no guilt so long as you can blame someone else and you don’t just use that as a political “principle.”

      • WhoDat

        Maybe more security was needed.

        Hindsight is 20/20.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Except it was foresight.
          and that thing in your mouth is Hillary’s foreskin.

        • BAW

          “Maybe,” maybe, more security was needed?

          Hindsight is not the issue with Benghazi. Hindsight would not be the issue if you had a home invasion and said, maybe I should have closed and locked my front door.

          When four American ambassadors were killed in terrorists attacks on foreign diplomatic posts in the 70s, it was established THAT more and better security was needed.

          The laws, requirements, rules, and standards established for United States diplomatic facilities, were effective for decades! No U.S. Ambassador was killed at a diplomatic post for decades!

          There were plenty of attacks. The left loves to list all the attacks during the Bush years. But the security, that had been mandated and was followed during the Bush administration never entirely collapsed. No U.S. diplomatic facility was overrun by terrorists until the Obama administration ignored the mandated security requirements in Libya. Because they knew better?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Really? And here I remember liberals claiming it was “spontaneous protesters reacting to a YouTube video.” Which reminds me that the only person to be arrested in this whole Benghazi matter is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

      What’s a matter, WhoDat? Are we a bit miffed that the report condemning the State Department was more bipartisan than the vote to pass Obamacare?

      • WhoDat

        Probation violations, and he’s free now.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Last I heard, Nakoula was still in jail…I haven’t heard anything about his release….If the Islam0Fascist has let him go, can anyone find the story on it? Jawamax 8<{D}

  • The Masked Avatar

    Blame Canada.

  • yourmamatoo

    The fact remains… Killary lied, our Ambassador died. Period!

    • marion vega

      ‘Killary’, like it

      • yourmamatoo


  • Peculiar Person

    Don’t worry, Diane, we are all going to vote for Hillary in 2016. She’s the best.

    • yourmamatoo

      Yeah. Killary will be the shoo in she was in 08.

  • Worried

    hillary is the butcher of benghazi

    • nc ✓s & balances

      No, the Muslim terrorists killed those four Americans. But her incompetence enabled it, and her lies covered up her incompetence. That’s plenty bad enough.

  • Worried

    democrats always support murder, abortions, benghazi, all mass shooters are democrats

  • sjmom

    Brilliant. Brit has a way with words.

  • ashknothole

    I need a department I can blame for my screw-ups.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Bwahaha I said something similar early in Barry’s first term when it became clear the Blame Bush game was being played. I told all my Liberal friends, “I want a job where I can blame all the failures on the person before me and take credit for all the successes I had nothing to do with.” They weren’t amused.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    DiFi’s days in our Senate are numbered. Obamacare has been very destructive here in CA and folks are pissed off.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      You think? This IS still California. Lots and lots of LIVs.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        More hopeful than anything. I’m hoping folks are pissed off enough when DiFi, Boxer and especially Pelosi come up for re-election! But you’re right, these are low info voters we’re talking about. And plus, Moonbeam just balanced the budget with a surplus and turned the state’s economy around, LIVs will think of only that when they hit the polls.

        And for the record, as much as I thoroughly dislike Moonbeam, gotta give him kudos for a balanced budget with a surplus.

  • Maxx

    When it comes to Benghazi and responsibility at the State department, to Feinstein and the rest of ’em, the “secretary” might as well be the gal replenishing the Toshiba copying machine in the hallway.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Now that’s what I call, “an inconvenient truth”.

  • neoface

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Old hag – Term limits!!!! She needs to stop feeding from the government trough, and milking the system.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Which annoys liberals more about this Senate report: that it condemns the State Department, that it’s more bipartisan than the Obamacare vote, or that it comes out after more than a week of “Christie’s responsible for Bridgegate just because he was in charge” posturing?

    • WhoDat

      As far as I can tell, there was nothing new in this report that hadn’t already been released.

  • Pedro

    The buck did not stop at her desk when she was SoS. Why would anyone think it would be different if she was President. Hillary is nothing more than a puffy package of blind ambition and an existential threat to America.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I think Di-Fi FiendStein needs to look at the top leadership at the State Derpartment when the Benghazi attack happened….And a closer look at who was in charge of her (e.g. KING FINK 0BAMA)! And if she STILL tries to defend them (in any way shape or form), then IMPLICATE HER!!
    (Heck, it worked on me, for things I didn’t even do…) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • LR99

    Where was obama during hte attack & what was his timeline of events?
    Where was Hillary & what was her timeline?
    Two basic question now one can or will answer!
    Or how was obama able to go to bed knowing his Ambassador was missing?

  • diana m. pinkley

    when the coffins were brought back and hillary clinton and obama were making speeches , obama said once and hillary said 7 times that it was all due to the video. it has been reported since, that hillary knew and was asked for help at the embassy. she did nothing. it was two days later after their speeches in front of the caskets, that susan rice told 5 networks that all of this was due to a video. two weeks later in front of united nations obama stood and lied again about the video being the cause. to me, this has all been a gross misjudgement of power and the abuse of the united states citizens.not too mention 4 fallen patriots.this is so saddening.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    “What difference does it make?” #Priceless

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      “What difference does it make” that they have liars in the U.S. Senate, Managing the Lies of the President and his Cabinet Members SoS HillBill…

      And what we just said is the truth, that they are Law Less, and they need to be arrested and removed from Our Chambers.

      OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness

      • Stuck_in_Ca

        I was commenting on Douglas Nelson’s reply to Brit Hume’s comment.

        • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

          Yes, and we were agreeing with you, and it makes no difference to them, that they lie and they have their protectors to help with being protected …as is …
          “What difference does it make” was Hillary’s statement. and she can say “that”, which means she doesn’t care whether we or anyone else has caught her in a lie, she is privilege and stature and she believes she’s untouchable.
          We hope you get the gist. ;’)

          OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Well Mr. Hume, you and James Rosen, and We are definitely on The 0’List, Now!

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    This is Not to be construed as the least bit funny.

    Yes, Mr. Hume, Senator DiFi, is but, ONE of the Senior Senators of the lying Managers of The 0bama Team Lies.

    We dutifully, are informing you sir, that the U.S. Senate are Members of the lying 0bama Cabinet, just in case you missed out on the Memorandum.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Anyone remember Hillary’s ads when she was running against Barack?
    Something along the lines of,
    when it’s 3am and there’s a phone call, I’ll be there to answer it.

    • 2ndReconBnCCo

      i sure do and it looks like the call went straight to voice mail (LOL)

  • Cleetus

    So when something bad like a traffic jam happens to a Republican like Chris Christie, the leader is completely responsible, but when a Democrat, like Hillary, is in charge and people die while the US is completely humiliated, then we must understand how one person cannot oversee an entire organization. If it wasn’t for a double standard, then they’d have no standards at all.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Communist are in our government. This is not double standard, this is the Totalitarian authority, Cleetus.

    • Perry

      There is no reasoning with Progressive statists. They don’t care about truth or lies, right or wrong, good or evil. There is no difference to them. There is only the goal.They want TOTAL authority, at ANY cost.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    TED CRUZ: ‘The families of the victims in Benghazi deserve the truth’

    Ted Cruz just released this statement on the Senate Benghazi report that came out yesterday, calling for a joint select committee to investigate this deeper because the family members of the victims in Benghazi deserve the truth. I would add the American people deserve the truth as well:×123.jpg

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Four red blooded American’s perished…

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Kritikal2

    I’m disappointed that the administration is succeeding in keeping the real issue secret by setting up the defensive perimeter so far from the potentially explosive truth.
    The real issue is not whether or not it was an attack that could have been prevented. The real issue is what was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi that got him killed and who sent him there.
    The administration has admitted that he was gun running to the rebels in Benghazi before he became the ambassador. Where are those weapons now? Was he having a scheduled meeting with some of the former rebel leaders to try to get back some of those weapons before they were used against US interests?
    Is it more damaging to the administration to be seen as incompetent or as the perpetrator of Fast and Furious/Africa that got four Americans killed and many wounded?
    Someone should ask the question and not let themselves be stonewalled.

  • Idiot Hillary

    “What difference does it make?”

  • Marvin Nelson

    “Bipartisan committee” my a$$. Feinstein is as deceitful and crooked as the rest of the scumbags in Congress, except for the rare few like Cruz who are REAL Congressmen.

  • Duke LaCroix

    Obama, Clinton and Rice lied, people died.

    What difference does it make?

  • Tanker74

    You people just don’t want to see the most intelligent, accomplished woman in America running the country and the world. You’re pathetic.

    • Its_My_Fault

      you forgot one small item…who doesn’t tell the truth

    • Steve

      No we’re fine with Condaleeza Rice. Who were you thinking of?

    • MominNV

      YEP! Because one lying POS in The Peoples’ House is NEVER enough for you sheeple. SMH

    • Guest

      Zero Accomplishments. Bad for Women. And She’s Dumb.

      Please stop the Hillary puffery. The last thing the country needs is a Hillary candidacy — much less another President Clinton.

      PrezHill would be bad for America, awful for Democrats and downright deadly to progressives — especially feminists. (She may know that herself; it may explain her reluctance to prepare for a 2016 run.)

      Here, in an easy clip-and-take-to-the-primaries nutshell, is the non-vast-rightie-conspiracy case against Hillary:

      1. Zero record of accomplishment.

      Since 2009 we’ve seen what happens when we elect a president with charisma but minus a resume: weakness, waffling, national decline. Obama’s signature/single accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, embodies design-by-committee conception and autopilot execution.

      Hillary’s admirers have conflated her impressive list of jobs with actually having gotten things done. When you scratch the surface, however, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the woman has done little more than warm a series of comfy leather desk chairs. How has this career politician changed Americans’ lives? Not in the least.

      No doubt, Hillary knows her way around the corridors of power: First Lady, Senator from New York, presidential candidate, Secretary of State. Nice resume, but what did she do with all her jobs? Not much.

      In terms of achievement, Hillary Clinton’s political life peaked in 1993 with “HillaryCare,” a botched attempt at healthcare reform that failed because no one, including liberals, agreed with the core mission of what liberal Democratic Senator Robert Byrd called “a very complex, very expensive, very little understood piece of legislation”: federal subsidies for wildly profitable private insurance corporations (sound familiar?).

      After sleazing her way into the Capitol as an out-of-state carpetbagger — New Yorkers still remember — Senator Clinton wiled away the early 2000s as a slacker Senator. Clinton’s legislative proposals were trivial and few. Her bargaining skills were so lousy that she couldn’t find cosponsors for her tiny-bore bills — even fellow Democrats snubbed the former First Lady — she works dumb, not smart. At least with Obama, 2008 voters saw potential. Hillary has had 20 years to shine. If she hasn’t gotten anything accomplished in all that time, with all that power, why should we think she’ll make a great president?

      2. She’s a terrible role model for women.

      The real issue is that Hillary married her way into power. Sorry, Hillarites: there is nothing new here, no cracked glass ceilings. Owing everything you have to your husband is at least as old as Muriel Humphrey, who succeeded Senator Hubert after he died in 1978. In a nation with more than 150 million women, it ought to be possible to find a president who got there on her own merits.

      Remember, it’s not like Hillary did much with the remarkable opportunities she was given.

      3. She’s kind of dumb.

      In 2003, Senator Clinton cast the most important vote of her life, in favor of invading Iraq. Not only was it morally unconscionable — Bush ginned up the war from thin air, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and there was neither evidence nor proof that Saddam had WMDs — her war authorization vote was politically idiotic.

      Hillary lost the 2008 Democratic nomination to Obama (who, though voting six times for war funding, and not in the Senate in 2003, had criticized that “dumb war”) due to that vote.

      Though Clinton has never apologized for pandering to post-9/11 yellow-ribbons-all-over-the-car militarism (which is also stupid), her lame excuses in 2008 (she claimed she “thought it was a vote to put inspectors back in” even though it was called the “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002”) indicate that she knew she’d blown it.

      Also, the fact that she thought anyone would buy such ridiculous lies further indicates less than awesome intelligence.

      • F the Left

        Except for the Iraq war and no evidence of WMD’s misinformation you put in there, this was a very informative post; liberal tools would be wise to study it closely before they vote with their eyes closed and finger up their nose in 2016.

    • greekdish

      Intelligent and accomplished? Please cite ONE example.

      And no one cares that she is a woman….we were pushing for Palin or Rice long before you libturds pushed for Hillary. Moron.

  • Mackie

    Pillary told Issa’s committee that “as the Secretary of State, I take full responsibility at what happened in Benghazi”. then came the emotional outburst ” so now what does it matter anyway!!”.—there’s your responsibility—-to her it doesn’t really matter anyway.

  • Dianne Hillestad

    It’s Dianne Feinstein – consider the source :( The truth doesn’t mean anything to these people.

  • Its_My_Fault

    That is great news! The Dems absolve Chris Christie of any wrong doing as well using this logic.

  • Rev TJ Conwell


  • Its_My_Fault

    This is good news for Governor Christie! Heads of Organizations are exempt from fault by Dems.

  • Guest

    “The new bipartisan Benghazi report, approved by hardcore Democrat partisans like Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, says the attack could have been prevented and that the State Department failed utterly to handle a known threat from known terrorists leading up to a known target date, 9/11.

    Whose failure is that? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    The debacle in Syria started on whose watch? Secretary Clinton.

    Iran pushing forward with nukes? Clinton (and the SoS under Bush and her husband, too)

    Remember the “Russian Re-Set?” Total failure….Secretary Clinton.

    Oh, and who admitted she took the wrong position on the surge in Iraq out of pure Democratic primary politics? You know who.

    Is there any part of the world that’s in better shape because Mrs. Clinton finally got the power she wanted? Any accomplishment she can point to?

    As a US Senator? Anything?

    The first guy who hired her for a government wanted to fire her. The last guy, Obama, essentially did–pressuring her to move on.

    So why in the world would the American people want to hire her to be our next president?” – Michael Graham

    • autdrew4real

      Any accomplishment she can point to?

      Wasted the most money traveling the world on our dime to make it worse?

  • Rationalthinker

    Rather sad how these Liberals try to circle the wagons around their Golden Cow, huh?

  • Skeeter

    With BHO’s administration “the buck” stops no-where! Hilliary’s no exception although she no longer grinning in front of cameras

  • bearcat1980

    When will Americans open their eyes. Have we become a nation of Lemmings? We must standup to these corrupt politicians that claim THEY know everything WE need yet claim NO responsibility for anything that FAILS, which has been EVERYTHING….ie: Obama and Hillary, Holder… Have you filled up your car lately and thought, “Thank you Obama for allowing me to pay more” Wake Up America!

    • liberalssuck

      Rhetorical question right? You have seen Obozo’s sheeple ? They believe everything msm feeds them.

  • Michael Carlson

    Sad thing is more air time is being giving on a bridge lane closure (where no one died) than the Bengazi(people died), IRS, Fast and Furious(Boarder agent died) etc…………

  • W Randall

    Senator Dianne Feinstein choosing partisan politics over truth…hmmm sounds familiar

  • rrslack48


  • SFC Hawk

    Hillary knew about benghazi, she just didn’t give a shit. History will prove it eventually.

  • tonette

    “What difference , at this point, does it make, that my direct report employee died as a result of my malfeasance as Secretary of State. I resign effective immediately.” Would have been a better statement before the House Committee.

  • Kevin G O’Brien

    Feinstein chaired the committee but is now trying to disavow her and the committee’s own findings, after the fact? Really?

  • Mary Sequeira

    Why did Hillary tell the families of the slaughtered, that she wouldn’t rest until she punished those responsible for the “video” ?

  • Revan


  • gotroy22

    IRS audit coming to Brit in three…two…one..

  • scott

    Sadly, Brit is one of the last of a dying breed. Fair, objective, and impartial. 100% of the time. A rarity, even at FOX.

  • Col Wheeler

    What a bunch of bullshit..Help was available, but the prick in charge and Hillery would not let them go in.They both need on of two things, be fired or made to go live in Benghazi with no support

    • RJohnston

      So the difference was, they didn’t have to die, but that was preferable to the public finding out that Barry Soetoro was arming the Muslim brotherhood before the election.

  • GlarryB

    All socialist-democrats lie… haven’t we figured that out yet?

    • NotaLemming

      FIXED: All politicians lie… haven’t we figured that out yet? But that being said socialist-democrats are the worst.

  • Chasseur

    Feinswine can’t lay blame directly on The Hag. . .They share a cauldron together.

    Along with the other coven members. . .Pelosi, Warren, Whatzerhername-Shlutz. It’s like a on-going production of MacBeth.

    • F the Left

      The weird sisters!

  • Bill Kammerer

    Sen. Feinstein also said that human nature dictates that if a criminal sees that his victims are unarmed, he will put down his weapon and surrender.

  • Sbenger

    She was head of the Department, so the blame goes to her.

  • Dennis

    Did Ms. Feinstein answer by saying DaHumNa, DaHumNa, DaHumNa? Move along, there’s nothing to see here. So Ms. Feinstein, what are you doing about the State Department, run by Ms. Clinton, causing the death of a U.S. Ambassador and three other American Citizens?

  • monkkey

    Fangstein will answer the question right after you Loons elect Hillary to the Presidency in 2016, and she will say, “see, I told ja so”….

  • monkkey

    I guess in Fangsteins mind, lying is not anything to be concerned with when it comes to elected and appointed Govt Officials…if you voted to elect someone who is a liar and he appoints someone to Office which is Senate ratified and she is a liar also, well, then that is perfectly OK….the old saying does apply, “if yuz buys the ticket, ya gonna take the ride, and you’ll like it too…

  • Michael Hanagan

    I am sure it’s just a matter of time before Brit hears from the IRS about his upcoming audit.

    • NotaLemming


  • JustMyOpinion

    Feinstein is a example of one of the worse in congress, we need term limits to keep awful people like her from bring a career member of congress.

  • Hank Devigne

    Hell, Hillarity accepted full responsibility; exactly what she thought the punishment was going to be is another issue.

  • Norm Harrison

    If you like your Benghazi excuse, you can keep……..

  • Danny Hagy

    Every body knows those liberal FOOLS are always going to stick up for each other.

  • L R

    We the people have been awakened and we will hold Hillary accountable for her lack of judgment and leadership. It makes a LOT of difference!

  • Jim Evans

    Hillary asks “what difference does it make?” Then she says, we must find out what happened so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. Those two statements don’t jibe. Liar.

  • William

    Wash DC and it’s minions are toxic to this country and our society.

    • chewinmule

      I beg to differ, William. The toxicity exists where you and I live. It always starts at the local level.

  • Steve Carter

    Like Charles Krauthammer said yesterday, the Obama administration blames buildings; state department, defense department, etc. Any bad situation, anywhere, can be linked to one certain individual troublemaker as the genesis of the bad situation. That’s a fact. Politics, business, religion, sports…….it does not matter. Lying, cheating and stealing is the American way. Machiavelli said something like ‘that person who tries to be good at all times shall meet their ruin among the great many who are not good’

  • Colin McCann

    The buck stops at the top. Hillery and Obama !!!

  • Rusty

    Truth is request for more security was denied, another truth is that Hillary most likely never even knew the request had been made. Have you not dealt with or been a part of the Government ??? One hand does not know what any of a hundred other hands are doing or even that a specific hand exist.. Hillary as Secretary is a face sent to other countries for show … the people running things are not elected or likely even appointed.

    • F the Left

      Well, that’s too bad. Having a title gifted to you by the Liar in Chief just to show he can make nice with the lying Clintons and their ever supporting servants, does not exempt you from taking responsibility for what your Department does or doesn’t do. She’s in charge, she’s responsible. And don’t think for a second we believe she didn’t know, because she did. More facts are finally leaking out on that so, nice try.

      • Rusty

        It doesn’t matter, nothing will really come of it … if the people who are in charge want her as president then she will be President, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. We have zero power, our votes don’t count nor do our petitions or any of the other red tape we have to cut through to try and change things…

    • chewinmule

      Nice try. That area was a “hot spot” and on the “hit parade” because of what was going on with State and CIA at the time. It was being “orchestrated” so as to not draw unwarranted attention politically or militarily. With State “whistling through the graveyard” while CIA busies itself with “whatever” (read cover for gun running) is something you keep tabs on and provide contingency planning for unless you are stoopid.

      • chewinmule

        By the by, sport, that weren’t no “hiccup”!

  • Wayne Williams

    I bet she blames Bush next.

  • Dale Netherton

    A senate inquiry expects its questions to be answered but cannot reciprocate.

  • chewinmule

    What diplomatic necessity required Stevens to be in Benghazi at that time? What were the CIA operatives involved in and what did the State Department know of their mission. Was the State Department involved with CIA operations? What was the purpose of the meeting with Turkish government representative just prior to the attack?

    General Carter Hamm, AFRICOM, when asked about “lack of response” to the attack, stated in a closed door session with house committee members; “We had proximity. We had capability to respond. We had no authorization.” He was relieved of his command shortly after the attack as was the admiral in charge of the task force with “capability to respond”!

    You folks need to research the State Department’s/US allies human rights push against African countries efforts re anti-gay legislation. She was the “head cheerleader” pressing for other countries to with hold aid from places like Uganda to send a “message” to others. All of this while the slaughter of Coptic Christians throughout the world never made her “list”.

  • Paul Bregman

    By the “what difference does it make?” logic, why try people for murder? The victim is dead, it doesn’t matter any more!

  • Grok

    And the President of the United States was…?

  • Bob Young

    If only America would stop voting for all the professional politician sleaze balls.

  • NWaff

    with all the hype of Chris Christie “BridgeGate” what this country really needs is one big “ObamaGate.”

  • Jason Pritchett

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?” (remember to say it in Shrillary-tone voice)
    The correct response: The difference, Madam Secretary, is that when someone kills Americans, we kill the f#ckers responsible. You and Obama were terrified your “Al Queda is on the run”-we’re-gonna-win-this-election narrative was at risk. So, you wasted so much time with your “We don’t condone intolerance” crap, that you let the real murderers get away.
    The difference, is that now that the real story is out, Hillary and Obama need to be put in Federal Prison, because they let their concerns about getting elected remove, beyond all realm of possibility, of EVER finding the people who did this. It is a trail that is a year and a half gone cold, now. Instead the pressured locals into arresting an internet movie maker. Violating his First Amendment rights. One more impeachable offense…

  • Ron Vaughan

    and she is what – in what state – for whom – in what district – this lady is as batty as a cave full – she should just find her cave and waller in the dung that her parasites have left for her to fall a soft landing – and to think that she really does represent a certain state in Our Nation – Good Grieve People – do they get any stupider

  • kevinbarry

    Well that 3 AM phone call came and Hillary was NOT there to answer it. Typical Dem, who do we blame, and it wasn’t me.

  • Josh Robinson

    I expected a link, how does this page work…? I’m getting annoyed…

  • Mike Mike

    We don’t blame Hillary, we blame the office, just like we don’t blame the murderer, we blame the gun. If this were true the prisons would be full of guns.

  • Marty65

    Hillary took the “I didn’t know ” class as the President. Great administration- nobody knows anything.

  • the dudes clues

    The enemy list is real. I’ve been audited 3 times since owebammy took office. Just got another letter from IRS yesterday for a 2008 discrepancy. $548. Its not much but its enough to realize what’s happening.

  • Gwohsau

    Ohhh Boy this administration is just full of Rogue Gun man operating on their own! The IRS….Fast and Furious….Now Benghazi…anyone see a pattern??? :-)

  • Joseph J Mauceri

    What difference does it make, it was only 4 American lives, It’s not as if it was a traffic jam on the George Washington bridge, Geez Louise, give Hil a break will you?!

  • MominMich

    “I don’t remember, my brain’s in a blender…it’s jello.” -Hillary parody song that Rush used to play

  • Buddy

    until every issue in the history of this planet has been addressed, investigated and dealt with. This admin. and its supporters do not feel their actions should be .

  • rob

    Hillairy will blame all under her, or wasn’t told always works

  • John Gouker

    Stupid standing up for Stupid , GFF ! Nothing news worthy here LOL !

  • quillerm

    Hillary was head of the State Department in name only. If anything went wrong she was not to be notified. Her only responsibility was to ensure that our Embassy in Paris had enough Marines to serve champagne and caviar during the numerous entertainment venues. That is why Benghazi had NO security but Paris had enough to ward off a Company of Al Qaeda.

  • Jonathan Lynch

    This could very well be the easiest list i have ever made ! And proud to be on it…I am an American and I can prove it. Can our President ?

  • derfelcadarn

    What difference does it make ? A hell of a lot for the dead people.

  • silkay


  • hathraswallah

    What did Hillary get in 4 years of State and how many lives were lost by her . She is not a presidential material, We will not put up with another Obama light.


  • Sharon Kershaw

    WTH are “we” paying these people for? (Obummer, Cankles, Holder) If they don’t know anything (which it’s their J-O-B to know EVERYthing), they need to be removed from the federal paycheck teet.

  • Splinter Cell


  • Mackthefit

    At some point we have to come the conclusion Hillary is lying or she is utterly incompetent and it’s probably the former and the latter. Either way, she is not fit to run for office. Seriously! This is getting to the point mindlessness for those that still support her.

  • Mark Gotham

    Love it. It’s quite scary, tho, that this cheating liar could well be the next president. Could be worse than Barry….

  • Eric Weaver

    I bet if Rand Paul had a parking ticket they would be all over it.

  • John Davidson

    It is obvious, this administration spends most of its time making excuses and most of the press is enamored with them all..

  • GaryUSMCvet.

    A thug, a thief, a liar, and a murderer are some of the most despicable collections of human cells walking around–so are left-wing, nut job politicians.

  • Tom Jones

    You know what Obama can do with his enemies list

  • AZWarrior

    HELLary needs to NOT be our next prez. God help us. Smite her. A lightening bolt will do. Or drop a house on her, like that other witch.

  • steve Howell

    Hillary is a disgrace to the American people. She is not worth the sweat off the newest, lowest ranking private in the military. Why cant she just go away ? Please, haven’t you done enough damage to this country ? You and your lying, womanizing POS husband. And take all of your POS friends with you. Please. if you have ever done a good thing in your life, leave the USA and never return. You are not wanted, no one has an ounce of like or respect for you and your cronies. If you only knew how much you and your liberal bunch was hated. Yall are the real enemies of this country.

  • bucketheadsdad

    May this report be a millstone that hangs around her neck, and cripples her chances in 2016. Your 15 minutes is UP, Mrs. Clinto GTFO!

  • Fighter Squirrel

    I remember George Bush being blamed for stuff if he was even in the same room with a wrongdoer.

  • Cliff Williams

    I think Feinstein has ingested too much hair spray over her long years.

  • Farrightofleft

    Hillary, if someone has to tell you ‘what difference it makes’ then you don’t belong in office.

  • Chad Edwards

    If you really want to know how incapable Hillary Clinton truly is… look no further than the fact that an incompetent community organizer who has subsequently lied his way through an arduous 5 years of fiefdom, and has all but alienated the United States, beat her out for the nomination…

  • Hal von Luebbert

    In time of war – war on terror included – to go to sleep on duty is a capitol offense, one punishable by being required to face a firing squad. When shall we expect this to happen? Soon, I hope – it could save the nation from disaster.

  • aclay777

    It goes to show you that voter fraud is ramped and there is no way the people of California voted her in, and saying crazy stuff like this lets us know the fix is still in,

  • Kevis

    Hillary Clinton for Jail Inmate 2014!

  • NAmericanBlueJacket


  • Jim Dicken

    I foresee a LOT of political signs saying.. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE.. in our future.

  • Chuck Urso

    Did I just read your statement correctly? what difference does it make?? Damn Douglas, don’t you think we should know who the murderer is no matter which party they are from, at least as a concerned American. I sure hope you become one some day!

    • disqus_dcwFI0hvgS

      I think Douglas was mocking Hillary; remember the famous quote from the hearings?

    • native son

      Sarcasm dude………

  • jtak101

    Hillary is certainly qualified to be Obama standards anyway…he never knows what’s going on either.

  • Get Real

    Hillary’s climb to the top is strewn with the bodies of ‘expendibles? Who will be next?;

  • MadmaxUSA

    Feinstein follows the central theme of the Obama presidency. The boss is not responsible for what his or her people do. Especially if they don’t breathe a word of it to the boss.

    • ManicDepression

      The Limbaugh theorem.

  • Kelly

    Feinstein and Pelosi both need to retire, every time they open their mouths out comes stupid.

    • Nannette McGowan

      I think they’re both showing signs of dementia. Especially Pelosi. Every time she has a press conference, she says something stoopid and then cackles like the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz.

  • ajbruno14

    Why shouldn’t Feinstein not defend Hillary. Why would any reasonable person hold a woman who was a housewife tending to her daughter during her eight year stay in the White House, then serving in the US Senate with no experience as an elected official, followed by serving as Secy of State without previous diplomatic training.

    Any person who had so little practical experience should never be expected to address the serious and complex problems when lives were at risk. After all,
    most reasonable people would agree…”What difference does it make” whether
    Hillary did anything as her phone rang at 3AM on 9/11 2012, or simply took it off
    the receiver and dozed off with the sound of gun fire and screams coming from
    the phone,

    To expect anything more would mean you actually believed Hillary actually cared.

  • atlas007

    Time for Hillary and the “president” to come clean. Otherwise hang them out to dry!

  • Andy Trimble

    And the secretary was…?

    Having sex with Bill in the oval office.

    • finnegan

      You mean Huma, right?

  • Russell K Moses

    Brave Americans died ….. needlessly …… It DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!

  • Slap the left

    Diane Feinstein is just another political whore, just like most politicians. There is no redeeming quality to any libtard, and very few for Republicans.

  • nuclear conservative

    Feinstein is nothing more than a water carrier and piss bucket carrier for Obama and Hillary. She can’t see past her party for the truth and is unwilling to accept it.

    • Nannette McGowan

      Oh, she and everyone can see the truth. But their policy is to deny, deny, deny.

  • Tom Charters

    Dianne in her 80’s and Hillary pushing 70, think they could sit down and allow the new generation repair the damage done by the two women of Washington?

  • Cherie Staten

    Isn’t Diane Feinstein husband profiting from the sell of Post Office Property…How does that happen, little conflict of interest if you ask me…

  • disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg

    The Clintons have blood on their hands and judgement day is coming.

    • Brooklyn_Dodger

      That’s why she’s Attila The Hen!

  • ifgliyg iug;iugb

    Brilliant, and obvious to I hope, most.

  • Six Edits

    In related news, here are the US deaths in Afghanistan, by year:Bush2001: 52002: 302003: 312004: 492005: 942006: 872007: 1112008: 151Total = 558Obama2009: 3032010: 4972011: 4942012: 2942013: 115Total = 1,703Ref: