That about sums it up. After Mitt Romney released his most current tax return showing he and his wife had donated more than $4 million to charity, his opponents were quick to pounce. Sen. Harry Reid denounced the Romneys’ charitable giving as calculated tax manipulation, while others contended that it didn’t count anyway, since they probably gave through their church and not a real charity.

So when the Romney campaign decided to buy $5,000 worth of peanut butter, canned goods and diapers to kick-start a storm relief event in Kettering, Ohio, yesterday, it didn’t take long for people to label the move “sickening,” a “great lie” and a case of “fraud.” What’s so wrong with donating food and diapers? Plenty (if Barack Obama doesn’t do it, that is).

First, the “useless” donations were obviously a cynical campaign stunt.

No one wants your junk food anyway, Romney. Sure, the Red Cross begrudgingly says it’s thankful for the effort, but just send money next time. More money, though. Heck, Romney’s campaign is practically doing more damage than Sandy by donating food. Some people are allergic to peanut butter, you monster. Wasn’t killing that woman with your cancer enough to satisfy your bloodlust?

Will Romney ever see the light and realize that a truly caring person would hand out taxpayer-funded cell phones and food stamps?

  • nc

    Yeah, you heartless cad. Just fork over the cash.

    I would say, “No good deed goes unpunished” but this goes way beyond that. The world has gone crazy.

    • soJa

      “The world has gone crazy”.
      You nailed it. I say that on a near daily basis.

      • EEKman

        Well you guys live in an alternate, shrinking universe. I’m afraid the world is only going to get more frightening and confusing as time goes on.

  • Guest

    There is no doubt in my mind that all those who are bitching about Romney donating to help victims of this disaster have not done one thing themselves to help. They haven’t donated any funds or blood, or for that matter any other thing to assist those in distress. Their desire is for the “government” to make everyone whole again…that just means that they want “other people” to pay for it, not them.

  • TugboatPhil

    Could someone explain to me when the American Red Cross, a good organization, became the only group to provide disaster relief? My hometown used to flood pretty bad every few years and The Salvation Army was the only group that would show up. And that wasn’t until well after I’d left home. Mostly we used to pitch in and clean up ourselves.

    I do know this, people who have lost everything in an instant are grateful for whatever help is given. Well, that is people who have built something themselves and then lost it. People who are handed everything for several generations aren’t usually so grateful for little things.

    • Kimberly O’Neal

      I can tell you that people who go through these disasters gratefully except any and all help, most of which comes from friends and nieghboors… people such as Romney who care. Sure red cross prefers money, people in crisis (been thru Katrina myself) NEED the diapers, can goods, blankets and so on and so forth.
      Takes a small person(s) ..(MSNBC to name one) to even go out and seak to find something wrong with how someone donates anyway. They try to keep the people distracted so they maybe will forget about the Benghazi (sp) cover up.

    • Brigitte Haydel

      The only problem with donating $$$ to the Red Cross is that 85% of your donation goes to pay the people that work for them.

      • WingedBishop

        And they can’t be paid in peanut butter.

      • TomJB

        Actually, no, its one of the better ones out there. The Combined Federal Campaign publishes the amount of a donation that goes to overhead. The American Red Cross Federation (overall org) is quite low at 8.4% I have seen some over 50%. Our local Red Cross chapter is 13%

        That being said, they should not complain about hard donations, they could send a truck to every town in America and probably have it full of food, blankets, firewood, whatever and on its way to NYC within a day or two. With cash they still have to convert it and transport goods to the area on trucks. Though I can understand how it is easier to take in cash, it seems a bit short-sighted.

        Note that this is the *American* Red Cross. Never deal with the International Red Cross.

    • ceemack

      Actually, the Red Cross isn’t that great an organization. A very small percentage of the cash donated to the Red Cross is actually spent on helping people. When they cry for cash, it rings a bit hollow.

      Not many people know this, but the Mormon church is actually one of the most effective and cost-efficient disaster relief agencies around. They get the stuff that’s actually needed on the ground faster than just about anybody. I’m sure the Romneys have spent several Saturdays putting together personal hygiene kits for disaster survivors.

    • plainoldjane

      Years ago, my company filled a huge truck with vizqueen (sp?), water and ice and trucked it down south to Homestead after Andrew. People were WEEPING when the truck was opened and we had those specific supplies. All the trucks in the supply station (yes, they routed us to one area for orderly distribution) The spirit of cooperation was amazing in the face of desperate need. And I agree 100% TugboatPhil, the recipients were ALL grateful for EVERYTHING.

      • MileHighinAZ

        plainoldjane – Small world – I lived in So. FL all my life (until Hurricane Andrew convinced my family to leave). My husband was part of a company-formed (car dealership) crew who drove down to Homestead a day after the hurricane with supplies, doing construction primarily, waterproofing roofs & walls of homes, etc. The first corporate rescuers who arrived with relief? Coca-Cola & Pepsi; they came with a huge amount of semi-trucks loaded with cans of water, ice & food, all FREE to everyone. When does that ever get reported by the MSM?

        Sadly, there will always be two types of people in a hurricane-prone area: the ones who WON’T leave (“it’s just a lot of rain & wind; besides, that last hurricane was nothin’. Hurricane Party! “); and the ones who won’t help themselves after it’s over. And I don’t mean those who CAN’T, I mean those who WON’T.

    • Donna Jackson

      My grandfather used to tell us a story about WW1, when The Salvation Army was the organization that was as close to the soldiers on the line as they could be. They provided hot coffee and donuts to the soldiers. They are always there first, but they don’t brag about it or have 1000’s of commercials asking for money, so you don’t hear as much about them.

  • yviemarie88

    I’m so tired of people’s ill will leaching out into society. The world did not seem this way to me 5 years ago, before I ever heard the name Barack Obama. Lets vote already so they can go away again for a very long time.

  • Bonita Ledzius

    Sounds like they are just jealous that they didn’t get anything free from Romney. If Red Cross doesn’t want his donation, I’m sure Samaritan’s Purse or the Salvation Army who were in the storm zone before FEMA or the Red Cross would take it and distribute it. Myself, I would rather have someone as President who isn’t afraid to work for those who will need the goods, than one who sits in the Situation Room, watching them lose everything, including their lives!

    • Donna Jackson

      I totally agree!

    • Lady 12

      Samaritan’s Purse! He should give the stuff to them. They’re the group that does the best with useful stuff. They actually ask that people donate goods instead of money.

      • vetgal1970

        I think the places that are serving as shelters for the people who are displaced would also be happy to accept the food and diapers.

    • FedUp With Zero

      People in the storm-ravaged areas need more than hot chocolate and cookies from the Red Cross. Samaritan’s Purse and the SA would be better for those victims.

  • Simon Kinsinger

    Well,well,well………for all you critics out there bashing Romneys effort! I have one question for you,what have you done to help the hurricane victims? And if you havent then I have two words for your dead from the neck up remarks,SHUT UP!!!!!!

    • Catchance

      You took the words right out of my… fingers.

    • Margaret Nye

      I sent a check to Red Cross so they could actually use it where it’s needed. Compare that to the picture I saw of Romney bagging up a bunch of potato chips to send to flood victims. “Yay, we’re saved–we got Pringles!”

      • Amie Holladay

        You know, I used to get mad when trolls like you came around parading your idiocy and/or self-righteousness. These days, I just feel so sorry for you and wonder what happened to you that made your type so ugly and bitter. I’ll pray for you, Marjorie.

        • MileHighinAZ

          Amen, Amie. It’s downright pitiful that someone like Marjorie Nye decides to devote time from her precious life to making hateful, useless comments, with the hope of inciting ire. No attempt to engage in intelligent discussion of opposing issues (which would be worthwhile); just…ugliness. And, I suspect, racing through all of Twitchy’s posts, hitting the down arrow. Say something reasonable, Marjorie, and let’s discuss the issue. Don’t waste your life acting like…that.

      • rbtpowell

        Dear diary, today I sat on my lazy ass, and wrote a check…………..

      • rbtpowell

        Dear diary, today I sat on my lazy ass, and wrote a check…………..

      • vetgal1970

        You had some spare money to write a check, good for you. You might believe that Romney bought ‘everything’ that was donated, you’d be wrong. I know because I know people who went to that event. There’s a good chance that those potato chips and many of the other goods that you are so snotty about came from someone’s pantry or linen closet. Why would people offer things like that? Because they didn’t have money on hand to donate and recognized that there are people who need things RIGHT NOW, not after pay day. Putting down people who are helping in the only way they can? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • FedUp With Zero

        Empty barrels make the most noise. Please try to keep it down a bit,would you, Marge?

  • marichan62

    Wouldn’t have mattered what he did. The media would have screamed foul! Worthless media!

    • Catchance


    • Kate

      Yep. If he had written a huge check, they would have accused him of “flaunting” his wealth, or only doing it to get ahead in the election. The media these days has lost all integrity.

  • medicinewomantwo

    So many people whose only use would be as organ donors……….only use I have found for liberals……………

  • detroit19

    I’m speechless…God help us.

  • Guest

    Responding to those who ask his entire fortune to Romney. I’ll believe their good intentions, when they will make the same request to Obama.

  • Brenda Hellwig

    If this is true, it is kind of icky.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Which do you mean — halfwits who find something abhorrent about a man donating to hurricane victims, or a man donating to hurricane victims?

  • Valyss

    I see them very concerned about the wealth of others. Ok, first things Obama. That Obama donate to them his mansion in Hawaii. He is the Messiah. Yes or not?

  • FreelovingJ

    What a bunch of a**holes. Starving ppl and they are sitting there dissing Romney for collecting food. MSM

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      All that racist peanut butter, ya know?

  • Catchance

    There are many other good organizations that help in disaster relief and whose salaries don’t take up the bulk of the money donated. I just donated to one of my favorites, where I know that nearly 100% of the money will go directly to helping the people. In addition, BECAUSE Romney knew that the Red Cross prefers cash, along with tables piled high with flashlights, batteries, diapers, toothbrushes, mini-deodorants, fleece blankets, cereal, toilet paper and canned goods, the Romney event also featured two large TV screens encouraging supporters to text REDCROSS to 90999 and “make a $10 donation”.

    But what I really want to know is, what have these tweeting morons done to help? I’d be willing to bet that they haven’t given a dime. They are so far gone now that they don’t even realize what parodies they have become.

  • Scott

    The leftist have totally gone and lost any semblance of self respect and humanity. I think they should all be rounded up and shipped to China to work for nearly nothing and ne told what to do, when to do it, how to do it but not why. How can the totally get so screwed up to where they just pee on the the spirit of what this wonderful country was built on and the souls of the men and women that died to insure that they had the freaking RIGHT TO DO IT!!


    I don’t understand this at all. He’s spending his time and money to help people. I am the furthest thing from an Obama supporter, and I think it’s great he’s helping (even through the government.) It’s really sickening to politicize something like this. I commend Romney for helping those that need it.

  • William J. Miller

    Yeah, I really trust the Red Cross with my donation…

    Give to the Salvation Army.

    • TomJB

      I mentioned above that the American Red Cross uses 8.4% of donations for overhead. Salvation Army was 32.9% These are from 2011.

      • Lady 12

        Go with Samaritan’s Purse… I am confident that 99-100% of what you donate through them goes to where it’s supposed to.

        • TomJB

          Most of the well known ones are going to be safe places to put your donations – someone elsewhere said 85% of Red Cross donations are used for overhead such as salaries and it just isn’t so. If they were fraudulent, we would hear all about it, much like that celebrity Haitian earthquake fund. I do agree, however, that the Red Cross is being short-sighted by wanting only cash. They could get tons getting the extra things people no longer need. Diapers are a perfect example; my daughter is going through a growth phase and we have to get her size 4. We have most of a full box of size 3 left over. We could hold onto them for the future, or give them to friends to save them a little money, but if there were a truck downtown headed to NYC, you bet I would bring them there.

  • Love of Country

    Kombiz [email protected]

    Romney spending $5000 for a disaster relief photo-op instead of giving directly to red cross should really be a scandal


    Hey idiot … Mitt donates millions of dollars to charity every single year …. please stop advertising your stupidity …. I don’t even want to know about it!

  • J. Cox

    Well I guess when the 2 semis full of stuff left here from harvesters,and *GASP* the Mormon church,they were just pulling a “stunt”.These ungrateful useless idiots would only be happy if Romney stood there handing out blank gov. checks,along with his withdrawal from the race.These people are truly a blight on society,and everyone who thinks this is bad…PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

    • FedUp With Zero

      If a big fat lefty like Bill Maher had bothered to send $100,he would’ve been canonized. Take a real God-fearing man trying to do the right thing and he gets crucified. Sheesh.

  • Love of Country

    Andrea Mitchell


    Red Cross tells us grateful for Romney donation but prefer people send money or donate blood dont collect goods NOT best way to help #Sandy


    Hey Andrea … your biased stupidity is off the freakin chain!

    How small can you possibly be?!? Mighty MSNBC of ya …. sheesh!

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    Thanks to the folks who donated to the American Red Cross’ CEO salary. Makes more money than the Prezzy !

    Look it up !

    How much did the ARC CEO donate ? What about the rest of the Board of Directors ? Just wondering if caring for people is more important than their salary.

    If these rich “Limo Democrats” had any souls, they’d volunteer instead of drawing a salary FROM A CHARITY organization ! I can understand some of the people who do the “day to day” business or on the “front lines” getting paid (maybe, but mostly…..NOT !).

    The word “charity” does not mean what they think it means !

    Funny (NOT) how these rich liberals get richer by heading these “charities” that use more donations for payroll than what goes to helping people.

    It was PROVEN many years ago that about 2% of United Way’s donations went to the needy. 98% went to payrolling of the “charity” orgination’s payroll.

    My favorite is Wendy Malick Humane Society commercials ! NONE of the Humane Societie’s donations go to ANY of their (MY) local shelters. It goes to their national advertising campaign (for more donations) and payroll for their employees (the volunteers who draw a paycheck).
    Her character on the “Just Shoot Me” TV show wasn’t a role. It was a calling !
    Just have to wonder, “Nina” was screwed up on drugs and booze, Wendy is screwed up on blue Kool Ade. Which is worse…

  • Karl Morey

    So wait…NJ people are imploring Corey Booker to refill their fridges for them, but the Red Cross says “don’t send food.” I’m conflicted…

  • mary438

    I would like to know what Andrea Mitchell’s net worth is or Keith Olbermann’s for that matter?? After that, I would like to know if they donated to relief efforts at any time for any disaster. I applaud Mitt Romney for doing something for those in need and find it detestable that they, and others like them, are denigrating him for it.

  • Sandi

    If Obama wanted to help, he would accept the check from Trump…show his docs and have $5 MILLION to donate to the Red Cross.

    • Donna Jackson

      That is so true

  • Discontentwliars

    I’m sure there won’t be anyone in NYC or New Jersey that will need for food that isn’t provided by the Red Cross. Everyone will be fine (Government will take care of them), so we shouldn’t worry our pretty heads about them. If anyone finds out any different, we should hear by next week shouldn’t we? We’ve spent so much time with this, I feel pretty silly worrying about those folks.

  • rbc

    I really don’t know what’s too much sadder than ripping a man for trying to provide disaster relief. McKay Coppins at Buzzfeed obviously couldn’t write a story about something stupid Romney said like he predicted so now he has to belittle his charity event. What a shining example of everything wrong with America.

  • Karl H

    I will not donate a single penny or drop of blood to the red cross. Has everyone forgot the donations to 9/11 victims or Hurricane Katrina victims that the red cross either kept or lost due to fraud and internal theft? Even donated blood ended up being destroyed. They are a joke and a bad one at that.

  • Dan Thorpe

    I think its an absolute joke hat another human being gives his own time and money to help other people in a time of need, and he is vilified. This is one of the many reason that I stand with Mitt, donating and collecting food is a lot more meaningful then a staged photo-op for Obama in the situation room

  • Purple State

    Please correct this headline or retract it and apologize. It’s inaccurate. Romney’s campaign was being criticized by these Twitter users for buying canned goods and handing them out to their “relief rally” attendees to give back to the campaign in front of the press, as though the attendees had donated them. The donations were props for photo opps. The insincerity is the criticism, not the donations. Thank you.

    • JMC

      Romney purchased $5000 dollars worth of items to KICK-START the event.
      Ohio citizens attending the rally then contributed the rest of the donations. Romney did what he was asking others to do. So how exactly is this a bad thing?

    • Bristel

      Purple: How does it feel to be living in a state of constant liberal spin? Do you still get dizzy, or are you used to the Liberal (Brain) Washing Machine’s cycles?

  • Momthing

    It’s called “seed money” people. But I guess you’d have to be a Christian to understand the concept of “seed money” (or at least, a conservative). There’s nothing phony about it, & I doubt it was a case of his staff “pretending” to donate for a photo op. What? Y’all think Romney kept it all for himself & decided to sell it on eBay for profit or something? Sheesh.
    By the way, isn’t it touching the way the President & Mrs. Obama are out there among the people holding their very own relief drive and encouraging *their* base to donate food & clothing to the hurricane victims? All the mainstream media is covering it and singing their praises. Oh wait…darn the alarm just went off…I guess it was only a dream. /sarc

  • disappearing moderate

    I am so weary of stupid people. Contributions of food, water, diapers, clothes from individuals, churches, and (gasp) businesses, local and national always arrive ahead of federal money in any disaster. Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot are involved heavily in such efforts.

  • ClarkFL

    Libs are like drunk winos in the parking lot of a 7/11. “Sir, could you spare a few dollars, i’m really hungry. Patron–Ok. How about I buy you a sandwich? Drunk–Can’t you just give me money instead?

    I’m sure canned goods, water, and diapers would go to good use for people that have spoiled food and not clean water to drink or bathe with.

  • Donna Jackson

    The Red Cross wants money I don’t mean to knock the good people that are giving their time to help others, as they do….However, did you know that if you send money to the Red Cross, it will only go to the disaster you want it to go to, as a sure thing, if the check states it on there…Meaning, you might think you are donating to something, but they may use it for something else, unless you specifically say it. That’s also why I think Romney collecting food, and other supplies people need, is such a good idea.

  • Lester Liberalmann

    Mitt’s useless “storm relief”
    Romney’s Sandy-themed campaign event today
    collected goods that aid groups don’t want

    He and Trump should just donate a few million. Obama (and Christie) have shown Rmoney to be totally irrelevant this week.

    What a douche:
    ‘Yeah, heh, heh, heh, I guess theses supplies are going to heh, heh, New Jersey, heh heh, wherever that is, heh, heh….I hear the little people like canned goods, hehe, heh….

    • MarieP

      Actually, I believe that it was Romney who showed obamer to be totally irrelevant this week…..obama’s “efforts” were no more than a photo-op pretending he knows what the h*ll he’s doing (in truth, he only HINDERED, even Bloomberg didn’t want him showing up in NYC!!!)….Romney got in there and rolled up his sleeves along side the people….

  • Kate

    I absolutely cannot stand people who say that “he should donate some of his fortune.” (Yet the conveniently never say the same about John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller and other wealthy Democrat politicians) It is NOT the responsibility of the wealthy to take care of those on the bottom. It is NOT Mitt Romney’s job to personally fund FEMA.

  • comfypaws

    ggrrr I was so angry to see others mocked because they tried to help – especially after seeing a tweet from Newark’s mayor asking for donations of food and batteries. WTH is wrong with these people and what makes them so hateful? Like Andrea Mitchell many said to send $ to the Red Cross because goods are too hard to distribute. I don’t give to the Red Cross because I want my $ to go where needed not toward execs 6 figure salaries. BTW Red Cross DOES accept goods if a local office is contacted in advance, which is what the Romney campaign did — their donations went to South Jersey. Here’s the link to info

    • stuckinIL4now

      Thanx for this info. It occurred to me that Romney has probably done this often with his church and that he would have had to contact some organization to handle the distribution. But far be it from those partisan hack journalists in the slimestream media to actually do their jobs and investigate the situation before they condemn and go spewing their hate, but then that’s their objective.

    • MarieP

      obamer is desperate to move public attention from Benghazi. Romney’s actions took away from his “efforts” by getting attention. So, the lefties MUST make Romney’s contributions seem inconsiderate/trivial….

  • Kate

    Did anyone notice Olbermann’s comments? The “great lie of 10/29/08?”

    No wonder he’s so jazzed about Obama- he thinks it’s still 2008!

  • Cosmo

    I will ONLY donate goods to Red Cross. No cash. After 9/11, we found out that Red Cross was using donations for things like Muslim sensitivity training. That is NOT where i want disaster relief money to go.

  • stuckinIL4now

    We all know that if Obamuh was collecting the goods it would be the most angelic and selfless thing a candidate could do–but he’s too busy collecting a different kind of goods, the kind that benefit him. This is no different than something private citizen Romney might do and nobody would be giving him grief for it. But what about the collection of food and clothing and other necessary goods for international earthquake or tsunami relief? That’s all accepted with no protests. I don’t recall the Red Cross ever saying it wasn’t appropriate for those occurrences and so does this smack of political partisanship toward the left by the Red Cross because maybe they should stop that crap right now and act like an organization that cares for everyone and accepts all varieties of help.

  • agroulx

    This may sound heartless – but why the hell would I donate money to Red Cross when they are probably going to take a big percentage of it and pay off their books (especially since they are emphasizing MONEY)? That’s like me giving a homeless guy money when we know he’s just going to buy a pint with it… Let’s cut to the chase – here is food, here is other goods that people will need.. If you don’t want it then screw you… Besides – Mitt told people to give money! F U Liberals!!

  • rant stocks

    These people would demonize any goodwill that a person on the right would do. Mitt also said just yesterday that if he is president he would donate his salary as president to charity…..the left will demonize that too.

  • rant stocks

    I am a victum of hurricane floyd…The red cross is a JOKE. they have become to big,you donate blood and they sell it to hospitals for 300 bucks a pint….and hospitals re-sell it to you for 500 bucks a pint. I would rather the Salvation armey help me.

  • TocksNedlog

    Where to start with the left’s lies on this one? Where does one start . . . Okay, let’s go:
    — The Romney’s spent $5,000; their supporters brought in lots more aid.
    — There is no proof, whatsoever, that the food the Romneys bought was handed out to supporters in order for them to give it back in a “photo op”.
    — As great as they are, the Red Cross is not the be all/end all of disaster relief; just because they do not want food donations does not, in any way, shape or form mean that food donations are not needed. What, exactly, do the intellectual elites such as Andrea Mitchell think that these people that have no power and cannot go to work to feed their families are surviving on — government cheese?

  • Mobley22

    And what is Obmama doing? Nothing that has actually helped a single person! All he did was take pictures with the fat guy and fly in his heli. Obmama’s only made things worse with all his out of controll regulations.

  • LochGates44

    It’s been indoctrinated in their minds that only the government can help people.

  • TocksNedlog

    If you go to the Red Cross web site and click on “What We Do” and then read the section on Disaster Relief, it says “the Red Cross provides shelter, FOOD, health and mental health services.” Now, understandably, they ask for donations in the form of money so that they can control what food is provided, as well as dealing with the logistics of transportation and storage of said food. That said, there are a couple of important points to make: 1) When liberals say that food is not needed they are lying; 2) The Red Cross is NOT the sole provider of aid. How convenient that the left makes political hay out of demurring to a bureaucratic entity.
    I’m pretty sure that the victims of Hurricane Sandy don’t give a flying f*** WHERE the food comes from, just so long as they get it.

  • Keane

    $5,000? Just $5,000? Hahahahahaha.

    • rbtpowell

      Likely 5000 more than Obama

  • Gord Higham

    Eyes open, Google ‘Red Cross Fraud’. Enough said.

  • The Daffodil Times

    Lol $5,000 photo op. Romney is such an elitist it’s sickening. He’ll put us on the caste system that used to dominate India.

  • Back 4 More

    Of course the Red Cross would prefer people send cash. Who the hell wants to embezzle food?

  • EEKman

    I think we were just pointing out another example of what has been a reccuring criticism of romney in that he is just ambitious, not genuine. It was clearly an afterthought. Some consultant told him that if he just went on with his campaign event he would appear cold and uncaring, so he had someone run to Walmart for a shopping spree and renamed the event he was already having to a “storm relief event” He played the same campaign content that he would have played anyway. Its his obvious cynicism we have an issue with.

    Encouraging people to donate to red cross was a good thing. Positive things came out of it, its just that we are in the finals of this dog and pony show, so any misstep hurts. Obama was killing it in the storm response while poor Mitt was struggling to just remain relevant.

    • thomahal

      Worked with the Red Cross in Mississippi after Hurricane Andrews -drove an “ERV” and helped out with other things as I could (donated blood and/or money as well at other times, including this one). Worked with The Salvation Army some overseas. I would be considered extremely liberal by most of the folks posting here. I don’t claim to be an expert, only someone with some practical experience in what’s being discussed here.

      While I definitely had trouble with some inefficiencies at both agencies, both were clearly trying to do good work in extremely difficult environments for people with extreme needs. The Red Cross did a much better job in terms of being efficient than the Salvation Army did in my very limited experience. There was a Southern Baptist group providing food in Mississippi as well. I was very impressed with how organized they were, how efficient they were, and man, they didn’t just make food, they made GOOD food. They could not, however, operate nearly on the scale of the Red Cross and if they did, I suspect (personnel opinion only) that inefficiencies would creep into their operations as well.

      Providing help on a scale required by a natural disaster anywhere near the size of Sandy is something very few organizations can do effectively. And people, there are a LOT of folks hurting right now. They are hurting bad. I understand that we all want to make points, we all want to defend and support our points of view. But if there are detailed, independent reviews of the Red Cross by an organization that has “provided expert analysis and commentary on the charitable sector for The Factor with Bill O’Reilly (quoted from their website)” like this one:, isn’t this a time to put aside biases and emotional reactions? If the Red Cross does a good, not perfect, job on a scale that extremely few organizations can provide, if that organization repeatedly states that the most efficient way to donate is by giving cash, if the size of this disaster is easily vast enough to make efficiency a primary concern, and if THESE KINDS OF THINGS CAN SERIOUSLY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FAMILY GETTING HELP OR NOT …if this isn’t a time to put aside your way of reacting primarily with anger to news items, then what, I mean what in the world, would it take?

      I agree with you that the few liberal informations sources that indicated that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about people hurt by this disaster are equally wrong. That’s ridiculous and reprehensible. Also I do not know how much Romney directly orchestrated his staff’s actions at the event in question (I suspect last minute changes like this make for a lot of campaign workers just doing the best things they can think of at the time). But if they chose a way to show they cared that promoted a less efficient way of donating (most especially, but not only, if they did this to some degree in order to make it a more photo friendly event), then they NEED to be called on that. It NEEDS to be pointed out that giving cash to an organization like the Red Cross is the best, most efficient way to help those in need. Charity Navigator has a page devoted to Sandy –there are other organizations on that list that you and others could donate to instead. But for all of them, the point NEEDS to be made that giving cash is the most efficient way to help the extremely large number of people hit by this storm.

      People are hurting. People are hurling a BAD. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop venting your anger over promoting points that need to be made in order to best help these people.

  • ScratStitch

    Ha, ha. This is hilarious. We are NOT mad at Romney cause he gave. We are mad because he acted like he “inspired others” to give, just to make himself look like a good leader. This wasn’t a fund raiser. You don’t show a film about how great Romney is at a fund raiser. This was a campaign rally, plain and simple. If Romney was really “giving,” he would’ve said “we’ve donated $5,000–the kind of money I keep in my pocket.” Instead, he made it look like he got others to give…to the point where the Romney campaign gave two empty handed guys jars of peanut butter, which they went on to hand to Romney, who went on to thank them for their “contribution.”

    What’s DISGUSTING about this article is that the writer probably knows this already, and knows that we aren’t upset “because he donated.” It’s just trying to make liberals look like they don’t care. It’s pathetic.

  • Robert Spencer

    Reactions like this are why, after a lifetime of struggling to treat libs/progs with respect and trying to find some common ground, now I just want them marginalized, politically crushed and left for Caltrans crews to pick up and take to the dump.

  • Robert Spencer

    Reactions like this are why, after a lifetime of struggling to treat libs/progs with respect and trying to find some common ground, now I just want them marginalized, politically crushed and left for Caltrans crews to pick up and take to the dump.

  • J Michael Johnston

    You all cannot be serious. No one is angry that he donated. He offered help to disaster victims. good for him, That’s what you’re supposed to do. What you’re not supposed to do is turn helping those in need into a “staged relief rally” to build credentials at a critical polling time. It’s downright sad that the East coast might not benefit from his provisions. Helping them is what’s most important here. I’ve not lost sight of that, Mitt lost sight of that. I’ve done my part for Sandy victims, a percentage of my last check, two old cell phones, and three bags worth of clothes. Mitt, turned a selfless act into a selfish photo-op; and his transparent attempt to capitalize on their misfortune was the act that pushed Bloomberg to support Obama. It will likely be the act that ultimately costs Mitt the election.