We don’t normally find ourselves agreeing with Joy Behar, but we’re with her on this 100 percent. Of course the president would rather talk with her — or David Letterman, or Jay-Z, or Beyoncé, or Glamour magazine or the Pimp with a Limp — than the prime minister of Israel. And why not? The “View” host correctly described the appearance as a “love fest.” The president and first lady even brought gift baskets of White House beer and M&Ms.

At least Behar was aware enough of events outside the TV studio to know that Obama was being bashed for blowing off face-to-face meetings with the world’s leaders.



Behar was very likely joking around, but the topics on the floor of the U.N. this week are anything but a laughing matter.

  • Love of Country

    Joy’s right for once …. but not for the reason she thinks, of course.


    • ZoriahShepard

      I’d think she’d be among the concerned that BHO doesn’t want to meet with Netanyahu.

      Oh…was that racist or something?

      • EllSarl

        She’s not Jewish, she’s italian. Everyone thinks she’s is, but she’s not. Just making a clarification. She’s from my old neighborhood and went to Catholic school there. I used to find her entertaining and loved that she was charitable to the old nabe but her political views and vile commentary make me no longer a fan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

      even a broken cluck is correct twice a day

      • Love of Country

        broken cluck, lol

    • ozconservative

      He’d rather talk to Joy because he has a chance of getting a BJ, whereas Bibi might give him a PITN (Punch In The Nose)

  • Postbackxp

    Why do you have to post a photo of Joy. Its not Halloween yet.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7BG44DBU5IHJQ5ZAYWNT3RSPBM Jack Offelday

    For those old enough to remember, doesn’t Joy Behar look like ALF? Unlike “comedienne” Behar, ALF was witty and funny (and had a successful tv show).

    • A Willful Boy

      Unlike the Tanners, there is no danger of anyone trying to eat Joy’s cat.

  • RIChris

    Maybe he just doesn’t have what it takes to be President of the United States. Ever think of that? Millions of us do.

  • CAmom760

    obama: Netanyahu is a big ol meany and he doesn’t say I’m eye candy! wahhhhhh waaaaaahhhhhh
    And besides, if I meet with ONE world leader, I’m gonna have to meet with TEN! Do you KNOW how many golf games and vacations I would miss if I met with EVERY. SINGLE. WORLD. LEADER. who is looking to the US for leadership?

  • NWFL Conservative

    I wonder if she will read my Tweet:

    Well of course he would dear. He would rather talk to someone WITH shit for brains than with someone who knows HE’s the one with shit for brains.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      #twittergulag, here you come!

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.banco.7 Johnny Banco

    Why is anyone presuming that she might be joking here?

    Geez, it’s not like she has ever given us good reason to believe that she is smart/sophisticated enough to have that developed of a sense of humor…

    • NWFL Conservative

      I have scraped more intelligent life forms than her off the soles of my combat boots after patrolling with worst slums of Baghdad and Kandahar. And that is no EXAGGERATION, there were literally piles of crap everywhere in the gutters. I think those animals in Shitcanistan used to just dump it there.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


        You rock, NWFL!

  • grais

    Only a lunatic would pass up a chance to talk to Netanyahu to talk to Joyless Brayhar.
    What on earth could anyone learn from her?

    • John Fowler

      And who wouldn’t want to meet with Netanyahu? Out of all the current world leaders, I’d pick him to meet over any other, no question.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Well see, that’s just it. He just engaged someone he feels is intellectually inferior to him.

  • Owen007

    At what point will she realize that that’s not a good defense for Obama?

    • http://twitter.com/mnfe2 Lisa

      That would take intelligence.

    • justntime2

      tell me again how long eternity is…

  • http://twitter.com/mnfe2 Lisa

    If he doesn’t want to do the job of the President, then he shouldn’t be running for re-election. He still has a job to do, he should man up and do it! I may not agree with his policies, but if he was at least trying to lead, trying to reach across the aisle, trying to meet with world leaders, etc, I would have some respect for him.

    • TundraThunder

      He and his cronies (Pelosi, Reed, and a long list of lefties) want nothing but power. And, they probably think they can take over the world peacefully.

  • mirra

    The is nothing more deplorable than someone too stupid to realize they should be ashamed of their undeserved vanity..

  • mirra

    just a heads up -( please do Not post-this is just for your info) Someone may be playing with your url. When I tried to come to the site a notice popped up from my firewall , that this was a plishing site. I’ve been here many times, and thats the first time that happened. Thought you’d want to know – sounds like someone is trying to chase off traffic perhaps?

  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

    one of the things to be thankful for when waking up in the morning: i am not joy behar

  • DANEgerus

    Sounds like a break up line, It’s Netanyahu, it’s me.

  • DANEgerus

    If… Amadinthehead was trying to nuke Joy Behar then yeah… Obamadinijad should talk to ‘The View’… otherwise he’s just hiding out behind their skirts.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Hmm. Where’s the hashtag of #ObamadRatherTalkTo game? I’d say my hand, because my ears aren’t listening… but then maybe not my hand, because it would just slap the shit out of him of its own accord….

  • orringtonmom (D)

    clearly he’d rather talk to you than netanyahu. the difference between you and the rest of us is that we see that as a problem. not a compliment to you.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    That would make Obama one of very few, I would think. The list of things I’d rather do than talk to Joy Behar is infinite, to say the least.

  • Pennmom

    O would rather think that he is “eye candy” as to think that he is “eye pork”…

  • EllSarl

    I’m so disgusted that he thinks he’s eye candy… really!?!? Clinton thought he was too and look what happened with him. I wonder when the story will break about Obie’s affairs in the oval office while he’s supposed to be worki… wait, nm, he doesn’t really work so we won’t be hearing anything about that.

  • Chip

    Of course he’d rather talk to her. It is easier to woo mindless sycophants than it is to sway those of us who actually question his beliefs.

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    He isn’t smart enough to discuss World problems with other leaders, especially if he can’t use the teleprompter, that’s why he went on the View, he can talk fluff, its his comfort zone. The “smartest president ever” is a wimp and a Poseur, it takes more to be president then “pretending” you’re smart.

  • chiefpayne

    Um YES Joy…we DID think of that.
    And did YOU ever think that it’s PATHETIC that he would rather talk to a liberal sycophant like YOU rather than a WORLD LEADER who NEEDS to talk to him considering the threat Iran poses???

  • DavidRita Edelman

    Uh…yea, Joy….thats the problem. Not even funny. crickets*

  • Jedd McHead

    Of course Odrama would rather speak with you, Joy — you’re completely inconsequential, will never challenge him and are a useful idiot he can use to further his ideologically flawed agenda. You’re a tool, Joy.