It’s official, Sen. Marco Rubio’s Chief of Staff is no longer an available source for Twitchy stories. Cesar Conda, whom we’ve knocked multiple times for his grandiose misstatements about Rubio’s proposed immigration legislation, has protected his tweets so that mean little Twitchy-birds can’t find them.


That’s a sign of free, open debate! Or not.

We submitted a “follow” request to Conda this morning. So far our request has not been approved.

People protect their tweets all the time, but it’s a bit of an unusual step for a widely watched policymaker — especially someone whose tweets have become a subplot in a contentious legislative battle.

If someone needs to protect his account so that critics can’t critique his declarations, that’s telling. A strong argument does not need to be hidden from public view.


The Washington Examiner’s Byron York reached out to Conda to ask why he locked down his Twitter account.

Uh huh.

Why would it be necessary for Conda to protect his Twitter account in order to take a break from Twitter?

  • bananafanafo

    BACK DOOR NEGOTIATION! Ur not allowed 2 C his tweets unless U PAY 4 it or can figure how 2 launder TAXPAYERS Money into his pocket!

  • Cherry Walker

    Word is out that #Cesar Conda worked for George Soros. Rubio is now toast!

    • Steve_J

      Very interesting.

    • blasater

      Good riddance. I heard Rubio on Levins show. He sounded like a used car salesman. He couldnt close the deal with Levin. CIR is just a cover for a democrat voter drive and changing Florida and Texas blue. One party socialist rule forever. If we dont end civil war era 14th amd Anchor Baby status…they will still win.

  • King James

    A soros guy! Rubio is compromised. Sorry Marco way too many flags.

    • Ben Bollman

      yep, I’d say 2016 is gone for Rubio at this point.

      • gloriabundance

        We can only hope.

  • Spatial Awareness


  • Nancy Sue Jedlicka

    Rubio is more loyal to his “Ethnicity” than he is to America .

    • greenLibertarian

      Hear hear! Of course, this is not racism unless a caucasian does it. To be fair, though, Rubio is not nearly as bad as Geraldo.

      • gloriabundance

        Hardly a standard. Who is?

  • 2ifbyT

    The Tea Party has been trying to call me for two weeks. I finally answered the call yesterday. They told me it was a recorded line and then asked me for a donation towards 2014. I told them to get a hold of Marco Rubio and tell him he’s going the wrong way and making deals with the wrong people on this immigration legislation. I told them they can call me back for a donation AFTER I see Rubio support a plan that first secures the border and does not grant amnesty to those here illegally now.

    There was about five seconds of silence after I said this, so I asked if anyone was there. The guy stumbled to say yes. He was stunned.

  • Carabella1

    What makes Twibitchy think its that relevant?

    • rinodino

      Very true

  • fernmayo13

    Why is the far-right so fervent in destroying their own? Do the Democrats ever do this?

    Akin/O’Donnell 2016

    • Kabong30

      No, dems circle the wagons even when they break the law. In order to be a conservative you must behave as a conservative and when you don’t, you get called out. The “far-right” you speak of is tired of RINOs parroting “conservative” words and then trying to back-door us all the time.

    • Ariadnea

      Everybody should call people if they are wrong, no matter which party they belong to. Unlike liberalism which condones and enabled lawlessness, lying, deception, criminality, and wrong headed policies; conservatism is fighting not for the party but for the country.

    • gekkobear

      Right, we should support immigration with no actual border security required; there are “conservatives” for it, so we should support it.

      Don’t “eat your own” instead support liberal policies without question.

      Once we get more liberal policies passed by “conservatives” we’ll… have more conservative policies?

      Can you square that circle for me? I’m not seeing the intermediate steps where supporting liberal policies helps conservatism…

  • victoria_29

    LMAO guess Rubio no longer considers conservatives important…protected tweets ha

    • 1972patriot

      I find it peculiar… Conda is the same guy that added his talking points to my twitter feed without welcome…. and then continued to argue with me when I ripped his talking points up and handed it back to him. I would have thought that he was a tad bit more bold and fearless. Haha…. snort!

  • Ronald

    Twitter sucks.

  • blasater

    FOIA request anyone?