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‘Remember how he hates selfies’? Obama’s aversion sure didn’t last long

“What happened to POTUS’s new ‘no selfie’ policy?”

If you didn’t HATE Quentin Tarantino before, how about now? [video]

Kurt Russell smashed a priceless antique guitar during “The Hateful Eight.”

‘Had nothing better to do’? Scott ‘Bqhatevwr’ Brown will reportedly endorse Trump in N.H.

“Scott Brown is auditioning for ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in 2017, I see.”

‘Freudian slip?’ Ex-Gov. Ed Rendell throws his ‘hate in for @HillaryClinton’

“This really is a great politician mistake.”

‘I hate kids’: James O’Keefe targets Common Core in new undercover video

“All about the money.”

Campaign promise? Donald Trump tells crowd he hates reporters but wouldn’t kill them

Donald Trump might respect Vladimir Putin as a leader, but he’s promised to be his own man and not kill journalists, not even the ones he hates.

‘Leftists hate energy’: Actor James Cromwell arrested during protest at NY power plant

“What about Babe? Is he OK?”

John ‘Karate’ Kasich hates it when Jeb Bush and Donald Trump fight

We don’t know what Kasich was doing with his hands, but Bush and Trump had better be thankful he didn’t enter their slap-fight.

WHOOPS! Newspaper corrects ‘Love Trump’s Hate’ punctuation error [screenshot]

Grammar matters.

Nick Searcy has the perfect response to Rose McGowan’s rant on the GOP’s ‘hate filled rhetoric’ #SanBernardino

Nick Searcy has the perfect response to Rose McGowan’s rant on the GOP’s ‘hate filled rhetoric’

Hateful hypocrisy: Progs slam ‘thoughts and prayers’ — except when it’s convenient

“Proof that it’s not what’s said that they object to, but who says it.”

Sen. Ted Cruz offers prayers for Colorado Springs, is accused of hate speech

Cruz, the first GOP candidate to tweet about the Colorado Springs shooting offered prayers, but they weren’t welcome by many.

‘A new low’: Hypocritical Hillary complains about GOP’s ‘hateful rhetoric’

“@HillaryClinton you are ridiculous. Demonizing and dishonest. But that’s you.”

‘Is this in America?’ Read the chilling email from Missouri’s campus police on ‘Hateful and/or Hurtful Speech’

“Can’t possibly end badly.”

‘Is … Is this parody?’ Slate’s piece on ‘sexist’ spooning makes us hate everything

“Goodbye, world.”

Arkansas’ former first lady now calls Miss. state flag ‘symbol of hate’

Hillary Clinton might regret making the Confederate flag an issue if she were capable of regret.

‘Alert the goons at Salon’! Michelle Malkin tastily smacks down the lib haters [photo]

Awww, yeah!

‘Right-wing hate machine’ victim card’: Salon’s ‘doubling down’ on pedophile depravity

“A child molester finds sympathy on the pages of Salon? Shocker.”

‘Nooses’ spotted at Univ. of Del. after Katie Pavlich’s speech disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protest [photos]; Update: Not a hate crime. Hooks were for paper lanterns

Here we go again.

#BlackLivesMatter protesters, DeRay Mckesson unleash the hate at Ray Lewis for daring to say all 'lives matter'

“Go home @raylewis you’re drunk.”

Katie Pavlich rips Gov. Terry McAuliffe's 'ridiculously false' claims at the #WhateverItTakes anti-gun rally

Facts matter, governor.

Air Force officer attacked by hate group during anarchist march in Olympia, Wash. [video]

Police suggest that Confederate flags attached to the victim’s motorcycle might have been the reason he was targeted.

‘This is why America hates us in DC’: Ron Fournier calls out Paul Begala for his but-Bush hackery

“A fact u can’t spin, my friend.”

Taylor Swift apologized to Nicki Minaj, but the haters still gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

“Your apology is meaningless.”

‘Stupid Uncle Tom’: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith catches hate for defending #AllLivesMatter

“Stay in your lane.”

Donut licker Ariana Grande only said 'I hate America' because she cares so much about healthy eating

It was frustration over childhood obesity rates that led her to declare she hates Americans.

Not a hate crime? Video shows brutal beatdown of white man on July 4th in Cincinnati

Just a regular mob beating. Phew!

So, Mario Lopez just put ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ flag flap into a ONE sentence nutshell (Bonus: Libs will hate it)

Libs will hate actor Mario Lopez’s take on the “Dukes of Hazzard” flap. But the sane will agree his simple summation says it all.

So, Mario Lopez just put 'Dukes of Hazzard' flag flap into a ONE sentence nutshell (Bonus: Libs will hate it)

Libs will hate actor Mario Lopez’s take on the “Dukes of Hazzard” flap. But the sane will agree his simple summation says it all.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's Twitter Q&A goes as expected: 'Why model yourself after hate-filled white people?'

At least the #LoveWins progressives showed due respect for Jindal’s religion.

#WhoIsBurningBlackChurches? Even white church likely hit by lightning being counted as hate crime

Even a white church likely hit by lightning is being counted as a hate crime.

#LoveWins? What this diner did to 'celebrate' ruling shows same-sex marriage tolerance mob is full of hate

Another example that shows those touting #LoveWins are filled with anything but love. Haters, heal thyselves!

Biblical bam! Take THAT, hateful #LoveWins mob: 1 quote sums up the twisted who spit on Father Jonathan

Hey, twisted, hate-filled #LoveWins mob: You need to read these words from Jesus.

‘Close enough to flick a booger’: Deray McKesson and 'hate monger' Rick Santorum share a pew at Emanuel AME service


Heard of these hate crimes? Police name suspect in attacks on Asian women in New York

Some complain that the assaults have attracted virtually no publicity compared to other hate crimes.

What we know this morning on the #CharlestonShooting 'hate crime'


‘Why do you hate the earth?’: Matt Yglesias complains about the environmental red tape holding up new bike lanes

“Delete your worldview.”

Winner of ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest briefly pulled from Facebook, named hate group by SPLC

“Death threats aside, I’m doing well,” says cartoonist Bosch Fawstin.

‘Don’t pretend it’s about free speech’: Hypocrite Geraldo slimes ‘hatemonger’ Pamela Geller

“YOU should know all about ‘taunting and inciting’ because that’s EXACTLY what you are all about!”

‘It’s the apocalypse’: How stupid was Chris Cuomo’s ‘hate speech’ history lesson? This stupid

“When you’ve lost Salon…”

Best response yet? Michelle Malkin nutshells Chris Cuomo’s maddening ‘hate speech’ claim with ONE photo

Clueless Chris Cuomo gets schooled by Michelle Malkin with ONE perfect photo.

‘Painfully dumb tweet!’: ‘Smug’ Chris Cuomo gets schooled on hate speech and the Constitution

“No, it isnt dumb…its beyond dumb.”

Flashback: Dems, CAIR wanted to keep Geert Wilders’ ‘hateful speech’ out of the U.S.

Pro-censorship Dems strike again.

Tweeters bring the hate after shooting at Muhammad art contest in Texas

They hate free speech?

Hand-scribbled ISIS graffiti 'all over the neighborhood' in DC proclaims Islamic Caliphate

Looks like the JV team might be considering moving in.

'May you hang by the ropes dead gay children used to kill themselves': Ted Cruz tweets support of Mike Pence, receives hateful backlash

Opponents of the Act celebrated the “end” of Cruz’s presidential aspirations.

Ellen DeGeneres urges support of companies opposed to Indiana's 'hateful' new law

And now supporters of Indiana’s RFRA know whom to boycott.

Bloomberg Politics editor: 'Nothing will be good enough for the Clinton haters'

The truth would help out a lot, though.