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This twisted hater spewed filth, death wishes after Sadie Robertson rocked it on DWTS [photos]

sadie robertson 2

New tone.

Twitter brings the snark (and hate) to the Miss America Q-and-A segment


We know feminists aren’t fans of the Miss America pageant, but check out the comments thrown at these young women from people of all walks of life during the contest’s question-and-answer segment. (Summaries of their answers here.) Miss Virginia was asked about ISIS and she suggested a more robust UN effort: Miss Virginia gets ISIS. Let's […]

‘YOU can die!’ Ari Fleischer tweets intense 9/11 account; These twisted souls spew hate


Some won’t even give bitterness and hate a rest on 9/11.

‘Hate TMZ': Blame assigned for ‘ruined’ NFL fantasy league seasons


Misguided anger.

Sen. Tim Scott has something important to say to you, twisted Chick-fil-A haters [photo]



Nice: Twitchy readers respond to S. Truett Cathy hate speech


Why our readers are the best.

News of Chick-fil-A founder’s death brings out the hate


Twitter brings the hate.

Like or hate Rick Perry’s deleted ‘drunk Democrat’ tweet, but it did make THIS happen

Rick Perry

So, this happened.

World falling apart? Whatever. Iowahawk nutshells delusional Lib thinking in one tweet


What does the “collapse of the Mideast into a dystopian theocratic horror show” mean?

Lawyer tells CNN: Nidal Hasan wrote ISIS asking to be ‘citizen of the caliphate’


“Can we please expedite the execution?”

‘Tolerance': Angry lefty’s ‘repugnant’ hate mail helps prove Michelle Malkin’s point

Michelle Malkin

Assist from a hater.

‘Haters gonna hate': What is Taylor Swift wearing at VMAs? [photos]

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.32.34 PM

"what is taylor" is trending — amy pond juliana (@scisaacUGH) August 25, 2014 It’s Night of the Perplexed MTV VMA Viewers! Earlier tonight, Twitter users wondered what Ariana Grande was wearing to the VMA awards show. Now, they’re scratching their heads over Taylor Swift’s outfit. What is Taylor wearing? This: :( #PoorMichelle RT @BeyoncesHubby: Trash […]