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Professor who hates Republicans claims to object to headline, ‘It’s Okay to Hate Republicans’

got hate

The University of Michigan doesn’t seem concerned about its anti-discrimination policy.

Muslim hate cleric: ‘Waterboard Barack Obama 180 times’ and he’ll confess to #PeshawarAttack


Someone’s been reading Dianne Feinstein’s #TortureReport.

‘I HATE THIS PLANET': Feminist do-gooder targets emotionally scarring laundry detergent

flirty shades of surf

“The feminists have finally lost what remained of their damn minds.”

George W. Bush visits 9/11 museum; Haters remain predictable [photos]


Derangement Syndrome alive and well.

‘Hate Sheikh’ Haron, #sydneysiege gunman, was vengeful Iranian immigrant with mile-long rap sheet; Updated

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.45.01 AM

"@SkyNews: @KayBurley Who is Sheikh Man Haron Monis and why was he known to police and the media? And why was he not deported? — sandra bloch (@SandyJpetals) December 15, 2014 The Sydney siege is over, thank goodness. The scene is still chaotic and at this writing, it’s not yet clear whether the gunman is […]

‘I can’t hate on this guy!’ Watch Tim Tebow pay customer layaway balances [photo, video] #MerryChristmas


“He’s great.”

Reported attack on Bosnian woman in St. Louis being treated as hate crime


The assault sounds very similar to the attack that killed Zemir Begic.

War on Women? Even über-feminist Jessica Valenti hates that Hillary music video!

Jessica Valenti

“I mean truly, this was a terrible idea.”

‘F*ck him up’: Don Lemon wants to take ‘race out of’ Garner case, catches hate [video]


“Did Don ‘Uncle Ruckus’ F*cksh*t Lemon just say that we need to take race out of it?”

‘I’m fighting … to not begin to hate White people': Tempers flare at St. Louis County Council meeting


“I’m fighting everything within me on a daily basis to not begin to hate White people.”

‘Express your hate!’ The Dems spread their special brand of Christmas cheer [photo]


“They really do hate you.”

‘Kill the white people’? Was the murder of Zemir Begic a hate crime? Family says yes; Mayor, police say no

More investigation please.

Rejecting the caliphate? Wife, son of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘detained’ after crossing from Syria into Lebanon


“A” wife, not “the” wife.

S.E. Cupp attracts the anti-gun hate after linking to NRA Christmas stocking


“Hell yeah”

Stop it, haters! Politico’s Byers is sick of this whole ‘‘blame the media’ thing’


“Yes, the media are the real victims here.”

‘Eye roll': Anderson Cooper hates ‘to bring race into’ the Ferguson discussion


“Are you kidding me?”

Listen up, rubes! Nancy Pelosi has a question for you ‘executive action’ haters

Nancy Pelosi

“Well this is a tortured analogy …”

Alan Grayson: GOP strategy of ‘hate’ won’t work in 2016


Grayson’s self-awareness fail.

‘No one gives a s***.’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck greeted with hate after her cancer scare



Twitter unleashes the hate at Sen. Jim ‘pissing in his Depends’ Inhofe after he questions U.S.-China climate deal


Classy libs on display.

‘Too bad you didn’t die': Glenn Beck’s announcement of painful illness brings out the hate tweets


Predictable and sad, but mostly predictable.

How disgusting is Salon? THIS disgusting (Spoiler: Now with more military hate) [photos]


This is outrageously enraging.

Forget ‘far-right Dunham haters': Feminists school Jill Filipovic on consent, predatory behavior


Don’t pin criticism of Lena Dunham on “far-right haters.”

Dana Loesch reports unhinged hater hoping her ‘kid gets blown up by some Republican loony’


More violent rhetoric from the anti-violence crowd.

‘The Alinsky is strong with this one': Donna Brazile tells critics of president to ‘stop the hate’


“So proper criticism is now ‘hate’ in the new Orwellian state.”

‘I HATE YOU!’ Check out what unforgivable thing Comcast did during World Series [photo]

Jackie Chan wtf

So, apparently THIS is just a peachy time for an emergency alert.

‘Whatever wins': Sen. Jeanne Shaheen latest Democrat to flip-flop on Ebola travel ban


“Whatever wins.”

Grown man Alec Baldwin back to whining about troops, ‘haters,’ Benghazi nutbags


Excuse Alec Baldwin for solving the world’s energy problems.

Lib sickos spew the hate and bile at ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘f***ing bitch’ Stacey Dash


Trigger warning.

Dear Eric Holder: Will you investigate this possible hate crime in Brooklyn? [video]


What do we want? Justice.

‘Now that’s awesome!’ What does Wendy Davis hate? This photo puts it in a perfect nutshell

Wendy Davis


‘Great call, Cosmo’! Does women’s mag still endorse wheelchair hater Wendy Davis?

Wendy Davis Cosmopolitan

So, how ’bout it, Cosmo? You still wanna #StandWithWendy?

Libs bring the hate after ‘utterly stupid’ Justice Scalia speaks in Colorado


Note: the “utterly stupid” Scalia was confirmed 98-0.

Huh? Cosmo editor hates ‘sexist’ CRNC ad, but this is OK? [video, screenshots]

nice try

“They’re different because I say they’re different” … ?

‘I hate my life': Josh Earnest’s face betrays his inner turmoil [photos]

Josh Earnest

Not fooling anyone anymore.

#ISupportJessaDuggar: Jessa Duggar attacked for abortion remarks; Sane ‘fight hate and support life'; Updated


Unhinged libs attack: Fight back with truth and support life.

Libs bring the hate to ‘deranged,’ ‘f***ing idiot’ Jessa Duggar for her comments on the Holocaust and abortion


The unhinged Left shows its face yet again.

Max Blumenthal and ‘band of Israel haters’ try to equate Israel with ISIS


Max Blumenthal is attracted to a chance to slander Israel like a fly is to a dung pile.

‘He deserved to get shot:’ Hate flows after female Ferguson police officer shot; Update: MHP’s Ron Johnson now says wounded cop is male


The hate overfloweth.

Hey, all you ‘haters and losers’! Will you vote for President Donald Trump?


Back in the ring to take another swing?

Fans of the Liverpool Football Club bring the anti-Semitic hate


Horrible, but not shocking.

Sanctimonious hypocrite Donna Brazile: ‘Don’t be moved to hate’



Stacey Dash spots her race-obsessed haters ‘getting creative’


Taking the high road.

This ‘rock star’ woman called out litter-leaving climate marchers; Libs spew hateful filth

got hate

Feel the tolerance!

This twisted hater spewed filth, death wishes after Sadie Robertson rocked it on DWTS [photos]

sadie robertson 2

New tone.

Twitter brings the snark (and hate) to the Miss America Q-and-A segment


We know feminists aren’t fans of the Miss America pageant, but check out the comments thrown at these young women from people of all walks of life during the contest’s question-and-answer segment. (Summaries of their answers here.) Miss Virginia was asked about ISIS and she suggested a more robust UN effort: Miss Virginia gets ISIS. Let's […]

‘YOU can die!’ Ari Fleischer tweets intense 9/11 account; These twisted souls spew hate


Some won’t even give bitterness and hate a rest on 9/11.

‘Hate TMZ': Blame assigned for ‘ruined’ NFL fantasy league seasons


Misguided anger.