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Dana Loesch reports unhinged hater hoping her ‘kid gets blown up by some Republican loony’


More violent rhetoric from the anti-violence crowd.

‘The Alinsky is strong with this one': Donna Brazile tells critics of president to ‘stop the hate’


“So proper criticism is now ‘hate’ in the new Orwellian state.”

‘I HATE YOU!’ Check out what unforgivable thing Comcast did during World Series [photo]

Jackie Chan wtf

So, apparently THIS is just a peachy time for an emergency alert.

‘Whatever wins': Sen. Jeanne Shaheen latest Democrat to flip-flop on Ebola travel ban


“Whatever wins.”

Grown man Alec Baldwin back to whining about troops, ‘haters,’ Benghazi nutbags


Excuse Alec Baldwin for solving the world’s energy problems.

Lib sickos spew the hate and bile at ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘f***ing bitch’ Stacey Dash


Trigger warning.

Dear Eric Holder: Will you investigate this possible hate crime in Brooklyn? [video]


What do we want? Justice.

‘Now that’s awesome!’ What does Wendy Davis hate? This photo puts it in a perfect nutshell

Wendy Davis


‘Great call, Cosmo’! Does women’s mag still endorse wheelchair hater Wendy Davis?

Wendy Davis Cosmopolitan

So, how ’bout it, Cosmo? You still wanna #StandWithWendy?

Libs bring the hate after ‘utterly stupid’ Justice Scalia speaks in Colorado


Note: the “utterly stupid” Scalia was confirmed 98-0.

Huh? Cosmo editor hates ‘sexist’ CRNC ad, but this is OK? [video, screenshots]

nice try

“They’re different because I say they’re different” … ?

‘I hate my life': Josh Earnest’s face betrays his inner turmoil [photos]

Josh Earnest

Not fooling anyone anymore.