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Bloomberg Politics editor: ‘Nothing will be good enough for the Clinton haters’


The truth would help out a lot, though.

‘Chilling’ NYT piece exposes anti-Semitism and #BDS hate at prog paradise U.C.L.A.; Update: Link to video added


“Academia – you’ve really got to address this problem.”

‘Holy f*** this is staged’: Tweeters bring the hate to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress


“This c**t #Netanyahu is off his fkn Zionist war mongering trolley!”

Stacey Dash unloads on Hillary Clinton, announces new book; Libs bring the hate [video]


Coming this summer from @Regnery!

Libs bring the hate to pro-life Idaho GOP State Rep. Vito Barbieri over abortion-pill question


It was a rhetorical question people!

Lady Gaga thanks Glenn Beck for ‘humbling review'; Haters shocked


“Gaga, Genn Beck is a racist homophobic transmisogynist”

All about the ‘ignorant white haters': Michael Moore rides to Sean Penn’s defense

Michael Moore bubbles

Bless his demented little heart.

Israel hater complains ‘extremism’ summit focused too much on Muslims


“Where is the summit to counter killer cop extremists?”

#WarOnWomen: Did Sarah Palin wear Bristol’s dress to #SNL40?; Update: Tweeters bring the hate (and love) to Palin’s dress


You be the judge.

‘Take a look at your own country first!’ Iranian president calls for an end to ‘violence and hate crimes’

Hassan Rouhani

“You preside over a state that routinely violates dissident intellectuals, religious leaders, & members of civil society.”

‘I hope they all catch the measles’: Haters wish an infectious disease on Patriots stars celebrating at Disneyland


Haters gotta hate.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott formally proclaims ‘Chris Kyle Day’; Haters spew venom


“Does that mean Texans are free to shoot children indiscriminately today?”

Vox gets reminded that there’s hate directed at conservative women, too

Vox smartest thinkers

“Lib racism, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Dropkick Murphys to Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Please stop using our music … we literally hate you!!!’


Gov. Walker’s #IAFreedomSummit walk-on has made the punk band cranky.

Psychological projection: Watch liberal hate-bots call Joni Ernst “Stepford” again and again and again


Who are they calling ‘Stepford?’

More hate for ‘American Sniper’ as journalist Ferrari Sheppard tweets, “F*ck ‘people like Kyle’”


“People like Kyle would blow my head off for walking down a dark street.”

Obama to ISIS: If you like your caliphate, you can keep your caliphate?


ISIS is, from the looks of it, winning.

Student journalists disappointed in school’s commitment to ‘eradicating hateful speech’ on campus


“A culture of inclusivity will serve to increase the quality and diversity of discourse on campus.”

Haters hatin’ on this Golden Globes dress worn by Keira Knightley [photos]

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 8.05.48 PM


‘No Mohammed, so whatever': Lauded New Yorker cover plays it safe


Maybe the Mohammad cartoons are on the inside.

‘Will you still do traffic?': TV stations hacked by ‘CyberCaliphate’


“People don’t seem too impressed.”

‘Die’: Haters ring in the New Year by hating on Carson Daly and his NYPD hat [photos]

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.12.48 AM

Because haters hate 24/7, 365 days a year. No exceptions.

‘Twitter is making me hate people': Was that viral video of a homeless man spending $100 on others staged? [video]



Got a mirror? DCCC: GOP has ‘history of embracing anti-Semitic, racist hate groups’

Anchorman stay classy

“Somebody never opened a history book apparently …”

Climate of hate: What will Obama say about Erica Garner’s now-deleted tweet targeting NYPD?

Erica Garner

Progressivism means never having to be held accountable.

George H.W. Bush hospitalized; haters emerge on cue



‘God conservatives are creepy.’ Brit Hume asks Tweeters to support cops; hate ensues


Yes. Cops do deserve a thank you for “keeping us safe.”

If only these morons hated cop-killers as much as they hate Stacey Dash


Sorry lefties, she isn’t backing down.

Professor who hates Republicans claims to object to headline, ‘It’s Okay to Hate Republicans’

got hate

The University of Michigan doesn’t seem concerned about its anti-discrimination policy.

Muslim hate cleric: ‘Waterboard Barack Obama 180 times’ and he’ll confess to #PeshawarAttack


Someone’s been reading Dianne Feinstein’s #TortureReport.

‘I HATE THIS PLANET': Feminist do-gooder targets emotionally scarring laundry detergent

flirty shades of surf

“The feminists have finally lost what remained of their damn minds.”

George W. Bush visits 9/11 museum; Haters remain predictable [photos]


Derangement Syndrome alive and well.

‘Hate Sheikh’ Haron, #sydneysiege gunman, was vengeful Iranian immigrant with mile-long rap sheet; Updated

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.45.01 AM

"@SkyNews: @KayBurley Who is Sheikh Man Haron Monis and why was he known to police and the media? And why was he not deported? — sandra bloch (@SandyJpetals) December 15, 2014 The Sydney siege is over, thank goodness. The scene is still chaotic and at this writing, it’s not yet clear whether the gunman is […]

‘I can’t hate on this guy!’ Watch Tim Tebow pay customer layaway balances [photo, video] #MerryChristmas


“He’s great.”

Reported attack on Bosnian woman in St. Louis being treated as hate crime


The assault sounds very similar to the attack that killed Zemir Begic.

War on Women? Even über-feminist Jessica Valenti hates that Hillary music video!

Jessica Valenti

“I mean truly, this was a terrible idea.”

‘F*ck him up’: Don Lemon wants to take ‘race out of’ Garner case, catches hate [video]


“Did Don ‘Uncle Ruckus’ F*cksh*t Lemon just say that we need to take race out of it?”

‘I’m fighting … to not begin to hate White people': Tempers flare at St. Louis County Council meeting


“I’m fighting everything within me on a daily basis to not begin to hate White people.”

‘Express your hate!’ The Dems spread their special brand of Christmas cheer [photo]


“They really do hate you.”

‘Kill the white people’? Was the murder of Zemir Begic a hate crime? Family says yes; Mayor, police say no

More investigation please.

Rejecting the caliphate? Wife, son of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘detained’ after crossing from Syria into Lebanon


“A” wife, not “the” wife.

S.E. Cupp attracts the anti-gun hate after linking to NRA Christmas stocking


“Hell yeah”

Stop it, haters! Politico’s Byers is sick of this whole ‘‘blame the media’ thing’


“Yes, the media are the real victims here.”

‘Eye roll': Anderson Cooper hates ‘to bring race into’ the Ferguson discussion


“Are you kidding me?”

Listen up, rubes! Nancy Pelosi has a question for you ‘executive action’ haters

Nancy Pelosi

“Well this is a tortured analogy …”

Alan Grayson: GOP strategy of ‘hate’ won’t work in 2016


Grayson’s self-awareness fail.

‘No one gives a s***.’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck greeted with hate after her cancer scare



Twitter unleashes the hate at Sen. Jim ‘pissing in his Depends’ Inhofe after he questions U.S.-China climate deal


Classy libs on display.