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Michelle Goldberg’s faux-pology to Ann Romney

michelle goldberg

After Michelle Goldberg compared Ann Romney’s praise for mothers to that of history’s worst totalitarian dictators and faced a huge Twitter backlash, she is back with a supposed apology. Of course, she isn’t apologizing to Ann Romney. No, she’s apologizing to liberals. I’m truly sorry to have given the right a pretext for another tedious spasm of […]

‘Pathetic!’ See why Urban Outfitters’ lame ‘apology’ for outrageous Kent State shirt is also enraging [photos]


Was Urban Outfitters’ lame apology even worse than the outrageously offensive Kent State shirt?

DiGiorno Pizza enrages with outrageous hashtag tweet; Politicians can learn from its apology



Sidesplitting Amb. Power mockery: ‘Stop cycle of H8′ with #AmbPowersTweets

dunce cap

Gasping! What sparked that tweet and the #AmbPowersTweets hashtag? Well, as Twitchy readers know, Amb. Samantha Power further exposed her own idiocy with a tweet about Daniel Pearl, the journalist beheaded by jihadists in 2002. You see, all we need is some “reconciliation” and stuff to “break the cycle of violence,” guys! Twitter users were […]

Slimy MSNBC fails to apologize for deleted claim of ‘conservative’ backlash against biracial family


But where’s the faux-pology for your hateful article, MSNBC?

Another #MHPapology: Tearful Melissa Harris-Perry addresses mockery of Romney baby [video]


Sincere or just another faux-pology? The Twitterverse dissects Melissa’s tears.

Telling: Adam Baldwin sums up Harris-Perry’s #MHPApology with devastating truth-boom [pic]

adam baldwin day break

What was missing from Melissa Harris-Perry’s faux-pology to the Romneys?

‘Height of conceit!’ Pathetic Melissa Harris-Perry slammed for ludicrous hashtag-apology to Romneys



‘Lunatic!’ Melissa Harris-Perry ‘apologizes’ to Romneys (with self-serving hashtag); Do you buy it?



Jezebel editor doubles down on sick Scott Walker death wish, deletes; Adam Baldwin shreds


Seek help.

Tweet like a girl: Alan Colmes lies about Twitchy Gosnell coverage; Michelle Malkin fact-checks into submission; Update: Colmes is still unhappy with us

Michelle Malkin

Fact-checking “real journalists” into submission. In real time!

Mother Jones’ Clara Jeffery smears actor Adam Baldwin; Baldwin fights back; Updated

adam baldwin day break

Reading is hard. Especially when you’re a liberal who’s hell-bent on smearing an articulate, unapologetic conservative.