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Benghazigate bus bump? CIA deputy director resigns; WH lawyer will replace

It seems to be getting awful crowded under that bus … Just last month, Obama officials blamed White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler for their inability to release a comprehensive Benghazi timeline. Today comes the news that CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell has resigned (effective August 9) — to spend more time with his family, natch. […]

Desperation: Carney ties Bush, Romney to IRS scandal and Benghazigate [video]

Well, nearly three hours after he was supposed to start, Jay Carney finally got around to giving his daily press briefing. And more than four years after President Obama took office, Carney is blaming George W. Bush for Obama-era problems. When asked about the IRS’ admission that it targeted conservative groups before the 2012 election, […]

Boom: CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson tears into Obama Admin over Benghazigate

Despite Obama et al.’s toxic mixture of silence, prevarication, and obfuscation, Sharyl Attkisson has doggedly pursued the truth about the September 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead. Today, she spotlighted the list of questions that the Obama Administration has yet to answer.

Sick: Geraldo Rivera accuses GOP of Benghazigate ‘bloodlust’

Yes, it really is possible for Geraldo Rivera to sink to new depths.

Faced with #Benghazigate, Jason Alexander attacks Andrew Breitbart, conservatives

George Costanza doesn’t seem to be able to handle the truth when it comes to #Benghazigate — or anything else: So he’s lashing out at the late Andrew Breitbart for having existed and at other conservatives on Twitter for refusing to allow the story to be buried. @pprasser_ site ur source, please. And if it’s […]

Sickening: Obama tells Red Cross ‘we leave nobody behind’; #Benghazigate says otherwise

Yes. Yes he did. Speaking about Hurricane Sandy at the Red Cross yesterday, President Obama had the temerity to assert his so-called “leadership” in times of crisis and proclaimed that he leaves nobody behind: Twitterers were disgusted that Obama could stand there and tout his commitment to protecting American lives after his shameful conduct following […]

Ghastly: Hillary Clinton laughs while discussing #Benghazigate, downplays emails, lies

That’s right. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took questions on Benghazi today.

And laughed about it.

Not so fast … did Hillary really take the fall on #Benghazigate? Passes buck back, Obama punts

Hmm. As Twitchy reported last night, media outlets were running with the news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threw herself under the Obama bus for #BenghaziGate. But did she really? Ace of Spades has his suspicions as well. In fact, this all seems to be worse for President Obama. Don’t put anything at all past Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton draws short straw, dives under Benghazigate bus; ‘I’m responsible’

After a weeks-long game of political hot potato over who exactly was responsible for the security failures which led to the deaths of four Americans in Libya on Sept. 11, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today offered herself as a sacrifice, telling CNN she wanted “to avoid some kind of political gotcha” so soon before […]

Lying liar Stephanie Cutter can’t face facts, has full-blown meltdown on ‘Special Report’; Update: Tells Rachel Maddow that anger over #Benghazigate is ‘faux outrage’

Appearing tonight on “Special Report,” lying liar Stephanie Cutter tripled, quadrupled, quintupled down on her disgusting assertion that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are using the deaths of four Americans in Libya for political gain. She took offense to the idea that she and the rest of the Obama Administration are the ones guilty of […]

Wasserman Schultz: It’s un-American to question Dear Leader on #BenghaziGate

As Twitchy reported last night, even Piers Morgan was forced to take DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) to the woodshed over outrageous statements about the Obama administration’s Benghazi lies. As reported, she said that false doesn’t mean wrong. Unreal.

But it gets worse.

LA Times writer criticizes Fox News, Bret Baier for not defending Obama post-Benghazigate

The truth hurts. And it’s inconvenient for liberal “real reporters” like the L.A. Times’ James Rainey, who is reserving his criticism over Benghazigate not for President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Susan Rice, but for Fox News. You see, while the shovel-wielding networks are busy trying to bury the coverup, Fox News and Bret Baier have been diligently chronicling the […]

Lapdog priorities! David Gregory tweets baseball while #BenghaziGate Libya hearing proceeds

Wow. Rep. Cummings disgracefully couldn’t remember Ambassador Stevens’ name during the House Oversight Committee hearing on Libya today and “real journalist” David Gregory thinks it’s not even worth mentioning. Might be time to revive #DavidGregoryQuestions!

You see, while the hearing was going on, Mr. Gregory prattled on about sporty thingies. Baseball, in particular.

Amb. Susan Rice still under fire over #Benghazigate timeline

.@AmbassadorRice and 2 weeks ago you lied to the American people. #Libya — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) October 3, 2012 As pressure mounts in Congress for U.N. Amb. Susan Rice to resign over her part in the #Benghazigate coverup, it seems as though the ambassador would like to get back to business as usual. The Twitterverse […]

#BenghaziGate turning the polls? Obama’s approval drops 4 points in 2 days

Much is made about polls and whether they are to be believed or not. Regardless of how you feel, it appears the recent events in Benghazi and troubling economic news are impacting Obama’s approval numbers in a negative fashion. He has now lost 4 points in the past 2 days of Gallup approval polling. New […]

Lapdog Sunday headlines: Media ignore #Benghazigate, focus on Romney

As Twitchy reported, the lies about the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans keep coming from the Obama administration. As predicted, the press is frantically trying to ignore. Not one of the Sunday ledes mention #Benghazigate. Not one. What they do mention? What about Romney’s gaffes?1111111 Also, he’s rich and stuff.

Fact-checking WaPo, PolitiFlack fact checkers: Lapdog media enables downplaying of #BenghaziGate lies

The Washington Post employs Glenn Kessler to be its “fact checker.” Yet, it seems he doesn’t need to check any pesky facts that are bad for President Obama. See, Mr. Kessler wouldn’t even check the facts he was forced to lay out. “Just a blogger” Ace of Spades gives him a drubbing and exposes how the lapdog media is enabling President Obama’s attempt at a cover-up.

#BenghaziGate: Intel pointed to terrorism within hours; Will lapdog media cover or cover up?

Eli Lake’s excellent reporting shows that within hours of the Benghazi assault, intel indicated it was the “t” word that shall not be named.

The White House spent nine days apologizing, bowing and groveling. Nine days of blaming a cruddy video and attacking freedom of speech. Nine days of lying.

When will this story get the media attention it deserves?

As wheels come off White House’s ‘blame the video’ narrative, #BenghaziGate trends

Like a cold being passed around the office, the truth behind the death of the United States’ ambassador to Libya is spreading — slowly — through the Obama administration. Today, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted in a press conference that the assault which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others “was a terrorist attack.” TODAY: Sec […]

‘Dude, that was like two years ago’: WH spokesclown Jay Carney faults Mitt Romney for politicizing Benghazi


‘Stop projecting’: ‘Factivist’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz says GOP offers only ‘intimidation, threats & scandals’

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‘What difference does her remorse make?’ Hillary names Benghazi as her ‘biggest regret’

Speaking today to the National Automobile Dealers Association, Hillary Clinton claimed that the murder of four Americans in Benghazi is her “biggest regret”: Yes it was – and she let it happen. *** Related: Hillary Clinton aide tells reporter to ‘f**k off’ for daring to ask about Benghazi […]

Douchey Stephen Colbert snarks at Bret Baier about Fox News’ Benghazi coverage

Get it? Because Fox News is totally trying to milk the “phony” Benghazigate scandal! Douche. RT @StephenAtHome @BretBaier Good luck with the morning meeting! Have you thought about doing a story about Benghazi? — Eric (@eriContrarian) August 1, 2013 @BretBaier @StephenAtHome Stephen – I'm picking up on your sarcasm. Are you suggesting that #Benghazi is […]

Fumble! President Football Spiker reportedly recruiting NFL to sell Obamacare

Last week, news broke that President Obama might be looking to the NBA to help him peddle his disastrous health care policy. Now comes word that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is chatting up the NFL to score a similar promotional deal: No. RT @amandacarpenter: Sebelius says she is in talks with the NFL to form […]

Sharyl Attkisson: State Dept. has released seven new photos of Bengazi aftermath [pics]

Did the State Department have something to hide?

Stupid celeb tweet of the day: Jason Alexander waxes philosophical about guns

And he wants to be our latex salesman!

‘It DOES make a difference’: Citizens greet @HillaryClinton 9 months after Benghazi

The deaths of four Americans may not make a difference to Hillary, but they make a world of difference to us.

House Oversight subpoenas Benghazi docs from current, former State Dept. officials

Are more Benghazigate bombshells on the way? Rep. Darrell Issa announced today that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has subpoenaed documents related to the contentious Benghazi talking points. MUST READ –> RT GOPoversight: Oversight Subpoenas @StateDept for Withheld #Benghazi Talking Point Docs — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) May 28, 2013 The State […]

What difference will it make? Hillary Clinton set to take on the vast right-wing tweet-spiracy

Soon: RT @HillaryClinton: Snort: #Benghazigate Likely 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is getting ready to take the Twitter plunge. She’ll be able to catch it right away when Bill tweets, “I did not have DM relations with that woman.” Politico reports, “She is likely to soon start posting to the soon-to-be-activated @hillaryclinton on Twitter, signaling her […]

Report: Susan Rice’s promotion to National Security Advisor ‘definitely happening’


Blame Fox News! Sniveling twit Jay Carney spins for Obama on AP scandal

That’s right. Press secretary Jay Carney whipped out the ol’ Fox News-bashing card during his press briefing today. After diminishing the lives of four murdered Americans by calling Benghazi a “political circus,” natch. Shameful and shameless: Perfect together! Clown Carney answered (by answered, we mean spun) a question on the AP phone records scandal. By […]

Brit Hume skeptical of theory that CBS is upset with Sharyl Attkisson

Brit Hume doesn’t buy into a report saying that Sharyl Attkisson’s bosses are frustrated with her because of her relentless Benghazi reporting. Related: ‘Is there some kind of awesome award?’: Citizens praise fierce fighter for Benghazi truth Sharyl Attkisson; Update: #ThankYouSharylAttkisson Breaking: Sharyl Attkisson tweets reveal Obama admin lies; US Special Forces stopped from going to […]

Rupert Murdoch says IRS is ‘out of control’

He’s right, but don’t expect the Left to admit it. They don’t seem to mind a powerful government agency that targets people based on their political beliefs. What really bothers them is … Rupert Murdoch. @rupertmurdoch the IRS’s job is to make sure people and organizations pay the correct amount of tax. You could’ve googled […]

Circling the wagons: Sen. Feinstein says Benghazi hearing all about ‘discrediting Hillary’ [video]

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 chances matter more to Sen. Feinstein than the truth.

All about him! Geraldo Rivera: What makes Cleveland case harder to bear? Ariel Castro is Puerto Rican


CNN’s Jake Tapper zings conservative-targeting IRS on Twitter: ‘So … um’


Picture perfect: Jay Carney gets caught ‘white washing’ during press briefing [photo]

During this afternoon’s fib-filled, train wreck-y White House press briefing, Carney had a ragin’ case of the sads. Katie Pavlich grabbed a screenshot for posterity: This is what Jay Carney’s face looks like right now… — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) May 10, 2013 Already a great photo. And then this Twitterer noticed something else: “the white washing”…How […]

Greg Gutfeld: ‘The scandal condom has burst and Carney got soaked’ [video]


Must-see TV: Sharyl Attkisson to talk Benghazi on C-SPAN and ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday

SundayI’ll join @facethenation @bobschieffer to talk about the latest on #BenghaziBob has been all over this story. — Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) May 10, 2013 We’ll be watching. Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson knows that what happened in Benghazi does make a difference. She has been tirelessly investigating the story for months and refuses to let the Obama administration […]

‘That really pisses me off!’: Dana Perino blasts Bob Beckel over Benghazi BS [video]; Update: Perino slams media’s double standard

She shredded him, all right. And it was glorious.

‘I don’t give a damn whose careers are impacted!’: Gowdy vows to get Benghazi answers [video]

While his Democratic colleagues desperately struggle to run interference for Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, Rep. Trey Gowdy is taking no prisoners in his pursuit of the truth. Trey Gowdy is fearlessly trying to get to the truth as are the other republicans who are doing the questioning. Dems not so much! #Benghazi — […]

False Benghazi narrative unravels, but scapegoated anti-Islam filmmaker still in prison

As tireless, intrepid reporter Sharyl Attkisson continues to expose the truth about the Obama Administration’s shameful Benghazi cover-up, many citizens are also refusing to let another truth stay buried. It’s crystal-clear that the terrorists who killed four Americans in Benghazi weren’t spurred on by an anti-Islam video, despite what administration officials wanted the public to […]

‘Is there some kind of awesome award?’: Citizens praise fierce fighter for Benghazi truth Sharyl Attkisson; Update: #ThankYouSharylAttkisson

Amen.  As Twitchy has reported, CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson is a fierce fighter for truth. Investigate like a girl, baby! She has been tirelessly covering the Benghazi attack and the ensuing investigation. Today, she revealed major bombshells. Big time developments re: #Benghazi coming out of @sharylattkisson‘s timeline. Check it out — Kenny Gartner (@kennygartner) May 6, […]

Must-read: Sharyl Attkisson previews Benghazi whistleblowers’ bombshells; ‘Felt helpless, abandoned’


'50 Shades of Gray Pantsuits': Tweeters suggest names for Hillary's new book

Hillary Clinton has reportedly scored a deal with Simon & Schuster to pen a book about her time as Secretary of State. What difference does it make? Well, in terms of literary value, probably not much. But if we’re talking about hashtag game potential? That’s a different story. CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Twitterers to submit […]

Set taxpayers to ‘stunned’: IRS boldly spends $60,000 on ‘Star Trek’ training video

Do you want to see the “Star Trek” training video the IRS shot? You might as well — you paid for it.

Remember #Benghazi: Sharyl Attkisson, citizens still seek answers six months after Benghazi murders

Continuing to seek justice and truth.

Remember #Benghazi: Sharyl Attkisson, citizens still seek answers six months after Benghazi murders

Continuing to seek justice and truth.