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‘Tonight he pays’: After losing bet, Bob Beckel dons frilly blouse on ‘The Five’ [pics]


But this isn’t just any shirt — it’s a blouse. For ladies: Hot stuff! Before the main event, though, Beckel warmed up by rocking some Statue of Liberty suspenders: Now, we admit those are pretty awesome, but we were promised Beckel in a blouse. That’s why we came here in […]

Bob Beckel rants over voter ID: ‘There’s a bunch of crackers in the South’



‘Despicable’: Bob Beckel says we need to ‘move on’ from 9/11; Jonathan Hoenig shreds [video]


Is there anyone left who’s not ready to “move on” from Bob Beckel?

‘Seriously?’ Sarah Palin shreds Bob Beckel’s ridiculous claim about Alaska pipeline jobs


“It employs THOUSANDS”

Bad move: Bob Beckel sides with Eric Holder, messes with Texas


Holder obviously doesn’t know not to mess with Texas, and neither does Fox News host Bob Beckel.

‘That really pisses me off!’: Dana Perino blasts Bob Beckel over Benghazi BS [video]; Update: Perino slams media’s double standard

Dana Perino

She shredded him, all right. And it was glorious.

Old-school progressive Bob Beckel dresses down baby liberal Jon Stewart


Beckel wasn’t about to let a young whippersnapper like Jon Stewart get away with questioning his progressive credentials.

Flashback: That ’70s activist Bob Beckel still angry at the ‘pigs’


Bob Beckel, co-host of “The Five,” managed to keep it classy for most of the panel’s segment today on the love affair between armed radicals of the ’60s and ’70s and their devotees in Hollywood and academia. Among those fans is Jada Pinkett Smith, executive producer of a film about Angela Davis and “the events […]

Bob Beckel foams at mouth over Ben Carson calling libs racist; Some of my dad’s best friends were black [video]


Ah, the misogynist creep Bob Beckel. Now, with more foaming at the mouth!

Bob Beckel spoke to Sen. John McCain about ‘Amazing Race’ disgrace; Update: Video added


Yesterday on “The Five,” Bob Beckel railed against CBS for glorifying communism on “The Amazing Race.” This afternoon, Beckel sent this message to his Twitter followers: Just got off the phone with Sen. McCain. He agrees CBS should apologize to all Vietnam Vets. Ill tell you more on The Five #cbsapologize @robertgbeckel leads us off […]