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Former ‘Five’ co-host Bob Beckel speaks out on firing: ‘I guess I’ll never understand their anger’


The former “Five” co-host says he doesn’t understand the angry tone of Fox News’ terse press release.

‘Call me’: Bob Beckel’s leaving a hole at ‘The Five’ — and Anthony Weiner wants to fill it

Anthony Weiner

“Pretty sure they have a pants policy.”

Fox News: Should Kimberly Guilfoyle kiss Bob Beckel at midnight?; Update: ‘OMG get a room’



Frustrated Democrat Bob Beckel lets his finger do the talking on ‘The Five’


The gesture doesn’t appear to have troubled Watters.

When did Bob Beckel turn into ‘Fox News’? Just ask Vox! [video]

Vox site safety

“Those who can, do.
Those who can’t, teach.
Everyone else writes for @voxdotcom.”

‘Fox boss not happy’: ‘The Five’s’ Bob Beckel tweets apology


For what exactly was Beckel apologizing?

Greta Van Susteren defends Bob Beckel against charges of bias


She did find some believers.

‘The Five’s’ Bob Beckel apologizes for racial slur after calls to resign


Fox News’ “The Five’s” Bob Beckel never lets an opportunity to rail against China pass him by, but a reference to “Chinamen” last week sent him back into the doghouse. Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus chair U.S. Rep. Mike Honda, a Democrat whose California district is majority Asian-American, has called for Beckel’s firing. CA @RepMikeHonda calls for firing […]

‘Talk about revisionist history’: Dana Perino schools Bob Beckel on Iraq [video]

Dana Perino

“He earned that shot.”

Bob Beckel blows a gasket over Benghazi on ‘The Five’ [video]


“Every administration covers things up.”

‘Tonight he pays’: After losing bet, Bob Beckel dons frilly blouse on ‘The Five’ [pics]


But this isn’t just any shirt — it’s a blouse. For ladies: Hot stuff! Before the main event, though, Beckel warmed up by rocking some Statue of Liberty suspenders: Now, we admit those are pretty awesome, but we were promised Beckel in a blouse. That’s why we came here in […]

Bob Beckel rants over voter ID: ‘There’s a bunch of crackers in the South’



‘Despicable’: Bob Beckel says we need to ‘move on’ from 9/11; Jonathan Hoenig shreds [video]


Is there anyone left who’s not ready to “move on” from Bob Beckel?

‘Seriously?’ Sarah Palin shreds Bob Beckel’s ridiculous claim about Alaska pipeline jobs


“It employs THOUSANDS”

Bad move: Bob Beckel sides with Eric Holder, messes with Texas


Holder obviously doesn’t know not to mess with Texas, and neither does Fox News host Bob Beckel.

‘That really pisses me off!’: Dana Perino blasts Bob Beckel over Benghazi BS [video]; Update: Perino slams media’s double standard

Dana Perino

She shredded him, all right. And it was glorious.

Old-school progressive Bob Beckel dresses down baby liberal Jon Stewart


Beckel wasn’t about to let a young whippersnapper like Jon Stewart get away with questioning his progressive credentials.

Flashback: That ’70s activist Bob Beckel still angry at the ‘pigs’


Bob Beckel, co-host of “The Five,” managed to keep it classy for most of the panel’s segment today on the love affair between armed radicals of the ’60s and ’70s and their devotees in Hollywood and academia. Among those fans is Jada Pinkett Smith, executive producer of a film about Angela Davis and “the events […]

Bob Beckel foams at mouth over Ben Carson calling libs racist; Some of my dad’s best friends were black [video]


Ah, the misogynist creep Bob Beckel. Now, with more foaming at the mouth!

Bob Beckel spoke to Sen. John McCain about ‘Amazing Race’ disgrace; Update: Video added


Yesterday on “The Five,” Bob Beckel railed against CBS for glorifying communism on “The Amazing Race.” This afternoon, Beckel sent this message to his Twitter followers: Just got off the phone with Sen. McCain. He agrees CBS should apologize to all Vietnam Vets. Ill tell you more on The Five #cbsapologize @robertgbeckel leads us off […]

Bob Beckel demands ‘amazing, big apology’ from commies at CBS


Veterans — and anyone else — who has sworn off Bob Beckel following his suggestion that the Greatest Generation is a “myth” might want to allow four minutes to take in Beckel’s rant against the people at the “Communist Bastard Sympathizers” network, which aired a segment on “The Amazing Race” featuring contestants singing listening to and memorizing […]

Foul Bob Beckel sneers at ‘myth’ of the Greatest Generation on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ [video]


Not content with being a cretinous misogynist who trivialized date rape and suggested that campus rapes are mythical, Bob Beckel again took to television to expose his foulness

GOP, Fox News take blame for Democrat Bob Beckel’s campus rape comment

beckel drops f bomb 2

Mission accomplished?

Bob Beckel’s appalling dismissal of rape sparks backlash; Lib media shamefully cover the (D); Update: Cretin clarification


Some media outlets did report on his outrageous statements, but there is something fishy about the way they did so. He’s got that old (D) immunity!

Martha Plimpton’s lady-parts group hits Bob Beckel for rape remarks, forgoes beloved #WarOnWomen hashtag

Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton and her group are part of the problem.

Cretinous Bob Beckel: What’s a little mythical campus rape? Are you supposed to shoot your date? [video]


Repulsive. And, yes, he did.

Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers dismiss Dr. Ben Carson’s brilliant speech as ‘rude’

Dr. Ben Carson

Renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson delivered a fantastic speech yesterday morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, gracefully smacking leftist politics and extolling conservative virtues. Dr. Carson impressed many with his eloquence and brilliance, but liberal Fox News commentators Bob Beckel and Kirsten Powers weren’t so appreciative of his candor: Surprise! Bob Beckel calls Dr. Carson […]

Bob Beckel: NRA made up of ‘thugs,’ supporting NRA like supporting Hitler


When it comes to spewing garbage, Bob Beckel’s got it in the bag. Today on “The Five,” Beckel proclaimed the NRA to be a bunch of “thugs”: Bob Beckel calls the @nra “thugs,” spare me. Why won’t he talk about the thugs shooting each other in Chicago? — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 18, 2013 Or […]

Gross: Serial misogynist Bob Beckel directs vulgar remark at Andrea Tantaros


Liberal Fox News commentator Bob Beckel has a nasty habit of spewing verbal garbage at women. And Tuesday evening on “The Five,” he demonstrated once again why he’s “not cut out” for TV.

Stay classy: Bob Beckel’s word of the day is ‘gang bang’

beckel drops f bomb

Bob “Swear Jar” Beckel just can’t seem to control himself. To his credit, he didn’t drop any F-bombs live on air today, but he did manage to work the term “gang bang” into a segment on a proposed nudity ban in San Francisco. Do you think anyone noticed? Bob Beckel on “The Five” just made […]

Bob Beckel: Al Qaeda doesn’t exist anymore

@danaperino Beckel just said al Qaeda doesn’t exist. Does he never prepare for 5 shows??? — Bob Washburn (@bobwash) October 22, 2012 Bob Beckel on “The Five” just said he doesn’t believe that Al-Qaeda exists anymore! Typical Left mindset-don’t confuse me with the facts! — Nada Lynette Glover (@LynetteGlo) October 22, 2012 Bob Beckel just […]

Left in full meltdown over Gallup poll; ‘It’s over,’ declares Bob Beckel; Others in denial

beckel drops f bomb

As Twitchy reported earlier, Gallup dropped a bomb today with its daily poll showing Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by a 52-45 margin among likely voters. As that post showed, conservatives were thrilled with the latest numbers: no candidate polling over 50 percent this late in the game according to Gallup’s model has lost. Shall we […]

Bob Beckel defends Biden on Libya by claiming 9/11 could have been stopped

beckel drops f bomb 2

Bob Beckel outraged co-host Dana Perino on Friday’s edition of “The Five” by making a 9/11 “truther” remark in defense of Joe Biden. Stuck for a defense of Biden’s debate lie that the White House wasn’t told that the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, needed more security, Beckel went for the “Blame Bush” defense. Video clip: […]

Bob Beckel implies Mitt Romney belongs to a cult

This afternoon on “The Five,” during a discussion about Obama’s creepy #ForAll campaign and his appropriation of our flag, Bob Beckel just couldn’t help taking a swipe at Mormonism. When Beckel’s co-hosts pointed out Team Obama’s cultish behavior, Beckel seized the opportunity to connect Romney to a cult. Gee, what could he have possibly meant by that? […]

Bob Beckel blames Ambassador Chris Stevens for his death?


@trscoop kindly sent us a transcript of Beckel’s remarks on Fox News Channel’s Hannity show: “And an ambassador by the way who knew full well what he was getting into over there and not have security around him…” Video here. Did Bob Beckel just blame Amb Stevens? "An amb…who knew full well what he was getting […]

Bob Beckel caught up in RNC #NegroSpotting; ‘More blacks in the band’ than delegates

You would have thought that Clay Aiken’s embrace of the bigoted #NegroSpotting trend during the Republican National Convention would have proved to be the end of that pathetic craze. But look who’s playing now: it’s Bob Beckel of Fox’s “The Five,”  The Right Scoop helpfully provides the video. Bob Beckel: Racism self-evident at RNC, more […]

Bob Beckel drops F-bomb on the air. Again.

beckel drops f bomb 2

Bob Beckel drops the “F-Bomb” again live on #TheFive today. Time to get a well-spoken and controlled person from the left, if one exists. — Steve Bryson (@eEditor) August 14, 2012 In his defense, he's probably drunk. RT @KatiePavlich BOB BECKEL JUST DROPPED THE F BOMB AGAIN ON @FoxNews — Josh Painter (I-TX) (@Josh_Painter) August […]

Bob Beckel forgets his Twitter login info … so he tweets about it

How does that work, exactly? @RobertGBeckel @Support That is amazing Bob- even for you. — George Rudolph (@thenewnarrative) August 10, 2012

Vile: Bob Beckel’s anti-Semitic dog whistle on ‘The Five’; Romney had fundraiser in Israel with ‘diamond merchants’; Update: Beckel apologizes … sort of


Absolutely disgusting. Just when you think Bob Beckel can’t possibly sink any lower, he does. Misogyny isn’t enough for him, evidently. Anti-Semitic much, Bob? Or is it a dog whistle for the anti-Semitic Left? Either way, this is absolutely repugnant.

Classy: Bob Beckel calls RNC chairman ‘Pre-pussy’ on air


Bob Beckel yesterday stumbled over the name of RNC chairman Reince Priebus, somehow in the process coming up with “Pre-pussy” before being cut off by the host.

Bob Beckel: Sikh temple shooter was a ‘right-winger’


In addition to a host of other crippling derangement syndromes, Fox News contributor Bob Beckel seems to have developed a rabid case of Blame Righty with regard to the deadly Sikh temple shooting. Who could’ve seen this coming? On Monday’s edition of “The Five,” the increasingly repulsive Beckel insisted that the Wisconsin shooter was politically aligned with […]

Bob Beckel: Jon Lovitz is a ‘fat jerk’; Lovitz: ‘Who’s Bob Beckel?’


Really? Really? We haven’t seen Thursday’s episode of “The Five” yet, but according to some Twitterers, Bob Beckel had the staggering lack of self-awareness to slam comedian Jon Lovitz as a “fat jerk.” Evidently The King of All Jerks wasn’t ridiculed enough when he used the same line back in April. @RobertGBeckel just called Jon Lovitz a […]

Sen. Feinstein says White House behind intel leaks; Malkin asks misogynist hack Bob Beckel if she should also ‘wake up to shotgun?’


As Twitchy reported earlier this month, Fox News’ Bob Beckel loaded up the weaponized misogyny, literally, against Michelle Malkin. Why? Oh, for daring to suggest that intel leaks were coming from the White House. A reminder: Fox News’s Bob Beckel said the following during an interview with Don Imus last month: BECKEL: For me to call […]

Bob Beckel again disrespects military, froths over Rep. Allen West; He’s ‘a blowhard’


What do loudmouth liberal cable talkers hate more than uppity conservative women? Answer: Uppity conservative black men who have served our country and speak truth to progressive power. How dare they!

Weaponized misogyny, literally; Bob Beckel: ‘If I was Juan Williams, I’d wake up next to Michelle Malkin with a shotgun’


Sarah Palin uses a crosshairs map in an ad and she is held responsible for any act of violence, ever, in perpetuity. Bob Beckel literally says he would wield a shotgun against Michelle Malkin and total crickets. What had the slimy lout up in arms this time? Michelle Malkin’s total smack-down of Juan Williams when Mr. Williams called her “just a blogger.” That doesn’t suit! She should know her place, you see. Make Bob a sammich! Well, many sammiches, clearly.

Twitter users who have moral compasses and aren’t lacking in human decency aren’t staying silent.

Beckel apologizes, tweets he ‘may not be cut out’ for TV, ‘future not clear’


The loudmouth liberal says he’s sorry to “anyone who heard me on Hannity” and reflects on the cable news business after his f-bomb indiscretion.

Bob Beckel on Hannity live: ‘You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about;’ Update: Hannity, guests defend Beckel


Stay classy, Beckel.

War on (conservative) women: Meet @DarshunKendrick, the Georgia state rep who wants to ‘slap’ Stacey Dash


Bonus: Tweet deleted, but Twitchy is forever!