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Sharyl Attkisson promises updates on Obamacare, VA scandal, Fast & Furious


When’s the last time you heard about Fast and Furious on the news?

‘Great question to ask an IRS rep!’ Sharyl Attkisson exposes IRS hypocrisy with revealing comparison


“Great question.”

Sharyl Attkisson has several questions about IRS ‘computer crash,’ lost emails


Attkisson once again leads a master class in how to ask questions.

‘Ignored’ calls and emails: Sharyl Attkisson describes what to expect from new WH press secretary


Hint: He’s anything but “transparent.”

Sharyl Attkisson: Efforts to obtain documents ‘succeeding’


Doing the work the MSM refuses to do

Sharyl Attkisson finds the ‘smoking gun’ in latest Benghazi document dump


‘My new hero': Sharyl Attkisson opens up about why she left CBS


Sharyl Attkisson joined CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning and opened up about why she left CBS.

Free press? Sharyl Attkisson blasts bullying Obama admin’s ‘chilling effect’ on reporting [video]


Did the White House threaten and intimidate?

Sharyl Attkisson dissects ‘evolving history’ of Benghazi talking points after House hearing


“Morell has now been hired by a PR firm operated primarily by former Hillary Clinton and Obama administration officials”

Sharyl Attkisson asks followers which news story deserves more coverage; Guess which one they chose


Three syllables come to mind.