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Ruh-roh … are unions partly to blame for ‘unbearable whiteness of liberal media’?


“Popcorn of the day, guys.”

He sees white people: Think Progress editor notes unbearable whiteness of Sunday shows


Prog of pallor strikes again.

Unbearable whiteness of being: Ace of Spades slams Aaron Sorkin, other progressives of pallor


Where’s the diversity?

The unbearable whiteness of being the Democrat convention speaker line-up


The speakers lined up for the DNC convention are a bunch of old, shrill and totally out of touch dinosaurs. It’s kind of like the MSNBC masthead. Read it and weep. Or giggle madly. Either one. The line-up features such scintillating speakers as Jimmy Carter, Charlie “Opportunist” Crist, John “I can’t even keep myself awake” Kerry and, of course, Sandra Fluke. Because, vagina.

Ace, Twitter call out the unbearable whiteness of being Obama’s campaign headquarters


Oh, snap. But seriously; take a gander at the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago. It's “Game On” In Chicago: The first @buzzfeedben @mmhastings @zekejmiller triple-byline — Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) April 9, 2012 What diversity! It’s almost as diverse as the MSNBC masthead. @AceofSpadesHQ has a field day, and rightly so. A Blizzard of Obama […]

The ‘Seinfeld Syndrome': NYT public editor troubled by lack of diversity in the newsroom



Boom! CNN ‘milks’ Megyn Kelly white Jesus, Santa kerfuffle; Tip: Start here, progs of pallor


Oh yes. Over and over. As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly explained her Santa and Jesus “are white” comments. But CNN will not let it go. Obsessed much? What color is Santa? What color is Jesus? Discussing today from 2-4pET on #CNN. — Don Lemon (@donlemon) December 13, 2013 CNN in about twenty to […]

Heckuva job, Cory! Vulgar celeb tolerance brigade comes out strong for Booker


On Monday, U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker proudly hit the stump with actress Eva Longoria, the 2012 Obama campaign co-chair known for her vulgar retweets about conservatives. (You know, those were the tweets she shared — and deleted — to create “dialogue.”) But Longoria isn’t the only nasty piece of work pimping Booker’s Senate bid. A quick glance […]

What’s green, liberal, and white all over?

netroots nations all white

In comparison to Netroots Nation panels, even Paula Deen’s staff looks diverse.

Pedagogy this! Ace slams school indoctrination; ‘Do I forfeit my kid’s right to be straight?’

Educate Don't Indoctrinate

Our schools have become places of indoctrination, not learning.

Writer at pallor-filled The New Republic mocks GOP women, whines about ‘so many white guys’ at CPAC 2013; Update: Ace slams


Progressives of pallor strike again.

Progressives of pallor alert: Chris Hayes taking Ed Schultz’s MSNBC slot; Journo-squees begin

chris hayes

The MSNBC diversity cops have reportedly selected Chris Hayes to replace Ed Schultz in the 8:00 p.m. time slot. Schultz will slink away to an oh-so-coveted weekend gig on the network. It’s @chrislhayes. He’s taking over the 8pm time slot on MSNBC. Details at @mediadecodernyt: — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) March 14, 2013 Brian Stelter reports: […]