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'#NewTotalitarians': Rush Limbaugh's spokesman shows how to dismantle the 'Stop Rush' machine

Rush Limbaugh

Fighting for free speech.

Troll alert: Stop Rush mob goes after U.S. Figure Skating Association

rush limbaugh

The petty bullies of the “Stop Rush” campaign are it again.

Naughty and nice: Holiday shoppers hijack ‘Stop Rush’ database to support Limbaugh sponsors


Happy warriors are fighting back against the Stop Rush bullies.

Instead of using the Stop Rush database to boycott Limbaugh sponsors, they’re hijacking it for a Christmas shopping buycott.

NC realtor smacks down Stop Rush bullies: ‘I will advertise wherever I damn well please’


Leigh Brown is a Charlotte, N.C., area RE/MAX franchisee who calls herself the “no BS realtor.” She more than lives up to that tagline on Twitter as she smacks down the Stop Rush bully brigade targeting her business.

Are 'Stop Rush' activists confusing EMILY's List with Angie's List?


Breaking news from the liberal clown car. Let the giggle-snorting begin! It’s hilarious that this tweet even exists, that it needs to exist. EMILY’s List is a pro-abortion PAC that supports Media Matters’ “Stop Rush” campaign. (“Friend to women”? Bull.) Limbaugh boycott cost 'millions' — EMILY's List (@emilyslist) May 9, 2012 Angie’s List is […]

Media Matters astroturf alert: ‘Stop Rush’ opens fire on Angie’s List


In March, Angie’s List sent out a noncommittal tweet indicating the company was not “currently advertising” on Rush Limbaugh’s website. @Units13 The ads shouldn't be there. We aren't currently advertising w/him, but our ad strategy includes many venues to share info about us. — Angie's List (@AngiesList) March 19, 2012 Media Matters immediately listed Angie’s […]

'It's not difficult to recognize astroturf': Sharyl Attkisson helps expose 10-person #StopRush machine



'Don't let them raise funds this way': Rush Limbaugh blasts latest Democrat push to silence him

Rush Limbaugh

Comments in rare tweet.

'Fascists': Democrats launch another campaign to silence Rush Limbaugh


Fundraising off the promise of silencing a media figure.

Shhh! Media Matters still silent about MSNBC host and homophobic bigot Alec Baldwin

Laurel and Hardy shhh

Yeah! Weird, isn’t it? Media Matters, which claims to be a media watchdog, has remained conspicuously silent ever since MSNBC host Alec Baldwin was caught calling a photographer a “cocksucking fag” (or “fathead”). What’s up with that? If a Fox News host said anything close to Alec Baldwin's slur, @mmfa would launch a huge campaign […]

Amanda Marcotte: Rush Limbaugh wants women seeking abortions to be shot

Amanda Marcotte

Whatever would we do without lefty “feminists” like Amanda Marcotte to take on the evil, oppressive conservative patriarchy? This morning, she took Rush Limbaugh to task over a comment he made earlier in the week: Rush Limbaugh incites violence against women seeking abortion. — Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) January 18, 2013 Here’s the remark that […]

In the Left’s crosshairs: challenge the War on Women meme, get flagged as spam on Twitter


Two of the progressive Twitter users advocating digital vigilantism in response to the oh-so-grave injustice of unmuzzled conservatives are @jmcaninch68  and @subculturestuff, active promoters of the Left’s pet War on Women meme. They are targeting conservatives who dared to participate in the United Against the War on Women hashtag (#UAWOW). As I read the rules, […]

Twitter, you have a problem: An infestation of radical flag-spam abusers


The progressives never expect push back. But with the back-to-back suspensions of @freemarket_us and @chrisloesch, the conservative activist community online is banding together to Flag the Flag-Spammers.