In a speech Saturday at the Munich Security Conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel openly admitted that Germany needs America’s military might to defeat Islamist terrorism:

At least she’s being honest.

Flashback: Here are some of the stories out of Germany that highlight the problem that not only Germany, but Europe is facing thanks to its refugee policies (Yes, including Sweden):

Quote from story:

The case provoked outrage in Germany after it was caught on security cameras. After police released photos of the suspected attackers, six of them later turned themselves over to the police , another was arrested. All seven have been in police custody since December 27. Their motives for the attack are still unknown.

Because all seven alleged perpetrators came to Germany as refugees – six from Syria, one from Libya – the attack sparked a debate over the integration of so-called “unaccompanied minors” seeking refugee status in Germany and stirred anti-migrant sentiments.

Another story:


The suspect had presented an identification document showing he was an asylum seeker, Swiss authorities said. The Nigerian is believed to be involved in the murder of a 22-year-old volunteer at a German refugee center.

And this story from the NY Times about an event in Germany:

Deutsche Welle also covered this story:


Children of Dutch Islamic State fighters could pose a threat at home, a new report has suggested. The secret service has recommended treating them as “jihadi travelers” because they may have received battle training.

Just a reminder that these types of incidents are not just overseas: