From the Oakland Chief of Police:

We are investigating numerous reports and instances of vandalism this morning following last night’s weekly Occupy Oakland related “FTP” march.

Four broken windows and spray paint damage were found inside City Center (Starbucks, Patelco Credit Union, Scott’s Trade, Quizno’s, Savoy Bail Bonds), and nearby downtown businesses were spray painted along Broadway, including Well’s Fargo and the Clorox Building.

Persons wearing black clothing and backpacks were observed committing acts of vandalism and then retreating into the nearby, marching crowd. Officers were unable to make arrests. Although some suspects wore masks to conceal their identity, others are identifiable. Several of these acts of vandalism and suspects were captured on video surveillance.

Past, recent marches have been largely peaceful with only a few isolated crimes and arrests. The Department had scaled back resources for these weekly events in light of the absence of associated criminal activity, and the need to provide public safety resources elsewhere in the City.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes, or the identity of suspects, is asked to contact police.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco