Here is picture of the doll:

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From 3news NZ

Janet Jackson has been given a doll with racial connotations.

The singer has taken to her Twitter account to post a photo of the gift she  is understood to have received during her Number Ones: Up Close and Personal  series of shows. The present was a golliwog doll and Janet has asked her fans to  comment on it.

“During the tour, I was given this doll named Maria. She was advertised as  lifelike. How does Maria make you feel?,” Janet wrote on Twitter alongside a  photo of the doll.

The doll sparked angry reactions from her followers.”@JanetJackson I think  the doll is in very poor taste. You’d think in 2012 people would have much more  class and not be so ignorant,” said one fan.

The Golliwog or golly doll is a rag doll with frizzy black hair and skin  based on a character in children’s books in the late 19th century.