A question for our corporate readers.

Most companies know that offensive or abusive language is counter-productive in a work environment. Many laws exist to protect employees from all kinds of abuse, including verbal abuse.

However, there seems to be a double standard in America right now. In the field of entertainment, abusive language and denigrating behavior is tolerated.

Take the example of Bill Maher.

We have included video and tweets of statements made by Mr. Maher. They show a pattern and a habit of abusive language towards women. This kind of behavior is not tolerated in any work environment. Yet it is widespread today on television.

The question for TV executives is this: Is Maher the kind of representative you want for your company name or product? Because if you are a company that broadcasts his show, you are enabling such behavior.

Read these tweets. Watch the video. Would you allow women in your company to be subjected to such language or abuse ? Is this the kind of behavior that you would want associated with your company?

This isn’t a question of right vs. left but one of right vs. wrong. Misogynistic behavior shouldn’t be tolerated in any part of America.

Will you stand up and say no to this behavior? Let HBO know that Maher’s message isn’t yours.








While it is true that Bill Maher has no corporate sponsors, he does have companies that help get his show on the air. Here are those companies.

For those readers who want to play a role in showing Corporate America what Bill Maher is like use the links below. Contact them with this post and let them see the truth.

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