Sadly is no mention on how many points you earn by defecating on a police car.

From Russia Today 

Three developers based out of the Bay Area on America’s West Coast have slaved over codes and computer parts to put together a video game in the style of classic 1980’s arcade culture. Rather than programming a Pac-Man to gobble ghouls or creating a coin-hungry plumber to pursue a princess, these designers have instead developed a game that they say was motivated by Occupy Wall Street.

“The game [marries] the idea of the social movement where everyone who’s playing contributes to the overall success of everyone,” co-creator Anna Anthropy tells Wired. Just like how the Occupy movement created communities from coast-to-coast, Anthropy and her team hopes that one game at a time the trio of programmers will help produce an added sense of community within OWS. The group first showcased the game during a march in Oakland earlier this year and now the machine will make its official unveiling at a conference coming soon to California.