More signs that things are heating up in the Middle East:

From Haaretz:

Castle Lake will now also display a map of the country on which every missile that hits will be marked. In addition to giving the location of the hit, the system will provide information on what kind of missile was launched, how much damage it caused and how long the home front has been under assault. That will enable commanders to factor developments on the home front into their operational decisions

Meanwhile, from CNN:!/cnni/status/178064092374908929

On Friday, the Syrian government implied Israel may be playing a role in the arming of fighters.

“The authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups on the farms surrounding Taibet al-Imam in Hama, killing a few terrorists and confiscated their arms, some of which were Israeli-made,” the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported.

SANA also said authorities seized weapons smuggled from Turkey into the Syrian countryside.

The news agency offered no further details.