Analysis of the state of the industry at When Falls the Coliseum:

If you believe that what you’re competing with is a cultural trend toward kids reading “less and less,” and not with the material that the kids are actually really reading, then you’ve already admitted defeat and given up on expanding your base. You’re going to continue to sell to the same core of about 300,000 or so people, who are just getting older and more entrenched. You claim that you want to get “everyone on the planet into comics,” but nothing, absolutely nothing that you or the company for which you work has demonstrated that. And the same is true of DC. For all their “New 52″ hype, they’re still churning out the same old stuff.

Meanwhile, you’re being lapped, by The Hunger Games. And all you can do is shake your head, and sigh, and say, Kids these days, huh?… They’re just reading less and less.

SMH. Kids these days. Not reading comic books.