How not to do it, from USA Today:

A Denver woman has been charged with perjury after a judge heard her admit on a local talk show that she had worn offbeat clothes and pretended to be mentally ill to get out of jury duty in the judge’s court last summer, KUSA-TV reports.

Susan Cole, 57, was dismissed from jury duty after showing up for a prospective trial in hair curlers, wearing mismatched shoes, reindeer socks and a T-shirt reading, “Ask me about my best seller.”

In October, Cole, using a pseudonym, admitted the ploy in a call to KOA’s Dave Logan show, saying she had been emotionally upset that morning and also had “too much on my platter” to serve on a jury.

According to a court transcript of jury selection, Cole was dismissed after telling the court she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and “get very confused in the morning when I try to get ready.”

If she had been the Attorney General of the United States, and testifying before Congress, she might have gotten off. Read more on this story and watch the video at the link.!/marycatsantiago/status/182672044708724736

Is two felony counts proportionate to the offense, in your view?