We don’t even know where to begin. Luckily, NewsBusters does:

There are days when you really wonder why anyone thinks “Morning Joe” is different in ideology than the evening talk shows on MSNBC. On Monday, Joe Scarborough went after both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum for coming at President Obama from the right on Afghanistan. Joe comes from the left: Obama sent too many troops, listened too much to the generals, and Republicans want to surrender the idea of civilian control of the military.

Santorum was “wrong on all counts,” said Scarborough. “The President’s mistake was not creating a timeline that was two or three years off. It was tripling the number of troops in Afghanistan. And when he talks about winning the war — headline for all Republicans and Democrats that want to continue to fight this war — we won the war.”

We killed Osama bin Laden and routed al-Qaeda, he said. Scarborough doesn’t care if the Taliban took over again: “The Taliban doesn’t want to blow up buildings in Washington, D.C., or New York or Charlotte or Atlanta. They want to be left alone to run their country by second century standards. We should let them.”

Nuts. RTWT.