Totally, people. Examiner via Kathy Shaidle:

Elle MacPherson’s Howard Stern Show interview took an odd turn Tuesday when the supermodel chastised the radio host for being “absolutely Jewish”.

Stern had asked MacPherson if she had any of her own nude photography displayed in her home. When she stated that she had one Herb Ritts nude of her shot from behind on display, Stern asked if her children were bothered by it.

MacPherson went on the offensive:

“Howard, I think you are just being absolutely Jewish!!!” she said.

“Why is that Jewish?” asked Stern.

“You’re being overprotective!” said MacPherson. “You sound like a nagging mother!”

Stern’s mother Rae also took shrapnel in the interview. When Stern explained he had asked the question because he felt “traumatized” by his own experience of seeing his mother come out of the shower naked, MacPherson snapped back:

“Yeah! If she looks like you!”

We’re going to leave it to our readers to decide if this is occasion for outrage, because we need more coffee and just can’t tell.

Elle MacPherson relaxes near a waterfall