Which seems a little unfair, considering no-nothing Sebelius believes that health care savings will be realized in the form of lower birth rates, although the feds clearly believe that the debt is no huge burden on future generations of non-existent taxpayers. The Daily Caller:

The Department of Health and Human Services has finalized the policies governing state health care exchanges under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and with it the rules governing abortion coverage under the new law.

Life News reports that “the concern pro-life organizations had about the ObamaCare legislation funding abortions has been confirmed.”

Indeed pro-lifers have long known that the health care law, specifically Section 1303, would require enrollees in the health care exchanges to pay a separate monthly surcharge for abortion coverage.

With the final HHS rules set in stone, the surcharge is a dollar.

“We knew it would be there because of the law but they have confirmed now with their final rule that it will be a one dollar surcharge,” a pro-life House staffer told The Daily Caller.

That $1 surcharge, as unfair as it may be, will be maintained by HHS to demonstrate that they insist on responsibility from the insured. Sandra Fluke is scheduled to testify to Congress about her acquaintances who won’t be able to hustle up the money.








Oddly, many of the people most offended by this massive insult to ethics are women.