Arthur Livingston of Prosperity, S.C., is hoping Bank of America will reimburse thousands of dollars incurred after Bank of America erroneously reported that he was deceased on his credit reports.

Bank of America has been reporting him as deceased to the three major credit agencies since May 2009, he said. His credit report states “file not scored because subject is deceased.”

The mistaken code was finally removed on Feb. 22, four and a half months after Livingston, 39, learned about the error and complained to Bank of America.

The regional manager of a chemical company, Livingston discovered the dilemma when he tried to obtain a loan from a mortgage company in October. The problem may have begun when Livingston, who said he has been a Bank of America customer for 14 years, sold his home in May 2009.

We wonder whether this is covered by LifeLock, who are not dead to us.!/mirandam_ecomm/status/179677325548470272!/dancingdogblog/status/179706290476548096!/ashdhart/status/179733625682661377

We sense existential closure.
It seems this may not be a one-off incident:!/nbcbayarea/status/174927311106355201