The Blaze:

This week‘s announcement of the State Department’s placing the Vatican on a money laundering “Watch List” raised many questions about this Administration and what appears to be an ongoing battle with the Catholic Church.

Is this a new fight? Not really. The Democrats let Conservative Catholics know where they stood back in 2008.

As the political party was preparing to gather in Denver in order to formalize the nomination of Barack Obama, Democrats chose not to invite the Catholic leader of the host city. Archbishop Charles Chaput (a staunch defender of the unborn and now presiding over the Philadelphia diocese) was not on the list of Catholics who would be leading prayers before and during the convention. There were some prominent, liberal Catholic names on the schedule: Sister Helen Prejean of “Dead Man Walking” fame and Social Justice lobbyist Sister Catherine Pinkerton got an invite.

Archbishop Chaput was eventually offered a couple of tickets to watch the convention from the cheap seats. According to news reports, the Archbishop did not attend the convention’s opening night and the Democrats reported he chose to reject their ticket offer. The reality: instead of sitting in the bleachers and watching Liberal Catholics from outside of his diocese deliver the invocation, Chaput and Dr. Alveda King led a pro-life prayer vigil at Martin Luther King Park in Denver.

But the snubbing didn’t end there. Catholic faith leaders were also absent from the president’s inauguration — they were not invited. Not a single member of the Catholic clergy was asked to be part of the swearing-in ceremonies. There were some faith leaders that were part of Obama’s inauguration to be sure. The Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren (who since has supported Catholics over the Obamacare / HHS Mandate), gay Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson, and Protestant minister Joseph Lowery from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference were all part of the historic moment. Dr. Lowery delivered the emotional (if not very unique) invocation . . . .

In the hands of someone like Obama, progressivism is a religion, and he’s just trying to make the world safe for Progressivism.